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Kallen Media Charity Work: 26 Charities We’ve Helped

HerKallen media enjoys when our work is helpful to the community. So offering our SEO and other marketing skills pro-bono is a natural fit for us. And that’s why we love services like Catcafire, which help connect us to people who need some help with online marketing. This Kallen Media charity work was all done on the Catchafire platform.

But we don’t always get a chance to talk about what these nonprofits do for us. Because here at Kallen media charity work is important to us, we’re going to change that! We have officially been offering help on Catchafire for a whole year. So In this blog post, we are going to tell you about the charities we assisted.


Early Kallen Media Charity Work

Operation blankets of love (OBOL) – OBOL is a pet care organization that delivers pet food to places and people who need it the most. They also educate people on best practices for pet welfare, like the pros of adoption. This nonprofit saves hundreds of pets every year. OBOL helps all of the homeless and underserved animals they can. The main goals of this operation are to eliminate euthanasia and homelessness for all animals.

Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation – This scholarship for low-income underserved students goes out to 40 people annually. The academically gifted students who received this scholarship have gone on to study in almost every field imaginable. There are over 30 centers that search for the most qualified students to receive this 1500 dollar scholarship. The foundation looks explicitly for people who are interested in careers in aviation or the aerospace field.

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Seedleaf– Seedleaf has a noble but straightforward goal, feed people! That’s why they operate 14 different community gardens and do compost for even more people and businesses. This collective of gardeners both grow and distribute their product to the people and 35 different companies. Seedleaf empowers people by teaching them about food production while offering them the sustenance they need.

Early 2019


Greater Midland Community Centers – these community centers are dedicated to keeping the people educated and healthy through every stage of life. These community centers offer classes as well as meals to the communities they serve. Greater Midland has been around for over 100 years, with the help of 10,000 members. Community centers like these serve everyone from seniors to kids and get them ready for whatever life has to offer them.

TRAK – TRAK is a Tucson based community that focuses on wellness and mental health through animal interaction. TRAK mainly serves Tucson’s youth by teaching them coping skills through different animal therapies. We’ve written about TRAK in our company spotlights. So check out our company spotlight if you’re interested in TRAK.

Open 990 – Open 990 is making sure nonprofit tax returns are publicly available. And they intend to ensure public data is readily available to the public. Open 990 wants to democratize the ability to view tax returns by removing common obstacles like paywalls. This ability to hold nonprofits accountable can encourage people to engage with nonprofits more. Because they want to be easy to get to, Open 990 offers unlimited searches without registration.

Mid 2019


The Grey Matter Experience – This team is exposing the youth to entrepreneurship as a career option. So the program teaches them helpful keeps for starting their businesses. Grey Matter offers a 12-week experience that immerses students in the work-life of an entrepreneur. The goal of this company is to provide high school students with the chance to see what business is like first hand.

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REACH – REACH helps disabled people by empowering them to find their voices and ultimately achieve their dreams. REACH was founded in 1969 to assist people who have life long disabilities. This nonprofit helps clientele with custom-tailored assistance.

Tucson Girls Chorus – This Chorus is serving a community of children by giving them a strong understanding of all aspects of the choir. The Tucson Chorus teaches young women the skills to become hard-working self-confident adults. Because they are operating eleven different choirs, the TGC aims to serve every part of Tucson.

Attack Poverty – This organization is giving people the tools they need to fight poverty in their typically underserved communities. Attack Poverty is a Houston based organization that holds different events to combat the causes of poverty.  With almost 30,000 total volunteers attack has helped thousands of people over three continents.

The Global Detention Project – This nonprofit is ensuring people detained for their immigration status retain their human rights. The Global Detention Project is reforming the policies surrounding immigrants. By taking a bottom-up approach to the issue, the organization hopes to make a real change fast.

Late 2019

The Graduate! Network – A group of people dedicated to raising the rate of college graduates in their local communities. This group empowers people they will join and help. The Graduate Network helps people get the career of their dream by ensuring they have the qualifications they need. By increasing graduates, the program aims to alleviate poverty by creating generational wealth.

