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Nonprofit Consulting and Marketing Services

Nonprofit consulting and marketing services have been evolving over the years. While we started with general methods, agencies developed today’s approach over time. Digital marketing and campaigning for nonprofit organizations have become a requirement for the growing industry. Kallen Media’s marketing agency has lots of knowledge and skills in helping nonprofits so that we can help you too. We are a team of an advertising agency that has had tremendous success with several 501(c)(3) organizations searching to boost donor bases. This success includes nonprofit consulting all over the United States.

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Nonprofit Pay Per Click PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click PPC advertising, which includes Google ads, remains one of the efficient marketing approaches. PPC nonprofit advertisement promotions are an excellent way to immediately enhance your profile on a smaller financial plan. Kallen Media’s marketing agency is an advertising organization with the correct knowledge to manage your nonprofit PPC advertising. We can also check your current nonprofit marketing campaign or quickly build one from scratch.

Nonprofit Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing and many other social media advertising programs offer many nonprofit advertising services. More precisely, nonprofit organizations’ marketing can be directed to viewers based on many demographic standards. This is exactly why nonprofit marketing on Facebook can be highly successful in helping raise awareness. Another one of the benefits of nonprofit marketing on Facebook is that you can quickly build exclusive fundraiser events online where the contributors can connect from anywhere and can effortlessly make online donations. Kallen Media’s marketing agency has run hundreds of Facebook ad campaigns. It utilizes this knowledge to enhance your nonprofit drive to a high level and engage the best audience by spreading the word and finally getting the best results.

Nonprofit LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn advertising application has been in constant use by top-notch businesses. LinkedIn advertising can be an effective tool for prominent advertising approaches for nonprofits when targeting an audience mainly containing executives and professionals. It is also necessary for working and communication methods to promote local events.

That is why we acclaim nonprofit ad promotions on LinkedIn app and marketing for nonprofit organizations; especially on LinkedIn, which is an excellent way to link with people and raise money.


At times you might feel the need to make a change in nonprofit marketing consultants, but you might not be sure what you exactly need. Kallen Media’s marketing agency offers a nonprofit marketing consultant with vast experience and the right tools to make precise proposals for you.

We have been serving as marketing consultants for small start-ups, average-sized businesses, 100+ thriving businesses. Whether you have been looking for a complete makeover for your website or want a new advertising method, we are here to guide you with these specific goals and build the best nonprofit ads promotion for your business.

Nonprofit Social Media Analytics.

We also provide social media analytics for nonprofit organizations, a fortune treasure trove of data and information. Nonprofits who depend entirely on contributors in the funding and financing procedure will benefit from all the available data from their Facebook page, Instagram, and many more. Instagram and Facebook analytics can be puzzling for an amateur, but Kallen Media’s marketing consultants are here to interpret these analytics into actual results.

Social media channels are one of the many prevalent approaches to uncover nonprofits in today’s world. Reach out to us to ensure that your nonprofit ad promotion will let people reveal what makes your cause different and unique and how they can be of any help.

Nonprofits Web Analytics.

Our Google Analytics for nonprofit services is also an essential tool to help improve your website so you can understand users. The kind of information that Google Analytics offers is huge. While the data is confusing to some people, Kellen Media’s consultants have the experience to translate that information for you. We are here to support you find out how to turn this puzzling information into future financing in different ways.

Nonprofit Marketing Analytics.

We understand that Marketing for nonprofit businesses is not always the most straightforward task. We have tremendous experience with building the best nonprofit advertisements. It typically takes a few tries, often concurrently, to discover the best outcomes. However, it might not be easy to notice which effort works and gives the best results.

Kallen Media’s marketing agency has the right tools and unique experience to help guide you to the best outcomes. Subsequently, you can also concentrate on which one might most efficiently bring new donors. We offer several ideas and strategies to nonprofits that meet their needs.

