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Maximizing Impact on Local SEO Phoenix – Strategies for Businesses

In the evolving city of Phoenix, businesses are facing multiple challenges to attract customers to the competitive market as the neighborhood has its character and charm. In this modern era, acquiring skills like local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential to stay active in the competitive market of Phoenix, and it’s advantageous as well. SEO has some important factors like content strategy, keyword optimization, link building, and schema markup. In this blog, important aspects of the advanced strategies and improving local SEO performance are discussed.

The Phoenix market is characterized by its large and diverse population, with a mix of local businesses and multinational corporations. Google Ads offers a versatile platform that can be tailored to the specific needs of businesses of all sizes, helping them effectively target their marketing efforts within the market.

Customized Campaign Strategies

To resonate with the local audience, Google Ads campaigns in Phoenix require a customized approach. Professional Google Ads management services understand the nuances of the digital market, including customer behavior patterns and regional preferences. They develop targeted campaign strategies that engage with the right audience and drive conversions.

Optimizing for Maximum ROI

In the competitive digital market, optimizing campaign performance is crucial for maximizing return on investment. Google Ads managers use a data-driven approach to continuously monitor and evaluate campaign metrics, identifying areas for improvement. They refine keyword selection, adjust bidding strategies, and optimize ad creatives to enhance performance and achieve desired results.

Advanced Targeting Capabilities

Google Ads offers advanced targeting capabilities that allow businesses to reach their ideal customers with precision. Professional Google Ads management services leverage these capabilities to ensure that ads are delivered to the most relevant audience, maximizing conversions and engagement. They employ demographic targeting, location-based targeting, and remarketing to ensure that ads reach the right people at the right time.

Innovation and Staying Ahead

The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and Google Ads is no exception. Professional Google Ads management services stay ahead of the curve by embracing the latest technologies and best practices. They experiment with new bidding strategies, integrate cutting-edge automation tools, and adopt the latest ad formats to stay competitive and deliver optimal results for their clients.

Building Long-Term Partnerships

Google Ads management is not just about achieving short-term results; it’s about building long-term success. Professional Google Ads management services focus on delivering outcomes and fostering lasting partnerships with their clients. They align their strategies with the goals and objectives of their clients, ensuring sustained growth and mutual success.


For businesses looking to succeed in the dynamic Phoenix market, professional Google Ads management is essential. By partnering with an experienced Google Ads management agency, businesses can harness the power of this powerful advertising platform to generate leads, attract traffic, and achieve their marketing objectives with confidence and efficiency.

2023 Year in Review

2023 was a big year for digital marketing agencies. In the marketing community, we saw huge strides in AI, An increase in in-person events, and so much more! As an agency, we were lucky to have a stable client base interested in growing their advertising efforts so we could take full advantage of these changes. We also experienced some growth this year and got to work with some incredible new industries. With so many new projects, we couldn’t be more excited to prevent our 2023 year in review.  

There’s much to go through to cover our year, so we figured an outline might help. First, we will talk about some general trends in the digital marketing world. This section will cover much of our public work throughout the year and even provide insight into how digital marketing agencies function. Next, we will give real-life examples of our work and highlight some exceptional clients. To wrap everything up, we will dive into some of the internal projects that our team did to make us shine. Finally, we want to address some of our plans and predictions for 2024.

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing agencies specialize in promoting businesses online. We employ strategies like social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, and paid advertising to enhance online visibility, attract target audiences, and drive engagement. The typical agency aims to use or create a digital footprint that helps promote and grow your brand. This year, our primary focus was introducing our clients to new and exciting venues for their existing platforms.

The most extensive shift in jobs this year came from AI. From integrated chatbots for customer service to streamlining the work of our writing teams, AI has impacted nearly every part of the marketing world. On the more predictable end of things, social media platforms grew steadily. Newer platforms like TikTok grew faster than expected, and we even saw some clients changing their social media strategies to capture wider audiences there.

Kallen Media’s Year

With the boom in TikTok’s popularity, almost all our clients opted to do a facelift on their platforms. This year, we did a lot of market research to develop new sets of hashtags, video content, and more for our customers! We also saw considerable changes in best practices for SEO and made sure to keep our clients at the top of the search rankings. Some of our clients even opted to overhaul their GMB platforms completely. These two changes meant we spent a long time this year researching and adopting new strategies for clients. 

In the past, we have maintained our client base by providing exceptional services and regular check-ins to ensure our goals align with our clients. In 2023, we added a few performance metrics, which allowed us to streamline client check-ins and ensure we met our targets. Because of efficiency changes like these, we were able to take on even more work. One example of this is our new client, The Fitness Collectif! We now manage their complete social media presence.

Client Spotlights

it couldn’t be the 2023 year in review without talking about our clients! The Fitness Collectif was the most recent addition to our client roster. They sell some of the best all-natural and expertly formulated pills as a supplement company! Ingredients like Irish sea moss, Turmeric, and more help keep their customers happy and healthy. 

