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Digital Marketing Strategies for Musicians: Expand Your Audience

Marketing is crucial for musical careers as it amplifies visibility and cultivates a loyal fanbase. Promoting music through digital channels effectively enhances discoverability, while strategic campaigns create buzz. Marketing empowers musicians to connect authentically, drive engagement, and navigate the competitive industry, propelling their careers to new heights. Do you know any digital marketing strategies for musicians?

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, digital marketing has become a game-changer for musicians striving to reach a broader audience. Gone are the days when artists relied solely on traditional methods; today, the digital realm offers many opportunities to connect with fans and build a thriving community. In this blog, we’ll explore effective digital marketing strategies that can help musicians engage a wider audience and elevate their presence in the competitive music scene.

Social Media Mastery

Social media is one of the most potent tools in a musician’s digital marketing arsenal. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok provide a direct line of communication with fans. Create a consistent posting schedule to keep your audience engaged and leverage the power of visuals to tell your story. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses, live performances, and interactive content to forge a genuine connection with your followers.

DJ and crowd

Consider creating a blog or vlog on your website to share your journey, insights, and experiences. This content gives fans a deeper look into your world and enhances your website’s SEO, making it easier for potential fans to discover you through search engines. Share anecdotes, discuss your creative process, and interview collaborators to provide valuable and shareable content.

Harness the Power of Streaming Platforms

With the rise of streaming services, musicians have unprecedented access to a global audience. Optimize your presence on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube by creating engaging playlists, collaborating with influencers, and using eye-catching visuals for your tracks. Consistent releases and strategic playlist placements can significantly boost your visibility.

Collaborate and Cross-Promote

Collaborations with other artists and influencers can exponentially expand your reach. Identify potential partners whose audience aligns with yours and work together on projects, whether a joint single, a live performance, or a social media takeover. Cross-promoting introduces your music to new audiences and fosters a sense of community within the industry.

Press Interactions

A proficient digital marketing team facilitates meaningful interactions between musicians and the press. Firstly, they craft compelling press releases, effectively conveying the artist’s narrative. The section establishes relationships with critical media outlets through targeted outreach, securing coverage that aligns with the artist’s brand. Utilizing social media, they amplify press features, reaching a wider audience and maximizing impact. Additionally, the team can organize virtual press conferences, interviews, or exclusive content previews, fostering direct connections between musicians and journalists. With strategic planning and coordination, a digital marketing team navigates the dynamic landscape of the press. It ensures that musicians garner positive exposure, enhancing their visibility and credibility within the industry.

Interactive Fan Experiences

Engage your audience through interactive experiences: host live Q&A sessions, virtual concerts, or exclusive online events. Platforms like Twitch and Instagram Live provide real-time interaction, allowing fans to connect with you on a personal level. Consider running contests or polls to involve your audience in decision-making, making them feel valued contributors to your artistic journey.

DJ on a board

Invest in Targeted Advertising

While organic growth is essential, targeted advertising can give your digital marketing efforts a strategic boost. Utilize social media advertising to reach specific demographics and promote your music to potential fans who align with your genre and style. A well-crafted ad campaign can generate buzz and drive traffic to your social media profiles or website.

Build and nurture your fanbase through email marketing. Encourage fans to subscribe to your newsletter on your website and regularly send out updates, exclusive content, and special offers. Email marketing provides a more personal and direct communication channel, allowing you to cultivate a dedicated following.

Mastering Digital Marketing for Musical Success

In the digital age, musicians wield potent tools to amplify their reach. Social media mastery fosters direct communication, while content creation through blogs and vlogs enhances discoverability. Email marketing nurtures a dedicated fanbase, and streaming platforms provide global accessibility.

Collaboration and targeted advertising are crucial for expanding reach and building a community. Interactive experiences, from live sessions to virtual concerts, deepen fan connections. In summary, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy involves engaging content, strategic collaborations, and targeted promotions.

Embrace the digital landscape to shape your narrative and connect authentically. By doing so, musicians can navigate the evolving music industry, leaving a lasting impression on a global scale. Experiment, captivate audiences, and watch your music resonate in the dynamic and expansive digital universe.

Luckily, you can build a team to handle promotions, allowing you to focus solely on your music! Feel free to reach out if you’re seeking a team experienced in Digital Marketing Strategies for Musicians.

