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Link Building

In order to be seen by large search engines like Bing and Google you will want reliable domains referring to your website.

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Reliable means a website that has been around for a long time and has authentic views. A website like Facebook is much more recognizable than a website that was made yesterday. It is important to have your business on as many reliable platforms as possible as it boosts your search ranking. Get in touch today to see where your website stands and how we can increase your links today with a free consultation.


Reputation Management

Your online reputation can be what makes or breaks a potential sale. Online reviews are one of the first indicators potential buyers will see when searching for products or services.

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Often if there is little to no information about your company, someone may pass by. This is why it is important to have accounts with major reputation websites like a Local Google, Facebook, and Yelp listings.

It is not enough to simply be listed on large directories or review websites. You want to be responsive and show your customers you care. This can go a long way in building a community and potentially helping any negative reviews or comments you may receive. It is important to go about this the right way. This is why the team at Kallen Media will teach you some great tricks to turning the negative into a potential positive for you!


Email / CRM Automation

Automation is what can take your business to the next level. Stop wasting time on menial tasks that you can have your systems take care of for you.

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Our team has worked with a variety of CRMs, specializing in automation. This goes hand in hand with email campaigns because of the linkability aspect. Allowing all your systems to connect and integrate is how you will be able to create detailed campaigns for different parts of your business process.


Keyword Blogs

No matter what your specialty is, we have experience with it! Nathan Kallen used to work in the affiliate marketing industry where he would help individuals write keyword rich blogs from all niches.

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From Football to music to gaming we have written about it! Let us help unlock your resources and show you how you can write blogs that will capture readers and search engines alike. We do the research and give you the tools to create content relevant to your niche that can start generating clicks today.


Social Media Posting

Managing your social media presence is your lifeline to your clients. Interactive with your clients is how you create a brand and persona.

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When it comes down to running your business, sometimes managing posts on all the different social media platforms can be challenging. We are here to help with solutions that work with how you want to manage your digital marketing.

We offer tools to keep your social media all in one place using a software called Hootsuite. We are able to bundle your social media together and plan posts. No more scrambling last minute to think of what to post, we got you covered. This helps with your search ranking as well as keeping up appearances and showing potential clients that you are an active business.


Website Design

Don’t waste your time and money on a large firm that nickel and dimes you for every small change you are looking for. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction.

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We want to create a beautiful website that you are able to upkeep and update if you wish. Our affordable plans make it easy for anyone to start a website where they can be proud to show off their work.

We specialize in WordPress. Some of the key plugins we use for creation are Elementor and Divi. These give us front end web design tools that create a smooth view that is easy to navigate. Additionally, we have several plugin recommendations we can give you to make sure you are doing the most to bring in potential clients.


Website Optimization

There is nothing worse than having a website that may look nice, but has lots of “broken” pieces. Within your website there is an extensive backend that needs to be cleaned up and optimized in order for it to be ranked highly by the search engines.

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We break all the details down and show you what needs to be fixed, and how to do it. Some examples of common trends would be poorly sized pictures or lack of meta tags and descriptions. Both have simple fixes, but both can also cause significant problems.


Paid Media Campaigns

Time to start spending money to make money. Once you feel that you have a firm grip on your website and content management, it is time to start advertising. Each social media platform has an advertising tool.

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With all these tools choosing what is right for your business can be overwhelming. We run extensive tests and dive into a deep market discovery when deciding on a campaign. This way we have the best chance of making sure the money you spend is going into directing the best possible leads to your website.

No matter the medium, we can help you setup and optimize your campaigns. From Google to Pinterest we have experience and want to make sure you aren’t wasting advertising in places you won’t see results.


 With the team at Kallen Media, your experience is unique

The digital mavens working with us interact with you on a one on one basis to design a personalized digital marketing plan that aligns perfectly well with all your unique business requirements. Our team becomes an extension of your in-house team as an expert partner who understands your marketing goals and helps you achieve them, rather than just another digital media agency executing strategies blindly.

Unlike other digital marketing solution providers closing sales but failing to execute, Kallen Media’s client-centric approach helps build relationships and leads to positive results. Our team of experts always delivers substance, not just false promises. This ensures that you get an increased return on investments through maximizing your budget. We have managed to harbor a loyal customer base over the years, and our reviews across all platforms speak volumes about the quality of services we render.


Digital services offered by

Kallen Media is a modern and versatile full-service digital marketing agency that does not rely solely on smoke and mirrors to attract new customers. Kallen Media instead relies on its search engine optimization and digital marketing skills to drive relevant traffic to your website. We are not a static business. Our team does not limit itself to particular industries. Instead, Kallen Media has the relevant experience and professionalism required to build custom websites. We provide a host of different digital marketing services to assist businesses scale and increase their returns on investment.

Numerous other digital marketing agencies follow a one size fits all approach, most of the time, offering the same strategy to numerous clients at the same time.


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