Hartford Technology Rentals is an AV and IT rental company that provides other businesses and schools with technology and support. They were the first company in the nation to offer rentals on VR equipment, tablets, and tons of other cutting-edge tech! Businesses like these are the backbone of the supply chain of events and conferences that generate millions of dollars for cities and their residents, So we are proud to play a part in helping promote their business! This year, we had the opportunity to keep Hartford’s social media presence up.

We also had the opportunity to work with a charity called Operation Blankets of Love. OBOL was founded to support our furry friends, and we were happy to help them reach a wider audience by refining the nonprofit’s SEO practices. Ensuring Charities are performing regular upkeep for their spot on search engines. These rankings can help with everything that nonprofits do. But our work with 501 C(3) didn’t stop there. Let’s continue the 2023 year in review by talking about nonprofit marketing!

Nonprofit Marketing

Charities often need help connecting with the people in their communities willing to provide support or do challenging hands-on work. And in a digital landscape, it can be challenging for a smaller organization to get its time in the spotlight. Nonprofit marketing promotes charitable causes, inspires support, and builds awareness. Digital marketing teams use storytelling to convey impact; we leverage social media for outreach and create compelling content. Marketing teams also help charities by engaging donors, volunteers, and the community through transparent communication. These steady forms of outreach foster trust, drive fundraising efforts, and amplify the organization’s mission.

Kallen Media’s first clients were nonprofits, and we were proud to continue our long tradition of amplifying charities in 2023. Our work included community engagement for companies working to ensure shelter animals are comfortable, fundraising for after-school programs, and more. We could also use services like Catchafire to provide even more support to nonprofits, often pro bono! 

Music Marketing

As fans of music and raves, we have always dreamed of doing something with the local music scene, and this year, we finally got our chance! Music marketing involves promoting artists, albums, or events to connect with audiences and maximize visibility. Strategies encompass social media campaigns, streaming platform optimization, press releases, and live events. Building a robust online presence, engaging fans, and collaborating with influencers contribute to successful music marketing, driving reach and popularity.

Press Kits

We finally started working with local artists this year by producing electronic press kits (EPKs). These digital portfolios consolidate crucial information. They typically include artist bios, music samples, press photos, tour dates, and contact details. EPKs streamline promotional efforts, providing media and industry professionals with comprehensive insights, fostering efficient communication, and enhancing artists’ visibility in the competitive music landscape. These marketing efforts helped several of our clients pick up consistent gigs!

Kallen Media in 2024

With the new year already starting, we are predicting a big year of growth for our company. We don’t want to spoil anything, but we have some substantial internal projects in the works for this year! Our top priorities internally are creating new web content that better reflects our company and improving our messaging.

The 2023 Year in Review

In 2023, Kallen Media navigated a transformative landscape in digital marketing, capitalizing on AI innovations and the resurgence of in-person events. So, thank you for taking the time to review our 2023 year in review. The agency’s stable client base provided a foundation for growth, focusing on introducing clients to emerging platforms. The pervasive influence of AI, from chatbots to content creation, reshaped the industry. Social media platforms, particularly TikTok, experienced accelerated growth, prompting Kallen Media to guide clients in strategic overhauls. Notably, partnerships with diverse clients like The Fitness Collectif, Hartford Technology Rentals, and Operation Blankets of Love underscored the agency’s adaptability and impact. The year also saw Kallen Media’s foray into music marketing, producing electronic press kits for local artists. As 2024 unfolds, the agency anticipates significant internal projects, emphasizing web content enhancement and messaging refinement. Kallen Media’s multifaceted journey in 2023 showcased adaptability, client success stories, and a commitment to staying at the forefront of digital marketing trends.

Are you looking for help with your company’s digital footprint? Contact Kallen Media today for an audit of your marketing efforts and a quote for our personalized services.

August Company Update

Want to know what a digital marketing agency really does? Come read our August company update.

Social Media Services for Businesses Based in Arizona

Do social media services for businesses based in Arizona produce an impact? You see, it is through Social Media Marketing Services that many companies can adequately communicate with their customers and sell their products/services accordingly. There are many advantages to Social Media Services based in the USA. Through this service, you can also easily communicate with your products and make plausible decisions accordingly, enabling you to profit from it.

Social Media Marketing SMM services in the USA

There are many SMM agencies based in the USA that are offering their services of marketing. However, despite so many choices, which SMM Agency based in the USA should you choose for your website?

Social Media Marketing services require a reasonable amount of experience to showcase websites appropriately. Many companies are generally new to the world of SMM marketing and will not be able to formulate the necessary plans properly. This failure to launch is where Kallen Media comes in.

Reasons for the effective use of Social Media Services

Your customers will be looking on online platforms for product reviews. But marketing is still a compelling device! Although in-person, word-of-mouth discussion is beneficial to your organization, other individuals finding out about your brand name and items via social media pointers is also exceptionally helpful to your service.

Taking into consideration that 81 percent of individuals agree that social media blog posts from their buddies affect their buying decisions, “digital word-of-mouth” is highly effective. But how can your social media sites’ advertising and marketing projects leverage word-of-mouth? Motiving your customers to leave positive reviews will drive more people to your business!

