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SEO Tools: How to Improve Your SEO Rank

Search algorithms like Google are constantly changing to make sure they provide users with the best results. So how can a company that wants to find customers online make sure it’s ranking well in people’s searches? The short answer is companies do search engine optimization or SEO to ensure they algorithms want to promote their website. SEO practices range from tactical keyword placement to back-end efficiency updates. Kallen Media has worked with hundreds of companies to improve their search engine rankings; And one of the most common questions we get is: what are the SEO tools we use to optimize websites?

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore! Today, we will cover some of the SEO tools digital marketing firms use to ensure their clients’ have an active web presence. This blog will talk about front and back-end SEO tools to help your website look better and run faster. We will also talk about some tools we use every day to produce SEO-friendly content. Finally, we cover some ways you can measure your analytics to check your website’s health. But let’s start with some ways you can set yourself up for success while building your website.

SEO Tools for Web Design


Web design is a complicated field, and adding considerations like SERPs and keyword tracking can feel impossible. But if you know how to utilize some standard web designing tools, SEO best practices become reasonable! Large portions of the SEO algorithms monitor security and efficiency that early stages of web design can handle. A lot of plugins can negate harmful SEO pitfalls completely. Many web page designers or hobbyists will skip these steps, so by doing some basics from the beginning, you can get a leg up on the competition.

Simple steps like ensuring that your website is secure and not vulnerable to viral attacks will dramatically increase your rankings. Securing a website is often as simple as installing an SSL and some form of anti-malware software. WordPress even offers free plugins that will do these things for you! Similarly, you can use clever design tricks to increase your site’s efficiency. Ensuring that any web designing you do is secure and efficient will do a lot for your SEO ranking. Unfortunately, that’s not all it takes. You’ll also need to maintain your SEO over all of your content.

SEO Tools for Content Creation


After you make sure that the essential elements of your website are as optimized as possible, you have to focus on maintaining that level of quality. If your content creation fails to meet your website’s SEO standards, you will be hurting your ranking. That risk is why consistent content creation is vital to your SEO ranking. Two of the most important SEO factors in content creation are keywords and readability. Keywords will make sure that your content resonates with users. Similarly, producing content that is easy to read will make sure your users spend more time engaging with your content.

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Readability is essential because SEO rankings count user engagement at a premium. So if your content is easy to read and enjoy, people will spend more time engaging with it. This kind of healthy user interaction will encourage the algorithm to promote your content. On the other hand, keywords will help new users find your content unprovoked. Keyword analytic tools will track search data and tell you what your customers are searching for. In-depth analytics ensures that your content is what real customers are craving. Just like with keywords, Analytics can be used to track how successful your website is doing.

Analytics and Website Health



Analytic tools are essentially SEO trackers. In practice, analytical tools can be anything from Google search notifications to metadata compilers. The best analytic tools will actively track your domain and keep you up to date with live changes to the pattern of your web traffic. This in-depth look into what is happening on your website is perfect for gathering information and analyze changes. Over time analytical tools can give you a picture of the state of your web presence and inform how you move forward. All of these tools are great, but if you use them together, your website will truly thrive.

SEO Tools


SEO is a constantly changing field, so SEO professionals need to use complicated tools to stay on top. In today’s blog, we told you all about some of the most common kinds of SEO tools and why we use them. You learned about creating analyzing an SEO-friendly website and maintaining that health with SEO-friendly content creation. If you use all of the tools we described, we promise you will see an improvement in your search engine rankings soon!

But if you need more help to make sure your business’s website is fully optimized, Kallen media can help. Contact one of our representatives today and get an audit and customized SEO plan that fits your needs.

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