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how to do graphic design: 3 Easy Tips

Everyone knows how much good graphic design can improve the user experience. Well-made graphics will make your message clear, engage an audience, and can even convey a sense of universal branding. That value is why today we will give you some tips on how to do graphic design. If you follow some simple guidelines, making your companies graphics can be easy. But good graphic design requires consistent work. So, where do you start?

Today, we will focus on three areas of graphic design that Kallen Media uses to ensure our content is impactful. This blog covers design principles that companies use to create branded art and clever tips for consistent messaging. Finally, we will discuss research and the first steps designers take to make sure people appreciate their work. At its core, graphic design is all about making art to communicate or reinforce a message. But how exactly do graphic designers make branded art?

Branded Art


Art is appealing to a wide range of people because it offers unlimited expression. But your company has a brand and a message it wants to express, so the art you need has to be in line with that. one easy way you can make sure all of your designs blend cleanly into your content is by using your brands color scheme consistently. If your company has a logo, try and use that color or complementary colors consistently in your designs. Similar to paint, branded art has to keep the business at the center of the visual hierarchy.

colored pencils

colored pencils

A design’s visual hierarchy increases when a designer changes an element of the website to draw users’ attention. To promote a brand, you always want to make sure that content directly related to your business is easily noticeable and draws in the user. The easiest way to increase visual hierarchy is by adding a border or using bold texts. If you make sure that your logo and message are always the focus, people will walk away from your designs, remembering your brand. Now that you know how to create art for your brand let’s talk about consistency.

Consistent Messaging


You form a brand by deciding on your messaging and sticking to your plan. So for any brand, sticking to a consistent message is incredibly important. Creating beautiful and impactful graphics is essential, but it’s only effective if you can consistently replicate your work. Two easy ways to ensure consistent design are to have a set color scheme and to utilize repetition. A color scheme is helpful because, after some time, people will associate it with your brand. After that bond, you can use the colors to evoke your brand anywhere! Repetitive messaging is the easiest way to make sure your brand links with your graphics and content.

a spiral of windows

a spiral of windows

Consistency can come up in other areas too, and the easiest way to ensure your work is consistent is to set standards. If you utilize a font a lot, consider making that your standard typography. by setting up a code of rules and norms you design within, you can be sure your graphics are always on-brand. In a worst-case scenario where your content can’t follow any of these rules, make sure you use your logo to tie it back to your brand. So far, we have covered basic design principles and guidelines for consistent branding. But how do you know what kind of graphics your customers want to see?

Graphic Design for Your Niche


Just like all advertising and marketing efforts, identifying your niche is a critical first step. If you want to be successful in graphic design, you’ll need to know who your audience is. In graphic design for marketing, your niche is the group of people you want to find your designs appealing. Researching your niche is vital to understanding what makes a good design for a particular company. At Kallen Media, our niche is businesses, so our designs focus on establishing security and trust. If you can identify your niche and their desires, you can make more appealing designs faster.

You can learn more about researching and identifying your niche by checking out some of our other blogs. But when thinking about design elements, you also have to focus on more personal research—identifying what kind of colors or themes your niche associates with a successful company can save you time and money in the long term. If you follow all of these principles, you’re well on your way to designing branded content for a business!

How to do Graphic Design


Are you curious about how digital marketing agencies tackle graphic design? Then our how to do graphic design blog was the right article to read. Today we covered some of the essential design elements of creating branded art, like color schemes and visual hierarchies. But we also talked about strategies for consistency that can help your brand build trust. Finally, we addressed the importance of understanding your niche and how that relates to graphic design. If you combine all the tips in this blog, you could do your graphic design. But if you want to save time and money by hiring a professional firm, Kallen Media is always here to help.

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