You can adequately compete with your competitors.

Many of the strategies that you use are used by competitors as well. If you’re not already on the social media sites bandwagon, your competitors can easily outpace you. Not only that, but users may think that your business is much less reliable if your name doesn’t show up on Google’s search engine or even with the reviews.

Guaranteeing that your service is alive and well on numerous social network websites is vital to competing with competitors.

Social Media increases your brand authority and gives you a reliable platform.

These platforms provide you with a fantastic place to establish your brand. Your profile image should be your company’s logo, and your header should reflect your brand name. You can develop your brand’s tone and voice with your posts and use videos and photos.

Kallen Media And Its Effective Use of SMM Services

We are a Social Media Marketing Agency based in the USA that offers its exclusive services in Arizona. Our company has a team of professionals who sell your services accordingly. Do you need social media services for companies in the valley? Reach out, and we can explain further. 

Is Good Web Design Important for Small Businesses?

At first, it could be confusing why most firms spend a high price on web design services. After all, is not it true that having a functional website is more important than how it looks? Is good web design important? Regrettably, this is not the case. Web design services for small businesses have become the most significant part of an online business presence.

The importance of the right design is why firms strive to identify appropriate layouts. Although everyone may create a website using some of the latest tools, it takes a skilled individual to design a polished and functional website. Here are a few reasons why web design services are crucial for small businesses to give you a better idea.

Improves SEO

Web design elements can have a significant impact on how the content is published in a variety of ways, as well as how search engines view and crawl your site. SEO improvements are critical because a poor website design that fails to meet SEO standards will almost certainly result in site owners fighting a ‘steep hill’ battle for internet visibility from the start. As a result, small businesses should work with a web design company to ensure an SEO-friendly website.

Makes Up For A Great First Impression 

Typically, a visitor’s time to examine aesthetics and conclude your site is relatively brief. Therefore, you should make the most of it by all means. When a person visits a website, good design can elicit a response. If the website is well-designed, has vibrant colors, and is properly organized, it will attract visitors and encourage them to stay for a while. After all, why would anyone want to keep on a dark and cold site with outdated visuals and a problematic navigation menu?

Consider a site as the building of a store. Now when you go into a well-lit and clean store with friendly workers eager to assist you, you feel safe, at ease, and ready to peruse the product offers and maybe make a purchase. In the like manner, if you step into a dimly lit shop that smells odd, you want to get out. Not to mention that you would surely not want to make even a meager purchase. The website’s design can make customers experience all of the same emotions.

Boosts Trust

Audiences, predictably, do not trust outdated or poorly developed websites, which they see as ‘shady’ or ‘unreliable.’ Consumers must believe that we’re advertising a realistic picture of what they can expect. Otherwise, they will rarely spend money or time on your company’s offerings.

Taking the essential measures to establish an appropriate web design for your company will considerably boost your online opportunities and multiply your commercial leads and viewers.

Ensures Mobile-Friendliness

Mobile devices currently account for the bulk of online searches, and, as time goes by, this trend is growing. With all the leading search engines promoting a mobile-first strategy, having a mobile-friendly website is a must if you want to stay current online. Studies reveal that a whopping 85 percent of adults believe that a company’s mobile website design should be on par with or better than its desktop website design.

Generally, web design companies working for small businesses are typically too preoccupied with making a website look ideal on a desktop. On the other hand, an excellent website design must expand beyond a single screen. In the modern-day mobile-friendly environment, you will require a responsive website design to ensure it looks and functions well on all devices.

Uplifts Branding 

A bad-looking website will harm any company’s brand, and a scummy-looking website will drive customers away. But an attractive website will assist customers in connecting with a company’s branding. Clients are more likely to visit a website with a user-friendly page.

Speeds Up The Website

A well-designed site tends to load quickly on all gadgets, including tablets, smartphones, and PCs. A page loads in seconds because of the flowing grids and better responsive visual material. According to one survey, 53 percent of mobile users will abandon a website if pages are sluggish or take long to load. According to the same poll, fast loading keeps visitors engaged for extended periods and leads to higher conversion rates. So is good web design important? Yes.

The 2021 Year in Review

2021 was crazy. Despite everything that happened, Kallen Media had a record-breaking year! We grew as a business by focusing on our strengths and putting our clients first. Now that the New Year has passed, we wanted to reevaluate and reflect on it. So, welcome to our 2021 year in review!

In this blog, we will break down the year we had. We will cover every vital marketing tool we used this year, like SEO and web development software. We will also introduce you to some of the new clients we started working with, including our new clients in Canada! Finally, we will give you an insider peek at some of the projects we hope to bring to you next year. So let’s start off the 2021 year in review!

Marketing Tools

 It wouldn’t be a year in review if we didn’t talk about some of the vital resources we used! As a digital marketing agency, we use many brand-new tools to bring fresh content and designs to our client’s projects. Digital marketing resources are unique because they use the built-in data collection of websites to identify and target your ideal niche. These tools break down neatly into three categories.

