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Marketing for nonprofits has evolved and become more sophisticated over the years. If you’re a nonprofit and overwhelmed by today’s marketing practices, Kallen Media is here to help.  We provide nonprofit digital marketing service and have helped a number of 501c3 organizations expand their reach without breaking their banks.  Let us help you increase your donor base.

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Learn how to get $10,000 in free ad grants for nonprofits

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Nonprofit Advertising: Your Message On Your Budget

Marketing for a nonprofit might feel like just another thing you’re adding to your already full plate. And some nonprofits choose not to develop a marketing strategy because they feel like its more effort than results. But Kallen Media has seen just how much a marketing plan can help a nonprofit’s mission. Charitable advertising is key to your success, but how do you start?


Advertising for Nonprofits: 3 Verified Marketing Plans

Nonprofits are one type of business where advertising is challenging but essential work. But nonprofits’ unique bearings provide them with some exceptional opportunities. So today, we are going to talk about advertising for nonprofits. If you’re reading this blog, you probably know what a nonprofit is, but how does one advertise effectively?

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Google AdWords Activism: How We Can Help You

Google AdWords activism is growing every day. But how does it work? This program offers grants of up to 10,000 dollars to registered organizations to reach out to target markets. The vast majority of nonprofits operate with less than one million dollars in the budget. This budget means that in the best case, a communications budget would be around 150,000 dollars. A free google ad grant can increase this budget by 15 percent. Imagine what it could do for a smaller company.

How To Setup Google Ad Grants?


Check Your Eligibility

Register with TechSoup

Create Google Ad Account


Enroll in Google Ad Grants

Your group must hold a non-profit status and register as a valid charity.  US-based charities must have 501(c)(3) status. This means the organization is tax-exempt.  

If your organization is a school, you can check out Google For Education.  Healthcare organizations may be able to qualify if they are Awareness or Research-based.

Google requires that Ad Grant recipients have an active website since that is where all the web traffic is going.  Once this is done and your organization acknowledges non-discrimination and donation receipt it is time to register as a Google Non-Profit.

You will need to create an account with TechSoup, a technology non-profit that delivers technology tools to other non-profits at discounted rates.

This application is a simple process consisting of filling out a form on the TechSoup Registration page. It can take up to 30 days for your organization to be confirmed.

Once your validation is confirmed, you will have a TechSoup verification token.  These tokens typically are represented as This will be needed during the signup of Google Ad Grants.

To begin your signup, you can start your Google Ad Grant application here.  To begin, you will need to verify that you meet all the requirements.  If you have already gained your TechSoup verification token, you will satisfy the requirements.  You will also need to have your organization’s Tax ID number to proceed with the application.

Next, you will need to fill out your organization’s information.  This information will include mission statements, contact information, and your website URL.  Once this is complete, you will fill out your communication preferences (phone, email, etc.) and submit your application.

The first recommendation that we have when starting the enrollment process is to never enter in your billing information.  Doing so will disqualify you from attaining Google Ad Grants.  

Once you have finished these tasks, it is time to submit your pre-qualification review.  For this, you will need to sign back into your Google for Nonprofits account.  When in, you will be able to “Activate” the Google Ad Grants using your customer ID.  Finish telling Google how you heard about them, and then you can finish by enrolling. Once this is complete, you should hear back within five business days.

Services We Offer to Nonprofits


SEO Service

Constant content is the key to being picked up by search engines and interested individuals.  We have experience doing keyword rich articles focusing on your niche.  Let us expand what your website is ranking for and find more potential clients your nonprofit can help.  We offer both social media services and blog content at discounted rates to nonprofit organizations.

WordPress Web Design

We assist in both the creation of new WordPress websites, as well as help optimize current websites.  This goes from content creation to overall design and search engine optimization.  Get in contact with us for a free call to see how we can help optimize your website!

Web Design for Nonprofits
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Social Media Service

Kallen Media helps you effectively connect with your potential audience to increase brand awareness and convert your leads into sales. We manage your social media through research, audit, and best practices, so you can focus on other aspects of your business and watch it flourish.

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What Nonprofits Say

“Gold standard service! We worked on setting up a Nonprofit Google Ads Account and Campaigns with Kallen Media. Their attention to detail, expertise, work ethic, and communication is second to none. Highly recommend! We look forward to a long-term partnership.”

Frederik Wilkens

Reach Services

Nathan was a huge help to us with getting our Google Ads program running. He counseled us on keywords and best practices, and he was really patient with answering our questions and explaining the platform. I appreciated his professionalism and timely, helpful responses, and I would definitely recommend working with Nathan.”

Meghann Naveau

Founder, Es and Joe Communication, LLC

“Nathan dedicated hours to making sure we were in compliance with Google Ad Grant standards and his efforts have already resulted in a huge increase of traffic to our site. We could not be more pleased with the work he has done.”

Eileen Smulson

Founder, Operation Blanket of Love

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