Inbound Vs. Outbound Marketing

With the growing competition, it’s become challenging for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. Because of this, the feild of marketing is changing. Like everything else, marketing has gone digital, new methods such as digital marketing, content marketing are becoming popular. There are also two marketing terms that we often hearing more often – inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Although both these terms are quite different, they’re often confused by many people. Keep reading this blog to learn more about inbound Vs. outbound marketing.

What are Inbound and Outbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing helps users make a decision or solve an issue via helpful and relevant content. This type of marketing attracts potential customers through the use of keywords and converts them into permanent consumers by accompanying them throughout the buyer journey. However, outbound which is more fouced on quantity of advertisments.

Outbound marketing is a kind of intrusive marketing and involves all sorts of paid advertisements such as social ads, traditional advertisements, SEM, and other marketing methods. Unlike inbound marketing, outbound marketing aims to interact and engage with all sorts of potential clients whether or not they’re interested in the brand’s products and services.

What’s The Difference Between Inbound And Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing offers one-way communication

The biggest distinction is that outbound marketing is a one-way street. Whereas inbound marketing ensures two-way communication. This communication between the customers and the companies is crucial to assess if the marketing strategy is successful and allows the organization to see the customer’s response and reaction to the company’s marketing efforts.

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Inbound marketing makes the user come to the business

Because inbound marketing relies on interesting and appealing content that helps clients solve some common issues. The potential client looks for a solution to their problem and ends up on the business’s site through social media, referrals, search engines, and much more.

However, in the case of outbound marketing, the company itself reaches out to the clients through TV ads, radio, cold calls, print media, and other channels.

Inbound marketing helps generate strong relationships between the business and its customers

Inbound marketing involves the use of technology which helps the business learn more about its clients’ preferences and tastes. This helps them create relevant and informative content useful for the customers and helps form a good relationship between the two parties.

When it comes to outbound marketing, it’s often known as interruption marketing. This is because outbound marketing involves cold calling, which often causes an unpleasant interruption for the clients and can also lead to the potential customer losing any interest because of the intrusive approach.

Inbound marketing educates and entertains the customers

Because inbound marketing relies on blogs, infographics, and interesting videos it educates and entertains the potential customers. However, you can also intrest returning customers to invest more. On the contrary, outbound marketing rarely aims to educate or entertain the clients. Because outbound only introduces the product and its main features.

a group of people discussing marketing strategy

Outbound marketing doesn’t involve market segmentation

Market segmentation is crucial to ensure that the company’s marketing efforts are working for you. Identifying the target audience will help your business create content that’s relevant and engaging. As far as outbound marketing is concerned, it doesn’t take into account any target audience. This method has a high risk of failure and relies on sheer numbers.

Get In Touch WithKallen Media and AvailBlog Writing and Posting Services In AZ

To get the most out of your marketing budget, it’s best to hire a digital marketing agency. Partner up with a digital marketing agency to ensure your online presence is an asset. However make sure its a team who understands the diffrences between inbound Vs. outbound marketing.

Hire Kallen Media to ensure just that. Along with digital marketing, we hold expertise in SEO, web designing, content marketing, social media marketing, blog writing, non-profit services, and much more. We provide affordable and premium-quality services to small businesses that have a limited marketing budget.

Reach out to us today to know more about our wide assortment of digital marketing services.

4 Questions to Ask Your Digital Marketing Partner

Current marketing methods and technologies are changing, and new approaches are more than welcome! Because changes happen so quickly, you and your digital marketing partner need to be on the same page. If your partner is familiar with your data, understands your business plan, and isn’t glued to digital media, they should enjoy the opportunity to flex talents! But how do you figure out if you’re on the same page? Here’s four questions to ask your digital marketing partner.

How Will They Improve Your Current Digital Marketing Strategy?

The right digital marketing partner will be improving your existing technologies. For instance, a company’s website plays an key role in it’s marketing. Your digital marketing partner can give you that boost with well-thought marketing strategies. Remember, an efficient digital marketing agency will bring new strategies to the table and try to improve the existing ones. If that’s not the case for your digital marketing partner, then you need to hire a new one.

