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Digital Marketing Blog Content: Creating Engagement

Digital marketing is continually changing its practices to ensure it keeps up with changing trends in media. These online-focused agencies employ various tactics to ensure clients’ websites receive the traffic they need to grow. Today we will give you an overview of one of the most potent tools a digital marketing professional has; blogs! We will talk about how professionals write SEO, optimized blogs, blog content, and much more. So what exactly is digital marketing blog content?

A digital marketing blog is a blogging platform run by a business to improve SEO rankings and drive web traffic. Blogs like these have a specific niche audience in mind and rife with information people are want to read. But you can’t talk about these blogs without knowing about the helpful tools marketers use to write them. So how do modern digital marketing ensure a blog will be successful?

SEO Blogging Tools 

Creating a reliable flow of blogs can be a long process with a lot of hard work involved. Blog writing tools help cut down the workload for writing the perfect blog. Digital marketing professionals use a whole suite of tools to ensure that blogs come out well made and on-time. The first step to setting up your blog is identifying a target audience. this audience should be potential clients or customers who want to read your blog and build loyalty to the brand. Once you know who you’re writing for, you can tailor your content to meet their wants and needs. Keyword analytics and SEO rank identifying tools will help you flesh out the meat and potatoes of a blog post even if you’re unsure what to write.


Other tools in the blogging arsenal are more esoteric. Scheduling blog posts allows you to get the timing of a post perfect so it is available when it would have the most reach or impact. And consistency or regularly posting will help turn your blog into a reliable source of information, which in turn drives click-through rates. Every digital marketing blog will be different, but you can ensure your blog will stand out to the right people by understanding necessary blogging tools and strategies.

Blog Content

We mentioned blogging to your audience, but what does that look like in the real world? Well, content should be specific to the questions your desired audience is asking. When choosing keywords focus on customer questions. If your blog informs people about relevant topics in your niche, people will associate that positive experience with your brand. Directed blogging will ensure people come to your website when they seek out answers online. Developing customer outreach is hard, but blogging helps! But your content has to be relevant for your blog to be successful. An influential blog is backed by market research and written from a place of knowledge. This whole process starts with creating a plan for your content and how you will grow your blog.

The easiest way to keep your content on target is to have a structured plan for your blogging operation. Before a content creator even starts writing, they should know who they are writing to and their preferred tone. Once you have clear goals and are focused on a particular niche, it becomes easier to create new content that you know your audience will consume. Your blogging plan should, at a minimum, identify audiences, posting schedules, and two central topics on which your posts’ focus. Without an audience schedule or guide, it will be tough to write a blog that will help your SEO rankings.

Outsourcing Blog Content

writing your blog can create savings in the short term, but you’re bringing on a massive workload in addition to your other regular responsibilities. Outsourcing a blog can save your company a surprising amount of time and money. Hiring a digital marketing team will give you access to a range of content options that will be tested and have verifiable results. But what should you look for when hiring an agency for this work?


Digital marketing blog content requires finesse to get right. So if you’re thinking of hiring a writer, you should make sure they understand the subject matter. a personal knowledge base will ensure your blogs are relevant to the reader. Similarly, it would be best if you look for an agency with experience in creating blogs. The blogging industry takes time to master, so a healthy portfolio is a good sign your marketing professional knows their stuff.

Digital Marketing Blog content

The field of digital marketing is always changing. So digital marketers need to stay up to date with the most modern and influential practices. And while some strategies change, other tools like blogging seem to stay in style. That’s why today we talked about how we write blogs, what tools bloggers use, and more! A business blog can single-handedly improve web traffic as long as you stick to your plan. Effectively planned blogs with niche-focused content will improve your click-through ratings as long as your consistent. Writing blogs can be daunting work; if you’re looking for a professional blogging service to take that stress off your plate, contact Kallen Media today.

Small Business SEO Services: a SEO Service Guide

Starting a small business in the internet age is hard. between managing your limited time, resources, and market share, your company will also have to keep up with modern internet browsing habits. If your business is struggling to keep up with the fast-paced e-commerce business landscape, an SEO service can help. So today, we’re going to talk about small business SEO services. We will outline what an SEO service can do for you and how to choose one. But before all of that, let’s talk about what SEO is.

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of ensuring your website performs well for search engine rankings. The more optimized your website is, the more people will see it. Orders are beneficial to a business because search results will naturally drive traffic to your website. SEO management can be a complicated process, but a few simple things make it easy to understand. The first step in SEO management is learning about SEO tools.

SEO Programming

Search engine optimization is all about using computer programs to sort information effectively. So if you want to keep up with modern SEO trends, you’ll need to be comfortable using the trade tools. Keyword analysis tools make sure content lines up with the user’s search patterns. And position tracking metrics will give you data bout how your website is doing overtime. But there’s more, like SEO blogging and other productive web development habits. Low-cost SEO services for small business can still be useful if they know how to use SEO metadata effectively. Tools like SEMrush and others collect metadata and let professionals see what your website needs to thrive.


In recent years these tools have come a long way, and now small business SEO services can have a significant impact. SEO metadata programs give marketing agents access to real-time search data and live information. Modern SEO programs provide you with focus group level testing before anyone else sees your content. If your SEO service uses SEO tools effectively, you will see improvements to the traffic to your site and sales. SEO management is a lot of work, so outsourcing it can be a wise decision. But what should you look for in small business SEO services?

In House or Outsourcing

With lots of viable options out there, selecting the perfect small business SEO service is challenging. If you know what you want and have clear goals, it’s easy to get your site popping up in more searches. A small business can thrive on the internet, but the search engine rankings have to be suitable for any long-lasting success. If you decide to manage your SEO, you’ll have to remember to dedicate the time and resources to website optimization and link building. This high time and input cost often make it more cost-effective to outsource your SEO efforts.


Outsourcing SEO work is a common practice, and if you hire the right team, it can be a huge time saver. SEO professionals will be comfortable with reading patterns in metadata and translate abstract concepts into relevant business data. When outsourcing your SEO, make sure your new partners understand your goals and targets. Clear communication is vital to optimizing your website in specific ways for different purposes. Once you have an SEO team working on your website, it’s crucial to regularly reaccess your site. The ideal service is custom-tailored to your needs and affordable.