Zona Music Festival review

This past weekend the first inaugural Zona Music Festival took place at Margaret T. Hance Park in Downtown Phoenix! Another new festival in Phoenix is enormous for the ever-growing music scene out here. Created by Arizona’s largest indie promoter, PsykoSteve, this festival features indie, alternative, and old-school acts for all types of listeners. Trust us; the Zona Music Festival Review won’t disappoint!

On the festival’s first day, Arizona broke a state record for most single-day rainfall since 1908, but that didn’t stop thousands from showing up to have a good time. Luckily enough for attendees, the festival offered a new re-entry policy for the weekend, allowing everyone to come and go as they pleased.

The Setup at Margaret T Hance Park

Zona music 2

If you have ever attended Mcdowell Mountain Music Festival, the stage setups are in the same spots in the park. For Zona, a 4th stage popped up in the tunnel underneath Central Ave, along with a local beer garden and a village of local vendors! The main stage could have been a tad bigger and featured video monitors to see the artists playing on stage, but for the first year, it was fine. The VIP areas at the Nicks and Ronstadt stages could have been improved for what you’re paying. An elevated viewing area to keep patrons out of the mud would have sufficed. Aside from the dirt, which the festival had little control over, the only downside of the setup was the lack of water stations, and the ones that existed were empty within hours of doors opening. 

The Lineup and sets

We wrote about the lineup here when the festival was announced. However, some disappointing last-minute changes were out of anyone’s control. One of the most hyped-up acts on the lineup, Tegan and Sara, dropped two days before the festival as one of the members came down with Covid-19. The same goes for Waxahatchee and Kevin Morby, who were pulled the day of the festival, citing Covid-19. We didn’t let these two acts pulling out deter our spirits and still went into the festival excited for everyone playing.

There were no bad acts at this festival, but some shows stood out more than others. The Bleachers were phenomenal live and fought through the sound issues at the end of their set. They also brought out Bartees Strange to sing a Tegan and Sara song to make up for them having to pull out. Beach House put on a show in the pouring rain to close out night 1. Alex and Victoria seemed right at home in the shower, pouring their heart and soul into every song they played. Day 2 Turnover was the highlight while the sun was still in the sky. At night Japanese Breakfast was the star of the show. She brought radiant energy to the stage and had the whole crowd jumping. Closing out the festival was Portugal. The Man who put on a psychedelic ending set. Along with all these great acts, this festival propped up local artists from around the valley and gave them a stage to perform, which is something more festivals should be doing. 

Overall Experience

Despite the mud, the first-ever Zona Music Festival was a success and a blast for everyone involved. This event is a step in the right direction for the Arizona music scene, as there is no major indie/alternative festival in the state. So we were overjoyed to write this Zona Music Festival review! Zona was reminiscent of VIVA Phx, which used to take over all Downtown Phoenix’s venues, bars, and streets.

Zona music

We look forward to seeing what they will do with this festival next year and in the future. Hopefully, the festival will stay in Downtown Phoenix, but if it were to move, Tempe Beach Park could also be a good home for the festival. Who do you think is going to headline the festival next year?

Upcoming events in Phoenix

As we approach fall and much cooler weather, many outdoor events pop up across the valley. Regardless of what genre of music you like, something is happening to everyone. We breathe Phoenix music and couldn’t be more excited about the potential fall lineups! So today, we wanted to give you a rundown on some upcoming events in Phoenix. We cover everything from small events to multiday festivals, which have only recently released details about the festivities.

Block Parties

Throughout the fall, three different block parties occur in Phoenix and Tempe. In just a couple of weeks, Downtown Tempe will host two block parties on the same weekend.

Jauz, a prominent bass house artist, will bring his Bite This! Block Party to Mill Ave on September 24th. This block party will be bumping bass house late into the night, featuring a lineup of Jauz, Habstrakt, Moore Kismet, BRODY, and Seppi. Bite This! is a record label founded by Jauz that he describes as “A group of creative people, doing and making what they want to, how they want to, with absolutely zero fucks given. Pushing boundaries, making magic happen, discovering new horizons, and creating truly unique, fresh music and art on all platforms”.

