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Creating Blog Engagement: Connecting To Your Users

By now, everyone knows how essential blogs can be to SEO practices. But some people struggle to get their users to interact with their content. A professional blog will foster an active connection with a user. But this process isn’t easy. Creating blog engagement is a difficult but necessary step in your success. 

But how do we create engagement as writers? And what kind of strategies produce the most results? Today we will describe some of the engagement practices we use every time Kallen Media writes a blog post. So let’s get started! The first step is to have topics your readers care to read.

Standard Topics


The odds are your blogging because it will help your website grow. But if your writing isn’t a topic your users are interested in, you won’t get many readers. When a company outlines the issues they want to explore, they can focus on what the consumer is trying to see. By tailoring your topic selection to your audience, your blog will begin to draw in your targeted market.

Similarly, it would be best if you are a qualified expert in the fields you write about. Expertise will not only improve the quality of your writing but your engagement too. When you write from a place of knowledge, people will want the information you have. An excellent example of this is our recent digital marketing blog. We’re a digital marketing agency, so logically we’re going to talk about what we do!

Blog Consistently


A schedule for blogging and posting can help both sides of the engagement process. A business will benefit by gaining an exact time content has to go out. Plans can help writers with deadlines and make sure you have things ready to go. The consistency also helps establish you as a content provider. And if users come to rely on this, your engagement will boom.


Users benefit from a schedule by gaining consistency. Just like the morning paper, your blog can become a staple in customers’ everyday life. When people begin to adapt your content to their daily life, your business becomes a household name. But be careful. You have to uphold it once this schedule is established. Breaking from the program might upset some users.

Use Visual Aides 


Not everyone takes in media the same way. While some people prefer written media, others want images. And it is essential to recognize this when you’re creating blog engagement. By adding visual supports to your blog, you create a more wholesome experience for users. This balancing of media will help make more engaging posts for everyone.

Images also help to break up your text. By using images strategically, you can make a blog seem more straightforward to read for users. Because it is easier to read, breaking up blogs like this can help keep users engaged for longer. Images can slow down loading times, but WordPress updates and photo resizing makes this delay shorter every day. 

Team Up


One of the best ways to make engaging content is to team up with other businesses or creators. Crossposting relationships can help expose your website to already-established audiences. And if your topics and goals are similar, odds are a lot of those users will also engage with your content. 

Crossposting is also an incredibly powerful SEO metric. Having your blogs referenced in other blogs tells Google that your content is trustworthy. While SEO metrics don’t always indicate engagement, more users’ sheer value will naturally result in more engagement. Crossposts are an efficient way to reach out to new users with confidence in your target market.

Promote Action


The last tip is a relatively common one in all forms of engaging writing; You should always add a call to action. A call to action will offer users a clear and outlined path for what they should do if they are interested in engaging with your content. While it may seem obvious to some to ask, not all writers do this. A great example of this is the Mashable blogs; These blogs all include some call to action!

Creating Blog Engagement


Creating blog engagement is all-important to your SEO success. And there are a few key ways to foster that kind of user experience. One way to do this is to have topics you are qualified to write about regularly and cover them regularly. Another way to help your engagement is to add visual aspects to your blog. Visuals will help make your blogs more attractive and comfortable to read. Our final unique tool is crossposting; these posts will help expand your audience and improve search results’ placements.

We hope these tips help you with your blogging and improve your website’s engagement. But if you’re still struggling to get the results you want, Kallen Media is here to help. Our professional services cover all areas of digital marketing, including blogging content. If you’re looking for help increasing engagement and strengthening your SEO strategies, reach out to us.

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