Kallen Media SEO Services

At Kallen media, we know that small businesses need personalized SEO plans that fit their needs and budget. That’s why we offer both affordable SEO management plans and customized packages as well. We use the most modern SEO tools to ensure that your site is the first one people in your target market see. At Kallen media, we have several years of experience planning and executing successful SEO operations. We use tools like keyword analytics and site audits to ensure our clients’ websites stand out. If you want a company that offers excellent services at an affordable rate, Kallen media is your team.

Small Business SEO Services

The internet is the perfect medium for businesses to connect to potential customers. But in a world where the internet is full of e-commerce already, starting can feel risky. Pressure from the competition and internal risks often means small businesses have to work twice as hard to get an edge in the market. Search engine optimization can help you cut through the competition and stand out to your clientele. Modern tools have made SEO more accessible than ever.

Access to metadata through keyword analytics has opened up the world of complicated SEO to small businesses. And previously detailed audits now only require specialized analytical tools. While this process is becoming more manageable, it can still take a lot of time and effort to learn how to use all of these different tools. Because SEO often takes so much time, many small businesses chose to outsource their SEO operations. If you’re looking for help with SEO management, contact Kallen media today for personalized assistance with your SEO plan.

2022 Year in Review: Kallen Media’s Wrap-up

2020 has been an eventful year for everyone. We have all grown in ways we could never have expected going into the new year. Despite a tumultuous year, Kallen Media was right there with you all the whole time. We have successfully transitioned to working from home to continue creating content and strategies for small businesses during the pandemic. With the year coming to a close, we figured we would tell you all about what we’ve been doing! Welcome to Kallen Media’s 2020 year in review!

There’s a lot to talk about because this year was huge for both our clients and us. So we’re going to have to break it down into sections:

  1. We will tell you all about the new services we started offering to our clients.
  2. We will move on to the beautiful cities where we expanded.
  3. You’ll get to read about a few of our new partners and why we’re excited to keep working with them!

Instead of talking about what we did for ourselves, we’re going to start by addressing how we tried to help other people.

2020 Year in Review: Nonprofit Marketing

Nonprofits have always been important to the team here. From the company’s beginning, we have always served charities. But in 2020, we doubled down on that mission. This year we not only continued to execute several nonprofit marketing plans but expanded our national reach too! By using services like Catchafire, we’ve been able to help dozens of organizations save thousands of dollars. This year we have been proud to expand and work with charities across the whole country.

Supporting the community is one of our main goals. Expanding more into nonprofit marketing ventures means our employees are doing impactful work that helps real people. If you’re interested in reading about the Nonprofits we’ve partnered with in the past, check out our blog about them! But the nonprofit sector isn’t the only place we’ve expanded our operation.

2020 Year in Review: New Markets

We spent a lot of this year, expanding into new markets. Kallen media is growing, and as a result, we have started to look for new cities that fit our niche. This year we began expanding to business hubs like Birmingham and the bay area. These new markets have been insanely productive for us, and we’re elated to be offering our services to new clients all over the nation. Expanding hasn’t been easy in 2020, but our fantastic staff of marketing professionals has shattered our goals.

The expansion hasn’t been easy, but it has been worthwhile. We have gotten the chance to do work on both coasts, which has taught us a lot about tailoring marketing objectives to specific niches. In 2021 we plan to continue with our expansion program and bring our services to even more states. Even though we are growing, we still know how vital our returning customers are.

 2020 Year in Review: Old Friends

Of course, we’re still dedicated to all of our existing clients as well. So we wanted to tell you about some of our favorite client interactions of the past year. Before the lockdown, we had a comprehensive plan to tour businesses all over America to collect marketing content. Even though that couldn’t fully happen, we still got some. Kallen media was lucky to expand to the Tucson market early in our tenure. And at the beginning of 2020, our owner took a trip to southern Arizona and meet with our clients himself. 


The first destination on the Tucson tour was TRAK. TRAK is the Therapeutic Ranch for Animals and Kids that focuses on providing people with the skills they need to thrive via animal therapies. Our CEO met some of the horses that work with counselors to teach people how to be more confident and prepared for life’s challenges. TRAK’s ranch environment, coupled with innovative therapeutic practices, creates one of Tucson’s premier care destinations. It was amazing to get to see the work they are doing first hand.

The trip didn’t stop there, in any case. Kallen Media also visited the Tucson Girls Chorus. The TGC is a local Tucson organization that wants to build confidence and preparedness in kids via the art of song. At the Choir, our CEO got to take a tour of the facilities and meet some of the directors. Our trip to Tucson was terrific, and it is always lovely to get to see the excellent work our customers do. Our clients know first hand how dedicated we are, and that’s why our business is growing so fast!

2020 Year in Review: Arizona Growth

This year we didn’t only expand out of state; we also grew our home operation. The Arizona digital marketing world is tough to break into, but Kallen Media has been doing the hard work. One of our most notable new clients is Amadio Ranch in Laveen. Amadio sells the most delicious pies we’ve ever had, and we are happy to be helping them grow their digital presence. Amadio has peach trucks with convenient stops all over the valley if you’re looking to try some of the best fruit in town. It wouldn’t be a 2020 year in review if we didn’t mention the delicious products they provide.

We also have the pleasure of working with habitat for humanity. As we mentioned, one of our passions is supporting charitable organizations; And it doesn’t get more charitable than habitat for humanity. The organization spends its time ensuring that everyone has a home, even those of us who can’t afford our own. We couldn’t be happier to have Habitat for Humanity as a client, and we are looking forward to helping them with their mission. All of the new work we’re doing meant we had to expand our staff as well.

Internship Program

Despite the mitigating circumstances, 2020 was one of our best years yet. We got to expand nearly every part of our firm. These expansions even included our staff! 2020 was the first year Kallen Media started our internship program. We were lucky enough to work with five fantastic students who are studying digital marketing. We were endlessly impressed with these people’s work and are excited to follow their digital marketing careers as they continue to grow.

We’re also excited to add some permanent staff to our team. From blog writing to social media management, our operation is becoming more well rounded every year. Our new employees have been doing everything from SEO management to web development. But our plans don’t stop there; in 2021, we are hoping to grow even more. One of the areas our new employees have been shining is our blog.

