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Running a Social Media Business: 3 Tips

With a great social media presence, you can improve your bottom line and expand your reach as a brand, which translates to increased sales. However, selling with social media is different—you need to capture the interest of your audience in a way that they visit your website and browse your offerings. Come learn how to run a running a social media business.

1. Be brave

On the phone, call reluctance is widespread—it happens online as well. Due to some fear, businesses avoid reaching out online, thinking people will be angry with them, they’ll say no, or they won’t respond.

However, this isn’t true because many customers think that salespeople don’t reach out enough. The online world is riddled with the idea of inbound marketing. While inbound marketing is an incredible approach, it doesn’t promise proactive outreach – the online equivalent of cold calling is either bad or dead.women working in a social media advertising agency in AZ

If you find someone you want to connect with, always reach out. Remember, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. So, be brave and take shots!

2. Givers gain

There’s no doubt that the world of social media changes rapidly. However, some things remain constant—for example, the golden rule of networking—giver’s gain.

If you give your audience a good piece of information, content, or anything of value, you’ll be able to sell more. You can do this by inviting them to a private local business event, sharing a relevant piece of research, or sharing a white paper.

If you do this right, your audience will think of you as valuable.

3. Boil the frog

According to an old wives’ tale, if you put a frog in the hot boiler water, I’ll instantly jump out after sensing the heat. However, if you put this frog in cold water and turn the heat up gradually, the frog won’t notice.

Don’t come on like gangbusters when you’re reaching out to people online. So, warm up slowly after starting to cool. Compliment something they’ve written, retweet them thoughtfully, comment on their blog post, and become familiar to someone. Don’t get disheartened if they don’t engage instantly because they’ll probably engage you in the future.

For instance, this individual wrote to me personally, said something I liked and left it there. It seems like a good start!

People like you more when they see you more: familiarity breeds likeability. If you offer them good information, content, or value, you’re actually doing more, which will benefit you!

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