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Pros and Cons of Web Design: Should You Outsource?

A simple search will provide hundreds of web design tutorials. And a few hours on YouTube can even give you some essential web design tips for free! So is it vital to outsource your web development? Why do companies pay so much money for professional web design? And do you need professional help too? Today Kallen media is going to lay out some pros and cons for web design.

When deciding if you need help, its essential to understand your limitations, if you have no experience with web design, paying for a professional touch can save your website. But what if you do have some design experience? There are still some compelling reasons to seek help. Let’s start by outlining some of the pros of hiring professional web developers.

Pros: Efficient Web Design


A lot of people starting a business will have some web design experience. But a little bit of knowledge pales in comparison to a real design professional. A seasoned pro will know all of the tools and tricks to make your website faster and easier. For example, designers will make sure your site is mobile friendly.  So even though they may cost more, the time you save could make it cheaper to get outside help.

A professional designer will also know more about site optimization. When you make a site by yourself, it can function correctly but not be designed to be used efficiently. A web designer should understand how design guides users and can craft a website around these user experiences. This combination of good design provided quickly is a massive plus for hiring professional web designers.

Pros: Design Aesthetics


Anyone who’s ever shopped for furniture knows creating the right look can sometimes feel impossible. And that same eye for aesthetics applies to websites. Customers can tell when a website doesn’t look right. And nowadays, an off-putting website can mean your losing business. A professional designer will have the design knowledge to help you with these decisions.


Professional web designers spend time thinking about the psychological effects of colors and how borders make buttons look good. When you hire a professional web designer, they can put this knowledge to use for you. It can take decades of experience to acquire this kind of specific trade knowledge, which makes web designers a valuable resource.

Cons: Web Design Cost


Just like a lot of things in marketing, there’s no one cost for web design. There are lots of affordable web design options out there. But some good designers can be costly. A lot of people who have a background in web design will save money by creating their web pages. But this strategy can be risky.

Web design is often costly because it provides real returns. While at first, it can seem like its smart to save a few dollars and make your website. But your website is your virtual storefront and often your first impression on customers. Similarly, your site might be the only place your employees connect. If your site is your break room, then it should reflect that. Although it can save you money, we highly recommend you spend the price you have to for a good website.

Cons: saturation


There are a lot of web designers out there, and not all of them are good. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, hiring a designer can be disastrous. There are a lot of freelance web design options that offer fast, cheap design. But these can sometimes come from unreliable or untrained sources.


When hiring a web designer, you have to be careful and vet all of the potential candidates. If you take your time and pick a sound designer, you should have nothing to worry about. But because there are so many options, this selection process is essential.

Pros and Cons for Web Design


Hiring a web designer is one of the most impactful decisions a budding business will make. And it can be hard to know what the effects of this decision will be. But if you have a plan, there’s nothing to fear. That’s why we helped outline some of the pros and cons of web design. The first pro is web designers are fast and efficient. This speed can save you money by saving you time.

Designers are also good at creating efficient and easy to use sites. This user-friendly design preference will make the final product enjoyable to use. Secondly, web designers understand web aesthetics. Because designers know how a website should look, they can easily give your page the feel your company is looking for.

Unfortunately, web design can be costly. The price of good web design can be never-ending, but if you have a budget, its money well spent because the cost is high, it is also essential to select a good designer. If you stay within a smart budget and vet your designers, you should come out with a great website.

Kallen media knows web design can be hard, but we’re here to help. The professionals at Kallen media have the experience your site needs. Reach out to us today if you’re looking for help with web design.

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