Our Year in Blogs

Everyone knows how important a blog can be for your website’s SEO. This year we decided to focus on our blogging, and the results are showing. So this 2020 year in review is going to highlight the impressive work our teams have been doing. Our authors have covered a wide range of topics from things like neuroscience to comedy. Our blog’s directly focused on giving you an informed take on the most current digital marketing topics. This year we were able to bring you a blog every single week.


This year we reached well over fifty blogs, and we plan on doing even more next year. In addition to writing blogs for ourselves, we also expanded our blog writing services. Kallen Media knows how impactful scheduled and personalized blog posts are. So we have been focusing on fundamental word analysis and other real metrics for improving blogs. By studying SEO trends for blogs precisely and analyzing market trends, we’ve developed a stable and expandable platform for business blogging. In 2020 we wrote everything from cornerstone content to company spotlights, and we plan on making 2021 even better.

Web Development

As a digital marketing agency, we understand how important a professional website is to a marketing business. And we decided it was time we upgrade our site too. Since we started, our developers have learned so much about optimizing sites, and we always have our page reflect that. While working from home, we got much content on our website to get quotes more comfortable, get help simple, and ultimately save you time.

The web development team has also been hard at work on our partners’ projects. We’ve had the chance to work with people to design fast and custom websites that can handle their traffic. With people stuck at home, many of our clients needed more support than ever to keep their websites operational. But we rose to the occasion.  Our web development team, just like the rest of us at Kallen media, has had a challenging but rewarding year.

2020 Year in Review

This year was one of the most eventful and stressful years in recent history. But just like all of you, Kallen media managed to thrive under pressure. This year we found new, unexpected ways to grow our business. Early on in the year before the lockdown, we had the chance to go to Tucson and tour several enterprises working within the area. Seeing companies like TRAK and the Tucson Girls Chorus was one of our 2020 year in review highlights. Once the lockdown happened, it changed things for us, but we still found ways to expand our business.

Our 2020 year in review, we can only assume that 2021 will come with exciting and unexpected challenges, but we are ready to face them. Kallen media has both grown our own business and helped countless companies with theirs this year. If you’re looking for a digital marketing company that can work within your budget to make a plan that’s right for you, contact us to get started right away. We have customized plans with affordable solutions for all ranges of businesses. Even if you’re a small start-up, Kallen media has plans for you.

Making Videos for Content: Where and When to Post

Mixed media can draw in users more than any individual medium can. And it’s easier to produce video content now more than ever; most computers even come with built-in editing software! Video content is engaging and often underutilized. Whether you hire a production team or make them in house, a video is a good tool to have. That’s why this blog will spotlight some of the areas that you could be making videos for content.

Videos are great for making important information digestible and fun. If you are struggling to keep a customer’s attention or want more interaction, a video can do some of the heavy liftings for you. Today we will tell you about how you can incorporate videos into every aspect of your web presence. We will talk about videos in blogging, social media, and even some stand-alone uses for video content. So let’s get started.



We have talked a lot in the past about how important blogging is for your SEO rankings. But if you’re already blogging and not making waves, a video blog might be a better format for you. Some topics are naturally less engaging, so consider providing it if your niche craves a more fulfilling experience. This change could be a simple video incorporated into a written blog or an entirely separate vlog! A video presence could help strengthen your relationship with your bloggers.


Similarly, a video where real company members appear can make a user feel like they know you. A meet the staff video gives potential customers or clients the option to meet your team in the best possible setting. Developing a personal relationship with your customers is an excellent business practice, And videos can help foster this relationship with your base. The way a video pulls people in and helps them feel involved also makes them a great SMM tool.

Social Media Marketing


When people say content, they are almost always referring to something they posted or saw on a social media platform. So when we’re talking about video content, we have to mention social media. Engaging with users via videos is significant because people can efficiently understand a branded message. If you’re following the rules for good engagement, your video content should add another layer of connection to your target market. And sometimes, viewers will even make content for you!

It’s no secret that companies value word of mouth advertising, and social media has made it easier than ever to get these precious vouches. One particularly coveted form of word of mouth is user-generated content (UGC) when your customers are essentially creating ads for you! This virtually free resource is insanely useful at converting and drawing in new customers. Now let’s talk about how videos can stand on their own.

Video Content


Stand-alone videos are valuable tools a company can use whenever they want to interact and inform their customers. Often this means a product description video, but that is only the beginning! Videos make an excellent resource for FAQs and testimonials too. A video is one of the most impactful ways you can deliver information, but sometimes they are unnecessary.


It is important not to overdo it with video content. One video might feel like a fun change of pace, but a site full of movies can be overwhelming to a user. As we mentioned earlier, videos make information fun and connecting to viewers, but they are less good at quick jabs of info. If you need something fast and easy to digest for customers, consider using an image instead.

Making Videos for Content


Using multiple forms of media for content can make your web presence shine. And in the business world, videos are underused by content creators and web developers. If you’re looking for a form of engaging and easy-to-understand content for users, then making videos for content is a smart business move. Videos are an excellent resource to diversify your blogging content. If you’re already following the best SEO practice but want an extra leg up, adding video content can make your ranking soar.

Similarly, video is useful for marketing on social media. Because it is engaging, video content helps build your social networks, and eventually, your customers might make videos for you! Lastly, video content is strong enough to stand on its own. If you are updating your website, consider adding videos to condense bulky content or spice up a dry page.

Videos are an excellent marketing resource, but you have to be careful not to overuse them. If you have a quick blurb or need a message understood immediately, a video might not be the medium for you. If you’re struggling with incorporating video content into your web design, Kallen Media can help. Contact us today to talk about your needs, and we will help make your marketing plan a reality.

Kallen Media Charity Work: 26 Charities We’ve Helped

HerKallen media enjoys when our work is helpful to the community. So offering our SEO and other marketing skills pro-bono is a natural fit for us. And that’s why we love services like Catcafire, which help connect us to people who need some help with online marketing. This Kallen Media charity work was all done on the Catchafire platform.

But we don’t always get a chance to talk about what these nonprofits do for us. Because here at Kallen media charity work is important to us, we’re going to change that! We have officially been offering help on Catchafire for a whole year. So In this blog post, we are going to tell you about the charities we assisted.


Early Kallen Media Charity Work

Operation blankets of love (OBOL) – OBOL is a pet care organization that delivers pet food to places and people who need it the most. They also educate people on best practices for pet welfare, like the pros of adoption. This nonprofit saves hundreds of pets every year. OBOL helps all of the homeless and underserved animals they can. The main goals of this operation are to eliminate euthanasia and homelessness for all animals.

Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation – This scholarship for low-income underserved students goes out to 40 people annually. The academically gifted students who received this scholarship have gone on to study in almost every field imaginable. There are over 30 centers that search for the most qualified students to receive this 1500 dollar scholarship. The foundation looks explicitly for people who are interested in careers in aviation or the aerospace field.

two hands

Seedleaf– Seedleaf has a noble but straightforward goal, feed people! That’s why they operate 14 different community gardens and do compost for even more people and businesses. This collective of gardeners both grow and distribute their product to the people and 35 different companies. Seedleaf empowers people by teaching them about food production while offering them the sustenance they need.

Early 2019


Greater Midland Community Centers – these community centers are dedicated to keeping the people educated and healthy through every stage of life. These community centers offer classes as well as meals to the communities they serve. Greater Midland has been around for over 100 years, with the help of 10,000 members. Community centers like these serve everyone from seniors to kids and get them ready for whatever life has to offer them.

TRAK – TRAK is a Tucson based community that focuses on wellness and mental health through animal interaction. TRAK mainly serves Tucson’s youth by teaching them coping skills through different animal therapies. We’ve written about TRAK in our company spotlights. So check out our company spotlight if you’re interested in TRAK.

Open 990 – Open 990 is making sure nonprofit tax returns are publicly available. And they intend to ensure public data is readily available to the public. Open 990 wants to democratize the ability to view tax returns by removing common obstacles like paywalls. This ability to hold nonprofits accountable can encourage people to engage with nonprofits more. Because they want to be easy to get to, Open 990 offers unlimited searches without registration.

Mid 2019


The Grey Matter Experience – This team is exposing the youth to entrepreneurship as a career option. So the program teaches them helpful keeps for starting their businesses. Grey Matter offers a 12-week experience that immerses students in the work-life of an entrepreneur. The goal of this company is to provide high school students with the chance to see what business is like first hand.

two hands

REACH – REACH helps disabled people by empowering them to find their voices and ultimately achieve their dreams. REACH was founded in 1969 to assist people who have life long disabilities. This nonprofit helps clientele with custom-tailored assistance.

Tucson Girls Chorus – This Chorus is serving a community of children by giving them a strong understanding of all aspects of the choir. The Tucson Chorus teaches young women the skills to become hard-working self-confident adults. Because they are operating eleven different choirs, the TGC aims to serve every part of Tucson.

Attack Poverty – This organization is giving people the tools they need to fight poverty in their typically underserved communities. Attack Poverty is a Houston based organization that holds different events to combat the causes of poverty.  With almost 30,000 total volunteers attack has helped thousands of people over three continents.

The Global Detention Project – This nonprofit is ensuring people detained for their immigration status retain their human rights. The Global Detention Project is reforming the policies surrounding immigrants. By taking a bottom-up approach to the issue, the organization hopes to make a real change fast.

Late 2019

The Graduate! Network – A group of people dedicated to raising the rate of college graduates in their local communities. This group empowers people they will join and help. The Graduate Network helps people get the career of their dream by ensuring they have the qualifications they need. By increasing graduates, the program aims to alleviate poverty by creating generational wealth.

Mystic River Watershed Association – This group is protecting America’s mystic river and all of its tributaries. But the Watershed Association isn’t just protecting. It’s healing the river. Rehabilitation and conservation are the focus of all projects in the mystic river. This nonprofit holds regular events to promote awareness of critical environmental issues facing the river.

Latham Centers – These centers are for complex special needs education as well as some residential capabilities. Based in Boston, these centers help build the skills of self-confidence and independence people need to thrive. Latham centers are world-renowned for their treatment and strive to provide care to everyone who needs it.

two hands

City Lyric Opera – This opera is accessible to everyone, regardless of their income. This opera hopes to break down the typical conceptions of opera and make it available to all. And by disrupting the Opera industry, the City Lyric is trying to bring the opera to the masses.

No Peeking Theater – This theater removes the sense of sight, so all viewers have a more immersive experience. By eliminating viewing as the primary sense theater, these plays force people to feel something new. This revolutionary approach to theater sets No Peeking above most typical theaters.

Early 2020


Jewish Residential Services of Pittsburgh  This facility is helping people with a range of mental handicaps. And by empowering people with basic needs like shelter, the JRSP helps uplift some of the most underserved people in their community. By ensuring these people have an active place in the world, this nonprofit helps people take their lives back.

Project Giving Kids – This project aims at connecting kids to relevant community activities as well as working with other nonprofits aimed at helping educate children. But they use technology to make sure the connections are smooth and efficient. So this project works on both fronts to ensure kids can get the resources they need to thrive. In the long run, this nonprofit hopes to become the standard place people go when they want to help kids.

Somaus Help – This project is helping social services within the Somali communities. So their programs range from health to agriculture. The group was founded by Australian Somali’s who wanted to give back. Somaus currently boasts that up to 87 percent of their donations go directly to benefit the Somali people.

New Destiny Housing – This is an NYC nonprofit that focuses on finding housing options for low-income victims of domestic violence. And by empowering its clients with a way out of a bad situation, this nonprofit is saving lives. New Destiny was founded in 1994 since it has created fifteen housing projects.

The Duluth Art Institute – this art institute serves its local community by offering participation in fine-arts programs. The institute also supports artists themselves. They provide artists with professional development to further their careers. And by displaying artworks. The Duluth institute offers a thriving art display and ensures its practices will continue.

Recent Charities


Green Star Movement – works with local students to create public artworks that inspire confidence and teamwork. This group, established in 2004, has helped over 10,000 students display their mural work publicly. And by giving students a place to do art, the Green Star Movement also uplifts the communities where it places art.

helping hand

The Rock School for Dance Education – This is a branch of one of the premier dance schools in the world with a mission to bring accessibility to everyone. But RockReach is a branch of the school most focused on this outreach. And RockReach holds outreach programs in over 30 public schools in the Philadelphia area.

Bay Area Video Coalition – This group of inspired videographers who use their art form to organize and empower media makers. So the BAVC is sharing the diverse life stories of all of its members. The coalition was founded in 1976 and has helped increase underserved communities’ representation in media.

