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Q: What is a digital marketing agency?

A: Like a traditional marketing agency, a digital one can handle all of your marketing needs, but they will focus on services and solutions on the web.

Q: what services do you offer?

A: our specialties are SEO, web design, and social media marketing, and recruitment marketing. But we also provide custom-designed digital marketing campaigns.

Q: Can you help my small business?

A: Kallen Media specializes in designing campaigns to boost revenue for small businesses. We can work with your business budget to make the optimal plan for you.

Q: Whom has Kallen Media worked with?

A: Since our founding, we have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients. Check out our testimonials to read what they’ve said about us.

Q: Can I speak with someone from Kallen media?

A: Company representatives are available all of the time. Head over to our contact us page to get started with our team today.


Q: What does SEO stand for?

A: SEO means Search engine optimization.

Q: What is SEO?

A: SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the practice digital marketers use to make sure your content or webpage is high in search results.

Q: What does an SEO company do?

A: SEO companies will work with clients to identify areas where they can grow their online presence. This change can include web design, blogging, and handling your social media accounts.

Q: Does blogging help your SEO?

A: running an active blog will help your SEO ranking. A blog can bring users to your website consistently, which can help boost your numbers.

Web design:

Q: What do web designing services provide?

A: We can provide designs, redesigns, and maintenance for your business website or e-commerce store. Our cost-effective web designs are responsive and scalable. 

Q: Why hire a web designer?

A: Our designers understand how to make a good website efficiently. Hiring a professional improves your final product and can save much valuable time.

Q: What is WordPress?

A: word press is one of the most popular web designer services on the market. WordPress offers themes and plugins to make using your site intuitive. It creates modern websites that look good and run smoothly.

Q: What are WordPress plugins?

A: plugins help easily add specific functions to your site. These tools will help you turn an essential website into a storefront or a database or anything else you need.

Q: What are WordPress themes?

A: a theme is a series of templates that will outline your pages’ visual aesthetics.

Q: should my business be using WordPress?

A: WordPress is by far the most popular web design tool on the market. If you want to guarantee your site is up-to-date and efficient, WordPress is a logical choice.

Social media marketing:

Q: What is social media marketing?

A: social media marketing is the practice of connecting to customers through social platforms. This unparalleled access can help you grow a thriving customer base.

Q: Should you outsource your social media management?

A: Outsourcing your social platforms can free up valuable time for your focus. And a pro can ensure your outreach is cordial and timely.

Q: Why should we be on social platforms?

A: social media is how people communicate in the modern age. If your brand has a presence online, it can do customer outreach, hear recommendations, and sometimes even get user-generated content.

Q: Is word of mouth dead?

A: With everyone connecting online, people can talk about your products and searches, and this recommendation system can make or break you.

Q: How does my company grow an audience?

A: by posting regularly and engaging with your niche, your company can start to generate a loyal audience.

Q: can you plan out a social media routine?

A: scheduling social media posts is a common practice for page maintenance. By scheduling a routine, we can help plan out your engagement strategy.


Recruitment marketing:

Q: What is a recruitment marketing service?

A: recruitment marketing is the process of finding the best person to fill positions in a company. We partner with Indeed and other services to find you the best employee.

Q: Does recruitment marketing work?

A: yes! Every day hundreds of positions are filled with highly qualified workers by recruiters globally. A new hire can be a sure-fire decision when you hire a recruiting service.

Q: will I have to comb through resumes?

A: recruitment marketers will do the leg work for you. Make sure you only see the best candidates for a position with our service.

Q: what if I need an employee quickly?

A: recruitment marketing is one of the best options for urgent employment. You can see thousands of candidates quickly with a professional recruiter.


Q: should my nonprofit be marketing?

A: The short answer is yes. A nonprofit can find support and even connect to clients through marketing, so it is crucial.

Q: Can nonprofits advertise on a budget?

A: Yes, there are plenty of ways to make marketing cost-effective for a not-for-profit business. Some companies like google even offer free advertisements for nonprofits.

Q: What is google ad words?

A: Google ad words is a free ad words program which offers thousands of dollars to qualified organizations in free ads.

Q: Do I qualify for free advertisements?

A: any certified and registered nonprofit is qualified for google ad words!

Q: do you have experience with nonprofit marketing?

A: nonprofits are one of our specialties. Kallen media has helped saved charitable organizations around one hundred thousand dollars.

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