Phoenix shows

Phoenix shows

Founded to release music how he chooses, many other artists are opting to start their label for the same reason. The following day, September 25th, tech house superstar John Summit is hosting his record label Off the Grid Recs for another block party. The lineup features John Summit, Deeper Purpose, and Ducati, all tech house artists, with releases on Off the Grid Recs. Off the Grid is a new record label founded by John Summit aimed at lifting the smaller house and techno artists into the spotlight through strategic online branding if you want to learn more about music marketing and how record labels work.

Renaissance Square in Downtown Phoenix is hosting a two-day Halloween-themed block party. The Body Language Halloween Weekender takes place October 28th & 29th courtesy of Relentless Beats, Chico Malo, and Wren & Wolf. Following up on Cinco in the City block parties, expect gourmet eats.

Music Festivals

Next week, September 23rd, the first-ever Hearts on Fire Music Festival is at the Phoenix Raceway. A single-day punk rock/emo festival featuring The All American Rejects, Boys Like Girls, Mayday Parade, Cray, Set it Off, and Young Misery. This new festival is a collaboration between Relentless Beats and Psycho Steve Presents, two big promoting companies out of Phoenix. Relive your emo phase and scream the words to all your favorite punk rock songs from the early 2000s. 

We’re just a little under a month away from the 5th inaugural Goldrush Music Festival, which has a theme of Neon Dreams this year and will be taking place at the Phoenix Raceway for the first year ever. The show will be huge, Featuring three days of non-stop dance music on five different stages with a wide range of artists! This festival is always a good time and transports you to the wild west. This year’s headliners include AC Slater, Excision, Chris Lake, Kaskade, Rezz, and many more. Goldrush has a DJ competition every year where you can open the festival’s main stage! If you are a producer or want to learn more about producing, read our blog post. To check out the full lineup or purchase tickets, you can visit https://goldrushfestaz.com. but there are even bigger upcoming events in Phoenix!

Zona and Decadence

The first-ever Zona Music Festival is heading to Downtown Phoenix on December 3rd & 4th. This one is for all the indie and alternative lovers with headliners Beach House, Portugal. The Man and Bleachers. We did a complete write-up of this festival on our blog; you can check it out here.

Decadence Arizona returns with a new home at the Phoenix Raceway on December 30th & 31st. Ring in the new year with the biggest party in Arizona, as this festival’s lineup is stacked. So far, Fisher, Louis The Child, Porter Robinson, Zeds Dead, and others have all signed on to the lineup. As we get closer to the event, you can expect to learn more about its lineup.

Tucson Events and Shows

World-renowned producer and DJ Bonobo are heading to Rialto Theater on October 12th. After releasing his 7th studio album, “Fragments,” Bonobo is headlining a live tour that is a must-see! A month later, Downtown Tucson is hosting the Dusk Music and Arts Festival at Jacome Plaza. Dusk has always focused on the local arts scene in Tucson and always incorporates local artists into the multiday festival. Griz, Young The Giant, and Alison Wonderland are headlining this year’s festival. This multi-genre music festival is fun for all ages. Check out our other blogs for recaps of these upcoming events in Phoenix!

Goldrush: Neon Dreams 2022 Review

At the beginning of October, Relentless Beats hosted the 5th annual Goldrush Music Festival, and a few team members took the trip to the Phoenix Raceway to experience it. With the theme this year being Neon Dreams, a nod to old Vegas, Goldrush leaves behind its iconic western cowboy theme. 2022 was the first year the festival took place at the raceway and not at Rawhide Event Center, and although these changes made the festival different from what it once was, it was still a great festival overall. 100+ talented artists performed over the weekend across the festival’s five stages, so we have a lot to talk about! Welcome to the goldrush neon dreams 2022 review! 

goldrush 2022

The Setup at Phoenix Raceway

This year was the first time there was more than one large stage at a festival held at the raceway, so we had no idea what to expect. There was the mainstage megastructure called “Paradise Prairie,” a more petite side stage called “Moonrise Mountain” inside the warehouse, and there was a stage called “Coyote Cove,” along with a silent disco and art car. The scenes were far apart; once in the crowd, the sound bleed was minimal, if not non-existent. The production level on the three more giant steps was good but could have been better.

Paradise Prairie lacked pyro and had technical difficulties with the lasers on the first night. Coyote Cove, the warehouse stage, was our favorite, with numerous disco balls above and around the artist, a color-changing desert backdrop, and lasers on every side of the warehouse. The lasers covered every inch of the air above us and put on a spectacular light show to accompany each set. The after-parties were also located inside the warehouse, blasting music until 5 AM each day of the festival.