Street Entrepreneurs – this nonprofit is up-lifting Entrepreneurs by giving people access to resources and lines of credit they can’t usually get. And this group hopes to eliminate barriers people have to build their businesses. So the members hold workshops and other events to teach people relevant business skills. The group also helps connect people to mentors and capital if they need either one.

Human Impacts Institute – This group is working on environmental issues by teaching people how to move past learning and head toward the action. The institute was founded in 2011. And since it has provided over 1000 hours of education. This nonprofit believes their knowledge can help make the issues personal.


Kallen Media Charity Work

We are well aware that every penny matters for nonprofits and charitable businesses. So wasting money on risky or costly options can ruin a perfect plan. But Kallen Media is here to help you minimize that risk. And we were able to save these charities almost 90,000 dollars. Here at Kallen media, charity work is important to us. So we can help yours too. If you need help with your nonprofit or any online marketing needs, Kallen media is here for you.

Pros and Cons of Web Design: Should You Outsource?

A simple search will provide hundreds of web design tutorials. And a few hours on YouTube can even give you some essential web design tips for free! So is it vital to outsource your web development? Why do companies pay so much money for professional web design? And do you need professional help too? Today Kallen media is going to lay out some pros and cons for web design.

When deciding if you need help, its essential to understand your limitations, if you have no experience with web design, paying for a professional touch can save your website. But what if you do have some design experience? There are still some compelling reasons to seek help. Let’s start by outlining some of the pros of hiring professional web developers.

Pros: Efficient Web Design


A lot of people starting a business will have some web design experience. But a little bit of knowledge pales in comparison to a real design professional. A seasoned pro will know all of the tools and tricks to make your website faster and easier. For example, designers will make sure your site is mobile friendly.  So even though they may cost more, the time you save could make it cheaper to get outside help.

A professional designer will also know more about site optimization. When you make a site by yourself, it can function correctly but not be designed to be used efficiently. A web designer should understand how design guides users and can craft a website around these user experiences. This combination of good design provided quickly is a massive plus for hiring professional web designers.

Pros: Design Aesthetics


Anyone who’s ever shopped for furniture knows creating the right look can sometimes feel impossible. And that same eye for aesthetics applies to websites. Customers can tell when a website doesn’t look right. And nowadays, an off-putting website can mean your losing business. A professional designer will have the design knowledge to help you with these decisions.


Professional web designers spend time thinking about the psychological effects of colors and how borders make buttons look good. When you hire a professional web designer, they can put this knowledge to use for you. It can take decades of experience to acquire this kind of specific trade knowledge, which makes web designers a valuable resource.

Cons: Web Design Cost


Just like a lot of things in marketing, there’s no one cost for web design. There are lots of affordable web design options out there. But some good designers can be costly. A lot of people who have a background in web design will save money by creating their web pages. But this strategy can be risky.

Web design is often costly because it provides real returns. While at first, it can seem like its smart to save a few dollars and make your website. But your website is your virtual storefront and often your first impression on customers. Similarly, your site might be the only place your employees connect. If your site is your break room, then it should reflect that. Although it can save you money, we highly recommend you spend the price you have to for a good website.

Cons: saturation


There are a lot of web designers out there, and not all of them are good. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, hiring a designer can be disastrous. There are a lot of freelance web design options that offer fast, cheap design. But these can sometimes come from unreliable or untrained sources.


When hiring a web designer, you have to be careful and vet all of the potential candidates. If you take your time and pick a sound designer, you should have nothing to worry about. But because there are so many options, this selection process is essential.

Pros and Cons for Web Design


Hiring a web designer is one of the most impactful decisions a budding business will make. And it can be hard to know what the effects of this decision will be. But if you have a plan, there’s nothing to fear. That’s why we helped outline some of the pros and cons of web design. The first pro is web designers are fast and efficient. This speed can save you money by saving you time.

Designers are also good at creating efficient and easy to use sites. This user-friendly design preference will make the final product enjoyable to use. Secondly, web designers understand web aesthetics. Because designers know how a website should look, they can easily give your page the feel your company is looking for.

Unfortunately, web design can be costly. The price of good web design can be never-ending, but if you have a budget, its money well spent because the cost is high, it is also essential to select a good designer. If you stay within a smart budget and vet your designers, you should come out with a great website.

Kallen media knows web design can be hard, but we’re here to help. The professionals at Kallen media have the experience your site needs. Reach out to us today if you’re looking for help with web design.

Nonprofit Advertising: Your Message On Your Budget

Marketing for a nonprofit might feel like just another thing you’re adding to your already full plate. And some nonprofits choose not to develop a marketing strategy because they feel like its more effort than results. But Kallen Media has seen just how much a marketing plan can help a nonprofit’s mission. Charitable advertising is key to your success, but how do you start?

So today, we’re going to write a blog on some of the ordinary and most successful ways in which marketing agencies advertise for 501(c)(3) nonprofits. But in an industry where every penny matters, how can you start advertising? Well, firstly, as a nonprofit, you’re entitled to some free ads!

Google Ad Grants


Google ad grants are a free service for nonprofits that gives them free advertising on goggle. Adwords is one of the most common forms of advertising today. And these ads got so big because they work. Google understands how hard it can be for a nonprofit to reach the audience it needs to survive and thrive. That’s why Google ad grants offer money to companies who are certified nonprofits.

In the past, we’ve talked about how google ad grants help nonprofits. Because these grants are so coveted, there is a verification process, but all 501(c)(3) certified companies are eligible for these ads. So what if you’re already using grants? What other forms of ads should you be using?

In-Person Events


Sometimes people can feel like a nonprofit won’t have any impact on their own lives. And this distance from the issues can make it challenging to get support. So how do you make people feel personally connected to a topic? Well, being face to face can make a huge difference. In-person events are massively successful for nonprofits.

Events like this can have an immediate impact. Because they can make money while advertising a company can both help advance its mission while ensuring its success for the future. When someone can see the work your nonprofit does, it makes an impact, so use that to your advantage! So what are some other ways you can make your process more visible?

Social Media and Videos


One way to connect your nonprofit to people is via social media. For many years companies have been using these apps to start a conversation between customers, so why aren’t you? A nonprofit can have a hugely successful social media campaign because they naturally have wholesome content. Who doesn’t want to watch people do good things? Similarly, social media will let you reach a broad audience. Growing an audience can help expand your numbers and promote current campaigns!