Mystic River Watershed Association – This group is protecting America’s mystic river and all of its tributaries. But the Watershed Association isn’t just protecting. It’s healing the river. Rehabilitation and conservation are the focus of all projects in the mystic river. This nonprofit holds regular events to promote awareness of critical environmental issues facing the river.

Latham Centers – These centers are for complex special needs education as well as some residential capabilities. Based in Boston, these centers help build the skills of self-confidence and independence people need to thrive. Latham centers are world-renowned for their treatment and strive to provide care to everyone who needs it.

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City Lyric Opera – This opera is accessible to everyone, regardless of their income. This opera hopes to break down the typical conceptions of opera and make it available to all. And by disrupting the Opera industry, the City Lyric is trying to bring the opera to the masses.

No Peeking Theater – This theater removes the sense of sight, so all viewers have a more immersive experience. By eliminating viewing as the primary sense theater, these plays force people to feel something new. This revolutionary approach to theater sets No Peeking above most typical theaters.

Early 2020


Jewish Residential Services of Pittsburgh  This facility is helping people with a range of mental handicaps. And by empowering people with basic needs like shelter, the JRSP helps uplift some of the most underserved people in their community. By ensuring these people have an active place in the world, this nonprofit helps people take their lives back.

Project Giving Kids – This project aims at connecting kids to relevant community activities as well as working with other nonprofits aimed at helping educate children. But they use technology to make sure the connections are smooth and efficient. So this project works on both fronts to ensure kids can get the resources they need to thrive. In the long run, this nonprofit hopes to become the standard place people go when they want to help kids.

Somaus Help – This project is helping social services within the Somali communities. So their programs range from health to agriculture. The group was founded by Australian Somali’s who wanted to give back. Somaus currently boasts that up to 87 percent of their donations go directly to benefit the Somali people.

New Destiny Housing – This is an NYC nonprofit that focuses on finding housing options for low-income victims of domestic violence. And by empowering its clients with a way out of a bad situation, this nonprofit is saving lives. New Destiny was founded in 1994 since it has created fifteen housing projects.

The Duluth Art Institute – this art institute serves its local community by offering participation in fine-arts programs. The institute also supports artists themselves. They provide artists with professional development to further their careers. And by displaying artworks. The Duluth institute offers a thriving art display and ensures its practices will continue.

Recent Charities


Green Star Movement – works with local students to create public artworks that inspire confidence and teamwork. This group, established in 2004, has helped over 10,000 students display their mural work publicly. And by giving students a place to do art, the Green Star Movement also uplifts the communities where it places art.

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The Rock School for Dance Education – This is a branch of one of the premier dance schools in the world with a mission to bring accessibility to everyone. But RockReach is a branch of the school most focused on this outreach. And RockReach holds outreach programs in over 30 public schools in the Philadelphia area.

Bay Area Video Coalition – This group of inspired videographers who use their art form to organize and empower media makers. So the BAVC is sharing the diverse life stories of all of its members. The coalition was founded in 1976 and has helped increase underserved communities’ representation in media.

Street Entrepreneurs – this nonprofit is up-lifting Entrepreneurs by giving people access to resources and lines of credit they can’t usually get. And this group hopes to eliminate barriers people have to build their businesses. So the members hold workshops and other events to teach people relevant business skills. The group also helps connect people to mentors and capital if they need either one.

Human Impacts Institute – This group is working on environmental issues by teaching people how to move past learning and head toward the action. The institute was founded in 2011. And since it has provided over 1000 hours of education. This nonprofit believes their knowledge can help make the issues personal.


Kallen Media Charity Work

We are well aware that every penny matters for nonprofits and charitable businesses. So wasting money on risky or costly options can ruin a perfect plan. But Kallen Media is here to help you minimize that risk. And we were able to save these charities almost 90,000 dollars. Here at Kallen media, charity work is important to us. So we can help yours too. If you need help with your nonprofit or any online marketing needs, Kallen media is here for you.

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