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Digital Marketing Tools: Our Guide to Easier Advertising

In the world of online marketing, a marketing professional needs to be on top of a lot of moving parts to do their job. Consequently, digital marketing pros will find creative ways to manage their workload. This blog is all about how marketing agencies tackle problems like SEO, niche targeting, and even more. Welcome to the Kallen Media run down on digital marketing tools! 

First, we will give you a rundown on some of the popular web development tools we’re using to build brand image and develop e-commerce. But our work doesn’t end there; we will also tell you about some of the programs we use to drive traffic to websites. Lastly, we will let you in on how corporations make their social media headache-free. Because digital marketing is all online, the most accessible place to start is the tools we use to get businesses on the web.

Web Development Tools


Web development is a central focus for digital marketing. A company website isn’t just a storefront but also a living billboard for your brand. A well-made website with high-quality form and function can woo potential customers and instill confidence in your niche. The tools developers use to create sites are called APIs or content management programs. With a well-designed API, you can design a website that does anything you can imagine. Digital marketers use many different APIs, but here at Kallen Media, we trust WordPress the most.


WordPress is one of the easiest to use web development programs around. WordPress stands out for businesses on a budget with free use templates and features that reduce entry barriers like HTML knowledge. Because of all of this, WordPress is one of the most popular tools on the market! If you’re interested in WordPress, you can read our blogs that cover functions like this blog on a visual story plugin. Once you have a web presence, you will need other digital marketing tools to make sure it’s popular!

SEO and Content Creation


Everyone knows content creation and SEO management are vital to running a thriving website. But how exactly do people manage these tasks? The short answer is data analytics. If a company can collect and utilize their relevant web data, they can understand the patterns that bring people to their websites. Especially during the pandemic, data analytics is an important measure of how well you’re performing. Parsing through data and reacting to it is one of the best ways to improve your search engine rankings, making it easier to create content. At Kallen Media, we use an array of high-end big data resources, but one of the more accessible ones is SEMrush.

SEMrush is a data analytics tool designed specifically for digital marketing. The site can audit webpages to tell you where improvements can be made and give other tips for SEO tweaks to make your site’s rank soar. The website also has sections dedicated to content creation. SEMrush can inform you about relevant blog topics, a niche’s search patterns, and much more. With SEMrush, you can create content that will work directly toward your goals and monitor their progress. Data analytics is also valuable for social media, where planning and niche targeting are critical.

Social Media Management


Engaging with people on social media can be tricky. Additionally, the pressure of media engagement can make corporate SMM a daunting task. But with a plan and the right toolset, running a social media brand only requires time and dedication. A goal is critical because it will keep you on track to establishing a trusted brand. One essential tool for social media management is a content scheduler. 


Tools like Hootsuite and others allow you to collect all of your profiles and manage them from one place. They will also let you create better plans by scheduling content instead of randomly posting. Being able to see the entirety of your social media presence in one place will save you time and impact your decisions. Hootsuite also offers premium options to provide you with even more data analytics!

Digital Marketing Tools


Digital marketing is an ever-growing field where people have to keep up with fast-moving tech trends. And these marketing professionals need to maintain their effectiveness to compete. That’s why people use tools like data analytics and SEO to ensure their marketing plan stands out. Today we taught you about digital marketing tools that we use every day. Programs like SEMrush and WordPress directly affect our web content and quality of life tools like Hootsuite. 

But even if you have access to the best tools, you’ll need to practice and use them to become comfortable working with them. And not everyone has time to learn all of the things you need to for effective marketing. This learning curve is why Digital marketing agencies collect these tools and retain them for you. If you’re struggling with marketing online and want help, contact Kallen media today to quote our digital marketing services.

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