Similarly, social media can help rally current supporters around significant events and issues. In the past, nonprofits relied on fliers and other forms of communication that were less personal. Social media helps provide a user-friendly platform for organizers to gather and mobilize. In the nonprofit world, this is an essential tool. Because you can collect your supporters, your nonprofit has ways to mobilize its resources effectively.

Content advertising


Content marketing like video making and blogs are influential in the nonprofit sense. The content created from nonprofits is generally helpful, kind, and thoughtfully produced to support their mission. And users respond to this authenticity. Reading about a nonprofit’s mission can help educate potential partners on exactly why your business is a force for good.

Similarly to in-person events, video content is incredibly useful to nonprofits. Almost everyone who hears Sarah McLachlan thinks of those ASPCA commercials. Showing people the direct actions of your nonprofit can make your cause feel important to them personally. Video sharing has let our world participate in things far away from us. So nonprofits are using videos to spread their messages.

But like all content marketing, videos require trust to work. So be careful when using content marketing tactics. Make sure that your organization has a plan for your content that supports your mission. By planning out your marketing strategy, your content will be influential and impactful to the goals of your nonprofit.

Nonprofit advertising


While it may seem like one more problem, nonprofit advertising is essential to your companies success. And there are many tried and true ways to market nonprofit businesses. Tools like content marketing and social media can help you reach new audiences and promote your goals. In comparison, strategies like in-person events and videos can make your mission personal for potential supporters. Lastly, Google offers free ads for nonprofits! The Google ad grant service ensures all certified nonprofits can spread their message.

While these are some common strategies, there are lots of ways to promote the work your business does. Are you still struggling to develop the right plan for your nonprofit advertising? Don’t worry, Kallen media has experience helping nonprofits succeed. If you need help with any marketing services, please reach out. Kallen Media is here for you.

31 Digital Marketing Blogs From 2019

2019 was the very beginning of Kallen Media LLC.  With the new development of the company, came an explosion of content.  One of the main goals that I had when I founded Kallen Media was providing a place for small business owners to learn from digital marketing blogs.  Over the past year, we produced over 30 unique articles dedicated to helping business owners learn digital marketing. Here is a list of our articles broken down from the start of the year until today.  Be sure to check back here as we will be updating our blogs through the upcoming months.


How Do I Get My Business Noticed?


Those who are unfamiliar with digital marketing should begin with our first blog post, “How Do I Get My Business Noticed.”  The blog goes over what tactics are useful in creating a digital marketing plan.  Similarly, the blog goes over how tactics have changed over the years.  If you are interested in a glance at core elements to digital marketing, this is a great start.  Finally, the article outlines what digital marketing services are done through Kallen Media.


Don’t Just Get More Clients, WIN Them!


5 Essentials For Digital Marketing Blogs


Winning new clients is core to any successful business.  Many businesses struggle with bringing in excellent potential prospects.  Within this article, I break down knowing your target market, utilizing collaboration, and getting in front of your target audience.  Additionally, you can find some great tips for standing out at trade shows and making an impact on clients.


The Value Of Regular Blog Posts


Blogging is a vital part of active websites.  It provides useful information to readers and tells search engines that there is new content.  I give you five timeless tips for creating blog posts that will entertain and influence your readers.  Digital marketing blogs are essential for any growing website.


Different Management Styles


Each company has its own unique culture and styles.  At the core, there is a managerial style that influences how a company operates.  I break down the three core managerial styles: authoritarian, affiliative, and democratic.  There are strengths and weaknesses to each, so you should apply the concepts to your unique scenario.


Blogging and Your Niche


computer keyboard


No matter your industry, it is essential to find your niche.  Your niche is the specific group of people that you are targeting your product or service.  The more specific the niche, the higher the chance of converting your leads to clients. It is essential to centralize your blog around the interests of your target audience.  Oppositely, failing to do this will result in lower conversion rates and less traction on your articles.


Importance of Business Directories


Having your business found online is essential for success in the modern marketplace.  Business directories are one of the best ways to get your business discovered by potential clients.  These are high profile websites that have a lot of traction on search engines.  By including your business within them, this increases your chances of being found in searches.  Most of these directories are even free!


Utilizing Social Media Effectively


Social media is the cheapest and most effective way to engage your audience.  Before social media, companies had to pay to interact with their audiences. No matter whether this was through postcards or paper directories.  With social media, it allows businesses to interact with their clients without having to pay directly. Follow our guide to make sure your business is utilizing its social media accounts correctly.


Beginner’s Guide to Hootsuite


Social Media with Hootsuite for Digital Marketing Blogs


Hootsuite is one of the premier social media management software.  The software has both paid and free versions.  This guide takes you through choosing a plan right for your company.  Once decided, the basic setup is complete of social media accounts.  By the end of this article, you should have your Hootsuite account ready to post to your various social media accounts.


Path to Director of Sales and Marketing


I am proud to have written this article to take you through my path to creating Kallen Media.  The article starts with my passion for creating meaningful campaigns for small business owners.  This journey started at Yelp and then took me through a variety of different software development companies.  After this, it gave me the knowledge I needed to create Kallen Media and to start providing affordable digital solutions to small business owners.


The Hiring Process



Hiring for open positions can be both stressful and time-consuming.  You need to make sure you hire the right applicant, but you need to make a decision quickly.  Utilizing my tactics, you can rest assured, knowing you are running your hiring process as effectively as possible.


6 Forms of Marketing


Digital marketing comprises itself of several different elements.  This article looks at 6 of the most important forms of marketing you should be focusing on.  On the paid side, we encourage the use of mailers, social media advertising, and search advertisements.  This section is where our data has shown us the highest conversion rate. On the organic side, you will want to make sure you keep up with search engine optimization and digital marketing blogs.  Finally, it is essential always to be building your list through forms and newsletters.


Utilizing WordPress Plugins


Wordpress Blog Symbol


WordPress is the most commonly used platform to design websites.  It is both competent in terms of cost and speed. One of the most vital parts of a WordPress website is the plugins it utilizes.  Plugins are add-ons that augment your site, allowing you to do additional design aspects you could not before.  Plugins could be anything from SEO related to integrating with your CRM. The range is endless, with so many possibilities, you should check out some of my highest rated plugins.


Tips To Building A Sales Team


I have gone through multiple different companies, building their sales team from the ground up.  There are many different challenges and obstacles. By following this guide, you should alleviate some of the strain of building a cost-effective team.


