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Company Spotlight #9 for New Destiny Housing

Running nonprofits is hard, and without the proper visibility, it can feel like an uphill battle. But the appropriate support and team can help anyone thrive in the nonprofit space. Kallen Media is proud to do work that supports a wide range of charitable organizations. Today’s blog is going to focus on a specific nonprofit and the work they do. Welcome to our 9th company spotlight for New Destiny Housing.

We like to use our company spotlights to tell you all about the clients Kallen Media is proud to call our partners. Today we want to talk about some of the fantastic work that New Destiny Housing does and why they do it. We will also break down some of the ways we are involved with helping and how you can get involved too! Lastly, we will talk about the simple ways any nonprofit can save a fortune on marketing costs. To start, we will tell you about what New Destiny does and how they formed initially!

New Destiny Housing

two houses on a block

two houses on a block

The primary objective of New Destiny Housing is to end domestic violence. New Destiny was founded in 1994 in New York and has worked ever since, providing housing and other services to vulnerable populations. Since its inception, New Destiny has set up over 16 residential projects providing nearly 400 year-round residences. New Destiny’s housing efforts and education programs impact well over 100,000 people every year. Victims of domestic violence account for 40 percent of homeless families in some areas. Without organizations like New Destiny, many people don’t have the resources to secure their safety. New Destiny Housing provides more than just affordable housing developments for people.

The facilities also have on-site services designed to help create and foster safety for domestic violence victims. There are additionally empowerment and information branches of New Destiny. Empowerment projects focus on maintaining someone’s control over their life with housing knowledge and subsidies. New Destiny’s information branch works both internally and externally. Internally information about fair and safe housing practices is disseminated to ensure residents know how to find appropriate housing. Similarly, people involved in New Destiny are always spreading awareness about their mission.

Kallen Media and Nonprofits


Kallen Media was happy to help spread information about safe housing for victims of domestic violence. And working with New Destiny Housing was a fantastic experience. New Destiny Housing is a recent client in a long string of charities that have worked with us. Nonprofit marketing is a large part of the work Kallen Media does. And services like Catchafire help connect us to nonprofits seeking campaign help, fundraising, and much more.

a house on a line

a house

We were able to help New Destiny with a wide range of marketing services, but none more impactful than Google ad grants. By connecting New Destiny Housing to the proper channels, we could save thousands of dollars by providing essentially free advertising services. Similarly, the right campaign can help generate fundraising and long-lasting engagement from your donors. With a quality campaign and the right message, a nonprofit can effectively accomplish anything. And Google ad grants are a tremendous service, but they can seem complicated if you don’t know about them.

Google Ad Grants


Google ad grants are an essential section of Kallen medias’ nonprofit marketing plan. These Grants offer the space charities need to increase their reach or visibility for free! By connecting registered nonprofits to the google ad grant system, Kallen media has helped hundreds of nonprofits save incredible amounts of money! Ad grants are a big part of the help we provided New Destiny housing and many other charities.

Google ad grants are official Google banner ads only available to registered 501(C)(3)s. If your charity qualifies, you could save upwards of ten thousand dollars on advertisements that utilize Google’s coveted algorithms. We have talked about how effective these grants can be for a business that needs exposure in the past. So if you want to learn more about google as grants, check out some of our other google ad grant blogs. New Destiny Housing uses these grants, and if you qualify, you should be too.

Company Spotlight for New Destiny Housing


You’ve made it to the end of Kallen medias 9th company spotlight for New Destiny Housing. This blog talked about how new destiny began, their original mission, and their current programs. We talked about the marketing services we offer nonprofits and our customized advertising approach. And Lastly, we spoke about Google ad grants and how they can help any registered nonprofit save money!

The nonprofit space is incredibly demanding, and marketing can be a huge time sink in this industry. If you’re working with a charity and struggling with advertising, Kallen Media is here to help. Our customized nonprofit marketing services are affordable and proven to be effective. Join the long list of companies who have saved time and money by joining the Kallen Media family and get a quote for our nonprofit marketing services today.

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