The Lineup

Goldrush featured something for everyone to enjoy. The festival’s headliners included Excision, Kaskade, Rezz, and more. That’s barely scratching the surface of this massive lineup. The undercard included talented acts like G Jones, Space Laces, HoneyLuv, and many more. There was plenty of local talent, too, with standout acts like Residuo, Tavatli, Avitas, Animate, and Peachy Keen. Like previous years, Goldrush hosted a DJ competition to open the mainstage; this year, Little Fohx was the winner. She performed a fantastic set. If you’re interested in learning to navigate the music scene as a DJ, check out our blog post here.

There weren’t any bad sets. However, a few stood out more than others. Versa made his Arizona debut at Goldrush this year. Despite being one of the first performers, he delivered complex hitting bass music to Moonrise Mountain. Skepsis had the whole warehouse jumping with his bass lines, accompanied by an other-worldly laser show. The energy within the warehouse during his set was unreal. Unsurprisingly Chris Lake put on a spectacular show like he always does; every time he performs, it is an entirely different set. Playing more techno than he usually does on the main stage of a festival is a sight to behold.

After the festival’s second day, Acraze did not play the festival at all for an after-party. He played an insane set full of tech house until 4 AM in the warehouse. Dom Dolla closed out the festival on Moonrise Mountain and played the best set we’ve seen from him, his mixing skills were next level, and he put on quite the show. The after-party that night featured Space Laces, and he tore apart the warehouse; he is one of the best in the dubstep genre. He is a genius producer and an even more talented DJ, and you can see it in his sets. 

Final Review of Goldrush

goldrush 2022

Goldrush: Neon Dreams was a great three-day festival; everything was outstanding, from the stages to the production to the lineup. We couldn’t have been happier to write the goldrush neon dreams 2022 review! The sets we ended up catching were terrific, and there were some tough calls regarding set conflicts. Every artist on the lineup is worth checking out, as they are incredibly talented. We had very few problems regarding the crowd, and it was a good time everywhere we went. Overall the festival was terrific; however, it can not compare to the last edition of Goldrush in 2021, where the western town was in the center of the festival. While we miss Rawhide, the new festival grounds are promising and have a bright future.

Night Bass Sound LA Show Review

As a music marketing team, our staff is passionate about getting out of the office and going to shows. We recently sat down with coworkers who could attend a company outing to the Night Bass show at Sound LA. Our team had glowing reviews, and after hearing about the night ourselves, we knew we had to tell our clients about this show! So welcome to the Night Bass Sound LA show review! This review will cover everything from the venue to the lineup and after-parties. 

Sound LA and Night Bass

Sound LA is a Hollywood nightlife staple. The club is centrally located on Las Palmas and has a massive dance floor in the middle of everything. There’s also an incredible amount of rigging that allows speakers and lights to change from show to show. These cutting-edge special effects and welcoming environment set the environment apart from other nightclubs. Sound even has a back patio if you want to get away from the music for a second. But for our team, the real draw was the music.

night bass show

AC Slater and Night Bass Records brought back the bi-monthly Thursday bass house show at Sound LA. This August, Night Bass unveiled a diverse lineup! Founder and artist AC Slater opened the night with a UK garage set, followed by a long-time veteran Petey Clicks b2b SHDWS set. Both these artists have recent releases, and fans in the crowd were already singing along. Then there was the headliner who performed his US debut: NuBass! While the released lineup was crazy, the special guests piqued fans’ interest! The crowd was lucky enough to experience long-time dubstep pioneer, Kill The Noise perform a bass house set with Night Bass’ label boss, AC Slater. 

The Experience

We recommend getting to your shows early. Popular venues like this tend to fill up, and we saw people missing shows and waiting in line throughout the evening. Luckily Sound knows what they’re doing, so the busy crowds are well managed, and multiple bars make it easy to get drinks or fun street-inspired snacks like pizza by the slice. In between sets, the place to be is the back left outside bar area. Here you can get some reprieve from the crowd while also checking out merch and grabbing a quick drink. The best part about this area is that it’s where you have the best chance of running into artists! This past Thursday, we had the pleasure of running into the likes of Hans Glader, Kendoll, Bijou, and Kill The Noise, to name just a few.

night bass show 2

In between sets, the place to be is the back left outside bar area. Here you can get some reprieve from the crowd while also checking out merch and grabbing a quick drink. The best part about this area is that it’s where you have the best chance of running into artists! This past Thursday, we had the pleasure of running into the likes of Hans Glader, Kendoll, Bijou, and Kill The Noise, to name just a few.