What is Remarketing?


Remarketing is the latest trend that makes ads seem more individualized while also following the user.  Major companies like Google partner with a variety of websites allowing for tracking of users. Through this data, it will enable companies to target people who have visited their website directly.  Did you never checkout at an online store?  Odds are the store will try and use that data to market and sell to you in the future!


Optimizing Websites in Phoenix, Arizona


Downtown Phoenix


I am proud to have established Kallen Media in Phoenix, Arizona.  I moved from Chicago to go to Arizona State University, where I received my bachelor’s in Marketing.  After graduating, I decided to stay and start my career in digital marketing. All the companies I have worked centralized within Arizona.


How To Blog In 5 Easy Steps


Keeping an active blog is a great way to keep users engaged in your website.  I provide 5 of the best tips for blogging in this article.  Start with something you are interested in, then get specific to that topic.  Once you have found your niche, look at some other blogs in that area. It is essential to know what is popular in your industry.  After completion, time to flesh out your digital marketing blogs and post it to your website.


Client Spotlight #1: Aria Technology Rentals


This is the first client spotlight.  In this article, I feature Aria Technology Rentals.  Aria is a technology rental company that provides rentals for events around the US.  Be sure to read about them to find out how you can get in touch if you are interested in renting technology!


Get Your Campaign Noticed


Having a digital marketing campaign is excellent.  However, if you do not see any tangible results, what is the point?  This article highlights the 3 key elements of a successful campaign.  To begin, you must target a specific niche in your industry.  Once this is done, make sure to research competition so you can learn from their mistakes.  Finally, it is time to tie it all together by monitoring your campaigns destined for greatness.


Client Spotlight #2: GlassBiller


GlassBiller is the second company that we have spotlighted.  The premier name in auto glass point of sale software.  Regardless of the size of your shop, GlassBiller can handle your entire base of operations.  I was happy to be a part of the organization in building the marketing and sales side of the company.  If you are an auto glass shop, I would highly encourage you to check out this company!


Kallen Media’s Web Approach


Kallen Media LLC full logo


My goal is to be open and transparent with my clients.  I want small business owners to have websites that they are proud to display their products and services.  Within this article, I will break down some of the best practices, themes, and plugins I use for websites.  This is a great place to get started if you are interested in how I build websites for my clients and manage their accounts.


Importance of Backlinks


Backlinks are essential building blocks to websites with high domain authority.  Domain authority is how highly ranked your site is likely to be through search results.  It is determined through several ranking factors. One of the most essential is the backlinks your website has.  Backlinks are other websites linking to your site.  Having reliable backlinks can lead to higher traffic, while faulty links can result in penalties.


Recruitment Marketing


indeed certified partner badge


No matter the company, there is always a need for hiring.  Whether it is for senior-level positions or entry-level, you want to make sure you are hiring qualified individuals.  At Kallen Media, we offer recruitment marketing services through Indeed.com.  These services allow us to offer discounted rates on one of the most premiere job-hunting websites.  Alleviate the stress, and let Kallen Media do your recruiting!


Speed Up Your WordPress Website


Speed is one of the main ranking factors for search engines.  People don’t want to visit slow websites. When people do visit slow websites, it often results in a poor experience making them less likely to convert into clients.  Follow our guide to making sure your WordPress website’s speed is optimized.  We include a 4 step guide with our recommendation for great plugins.


Digital Advertising and Its Future


With the constant changes going on over the web, it’s hard to keep up with what’s relevant.  I break down the current digital advertising trends and what we should expect in the future.  These trends relate to social media, your website, digital marketing blogs, and your overall business.  Lots of useful information to keep in mind when developing products and services for 2020.


Kallen Media Non-Profit Work


Nonprofit organizations are a central part of Kallen Media.  Through 2019 we were able to donate over $50,000 in services to organizations around the world.  The organizations varied from animal welfare to childhood poverty. I was able to give digital marketing skills, including social media management and Google Ad Grant setup and management.  We are so proud and excited to continue to grow the nonprofit sector of Kallen Media in 2020!


How To Setup Google Ad Grants In 7 Steps


Google Ad Grants logo


Google Ad Grants are a vital tool available for all 501(c)(3) nonprofits.  By following my 7 step guide, you can get your nonprofit both qualified for Google Nonprofits and Google Ad Grants.  I would highly encourage any nonprofit who is not currently registered to check out this guide.  The Google Ad Grant Program gives out up to $10,000 a month in free ad spend.


Importance of Social Media Management


Social media is what you portray your company as to the world.  This outlet is the face of your company, whether you like it or not. Because of this, it is vital to take care of your image.  Fostering a positive digital footprint can help convert more clients with a higher success rate. By following our five steps to effectively managing your social media, your company is sure to excel.


Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website


WordPress is one of the most user-friendly CMS design platforms.  It allows for plugin integration and quick changes. Alternatively, using a fully custom website is much more expensive and much harder to make changes without a web developer.  Follow this guide to make your next website stand out using WordPress without spending a fortune.


What is Content Marketing Strategy?


Content marketing is giving your potential clients material to learn.  This both cements your position as a professional and gives your audience a reason to come to your website.  The most effective way to utilize content marketing is to have an active blog.  However, providing quality material is just as, if not more, important than quality to both people and search engines with digital marketing blogs.


Introduction To Structured Data


Structured data is now all around us online.  Many of us may be unfamiliar with this term. Structured data snippets are the additional information search engines display.  Instead of a regular link, there are more rich content sources like star ranking, categories, and specialties.  All these can be customized and shown to search engines utilizing a specific format called JSON-LD.


Kallen Media’s 2019 Digital Marketing Recap


The final article of 2019 for Kallen Media is the digital marketing recap.  This blog post highlights some of the most considerable achievements that I made with the company in our initial year.  I cover all the significant aspects that we have worked on, from web design to social media and overall marketing campaigns.


I am incredibly excited about the content that I am going to be bringing to Kallen Media in 2020.  Be sure to check back on our blog every week for weekly digital marketing blogs!

What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is quickly becoming one of the most common digital marketing practices.  Odds are you have probably heard of this term before. But what exactly makes up this “content”?  Most frequently, it is companies hiring marketing agencies or hiring in house for writers and bloggers.  These people then create content centered around the company’s products or services.