Are They Making Strategies More Competent?

Digital marketing

The key to digital marketings success is the feilds use of data. Because of this you need to make sure your marketing team aren’t in silos. If you’ve hired multiple digital marketing partners, there’s a chance your company’s marketing is ineffective and not thriving. Different partners bring inconsistency and a difference in tactics as well.

When multiple digital marketing agencies work for you, a change in expertise can cause problems. This can affect your company’s marketing. Try to partner up with one digital marketing agency at a time to evaluate their performance. The most crucial factor is to determine if your digital marketing partner is enhancing your efforts rather than deteriorating them.

Are These Strategies Effective at Boosting Your Business?

Think about how long has your digital marketing partner been on board. Has there been a change in your business sales? Did they help improve traffic to your website and therefor your business? Ponder over all these questions. Moreover, check your sales and the traffic on your social media platforms and other digital media platforms.

Be sure to communicate with them if the sales activity is decreasing. Revisit marketing strategies with your partner; layout your thoughts and questions. Effective communication is key to resolving these issues. Digital marketing partners should convey insights and data across marketing channels. An invested partner should offer recommendations and suggestions considering the latest and effective marketing trends for optimization.

What Is Their Most Innovative Strategy Or Tactic?

Digital platforms are continuously changing, and excellent digital marketing partners should provide you with the latest and innovative ways to capitalize on your marketing plans. furthermore if your digital marketing partner doesn’t give you innovative ideas, then you need to reconsider. The key to digital marketing is thinking outside the box. The audience and viewers are familiar with and fed up with traditional and boring marketing ideas.

To get their attention, your digital marketing partner will come up with something creative that catches eyes. Moreover, they’ll need a digital marketing strategy that’s engaging, because that makes loyal clients. With the right digital marketing strategy, you can effectively attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

Remember, the right digital marketing partner will start communication regarding your marketing plan. However, working with creatives means you need to explain your goals. Partner up with a digital marketing agency that nurtures your company’s marketing needs and is an asset to you. Hire Kallen Media to ensure just that.

Digital Marketing for Businesses: Our Guide

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, several companies have jumped on the digital marketing bandwagon.  Companies have embraced digital marketing to be in a better position to network and engage with their customers. 59% of the organizations globally have accelerated their digital presence during the COVID-19 lockdown. Some are still struggling to make their mark, while others haven’t even stepped into the digital world. So heres our guide to digital marketing for businesses.

scrabble tiles on wooden table spelling out the term, ‘Digital Marketing’

So what is digital marketing? Why has it taken the world by storm? Is it essential for you as a business to partake in digital marketing to boost your business? This blog will answer all your questions about digital marketing. Continue reading to know what digital marketing is, how it works, and why is it so crucial for your business in today’s time?

What Is Digital Marketing?

In simple words, digital marketing is marketing your products and services on a digital platform. You advertise and sell your products by leveraging marketing tactics such as email marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing, etc.

What is marketing? It is making the right offer to the right person, at the right, in the right time. In today’s time, your target audience is online, surfing, browsing, and researching.  Digital marketing puts you in those channels so that you can effectively market your products to your prospects.

a laptop showing digital marketing campaign stats on screen

If you’re new to digital marketing, the idea of mastering it might be a bit overwhelming.

We get that. That’s normal.

You’ll be overwhelmed to see so many tactics and new practices to incorporate in your marketing campaigns. Yes, you’ll have to learn all those tactics as they lay the foundation for your business by attracting potential buyers, compelling them to take the desired action, and making offers to your audience that they will respond to.

Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Just like traditional marketing, digital marketing also aims to strengthen the bond between businesses and their customers, prospects and leads. But the fact that digital marketing reaches more potential consumers is why it has successfully replaced the traditional marketing methods that were much more costly and less effective than digital marketing.

Facebook likes and logo pins

Think about the last purchase you made. From purchasing a new property or hiring someone to fix your home drainage system, you always begin by searching the internet to find out how to deal with the problem or look for the best options available.