First, there are web development tools; this category includes front and back-end building platforms. Second, we have conversion optimization programs or SEO. Finally, we have graphic design tools. These things help us create efficient landing pages. When we’re sending out any content, graphic design programs are what we use to make sure everything is visually appealing to customers! 

Web Development

Designing a website is the first step any business has to take to start its digital marketing journey. A website is your company’s face online, and it’s vital to your company’s long-term health. In 2021 we had the opportunity to update and create multiple different websites. Without a doubt, the most crucial web development tool for us is Divi. Divi is a front-end development platform that lets us develop websites fast. However, more importantly, the Divi builder scales easily. 

The Divi platform allows us to build a website that we can change on the fly and grow with your business. Divi also comes with an incredible amount of pre-licensed template materials. All of these features make Divi a versatile development tool. The flexibility that Divi offers is what makes it so important. Once we have your platform live, we can start the optimization!

Conversion Optimization

SEO uses conversion optimization tools to ensure the optimization strategies we developed are working appropriately. There are hundreds of programs that make up the SEO toolkit. By far, our favorites are Semrush and Google AdWords. Semrush is a stand-alone SEO tool that helps you identify keywords using live analytics. Keywords are the building blocks for most optimization practices, so you need to make sure you’re using recognized words that track well. Semrush gives our clients the peace of mind that their keywords are relevant to their work and hit with their target audiences. After a solid base plan with Semrush, we use AdWords’ built-in tools to monitor campaigns. 

AdWords are Google’s built-in pay-per-click advertising systems. Because it is integrated centrally into Google, this program is bar-none the best SEO tool in digital marketing. Adwords integrates live data directly from accurate searches to help you identify keywords and works independently to identify related words! We used both these tools consistently throughout the year to create and verify innovative ad campaigns for our clients. Finally, we used graphic design to bring everything together!

Graphic Design

If you see something you like online, we will almost guarantee that a graphic designer will look at it first. Graphic design refers to creating art or media to communicate a message. As a digital marketing agency, our graphic design team worked hard in 2021, creating engaging social media and web designs. We use many programs to both find and edit content. But by far, the most helpful tool in our graphic design handbook was Canva.

In 2021 our most used graphic design tool was Canva. Canva is a user-friendly design program with convenient templates for everything from Instagram posts to posters. We even used Canva to design our 2021 holiday card! Canva allows us to customize individual elements, attach logos, and even color coordinate an entire campaign’s graphics easily! Now that we covered all of our favorite marketing tools let’s move on to our favorite part of the 2021 year in review; Our client spotlights!

Our Clients

Just like your business, we are nothing without our loyal clientele. And we want to take a second out of our time to highlight some of the clients who trusted us to handle their various marketing efforts. Our diverse clients range from small businesses to tech rental companies.

This year was record-breaking for us, so we have a lot we want to talk about it! This section is a doozy between new projects, fresh clients, and valued returning customers! To make it easier to digest, we will break down our clients into two major sections; Nonprofit, tech clients. We are also going to talk a bit about our new international client! Let’s start by talking about our clients in the nonprofit sector.


It wouldn’t be a proper 2021 year in review if we didn’t have a nonprofit segment! Our nonprofit marketing team is Hugely important to Kallen Media. We started by focusing on nonprofit marketing efforts, and we love that the industry now trusts us. But we haven’t abandoned our smaller clients. A big part of our 2021 year was maintaining ad grants and campaigns for local charities. We enjoyed working with national teams after years of offering pro-bono work and services to local nonprofits. 

Project Giving Kids is a network for nonprofits to connect to kids under the broader banner of their focus causes. PGK has projects going in every state in America and even has systems set up if you want to bring a project to your community! As an experienced nonprofit marketer, we could promote consistent messaging through the proper channels. Similar to nonprofits, the tech rental industry has its own set of unique challenges.

Tech Rentals

Technology rentals is a complicated field. It can be stressful to work between incredible demand from clients, tight deadlines, and lots of sections to coordinate. These factors combine to create a situation where it’s essential to delegate tasks. That’s where we come in! Kallen Media has designed custom strategies to help tech rental companies flourish in a harsh environment. In 2021, Kallen Media was the go-to for tech rental companies’ marketing work!

Tech rental companies need to have premium websites and consistent social media. People in the industry will struggle to remain competitive without good assets. Most of the work we do for tech rental companies revolves around web development and SMM. Managing social media presence was a big part of our year. We even designed standard tech-friendly themes to make engaging content and build some websites from the ground up. Tech rentals were even responsible for Kallen Media’s first international client!

International Clients

Growing a business to the point of international trade is an incredible milestone for any company! In 2021, Kallen Media was able to celebrate that achievement. We were lucky enough to work with Montreal Computer Rentals on multiple projects. Our team got to handle everything from groundbreaking web development to creating a social media presence! We will take a section out of our 2021 review to highlight MCR’s work!

MCR is one of Montreal’s leading tech renters. Recently, MCR was looking for ways to keep standing out from their competition. We cemented that goal for Montreal Computer Rentals by redesigning their website and coordinating SMM strategies. The new site is sleeker than ever, and we are reaching huge potential niches with social media outreach. Our work in 2021 with MCR was so fun, and we can’t wait to grow that relationship in the coming year.