The Sets

AC Slater has a long history of promoting great shows through Night Bass, and they are equally skilled on stage. His set had a distinct UK garage sound that we all love. This opening set the tone for the night’s rest with upbeat bangers and unique remixes. The next set of the night featured an electric back-to-back between Petey Clicks and SHDWS. Petey kept the groove moving while SHDWS added in the deep and dark basslines of some of his heavy hitters like “Vixen” and “Es Ami.” This B2B  was the point people started to rush the stages and let loose! Once it was time for NuBass, the dance floor was alive with anticipation for this debut US set. NuBass did not disappoint! The energy flowed on the dancefloor with some of the crowd favorites like “The Night” and “Knock Knock.”

Night Bass Shows

This show was a classic. Night Bass and Sound came together to make one of the best shows our team has been to in a long time. So thank you for taking the time to read the Night Bass Sound LA show review! We covered the artists, the bar, and even some secret tricks you can use to have as good a night as our team did! If you missed Night Bass at Sound LA, there are bi-monthly events! Chris Lorenzo b2b AC Slater concert is on for November, and we will be there too! Are you looking to break into the LA scene and get on shows like this one? Kallen Media has experience working with musicians at every level, and we are always happy to help grow your fanbase. Get a quote for our artists’ development services for more info!

ZONA Music Festival: Festival Spotlight

A brand new music festival is coming to Downtown Phoenix this winter. The first-ever inaugural ZONA Music Festival will take place on December 3rd & 4th, calling Margaret T. Hance park it’s new home. Brought to you in collaboration with Psycho Steve Presents and Downtown Phoenix Inc, the first edition of ZONA will be huge. Reminiscent of the once great VIVA PHX Festival, this boutique festival is for all lovers of alternative, indie, pop, and rock. 

The festival announcement was Wednesday, August 24th, in a press conference where Mayor Kate Gallego and Congressman Greg Stanton gave a few words before an acoustic performance from Phoenix-based band Breakup Shoes.


Who’s On The Lineup?


ZONA Music Festival is a breath of fresh air for the Phoenix Indie music scene featuring a diverse lineup of national and local talent. Set to headline the festival is Beach House, Portugal. The Man, Bleachers, Tegan & Sara, and Japanese Breakfast. With an undercard featuring great acts such as Chicano Batman, Lucy Dacus, The Front Bottoms, TV Girl, and many more! It doesn’t stop there, though, as 40 bands and various local vendors will transform Margaret T. Hance park this winter. 

Psycho Steve Presents has been involved in the Phoenix music scene for over 20 years and has always emphasized incorporating local talent within their events. This show is no different. It features touring acts that originated here in Phoenix, such as UPSALH, Breakup Shoes, and Sydney Sprague, who have all recently had significant years in their careers. Joining them are up-and-coming local talents such as Pariah Pete, Glixen, Playboy Manboy, Diva Bleach, and Miniature Tigers. 

Finishing up the killer lineup are Bartees Strange, Beach Goons, Black Carl, Chloe Lilac, Destroy Boys, flor, the Garden, the Happy Fits, Jeff Rosenstock, July Talk, Lucius, the National Parks, Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, Pom Pom Squad, the Red Pears, the Regrettes, SALES, SASAMI, Sitting On Stacy, Sub Urban, Turnover, Waxahatchee, and Kevin Morby.


The Buzz


“We are beyond thrilled to be among this incredible lineup and return to one of our favorite cities in the United States. It’s been three years, and we look forward to getting on stage and strutting our stuff at ZONA in December!” Tegan Quin & Sara Quin said in a recent press release. Destroy Boys said, “So excited to return to Phoenix for ZONA festival!!! So many killer bands are playing, plus this is one of our favorite cities.”


Our favorite artists playing ZONA


Baltimore-based indie-pop duo Beach House is headlining the festival, and rightly so. The last time the duo played in Arizona was in May 2018, making this a long-awaited comeback. Coming straight off the tour of their brand new album “Once Twice Melody, “this is a set you won’t want to miss. 

