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Social Media For Your Business: Bente’s Tips For Success

Did you know that every month there are more than three billion people worldwide using social media? And most of this can all be accessed by the phone in our pocket. So, why aren’t more businesses using these wide-reaching platforms? We from Bente Online are teaming up with Kallen media to inform you about the importance of social media for your business. We are adding a bit of European flavor to the mix.

The importance of social media has increased even more this year. As a result of Social Distancing, we had to find a way to stay connected and maybe even stay relevant. We are social beings, and we are constantly in need of keeping in touch. Consequently, when contacts from our workplace, school, or daily activities lessen, the need for online interaction increases substantially.

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Besides seeking social contact during this pandemic, we also have a lot of free time on our hands. People choose to spend their time on countless social media apps. We seek entertainment, find ways to fill up our spare time and keep up with the news. Apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok were visited even more this year. However, it’s not only these platforms that have increased in popularity. Platforms like Skype, Microsoft teams, Google hangout, and Zoom are also beginning to shape our digital future. With all these changes, there are a lot of business opportunities being created online.

Staying Active on Social Media

But why is it important to stay active on social media as a business during these circumstances?

Covid-19 is something that affected everyone. Aside from the creativity the lockdown brought, it also brought a lot of complex problems. That is why you need to stay relevant as a business owner and take advantage of this increased use of social media during such a period. Looking at the way technology has been advancing in just the last 10 years, technology use will probably increase even more in the following years.

Lockdown or not, being present on social media is essential to growing your business. If you don’t have a LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram with your company name linked to it, you are simply not taking full advantage and are missing out. Only merely creating a social media account is not going to do it.

Essential Use of Social Media

I’m going to discuss the four main reasons why proper social media use is essential.

Reason number one being, the importance of engaging with your customers. Letting customers know you are active online provides an effortless and, most importantly, accessible communication platform. On these platforms, you can connect with your customers on a personal level. By doing this, you get more exposure, get to know the customers, and target the right target audience. You can create a platform with stories that people can relate to. Bingo!

The second reason would be to stay in touch with your competitors. Try to stay ahead of competitors by analyzing their social media and improving on this. If you have a social media account, you can see how they engage with their customers and learn from it. Incorporating related questions and problems in your social media posts will help you stay one step ahead. You respond immediately and post a social media post about the issue.

The third reason is that Social Media marketing is relatively cheap compared to other online marketing firms. By creating the right content and using social media ads the right way, you can get a lot of value for your money through social media leads. You need to know who you are targeting, and you need to create the right audience. If done the right way, it generates an organic way of getting sales from ads.

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The last reason would be that it provides traffic for your website and improves your Google reachability. By providing useful and interesting social media content, you can get your followers to click on your website and find out even more about your business. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to improve your SEO.

A Final Tip

By creating a good and interesting Instagram name, you are one step closer to being a click away from your customers. For example, you are a restaurant in New York that sells cookies. Your username would be your business name, while your regular Instagram name could be NEW YORK COOKIES BY SAM. Therefore, leading to better reachability on Instagram as people search for their wants and desires; stumbling upon your well-formulated page.

In the current digital information age and especially during this pandemic, we can take advantage of the increasing amount of social media users. Social media is a powerful platform, so use it optimally and efficiently to take advantage maximally.

Bente Online

Bente Online is a young creative company that provides Social Media marketing services to small and medium-size companies without its own marketing department.

We create, design, and maintain your Social Media channels to connect with your target groups and growth in the number of followers. We also sell social media posts separately for private and commercial use. Bente Online is your online manager.

While offering structure in combination with creativity, we realize a structured quality approach for a part of your business, which is so important nowadays.

In our view, the use of corporate social media is all about communicating interactively with your relations. A higher goal is to make them fans and ambassadors who can recommend your product or service in their network. There are 3 important conditions for this: openness, mutual trust, and a good reputation. This type of fast media is all about a healthy portion of creativity, discipline in your repetition, and perseverance.

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