2021 was extraordinary by any metric for us, whether you look at blogging, SMM, or other services. And we want to make sure we have an even more explosive year coming up! Moving forward, we are incredibly excited to face whatever 2022 brings us. Kallen Media is proud to say that in 2022 we are going live with a brand new website! We hope that the website makes it even easier for you to contact your favorite digital marketing team. We have a lot of goals and projects we can’t share, but we want to tell you about some of our more general hopes for 2022.

One of our main goals for 2022 is to continue our dedication to our clients. That goal goes hand in hand with a stunning platform filled with easy-to-use tools. We also hope to improve our customer’s ROI. We’re expanding our operation by folding innovative tools into our current strategies. One example is web development, where we plan to incorporate new front-end builders to blow your audience away. In 2022 we hope to find new ways to promote your company’s message. 

The 2021 Year in Review

Thank you for reading our 2021 year in review blog. 2021 was a massive year for us. We did work for companies in nearly every primary sector of the digital marketing world. We brought nonprofits stunning designs using Canva for graphic design. Kallen Media provided tech rental companies with cutting-edge websites with Divi to keep them ahead of the competition. We used Semrush and Google AdWords to ensure clients’ web presence was perfect. Finally, we continued to build trust among our clients by providing practical strategies using cutting-edge tools. We had a fantastic year that we hope to bring that same energy into 2022.

Marketing is our passion, and assisting companies with outreach fills the Kallen Media team with joy. We hope to expand operations and bring our services to even more people this year. If you need help understanding current trends, Kallen Media is here. Want support implementing innovative marketing practices? Get a quote for Kallen Media’s service today.

What You Need to Know When Branding Your Business

When starting a company, branding is essential. Equally important is making sure your brand conveys the right message. I consulted with Laureen Burd from LadyBurd Designs for her expertise on what you need to know when branding your business.

According to Laureen, there are many branding to-dos, including choosing and obtaining a company name, as well as defining your business. The next steps are what we will discuss today:

  • Your Logo
  • Colors and Company Fonts
  • Consistent Branding Message

Branding Your Business: Creating the Logo & Tagline

The first step in branding your business is to develop a logo and tagline. These should not only represent your brand but be unique and stand out in an often crowded marketing environment.

Creating Your Logo

Logos come in many forms. For instance, they may include the company’s name stylized, an eye-catching illustration, and/or a combination of the two.

Because creating a logo can be overwhelming, before you begin, start by getting some inspiration. First, look at your competition and other companies that have great logos. Then, refer below for suggestions on how to get those creative juices going:

  • The logo needs to speak to your customer. For example, what does this demographic look like? Are they more conservative, modern, progressive? What are their hobbies? Do they like to garden? Represent this in your logo.
  • The logo needs to look good in black and white, not only in color.
  • Needs to have a classic design, not trendy, or out of style in a year or two.

The next step, it is time to create your logo. There are numerous tools out there to help you do this. Here are some free logo design tool options.

Additionally, you will need multiple logo versions. Multiple versions are needed for websites, print materials, websites favicon, social media, etc.

Logo branding page. On this page you see the different logos and when you use these logos based on the background color of the website or printed material.

Example of logo variations. Logos created by LadyBurd Designs.


The Right Tagline for Your Brand

A good tagline is memorable, short and perfectly defines your brand. Think about Nike’s “Just Do It,” or M&M’s “Melts in Your Mouth Not In Your Hand.” For either of these brands, you recognize the company by just hearing the tagline.

To create the perfect tagline, start brainstorming and jotting down ideas. Here are some questions to think through:

  • Words that describe your company’s brand?
  • What services does your company offer?
  • Emotional or action words that describe your brand?

Now take the words you jotted down and start to play with creating your tagline.

There are also free slogan generators. Even if you don’t use the generated slogan, it will help to get you started. Before you sign off, always have others review.

Branding Your Business: Finding the Right Colors & Font

Now it’s time to decide upon the colors and fonts. 

These are key to having great branding. If a potential customer can not read your ad, website, etc., that results in lost business.

To start, look at the competition. An easy way to find out what fonts and colors a competitor is using on their website is by inspecting elements on their web page.

The Right Brand Font Styles

Another way to inspect font styles on a web page is to install a free font finder plugin tool, such as WhatFont. The link is to WhatFont’s Chrome plugin. They also offer plugins for different browsers, as well as mobile. Then, think through your brand and what type of fonts will work best for your brand.

Shows what WhatFont does when being used on a web page. Ways to determine fonts to use for your branding.

Example of WhatFont.

Additionally, if using multiple font styles (should not use more than 3) they must work well together. An easy way to find font pairings that work well together is Google fonts and their fonts are free. There are many font sources that charge or are only free for a certain use. Always read and understand the font licensing before using it.

Once your font styles are chosen, there are more decisions to be made. For additional information on font guidelines refer to this blog.

The Right Brand Colors

Great font style is backed by a good color theme. This means across the web, print media, etc. the colors need to reflect your brand and should work together.

