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Digital Marketing Jobs: The Right Fit For You

Digital marketing is a fast-growing industry. So its no wonder a lot of marketing professionals are looking to break into the field. But what exactly is digital marketing, and what kind of work will you be doing? So today, Kallen media is going to tell you about some digital marketing jobs!

But what if you’re looking for an entry-level job? Digital marketing can still work for you. Many firms offer internships and entry-level positions with a focus on digital marketing. The work won’t be glamorous, but it can help get your foot in the door. But what about experienced professionals looking for a job?

So maybe you’ve been working in traditional marketing and are looking for a change. The digital field might work great for you. And there are a considerable amount of jobs for experienced marketers who are eager to learn more. A lot of the posts provide opportunities to grow skills and give on the job training.

1-2 Years of Experience


One of the best jobs for semi-trained professionals is a content marketing specialist. And this job is a good fit for someone with excellent attention to detail and some SEO experience. You would be responsible for researching and generating SEO optimized content. If you’re trusted, you may even get to work on the front page of a website!

SEO optimization

Are you trying to put your social media knowledge to work for you? A social media coordinator position might be perfect! Social media coordinators will be responsible for promoting brand goals via social platforms. A good writing foundation and strong communication skills and knowledge of what goes viral will help make you stand out.

Are you an analytical marketer with experience using SEO optimization tools? You are qualified for an SEO specialist job. SEO specialists are all about user engagement. Your job will be to collect and maintain the data and tools you need to run the best possible website. A little bit of HTML or CSS knowledge will go a long way for this position. If you’re interested in any of these positions and have 1-3 years of prior experience, you could make around 50,000 a year. So now let’s talk about what you can do next!

3 – 5 Years With Digital Marketing Training


Maybe you’re already doing web design and are looking for a promotion, or you have cut your teeth designing product campaigns. No matter what, if you have experience in the digital marketing world, there are some fun jobs for your qualifications!

Are you an experienced web designer fluent in CSS3 javascript and other front end languages and frameworks? Front end web designers use these skills every day. A front end designer is responsible for testing implementing and maintaining all aspects of the users’ experience. This job is code-heavy and suited for an analytically skilled person. Some skill with responsive web design helps candidates.

Do you have graphic design experience and time spent working with corporate social media accounts? You should start searching for a position as a social media manager. Your day to day can include designing campaigns, industry research, and brand development. Some expertise in communications or event spaces can make a candidate stand out in this field.

social media

A product marketing manager position is open for powerful communicators with experience meeting tight deadlines and excellent program management skills. Thus product marketing management is all about providing marketing teams with the information they need to succeed. They also develop new communication tools to help connect consumers and clients alike!

These positions have different salaries with the lower end at 60 thousand and the high at over 100 thousand a year. These positions are all options for people with field experience looking to grow. But what if you’re a digital marketing professional looking to take the next step? What are some jobs you might be interested in doing?

5 – 10 Years in Digital Marketing


So you’re a digital marketing pro now! You’ve spent maybe a decade in the industry learning and testing out your skills. What are the kind of positions you should be entertaining? Well, it depends on your skillset.

Can you develop a strong team of coworkers who get the job done? Do you have excellent communication skills? E-commerce directors have all these skills and the track record to prove it. Your job is to build a team that is innovative and effective in driving company sales and promotions. The average E-commerce director makes $112,000 a year.

Maybe you thrive under pressure. But do you have experience handling multiple projects at once while developing operational KPI’s? Director of product marketing might be the position for you. Product marketing directors will plan and execute operations while relaying analytics to stakeholders. The average salary for the director of product marketing is $167,000.

Are you a visionary and creative thinker? Are you a leader with the ability to break down complicated issues? An original director position would fit you. As a creative director, you will pursue new ways to develop brands and marketing content. A robust creative director is involved in all levels of their operation. The average salary for creative directors is $133,000.

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