Your buying decision is always influenced by the reviews and testimonials you view online. Therefore, an online presence is a necessity for your business, regardless of what you sell.

An effective digital marketing campaign puts you on multiple platforms where people spend most of their screen time. You connect to them via various channels.

  • Generate unique and informative content to keep them updated with the latest news and provide possible solutions for the recent problems to keep your audience engaged.
  • Use multiple social media platforms to share your content that is much light-hearted and casual.
  • Optimize your content with search engine optimization to increase your rank on search engine result pages so that more people can view your website ad its content.
  • Make paid efforts like pay per click (PPC)to drive paid traffic to your sites.
  • Incorporate email marketing to follow up with your prospects and continue updating them with any new offer or announcement.

a person making a digital plan on a paper

When you merge all these tactics, you’ll end up with an easy-to-operate, efficient, and effective digital marketing campaign that’ll be able to meet its objectives.

It might look impossible to incorporate all these components together from scratch into your campaign, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you build an effective digital marketing plan.

How Will Digital Marketing Help Your Business?

A strong digital presence can be helpful in multiple ways:

  • Increase the brand’s awareness.
  • Retain potential customers while attracting new ones.
  • Increase customer loyalty with frequent communication and enhanced engagement.
  • Target the right audience. Thus, saving your finances and time which are both crucial in today’s world.
  • Most digital platforms have some level of reporting that can help refine your ad targeting and design
  • You can easily measure and monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  • Helps your brand gain credibility quickly and sustainably.

three men rejoicing seeing their digital marketing campaign running successfully

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency in Phoenix that’ll help increase your brand’s online presence and take care of all your digital marketing activities, Kallen Media is the right place for you.

From Google ad grant management, web designing, content marketing, SEO services, and social media marketing to blog writing and posting in Phoenix, AZ, we cover all aspects of digital marketing for you within your budget.

Contact us to get a complete range of digital marketing solutions at budget-friendly packages in Phoenix.

Tips for Designing Marketing Strategy

From the day a company is launched till the day it decides to close down, marketing remains one of the essential elements fueling any business’s engines. A company that doesn’t have an effective marketing strategy is bound to fail. Companies are now setting more money aside for marketing. According to a survey, 93% of B2B companies were extremely committed to content marketing, and it generated annual revenue of $300 million in 2019. Here are some essential Tips for Designing Marketing Strategy that can help your business in the long run.

Determine Target Audience

The first step of developing an effective marketing strategy is to identify the target audience. Without getting a clear sense of which demographic or age group you’re targeting, you won’t be able to develop the strategy further.

Identify Business Goals

The next step should be identifying the overarching goal of the company. Hence not every company aims to maximize profits. There are specific non-governmental organizations that work to create awareness who work towards retaining their existing customers.

Once you know what you’re striving to achieve, the following steps become easier.

Select Suitable Medium

Social media apps on a phone

The next step is a crucial one. Based on the population and demographics you’re targeting, you’ll need to select suitable communication mediums.

For example, if you’re targeting all genders aged between 15-50 years, social media marketing, particularly through Facebook and Instagram, would be ideal since they have their highest number of users fall within this age group. So, Newspapers and television have somewhat become obsolete mediums of communication and might not be as effective.


Before choosing the appropriate marketing campaigns for your strategy, you must first calculate some costs and figure out how much budget you can allocate for them. This will give you a framework to work in without cutting back on things after coming up with campaigns.


For this step, you will have to let your creative juices flow. So while you can choose several different campaigns, they can be broad for marketing and promotional campaigns.

Marketing campaigns involve you marketing your company on various platforms in advertisements, blogs, social media posts, etc. Companies can use sophisticated data collection and analysis techniques to infer the audience’s preferences through which they can emphasize or deemphasize certain mediums or campaigns.

Promotional campaigns work best when you pay influencers or bloggers to promote your product, giving you a wider following since they might reach audiences you might not be able to reach.

