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Building a Comedic Brand: Humor in Marketing

No-one wants to be humorless, and neither should a business! In the ever-growing landscape of the industry, can build a comedic brand, can help a company stand out? From brand outreach to internal communication, engaging content can improve every facet of a business’s identity. But is it right for you?


Too Soon: Is Comedic Branding Right For You?


While it may seem risky comedic dialogue can be a highly useful tool for communication. There was a time companies viewed comedic marketing as dangerous. They didn’t want to be unprofessional. In 2019 however, we had seen an eruption of huge brands using a humorous presence online to generate massively successful marketing campaigns.

This explosion of success for comedic brands in recent years has proven the value of comedy in marketing. Is your content feeling a little dry or informative? Humor can help dissolve the tension so information can get through to consumers. Humor can improve branded content, but it should be used selectively.



While humor is now widely recognized as a useful marketing tool, it should be used with discretion. While a doctor probably shouldn’t joke about your surgery, a joke about hospital food might help calm a patient down. Comedy is a useful marketing tool, but where and why is comedy effective?


A Time and a Place: Where Humor Works


The best place to inject humor into brands is crucial touchpoints. Just a few laughs can make your content unforgettable. Comedy is a valuable tool for gathering attention and creating lasting impacts on customers. Today companies have mere seconds to gain consumer’s attention, and a competitive edge makes the difference. Building a comedic brand can help bring a grounded presence to a company’s public image.

Because of humor’s ability to create a memorable experience, comedy is also a valuable tool for social media outreach. Relatable jokes can help a social media marketing campaign break the ice with consumers. Beyond awareness, having a reputation as a humorous brand can forge a lasting bond between a brand and its targeted niche. But humor isn’t only useful to companies externally.

A time-honored tradition for a company-wide event is the stand-up comedian host. And some traditions exist because they work. Humor can help dismantle borders between a company and its employees. These kinds of events help create a fun work environment that aides in a culturally impactful workspace. So you know where humor is effective, but how do companies capitalize on it?


How to Use Humor Effectively


Using comedy to send a message can be a tricky situation, but getting your message noticed is a topic we have covered before. Knowing your audience and what they like is essential. Does the target market respond to sarcasm? Maybe be edgier with your jokes. Are your competitors all making the same topical joke? You might want to change things up! Understanding the dialogue around you is essential to comedy. Once you know your message, it’s important to represent your audience.

In addition to understanding the brand’s message, jokes are more comfortable when made with multiple perspectives. Sometimes a company can be too close to the trees to see the forest and can miss the mark when making humorous content. By acquiring professional social media management or professional web designers with backgrounds in comedy, a brand can learn a robust comedic presence after establishing your identity as a comedic brand its essential to maintain and grow your niche.



Once you have built a comedic identity, consistency is vital. Maintaining your flow of humorous content is essential. Consistency allows you to build a reputation for humor, which can help attract and grow your target segments. This also provides more feedback, which in turn improves your strategies. Comedy’s reliance on an audience makes it the perfect branding tool. So how do you get started creating your brand a little bit more jovial?


Building Your Comedic Brand


Building your comedic brand can seem like a daunting task. Where do you start? Well, it’s important to follow your content marketing strategy. No matter what having a clear, consistent, and targeted message is essential. Without clear objectives, it will be impossible to make entertaining content that reflects your message well.

Essentially comedy is a proven tool to gain attention and improve information retention. In a world of high-speed internet, our businesses need to be using every competitive strategy they can find. By utilizing humor strategically throughout their communication, a brand can both expand and strengthen its market segment. But how do you know your jokes are landing?

Luckily for us, telling if your humorous communications are effective is easy! Are your posts being shared and liked? Good! You’re doing great. Measuring the effectiveness of these campaigns is as easy as following the data. For more information on how humor can fit into your online presence, contact Kallen Media LLC.

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