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10th company spotlight for Kallen Media’s pro bono partners

Kallen Media often finds companies we want to support in any way we can. And as a marketing firm, this usually means we want to step in and help promote their work. Here at the Kallen media blog, we have talked a lot about some of our nonprofit partners. But today, we want to focus on some of the places we volunteer. Welcome to the 10th company spotlight for Kallen Media’s pro bono partners.

Today we’re going to talk about some of the companies where we’ve volunteered, and we will talk about how we establish self-sustaining marketing practices. We will also tell you about some of the services we use to connect to companies looking for pro bono partners. And, of course, you’ll learn more about what some of our partners do every day! Let’s start by explaining some of the work we’ve done free of charge.

Pro Bono Work


Nonprofit marketing is an integral component of Kallen Media’s business strategy. And we are forever grateful for our incredible paid partnerships with nonprofits. But we know firsthand how hard it can be for a newer nonprofit to help its clients. Kallen Media has worked with 100’s of nonprofits and watched many teams struggle to help their target audience. But it’s always inspiring to see a nonprofit learn about marketing. And it’s refreshing to help a nonprofit reach a broad audience of clientele and supporters alike. That personal fulfillment is why when we find a small Nonprofit whose mission we care about, we will often offer them free services!

kid and adult hand

kid and adult hand

We have talked about all of the excellent free resources available to nonprofits who need marketing help in the past. But connecting to these tools can be easier said than done. Plugging in like this could be impossible for an average person, but we connect people to this resource every day as a marketing firm. Because of those circumstances, when we work Pro Bono with a company, we like to ensure when we finish, they feel empowered, not abandoned. By linking companies to teams like Google Ad Grants, Catchafire, and more, we make a situation where ads are self-sustaining. By connecting these smaller companies to systems that give them ongoing support, Kallen Media fosters a culture of effective and affordable advertising.

Nonprofits We’ve Worked With


Over the last year, we’ve done more pro bono work than ever in response to the pandemic. Rather than tell you about every single company, we found two cases where our work shined. This year we helped tons of local Arizona charities get access to google ad grants. One group we were able to earn ad grant revenue for was the Arizona Youth Partnership. The AZYP is combating substance abuse, homelessness, access to education, and many more problems facing Arizona families. In 2006 the AZYP expanded to serve the greater Arizona area and, as a result, needed to expand its marketing efforts. Free advertising like we enabled for them is a massive benefit to the companies budget. In addition to helping local children, Kallen Media works with education-focused charities nationally.

Turning The Page was founded in the ’90s and has spent the last 20 years engaging families to create successful students. By working directly with families, lobbying for high-quality public education, and building long-term programs, the organization is changing lives with education, shifting to a from-home model over quarantine. Turning The Page adapted to new and complex problems. Kallen Media was so happy that we could step in and help spread their message for free. The work we did with Turning The Page was only the beginning. Because we gave them access to running grant programs, they can continue to benefit long after our partnership ends.

Medical Nonprofit partners

surgeons operating

surgeons operating

In addition to helping child-focused nonprofits, we also had a big focus on medical-centered organizations. One of these organizations was Cape Ivy. Cape Ivy tries to accommodate the chronically ill by offering them practical solutions. Programs from Cape Ivy include things like fleece poncho donations to patients who regularly need to have IV’s which prevents the wearing of sweaters. This nonprofit has helped thousands of people in critical condition find a moment of warmth and comfort during their care. And we hope our work helps them reach thousands more!

We also worked with Brigid’s Path to establish a nonprofit marketing strategy that works for them. Brigid’s Path primarily works with infants exposed to addictive substances, an incredibly challenging area to operate during the pandemic. For a newer charity forced to handle uncontrollable external factors, they are thriving! We were proud to step in and manage some Google Ad grants for a company that is fighting to protect vulnerable infants. 2020 was hard on everyone, but Kallen Media’s pro bono work helped us see the silver linings.

10th Company spotlight for Kallen Media’s Pro Bono Partners

Kallen Media was lucky to work with some fantastic people, so our 10th company spotlight for Kallen Media’s pro bono partners addressed some of them. We were able to help companies like the AZ youth partnership and Turning The Page help children in Arizona and many other states. We also worked with Brigid’s Path and Cape Ivy organizations who provide valuable support to patients who need assistance. Kallen Media is proud to do pro bono work that ensures that charities thrive. If you want to learn more about companies we’ve worked with, check out our last company spotlight!

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