Want some expert to help you walk through the process? Hire Kallen Media to take care of all your marketing needs. We specialize in SEO, digital marketing, web designing, and much more. Contact us today to invest in a brighter future for your company.

Branding – Things You Should Know

When starting a business branding is essential. (more…)

Advertising for Nonprofits: 3 Verified Marketing Plans

A good advertising plan can make or break a business. And these plans are even harder to make if you’re in a low margin industry. Nonprofits are one type of business where advertising is challenging but essential work. But nonprofits’ unique bearings provide them with some exceptional opportunities. So today, we are going to talk about advertising for nonprofits. If you’re reading this blog, you probably know what a nonprofit is, but how does one advertise effectively?

Any advertising strategy tailored to nonprofits will have specific plans to ensure success. Nonprofits are often emotionally compelling businesses with low operational capital. Because of this, we will talk about strategies that don’t break your bank. in this blog, we address concepts like free PPC ads for nonprofits, media-driven advertisements, and event marketing. We will also give tips about different cost-effective options so you can maximize your advertising budget. So let’s get started by talking about ways your nonprofit can access free ads!

Nonprofit PPC

Digital marketing in any sector often relies on paid print advertisements that encourage traffic to a site. Significant companies like Google and others offer these ads to anyone who needs to spread their message. But unfortunately, in the nonprofit world, these ads can be too expensive. The silver lining for nonprofits is that some advertising agencies will offer this advertisement to nonprofits free of charge. These companies are happy to help registered charities, and the services they provide are top-notch. So what are some examples of nonprofit click-based ads?


One shining example of these ads is the google ad grants program. If you’re operating a registered nonprofit in us, then odds are you could be getting thousands of dollars in marketing services completely free! In an industry where spending even a little money is carefully considered, free marketing is a huge boon. Another strategy to increase your click-through rate is social media advertisements. Similar to other PPC ads, a little bit goes a long way to improving your web traffic. Next, let’s talk about content-based ads and why media is suitable for nonprofits.

Advertising for Nonprofits With Media

Videos and pictures have a unique way of compelling people into action. Unlike text, media can quickly and easily create a personal investment from an audience. Media content’s power to inspire makes it an incredible component of nonprofit advertisement. Content-based advertising can grow your reach and strengthen existing supporters’ bonds. Supporting charities is a fulfilling activity for many folks, and many people will jump at the chance to help a nonprofit. But what kind of media should you be producing?

Videos are exceptional when advertising for nonprofits; many people still remember classic in the arms of the angels’ ads from decades ago. If you can find a way to represent how important your work is in visual form, the odds are that content will resonate with your audience. but you don’t solely have to rely on video. An evocative picture or series of photos can be a powerful educational tool. Lastly, media can bring exposure to lesser-known operations. By teaming up with production staff, your nonprofit gains access to multiple channels to entice new and old supporters. Another terrific way to gain support is by physically approaching clients and donors through event marketing. 

Nonprofit Events

From silent auctions to full-on parties, events are a time-honored fundraising method for nonprofits. But these events can be a marketing powerhouse as well. A flashy event or a good time is a chance to reward your loyal team and bring in brand new supporters. Event marketing is an expensive gamble, but potential rewards from it are high. If you pull off a quality event, you’ll have your donors thinking about you for years to come! But events aren’t purely about donations; you can use events for crowdsourcing as well.


A charity event like a barn raising or food drive can dramatically increase your hands on deck. group work makes specific impossible tasks into achievable goals. One classic example of this collaborative event work is holiday soup kitchens; every year, people come together across the world to feed people less fortunate. From crowdfunding to donor acquisition, there are lots of reasons a nonprofit should look into event marketing.