The first step, determine your color theme. There are free tools available such as Canva, which offers color selection resources. Adobe Color is another option. Furthermore, with Adobe Color you can look through premade themes or create your own color theme. Also, if you have an Adobe Creative Suite account you can add your color theme to your Adobe Library.

Shows what Canva color theme selector page looks like.

Example of Canva color theme selector.

The next step, deciding your company’s primary and secondary colors. The primary colors are the colors you will use the most. Secondary colors you will use sparingly. Because color is part of branding, you need to clarify primary and secondary colors to keep yourself and your team consistent.

Last thing to keep in mind, be aware of colors and font being used for those that are color blind.

Branding Your Business: Consistent Brand Message

The final topic in branding your business is having a consistent branding message.

Consider the example below. There is a mix of branded materials, printed materials and digital materials, which all have the same brand message.

Photos of Pinnaql companies printed branding materials and a photo of their website. Shows the brand consistency, even though one is a print material and other is on the web.

The photo on the left is of a company’s printed marketing materials and on the right the same company’s website. Branding materials provided by LadyBurd Designs.

Same Branding Message with Photography and Graphics

Now let’s talk about your visuals, photography, graphics, and all other visuals that give your media some life. Below are some popular visuals that you will probably use and some guidelines:

  • Photography – Photos need to be shot at the same angle, use the same lighting and look cohesive. The same standards apply when using stock photography.

Example of What Not To Do

Shows an example of two photos. The two photos look very different. Shows an example of what you need to avoid when selecting stock photography for your website.

Two photos of food, however, the way they are photographed are very different and should not be used by the same company. Photos provided by Unsplash.

Example of What To Do

Shows an example of two photos. The two photos are photographed the same way. Shows an example of what you need to look for when selecting stock photography for your website.

Two food photos are photographed similarly and can be used by the same company. Photos provided by Unsplash.

  • Illustrations/Graphics – Same color story and same style.

Example of What Not To Do

Shows an example of two illustrations. The two illustration look very different. Shows an example of what you need to avoid when selecting illustrations/graphics for your website or print.

Two illustrations, the color story and style are different and should not be used by the same company.

Example of What To Do

Shows an example of two illustrations. The two illustrations are the same color story and style. Shows an example of what you need to look for when selecting illustrations/graphics for your website or print.

Two illustrations, similar style and the same color story should be used by the same company.

Below are some graphics and photography sites that provide primarily free resources (read the licensing on each photo/graphic before downloading):



When using illustrations/graphics or photography online, read through and understand the licensing agreement. If you are questioning the license, reach out to a legal professional. Using a graphic or image inappropriately can end up in a fine.

Providing Branding Standards

Now that you have completed the steps above, you need to create a branding guide book. In this book, you will provide everything created above and standards for each of these areas. This will ensure everyone in your organization and external users use your branding elements appropriately.

Shows acceptable and unacceptable logo usage.

Page from the branding guide book that shows proper logo usage.

In conclusion, branding is a big project to take on. However, once complete, you will be very thankful you put in the time and your business will reap the results. There are many companies that specialize in color and branding like LadyBurd Designs that will create your branding kit.

Once your branding is done you will have all the information needed to start to market and build out your responsive website.

Social Media For Your Business: Bente’s Tips For Success

Did you know that every month there are more than three billion people worldwide using social media? And most of this can all be accessed by the phone in our pocket. So, why aren’t more businesses using these wide-reaching platforms? We from Bente Online are teaming up with Kallen media to inform you about the importance of social media for your business. We are adding a bit of European flavor to the mix.

The importance of social media has increased even more this year. As a result of Social Distancing, we had to find a way to stay connected and maybe even stay relevant. We are social beings, and we are constantly in need of keeping in touch. Consequently, when contacts from our workplace, school, or daily activities lessen, the need for online interaction increases substantially.

social media

Besides seeking social contact during this pandemic, we also have a lot of free time on our hands. People choose to spend their time on countless social media apps. We seek entertainment, find ways to fill up our spare time and keep up with the news. Apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok were visited even more this year. However, it’s not only these platforms that have increased in popularity. Platforms like Skype, Microsoft teams, Google hangout, and Zoom are also beginning to shape our digital future. With all these changes, there are a lot of business opportunities being created online.

Staying Active on Social Media

But why is it important to stay active on social media as a business during these circumstances?

Covid-19 is something that affected everyone. Aside from the creativity the lockdown brought, it also brought a lot of complex problems. That is why you need to stay relevant as a business owner and take advantage of this increased use of social media during such a period. Looking at the way technology has been advancing in just the last 10 years, technology use will probably increase even more in the following years.

Lockdown or not, being present on social media is essential to growing your business. If you don’t have a LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram with your company name linked to it, you are simply not taking full advantage and are missing out. Only merely creating a social media account is not going to do it.

Essential Use of Social Media

I’m going to discuss the four main reasons why proper social media use is essential.

