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The Kallen Media Difference

Affordable Custom Websites

Small businesses deserve to be able to have professional websites without spending thousands of dollars.  We offer fully customized websites that start under $500!  That is all inclusive from domain, hosting, to website design.  Find out if you qualify for a discount by getting in touch today!

Memorable Social Media

Do you have a favorite brand or persona you follow on social media?  It is time to take yourself or your business into your own hands by ramping up your social media presence.  We offer fully inclusive packages for managing social media posts, responses, and customer interaction.

Unique Content Creation

Content is king.  That means it should be treated as such.  With respect and care.  At Kallen Media, we create content that is fully optimized for keywords and towards your niche.  This is to drive both natural traffic and can be used within your SEO strategy.  Check out our testimonials for samples of our work.

What We Offer

Take a look at our best in class digital marketing options we offer small businesses:

  • WordPress website designs
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
  • Custom Blogs
  • CRM integration
  • Google Ads and much more!

Check out some of the other companies we have worked with in the past:

  • Spark Organics
  • International Technology Rental Association
  • Operation Blankets of Love
  • Tuskegee Airman Scholarship Foundation
  • Aria Technology Rentals

Who We Are

Mission Statement:


Create inspiring digital media that help  our customers vision come to life in a digital space. We want to truly allow your dreams to come true through tangible results.  Delivering statistics you can see and content you are passionate about is our driving force.



Work with our clients to create successful digital strategies that reflect their core values and brand.  We are proud of the diversity of the clients we serve and would be extremely humbled if you would consider us in your next digital web design or marketing program.

What We Do

Custom Budgets


We are able to work with any budget to help put together paid media campaigns on any major digital ad platform.  Our goal is to maximize your investment so you can start seeing traffic and engagement on your website and translate that to conversions.  No matter what your niche we have the resources and tools to find the right optimized website, social media presence, and ad campaigns to become a power force in your industry.

Digital Marketing


At Kallen Media, we pride ourselves on making effect strategies that show results for our clients.  From managing social media accounts and creating blog posts, to managing multi-channel paid advertising campaigns with live metrics, we create custom campaigns to ensure our clients success. so our clients always have all their information at their fingertips.

Web Design


We make high quality websites that are customized to our customers needs.  We offer everything from a basic consumer website to a fully functional e-commerce site.  Already have a website?  No Problem!  Let us help make sure it is fully optimized for SEO.  We are always happy to help you edit or change a functional website so that it can better reflect the website you desire!

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