Advertising for Nonprofits

The right kind of advertising can be a tremendous asset to companies bottom line. But without a colossal budget, marketing can seem like a distant dream. Fortunately for charities, while it might be hard, advertising for nonprofits is an important task. Some methods are the same as regular ads but with unique benefits. Unlike a standard for-profit, some PPC like google ad grants are free for nonprofits. Nonprofits also have strong emotional undertones. If you create media content, you can capitalize on that emotion. And lastly, we talked about the different kinds of event marketing that are most useful for charitable businesses. Kallen Media has been working with nonprofits since day one. If you need a custom marketing strategy to help your nonprofit, check out our blog on work we’ve done with other nonprofits like Latham Centers.

Conversational Marketing: Developing Customer Outreach

Conversational marketing used to be a strictly one-on-one interaction between an agent and a customer. But technology is enabling conversations that people and businesses could never imagine. As our entertainment evolves, marketing is changing with it, and conversational marketing is having a rebirth. Now more than ever, companies are choosing to lower the curtain and engage with their clientele.

Today we will outline how to create real conversations with your clientele and outline why conversational marketing is rising. After that, we will touch on two growing mediums companies are using to generate customer input. Everyone knows understanding your customers is important, but most people don’t want to engage with faceless corporate entities. So how do you get people to interact with a company?

Creating Real Conversations


People like to feel heard and understood, and obviously, trying to understand everyone is a hard thing to do. But brands who are doing this well know it’s better to listen first and ask questions. A good marketing campaign that involves people provides an easy route for participation. Conversational marketing helps break down these barriers and really lets you collect input from real customers. And once your company is recognized as a trusted communicator, your reputation will proceed you.


Creating engagement is difficult, but it’s a necessary step to your brand’s success. Word of mouth endorsements is a time-honored way to drive sales and grow a business. A brand that is utilizing conversational marketing tactics can easily generate these valuable endorsements. Even the best ads are worth less than someone’s friend or family member personally referring them. And now more than ever, companies are trying to leverage this precious resource.

Trending Into 2021


During the lockdown, a lot of brands have lost valuable advertising spaces they formerly relied on. This insulation has deeply changed marketing, and personal outreach has become an essential part of branding marketing plans. With people stuck at home, brands are forced to come to the table and talk with their niche. Fortunately, conversational marketing has been thriving under these conditions. Brands that adopted social media strategy pre-pandemic have continued to thrive even though they lost their customers’ exposure.

Marketing plans that relied on people driving their own narrative have been successful in this unique landscape. And conversational marketing thrived under pandemic conditions. The unique fact that people could still reach out from inside their own homes online was a boon to this outreach style. One precious tool companies have been using to make real conversations with people is social media platforms.



Social media has its problems, but it has always dominated one area by connecting people with other people. Companies that understand how strong this tool has been able to grow entire business empires by leveraging followers and influencers. There are many different strategies for growing a brand on social media, but they all rely on connecting with real people.


Social media marketing was already on the rise before the pandemic for years, but it became many brands’ single point of contact during the last year. Diversity is important in any marketing plan, but social media marketing is currently the single best way companies can connect to their customers. A smart marketing strategy for 2020-2021 should be social media-heavy. Another strategy that companies have been using to connect to customers is podcasting.

Podcast Copy


Podcasting copy is a widely accepted way some modern brands are using to get affordable advertising spaces. Like radio was a boon to local small businesses, podcasting enables companies to grow and expand their markets. Podcasters spend a long time developing trust with their audience, so if you can make a connection and build a relationship with a podcaster, you can get access to that whole community.

Podcasting is on the rise as a lot of people’s daily entertainment. And marketing agencies are recognizing this trend, but small businesses can follow in suit. It’s easier than some people think to reach out to a podcast and sponsor them. Podcasting copy gives companies the chance to get a message out to a target market.

Conversational Marketing


Conversational marketing has seen a recent wave of modernization, and everyone is benefiting. Companies are using modern tools to create actual conversations with customers, and we see positive results. Customers are being heard, and products they like are being shared faster than ever.

