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What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is quickly becoming one of the most common digital marketing practices.  Odds are you have probably heard of this term before. But what exactly makes up this “content”?  Most frequently, it is companies hiring marketing agencies or hiring in house for writers and bloggers.  These people then create content centered around the company’s products or services.

Now, this may seem pretty simple.  However, doing this without a clear plan or strategy could mean your company is wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars a month!  Some specific strategies and tactics used when creating pieces of written work to increase traffic to your website.  These strategies include developing focus keywords, examining text length, and utilizing a free SEO plugin like Yoast to assure top quality content. Here is the Kallen Media guide to getting started with content marketing.

Choose Your Niche

The first step in creating your content is determining your niche.  This step means getting specific about what you want to focus on. Choosing a broad topic is a perfect starting point, but you will want to build on it.  For example, if you are an artist, what type of art do you make? What is your medium, and what is your favorite style? All of these questions are questions that your potential clients might have when determining your niche.

Once you have answers to these questions and know where you want to place yourself, you will begin to start finding topics to write about.  Think about what you would be interested in reading. Find the hot topics and create your views and opinions to make your content uniquely your own.  A great place to start is searching for the topics you’re interested in and see what the top results are online.

Look At Competition

Next, you are going to want to take a look at your competition.  This insight means reading your competitors’ blogs and marketing content.  See what resonates with you, and see what you don’t like. By doing this, it will help you create the ideal campaign that you know has critical points of other successful campaigns.  We do not recommend stealing their campaigns or trying to copy what these companies do. All this will do is waste time and resources. This reasoning is because you would be vying for customers who already have what you are providing.

Responsive statistics for posts

There are some critical points that you will want to examine your competitors’ content.  One of the most significant aspects is going to be the keywords. Keywords are what search engines look at to determine what appears for various searches.  The goal is to have a campaign that targets keywords that your potential clients are interested in. Some websites provide research services like Moz and Ahrefs.  Here you can find information for sites from their backlinks to domain authority. I recommend looking at several successful websites that are in your niche.

Take their strengths and identifying their weaknesses is a great way to make yourself stand out.  Start with low ranking keywords. As you create more content, keywords will be more accessible for your website to start ranking for.  As you build credibility and traffic, you will be able to start going after more popular searches.

Create A Schedule

Time to create a schedule and stick with it.  Nobody reads content on a website that only has one post or article.  Constant content is essential to improve your website’s overall ranking continually.  My recommendation is to look at times when your possible consumers are most active. Odds are for most that will not be at 2:00 am.  Finding the perfect time to release and blast your content is essential for traction. You don’t want to spend hours on content that does not reach your desired audience because of timing.  One recommendation is to create weekly posts that people can rely on. This way, you will have a weekly announcement that your customer base will grow to enjoy.

Develop A Writing Style

Now it is time to create your style and add flair to your writing.  There are thousands of blogs on the internet. For your industry, there could be hundreds or more.  To stand out in the crowd, you need to have a unique style and voice. Voicing your passion and developing unique takes on popular topics is a great way to grow your audience.  Take a look at leaders in your niche and see what tactics they are using to succeed. By doing this, you will be able to take the best aspects of your favorite writers to create your unique pieces.  This discovery is where most content marketing will see the most traction.

Broadcast Your Message

Everything is complete on the content side.  Now it is time to make sure you are reaching your desired audience.  There are a variety of ways that you can do this. Broadcast new content onto all of your social media outlets. This new content will direct your followers back to your website, where you will convert them into paying clients. For smaller businesses, you may need to grow your primary audience.  Broadcast your new posts through paid advertising fronts. Examples would be using Google Ads or Facebook Ads to target your specific audience. Utilizing these Ad services also gives you the ability to use advanced tracking systems.  Through integrating these tactics, you will be sure that your content directed towards those most eager to buy your product or service.

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