Web Designing Service

In today’s ultramodern world, websites have become a necessity if you wish to see your business grow in leaps and bounds. At Kallen Media, we offer numerous types of web design services, which include templates, semi-customized, and completely tailor-made websites. Every single one of our web design offerings comprises an account manager dedicated exclusively to the project, an in-depth meeting before the projects commence, a 50+ post-launch SEO checklist, and much more!

Your business website is the most crucial aspect of your overall marketing strategy. It is your website that serves as the central hub where all your online activity will be taking place, which is why it is important to make sure it is flawless. At Kallen Media, we design user-friendly and responsive websites to help your conversion rates shoot to the sky! Our team of designers does this by delivering attractive designs, responsive themes, and a website built as per your business’s needs and requirements!

Our web design agency based in Tempe, Arizona, specializes in providing expert website design services laser-focused on helping you reach all the business goals you have set for yourself. We are industry leaders when it comes to designing websites your clients are bound to love, along with offering development and hosting options to suit all your needs and requirements. From cool website layouts to responsive designs, we have mastered everything required to make your website stand out from the rest!

Web Host Consultation

Is your website taking forever to load? Is it running painfully slow? Do you have no idea about how to fix these technical issues?

Don’t worry; we have your back!

At Kallen Media, we offer web host consultation services to help you get an in detail report about the aspects which need to be improved for your website to work smoothly. We analyze your website and compile a comprehensive report highlighting all the changes that could be made to increase the speed along with search engine optimization of your current website.

Also, we offer clients several options to help them decide the best route of hosting they could choose to help their business scale effectively. This is an extremely crucial decision, and choosing the wrong plan can lead to devastating effects on your website. We guide you throughout this process, ensuring you opt for a plan which not only helps refine your website but also assists your business in the long run!

Page Builder and Theme

The theme, along with the page builder used to develop any WordPress site, plays an essential role in ensuring your website runs smoothly and is appealing to look at. When it comes to WordPress, it offers the convenience of having at hand a plethora of themes and plugins to enhance the overall user experience.

At Kallen Media LLC, our team of professional designers uses the Divi theme and page builder. Divi is extremely easy to use and has unlimited licenses alongside fantastic support! When you choose us as your website creating partners, you too will be able to access all the incredible resources which come with the Divi membership through your website. You’re seeing at least a $199 value right there!

Still not convinced?

Wait, there is more!

At Kallen Media, we offer training courses using which you can learn how to maneuver your way through Divi as well as the WordPress backend in general, like a professional. Not only will you receive a beautifully designed website, but you will also have an opportunity to expand your knowledge along the way!

If you don’t wish to get involved with the website, that is perfectly fine as well! We have numerous programs at our service that facilitate us in all the backend work. All you have to do is sit back and relax as you watch your online empire come into existence. All our websites are customizable and can be designed and developed as your specific needs entail. From a portfolio website to an interactive e-commerce site, we have everything covered!