Now, this may seem pretty simple.  However, doing this without a clear plan or strategy could mean your company is wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars a month!  Some specific strategies and tactics used when creating pieces of written work to increase traffic to your website.  These strategies include developing focus keywords, examining text length, and utilizing a free SEO plugin like Yoast to assure top quality content. Here is the Kallen Media guide to getting started with content marketing.

Choose Your Niche

The first step in creating your content is determining your niche.  This step means getting specific about what you want to focus on. Choosing a broad topic is a perfect starting point, but you will want to build on it.  For example, if you are an artist, what type of art do you make? What is your medium, and what is your favorite style? All of these questions are questions that your potential clients might have when determining your niche.

Once you have answers to these questions and know where you want to place yourself, you will begin to start finding topics to write about.  Think about what you would be interested in reading. Find the hot topics and create your views and opinions to make your content uniquely your own.  A great place to start is searching for the topics you’re interested in and see what the top results are online.

Look At Competition

Next, you are going to want to take a look at your competition.  This insight means reading your competitors’ blogs and marketing content.  See what resonates with you, and see what you don’t like. By doing this, it will help you create the ideal campaign that you know has critical points of other successful campaigns.  We do not recommend stealing their campaigns or trying to copy what these companies do. All this will do is waste time and resources. This reasoning is because you would be vying for customers who already have what you are providing.

Responsive statistics for posts

There are some critical points that you will want to examine your competitors’ content.  One of the most significant aspects is going to be the keywords. Keywords are what search engines look at to determine what appears for various searches.  The goal is to have a campaign that targets keywords that your potential clients are interested in. Some websites provide research services like Moz and Ahrefs.  Here you can find information for sites from their backlinks to domain authority. I recommend looking at several successful websites that are in your niche.

Take their strengths and identifying their weaknesses is a great way to make yourself stand out.  Start with low ranking keywords. As you create more content, keywords will be more accessible for your website to start ranking for.  As you build credibility and traffic, you will be able to start going after more popular searches.

Create A Schedule

Time to create a schedule and stick with it.  Nobody reads content on a website that only has one post or article.  Constant content is essential to improve your website’s overall ranking continually.  My recommendation is to look at times when your possible consumers are most active. Odds are for most that will not be at 2:00 am.  Finding the perfect time to release and blast your content is essential for traction. You don’t want to spend hours on content that does not reach your desired audience because of timing.  One recommendation is to create weekly posts that people can rely on. This way, you will have a weekly announcement that your customer base will grow to enjoy.

Develop A Writing Style

Now it is time to create your style and add flair to your writing.  There are thousands of blogs on the internet. For your industry, there could be hundreds or more.  To stand out in the crowd, you need to have a unique style and voice. Voicing your passion and developing unique takes on popular topics is a great way to grow your audience.  Take a look at leaders in your niche and see what tactics they are using to succeed. By doing this, you will be able to take the best aspects of your favorite writers to create your unique pieces.  This discovery is where most content marketing will see the most traction.

Broadcast Your Message

Everything is complete on the content side.  Now it is time to make sure you are reaching your desired audience.  There are a variety of ways that you can do this. Broadcast new content onto all of your social media outlets. This new content will direct your followers back to your website, where you will convert them into paying clients. For smaller businesses, you may need to grow your primary audience.  Broadcast your new posts through paid advertising fronts. Examples would be using Google Ads or Facebook Ads to target your specific audience. Utilizing these Ad services also gives you the ability to use advanced tracking systems.  Through integrating these tactics, you will be sure that your content directed towards those most eager to buy your product or service.

Importance in Backlinks

Search engine optimization is becoming more prevalent in companies, both big and small.  There are tons of tips and tricks to getting started, so we want to take this article a bit further.  One of the most prominent question marks we get from clients is asking what backlinks are and how they can use them to benefit themselves and their digital presence.  This topic is going to be the focus of the article today. What are quality backlinks, and how can you make sure your site is taking advantage of them?

What Are Backlinks?

A backlink, in short, is any link within your website.  These may be links to a blog that you referenced, or a partner that you may have.  Similarly, these links can also be links to your website. These links help search engines index and find all the content within your sites that you want to be “crawled.”  Crawling a website is what bots from search engines like Google do to find and rate content.

digital cogs

The two main types of backlinks are going to be internal and external.  Both types of backlinks are critical for different reasons. External backlinks are crucial because these tell large search engines like Google to check out your website.  The more trustworthy the website, the more impactful their links are for search ranking. Internal backlinks are going to link to your website that you create.  A great example would be a link to your contact page from your home page.

Quality Matters

Before you go and start spamming your website and links, there is some important information you should know.  First off, not all backlinks are created equal. A backlink from a reliable source like a non-profit is going to rank much higher than a link from a brand new website.  These rankings are related to a statistic called “domain authority.” The domain authority of a website refers to how much content it has, how many backlinks it has, and how reliable the site is rated.  It is critical to focus on getting backlinks with high domain authority to boost your rank.

Having backlinks from unreliable sites with low domain authority can also hurt your ranking.  There are various tools and websites to track your backlinks to review them and possibly disavow any negative links.  Disavowing links takes away their negative rating. It is like telling search engines that you do not endorse that specific link, so it is not counted for or against you.

Creating Backlinks

digital compass

Now that you have some idea what a backlink is, it is time to start making some for your website!  There are a variety of ways that you can get backlinks so that we will highlight our top recommendations.  Our first recommendation would be to add your business and information to different business directories online.  Many of these directories are free and have high domain authority. These are natural backlinks to start with that will not require a ton of work.  An alternative to this would be to use reputation management software like Yext. Yext will enter all your information onto various online directories, saving you time.

Once you have your information in the leading online directories, it is time to start branching out.  Contact your friends and family and have them do posts about your website. These are great ways to start generating buzz and links.  Start searching online for communities within your specific niche. These communities will often allow for guest posts. Guest posts allow your company to create articles for various websites.  Your company will provide free content, and in return, you can get great backlink opportunities for high ranking websites.

Agency Approach

We realize that taking the time to create and find these backlinks can be very tedious and time-consuming.  This approach is why at Kallen Media LLC, we offer backlink services to help bolster your online presence. We can help find other websites for you to work with, as well as create the content.  So what are you waiting for, get in contact with us to start boosting your digital presence today!

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