Reason number one being, the importance of engaging with your customers. Letting customers know you are active online provides an effortless and, most importantly, accessible communication platform. On these platforms, you can connect with your customers on a personal level. By doing this, you get more exposure, get to know the customers, and target the right target audience. You can create a platform with stories that people can relate to. Bingo!

The second reason would be to stay in touch with your competitors. Try to stay ahead of competitors by analyzing their social media and improving on this. If you have a social media account, you can see how they engage with their customers and learn from it. Incorporating related questions and problems in your social media posts will help you stay one step ahead. You respond immediately and post a social media post about the issue.

The third reason is that Social Media marketing is relatively cheap compared to other online marketing firms. By creating the right content and using social media ads the right way, you can get a lot of value for your money through social media leads. You need to know who you are targeting, and you need to create the right audience. If done the right way, it generates an organic way of getting sales from ads.

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The last reason would be that it provides traffic for your website and improves your Google reachability. By providing useful and interesting social media content, you can get your followers to click on your website and find out even more about your business. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to improve your SEO.

A Final Tip

By creating a good and interesting Instagram name, you are one step closer to being a click away from your customers. For example, you are a restaurant in New York that sells cookies. Your username would be your business name, while your regular Instagram name could be NEW YORK COOKIES BY SAM. Therefore, leading to better reachability on Instagram as people search for their wants and desires; stumbling upon your well-formulated page.

In the current digital information age and especially during this pandemic, we can take advantage of the increasing amount of social media users. Social media is a powerful platform, so use it optimally and efficiently to take advantage maximally.

Bente Online

Bente Online is a young creative company that provides Social Media marketing services to small and medium-size companies without its own marketing department.

We create, design, and maintain your Social Media channels to connect with your target groups and growth in the number of followers. We also sell social media posts separately for private and commercial use. Bente Online is your online manager.

While offering structure in combination with creativity, we realize a structured quality approach for a part of your business, which is so important nowadays.

In our view, the use of corporate social media is all about communicating interactively with your relations. A higher goal is to make them fans and ambassadors who can recommend your product or service in their network. There are 3 important conditions for this: openness, mutual trust, and a good reputation. This type of fast media is all about a healthy portion of creativity, discipline in your repetition, and perseverance.

How To Get a Fundraising Campaign Noticed

Fundraising is very often the only source of revenue a nonprofit has to draw from. And without a good fundraising plan, most nonprofits wouldn’t be able to sustain themselves. Over the years working with charities, we’ve learned firsthand how fundraising can impact a nonprofit. That’s why Kallen Media has spent time outlining how to get a fundraising campaign noticed.

This blog will focus on fundraising at different business stages and how social media can help you connect with your base. Then we will tell you about some ways you can ensure your next fundraiser will be a huge success.

Fundraising at Multiple Scales

Every fundraising campaign should have a set goal, but at the same time, you should have sub-goals and a plan to keep supporters engaged throughout the entire process. That’s why multiple scales of plans can help keep your campaign on track. At the beginning of a campaign, this can often mean your fundraiser starts with a soft launch.

A soft launch is a process where you begin your fundraiser by reaching out to your known supporters or previous donors. Essentially this process helps kick start your main fundraiser with early donations! At the same time, this gives you the chance to fix any unforeseen problems with your event. A soft launch is a smart way to guarantee your main event is not only ready for public consumption but already has some inertia.


Before you’ve reached the minimum goal you set initially, it’s important to focus on increasing your campaign’s momentum. A lull and loss of interest can be the death of a fundraiser, so it’s important to have plans to keep people interested in your fundraiser until you’ve met your goals! But what if you’re more successful than planned and you exceed expectations?

If your donors really resonated with your fundraiser and meet your initial goals, you’ll need to be ready for surplus donations, and people will expect you to have a plan. Stretch goals will help make sure that any extra money from fundraisers will go to good use. By setting stretch goals, you can guarantee an initial project and then begin to dream about incredible extra ones too!

Social Media Marketing and Fundraising

From crowdfunding sites to Facebook birthday charity drives, social media changes the way people connect to causes. And Nonprofit marketing companies are well suited to this fundraising landscape. Making sure your next fundraiser is well advertised on social media could vastly improve your exposure. But how exactly does a nonprofit get a fundraising campaign noticed on social media?

One simple way to improve social media awareness is a fundraiser hashtag. Specific social media branding for your fundraiser can give people a place to come together and check in on goals or even promote to other friends they have on the platform who might not be involved yet. Creating a hashtag gives people a way to promote and engage with your fundraiser more easily.

Show People Impact

One easy way to keep people engaged with your efforts is to show people what their money is paying for. During a lull, people who could potentially be donors might have a hard time seeing why they should invest in a nonprofit. Charities with videos or other testimonial style evidence of their efforts are more likely to receive donations. When people see what charities they want to help, give your potential donors a chance to see what their money would do for the nonprofit. People will also be more likely to promote your material once one of your fundraising campaigns is noticed, so show them off.

Matching Donations

Matching programs are systems that let a nonprofit or another organization match donations for a select period of time. Because you have an extra draw, matching can help get your fundraising campaign noticed. A Matching program is a great way to incentivize people to donate. This promotion makes people feel like they make double the donation. These perceptions make people feel like they have a lot more influence and spending power.

