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Marketing Strategies For Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations are often strapped for cash and have limited marketing budgets, if any. Join Kallen media and learn all about marketing strategies for non-profits that we use every day! Here are some strategies non-profits can implement to cut through the noise and showcase their cause:

1. Video Marketing

Not only are videos more shareable (up to 83%) than other forms of content, but they account for over 80% of all internet traffic. Because a compelling video is a powerful tool to incite action. Videos highlight the work of a non-profit in a way that tugs at the donors’ hearts, encouraging people to reach for their wallets.

With all advances in camera technology, it’s easier than ever to develop high-quality video content that appeals to people’s emotions and motivates them to act fast.

Use the power of storytelling to create a sense of urgency and share your story and cause.

2. Leveraging PPC Marketing

Nearly 7 million advertisers utilize PPC to drive traffic to their cause. Pay-Per-Click is a paid form of advertisement that helps boost brand visibility. However, the question is, how do you use these as marketing strategies for non-profits?

Thankfully, programs such as Google Ad Grants are available for non-profits, which provide funding of up to $10,000 per month for marketing efforts, given that a company qualifies for it. There are certain limitations to how budgets can be used, but a Google AdWords Grant can help a non-profit increase its marketing budget by 15%.

Additionally with the help of an experienced digital marketing agency, a non-profit can easily go through the steps required to qualify for this grant, including:

  • Becoming a registered charitable organization
  • Register with Google using a non-profit account
  • Get verified via Tech Soup

3. Hold Events

There are several types of events that non-profits can host to get media attention and attract benefactors. Some examples are silent auctions, parties, fundraisers, competitions, etc. Additionally, taking COVID-19 social distancing guidelines into account, non-profit organizations can hold virtual events to tell their story.

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4. Promote Your Best Content Smartly

Nonprofits use Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to collect donations. Did you know that over 18% of donors worldwide have donated through Facebook? However, it can be challenging to get results from these networks without spending a little money.

This is where Facebook’s ad manager comes in. It allows you to target your audience based on identifiers such as gender, age, location, employment, etc.

The smart move is to market your content to a narrow demographic that fits the target audience. Businesses often make the mistake of targeting too broadly, but what they don’t realize is that actual results crystallize by focusing on the few who’ll convert.

It’s also important to monitor ad responses closely and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Get Digital Marketing Services For Your Nonprofit Organization

Kallen Media is a digital marketing agency based in Arizona. We focus on small businesses and specialize in providing digital marketing services.

We’ve previously helped non-profits get access to free advertising capital, and we believe it to be one of the cornerstones of our operations.

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