In 2020 and 2021, the pandemic has stuck people at home. But isolation isn’t a problem for modern conversational marketing. Tools like social media and podcasting have enabled people to connect from the safety of their houses. Companies that have adapted to these formats have seen great successes. If you’re looking for help developing your marketing strategy and want to include real customer outreach, Kallen Media can help. Contact our social media marketing team to develop a customized approach to your customer outreach.

2022 Recruitment Marketing: a Brief Overview

Filling a job position is one of the most exciting changes a business can make. A new hire can bring ideas and life to your company! But between H.R, managers, and everyone else on the hiring team, it can feel like a time-consuming process. Over the years, recruitment marketers have tried to make this field more efficient. And in 2020, recruitment marketing has advanced so far that this process can be fast and painless.

Today we will explain a little bit about the basics of recruitment marketing. In the blog, we will tell you about some current tools and methods of these businesses. And finally, we will also answer an important question; In a time where there are more candidates than ever, how is recruitment marketing responding? So let’s get started with a quick rundown of what recruitment marketing is!

Modern Recruitment Marketing


Recruitment marketing is the process of finding and nurturing talent to work for your business. This process pairs the right employees with the jobs best suited for them. Recruitment marketers partner with job searching platforms, utilize specialized software, and even comb social media. Essentially these people will work with your company to find candidates who exceed your expirations. But how does it all work?

Recruitment marketers do the hard work. Whether by using software of personally reviewing candidates, the recruitment team determines what strengths someone should have to succeed. After outlining ideal candidates, the recruitment team identifies quality candidates and connects them to the relevant parties. This process is complicated, but the potential hires you find are top contenders in a massive talent pool. So how do these companies find candidates?

Recruitment Marketing Tools


One of the best tools in the recruitment marketing arsenal is partnerships with job searching tools. Companies like Indeed and others often team up with companies to get more access to people looking for jobs. By being involved on the ground level with these systems, recruitment teams can comb through massive pools of data. In fields where end-users communication is low, this data can make sure your coworkers will be a good fit. Job searching tools also let these professionals connect to people actively looking for work.


Another valuable tool for connection is social media. Social media has two crucial roles in relation and vetting. Social media is a perfect tool for reaching people and spreading a branded message. Recruitment marketers understand this and will use social media accounts to promote companies branded content toward potential hires. Social media also can help you research a candidate. It is no secret that your job might see your social media presence, but your future jobs are all watching too!

Recruitment During the Pandemic


From both sides of the table, recruitment during the COVID-19 pandemic can feel impossible. Candidates are stuck at home while jobs flood with applicants. Now more than ever, it has become hard to figure out who is the best bet for a job. But fortunately, these strategies only work better with more choices! These services can also benefit people searching for work. Recruitment services can put you into a position which is a good fit for you, and often faster than other resources.

Although the pandemic has caused a massive increase in job searches, recruitment marketing is ready. Most of the job of recruitment marketers is to identify the best person for a job. And even though there might be more candidates, the jobs are pretty much the same. So lots of applicants mean more choices and more kinds of people. On the flip side, recruitment is more efficient than cold applications. When a person has a relationship with a company, they become trusted. Being presented by a recruitment team as a candidate, you’re already vetted by people the company trusts. By having an in from a recruitment marketer, a candidate can shine even brighter!


2020 Recruitment Marketing


Are you having trouble finding the best hire you can get? Recruitment marketing helps fill positions with qualified professionals. And in 2020, recruitment marketing is becoming more useful than ever. In the modern age, recruitment marketing exists to make hiring easy and painless. The most effective tools for recruitment marketing are partnerships and connections. Companies like indeed help marketers find people, and social media helps them connect easily! But does this all work during the pandemic? Short answer, yes. This health crisis has created an influx of candidates, but recruitment marketers are here to help!

For a business taking the time to search through candidates can feel like a costly chore. But recruitment marketing services are here to save you time and money. If you’ve been struggling to fill a job position, or you have too many candidates to decide, Kallen media can make your decision easy. Reach out to us today and get in touch for help with recruitment marketing.

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