Depending on your fundraiser’s length and goals, a matching partner could choose to back the whole campaign, double your earnings, or only a smaller percentage of donations. Either way, the matching donations system brings in a lump sum of money and additional incentives.


From 5k’s to pie-making contests, hosting an event is a time-honored way to gain financial support for a nonprofit. But a real big-ticket avenue not everyone thinks of is event sponsorships. Teaming up with a corporate or industry sponsor connects you to powerful financial resources that typically have established audiences through their customer base.


Similarly, if you’re already hosting an event, sponsorship can be a form of delegation. If you’re already worried about several things, sourcing sponsorship and the accompanied help could make your event easier to plan and operate.

How To Get a Fundraising Campaign Noticed.

Fundraising is a critical element of financing any nonprofit operation. And because it’s so important, it helps to have a comprehensive plan for every fundraising level. Your nonprofit must have an outreach plan from the soft open to theoretical stretch goals when looking for capital. Using crowdfunding tools and clever social media tactics, you can help boost a fundraising campaign to new heights. But you’ll need to think of ways to keep customers engaged.

The team at Kallen media has had the pleasure of helping many different nonprofits over the years. And every time we learn something new about how to get a fundraising campaign noticed. So if you’re a nonprofit who isn’t satisfied with the results of your fundraising efforts, Kallen Media can help you. Contact us online or via the phone today for a consultation and a custom marketing plan from a team specializing in nonprofit marketing.

How to Start a Business: a Guide for You

Have you ever had an idea and thought: “I swear someone would pay me for this!” Well, you might be right, but there are some critical steps to take before your idea is a real business. Some people think of incorporating themselves as an impossible task. But making a company is easier than you might think! Today Kallen media will show you How to start a business.

All businesses start with an idea. But before you begin making companies based on random thoughts, you should prepare. Please don’t take it from us; knowing what you want to do and having a plan is key to a thriving company! So where do you start after you’ve had your idea? The first step in creating a business is all about researching your concept.

Market Research


Once you’ve come up with an idea for a company, you need to make sure that it will work how you envisioned. Research means testing the hypothesis against lots of real-world problems or conditions. To ensure your idea is viable, you need this kind of market research. Tests often include people’s opinions on your product or service. If people like your product, it’s essential to see if you can target similar audiences.

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Important decisions to make here focus on your direct product and target markets. Say you have the right product but don’t know who wants it; Market research can determine where products should sell. Once you are sure you have your final idea and a target audience, its time to move on to some more concrete decisions like location and name!

Operations Prep


One of the essential steps in your business venture will be getting funding. There are lots of options for financing, but depending on your network, some options will be better than others. One option is venture capitalists who will fund you for a stake in your business. Another good option is private funding from other angel investors who will be more hands-off.

After you are funded, its time to put all of your research to work for you! The next steps are making some concrete decisions about where and how you will do business. Firstly your business needs a name! Preferably something relevant and catchy so customers will remember it. Once you have all this, you have to decide where you want your business to operate.

Location is a significant factor in your success. So a company should choose its base wisely. If you have a concentrated target market somewhere, consider opening up your shops there. Conversely, if you need to save money on overhead, a state with lower taxes might be your best option. If you don’t think a brick and mortar store is a good fit, you could hire a professional web designer. Either way, location will affect your profits, so make an informed decision.

Permits and Licenses


Once you’ve made all the decisions and have your business plan laid out, its time to make it official, you’ll need to register your business with the federal and (maybe) the state governments. Registration will help protect your brand legally. Registering also allows you to get access to other necessary business ID’s

Once your business is registered, you have to acquire federal and state tax IDs. To get these IDs, you’ll need to generate an employee identification number. An EIN is a number that government agencies will use to classify your business; it’s like a social security ID, but for a company. After you’ve done this, you’ve officially got a real taxable company to do business. But depending on your product or services, you might need other licensing.

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Once official, your business may need to acquire special licenses to make sure its legal to operate. One classic example of these permits is liquor licenses, which bars need to sell any alcohol to customers. Applying for licenses and permits is vital because, without them, you are potentially breaking the law.

How to Start a Business


A lot of people have a good idea or design for something they could turn into a functioning business. But most people either don’t execute their ideas or, worse yet, don’t know how to. But knowing how to start a business can turn your vision into gold! That’s why we think it’s important to understand the basics of making a company.

The first step is to make a business plan. This plan should be a description of what you want and think will work for your business once you have a loose idea to conduct market research. Market research will inform you about the crucial factors that will make or break your company. Once armed with knowledge, an entrepreneur must begin to decide what the business will be and where it will operate. Following all of these, business owners will need to secure funding and proper permits. And after all of these steps, you’ll officially have a legal business!

Once you’ve followed these steps, your journey isn’t over. After planning, operating your businesses will take you places you’ve never imagined. If you have questions about how to start a business or have more questions about running a business, Kallen media is here to help. Head to our website to chat with us about your companies’ rise to the top!

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