The tech rental industry is exploding. Companies need short-term tech rentals more than ever between returning events, restaffing, and a now booming telemedicine sector. If you’re running a tech rental company, 2021 and 2022 could be your best years yet. But how can you help your team stand out from the pack? The short answer is you need to be ready with some simple marketing knowledge! If you know where the industry is moving and what part you want your company to play, your marketing team can help you get there. So today, we’re going to talk about how to market for tech rental companies!

In this blog, we will cover how to market for current tech rental trends in 2021. We cover topics like seamless delivery and ordering systems and promoting quality. Our blog will also give you a short guide to boosting your rental companies digital footprint and why SEO is more important than ever. Finally, we will tell you how we produce content and ads for our tech rental clients. Let’s start by talking about some of the trends happening right now in tech rentals.

Tech Rental Companies in 2021


Earlier, we mentioned that the short-term tech rental industry is facing incredibly high demands. Additionally, tech rental companies used pandemics to streamline and dramatically increase their efficiency. Because formal meetings got limited, the industry created new contactless systems that produced seamless rentals. Essentially in 2021, the tech rental sector has become more efficient, and their demand is at an all-time high. Meanwhile, customers have become used to a massive jump in quality and now have very high standards. These internal and external factors have combined to create an environment where the way your rental company interacts with customers is more important than ever.



So how are marketing companies reacting to these trends? The digital marketing sector is responding to the current state of tech rentals with fervor. A new industry-wide emphasis on contactless business means new systems have come into use. Informational campaigns are helping teach customers about how to engage with new ordering and delivery methods. Short-term rental marketing is going through a shift where expanding outreach and efficiency are essential. And marketing companies are responding by showing off the industries shiny new features. Additionally, marketing teams like Kallen Media are supplementing customer interactions by strengthening companies’ online presence.

Tech Rental Companies Web Presence


In our past blogs, we have mentioned how important having an online presence for your business can be—your web presence matters. No matter what you do online, it will be easier if you can build strong community support. Social media is the perfect venue for a company that wants to start engaging with its customers. Similarly, your website can be used to both interact with customers and help strengthen your brand. But how do these concepts meld with the current state of the tech rental market? A lot of agencies are turning to google ads to promote business with data-driven results. In the short-term rental industry, many companies love the flexibility and targeted nature of these ads.

fiber optic cables

fiber optic cables

If you want to make sure your website is perfect, a considerable component ensures your SEO. When significant changes occur in any sector, the amount of development done on webwork is incredible. And while doing this work, it can be easy to forget to make sure everything on the website has SEO features built-in. But if you neglect these simple steps, your new website won’t be seen by customers. By doing things like tagging images with meta info, setting up keywords for every landing page, and double-checking content, you can quickly improve SEO scores and get your website a higher ranking.

Kallen Media’s Tech Rental Strategy


At Kallen Media, we have been lucky to be involved with the short-term AV and IT rental industries since our beginnings. And As a result, we have developed tried and tested methods to promote their businesses. Our first step in making sure our tech rental clients see results Is ironing out any SEO troubles their websites have. Because of shifting inventories, changing prices, and new shipping centers, a tech rental website is constantly changing. Ensuring these websites are up to date on SEO protocols is vital to their long-term health. After their website is optimized, we produce branded content that focuses on a rental company’s desired audience. These strategies differ based on a companies needs, but by starting with SEO and transitioning into customer outreach, you ensure potential customers like what they see.

How to Market for Tech Rental Companies


Tech rental companies are exiting the pandemic in a premium state. Between skyrocketing demand, brand new efficient systems. And a unique wealth of quality, the industry is set to explode. That’s why today we talked about how to market for tech rental companies. We taught you about the current state of tech rentals and why it is looking positive. And we also gave you several different strategies you can use to react to these new circumstances. If you take the tips in this blog and apply them to your rental company, it will be thriving in no time. But if you need more help, the Kallen Media team is always here for you. Contact one of our representatives online to get started with your next digital marketing project.