Michelle Zauner, also known by her stage name Japanese Breakfast, is another artist headlining the two-day festival in the winter. Combining the sounds of alternative and pop, her most recent album, “Jubilee,” has something everyone will like. Japanese Breakfast will be a weekend standout with an incredible stage presence and a bubbly personality.

Hidden within the undercard is Lucy Dacus, an extremely talented singer and songwriter, with bandmates Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker. Her third solo album, “Home Video,” is an emotional autobiography about her religious upbringing in Virginia and her self-exploration battle.

The Front Bottoms are another undercard band that is a must-see. Hailing from New Jersey, this rock band has been around since 2006 and found its fame within the midwest emo and punk scenes in the early 2010s. The band has great energy on stage and puts on a great show every time they perform.

Weekend passes are available on  ZONAmusicfest.com Single-day GA and VIP tickets won’t be available until closer to the festival date. Make sure to check this one outcome during wintertime.

Music Marketing: From Indie to Labels

Are you having trouble producing music that gets the same attention as big labels? or are you working in a music house and wondering how your promotions work? Getting listeners can be an uphill battle, but as long as you know what you’re doing, it’s only a matter of time before you have a dedicated fanbase! The music industry isn’t unique; just like any other business that sells a product, you need to market your goods! So today, let’s talk about music marketing.

This blog covers everything you want to know about how professionals get the word out about new music. We talk about the industry’s supply chain and how that affects promotion schedules. We will cover the traditional routes labels use to fast-track artists and the new tools available to independent promoters. Finally, we will cover some general marketing tactics people use in the industry that have helped them grow. However, it’s important to remember that none of this matters without the music!


Create Market and Promote


The central engine of any indie production or label is the content your artists make. So it would be best if you had a consistent supply of art to support shows or airtime. Modern fans have become accustomed to constant entertainment. And the music industry is held to that same fast-paced standard. This combination of high demand and consistent supply creates a perfect marketing environment.

Currently, the world of music marketing can break down into two major camps; old-school marketing and the new wave. The traditional styles of music marketing involve dedicated PR teams and associations with important institutions like radio stations. This strategy relies on trusted go-betweens to show off your music. The cutting-edge techniques in music marketing have a much heavier reliance on the artists. These plans involve forming grassroots fan bases yourself and often involve social media and different, less industry-connected paths to success.


Social Media Marketing


For over a decade, digital marketing has taken full advantage of social media platforms. Advertising and building online communities drive social media; the digital marketing world financially backs the hosts of these platforms. The unique component of the music industry in this lense is the addition of streaming services. Almost everyone pays for or has access to at least one streaming platform and a social media presence. These two things can build off each other by providing content and listeners interchangeably. The two systems function incredibly similarly, which means you get a lot of user crossover. No matter your route, you’ll have to use social media while promoting your music.


PR and Radio Campaigns


PR is an integral part of how labels promote their artists. In the music world, it’s essential to live the lifestyle you are promoting, and PR teams help show potential fans a curated version of the artist. PR teams don’t just work in isolation; they also work a lot directly with their musicians. Media training is vital; any good PR team will prepare a client for general interactions and press junkets. No one is born ready to deal with a media circus, but with help from a PR team, anyone can get prepared for the limelight. A prime example of this is appearances on radio or TV interviews.

Radio campaigns are a time-honored way to promote music and an artist simultaneously. 88% of adults listen to radio weekly, and these listeners tune in for around 12.2 hours! So you can reach an incredible amount of people if you can get a radio appearance. Labels will often send artists on tours of stations to promote new content, and similarly, they have established relationships with DJs to secure consistent airtime for their tracks.


Digital Music Promotion


In recent years digital marketing has taken over the scene. With most entertainment shifting to online mediums, it has become crucial to have a presence for your music online. At a basic level, every artist should have some form of a digital press kit, a packet of things you can give out to people who might promote your music! This space is where smaller artists have been thriving. By staying connected to real people, often smaller artists can stay ahead of corporate entities and capitalize on their niche faster. We’ve seen this phenomenon hold up exceptionally well on platforms like SoundCloud.


Music Marketing


Many things can alter the course of your music career, but promotion shouldn’t be one. Today, we helped outline everything you need to know about music marketing! Our blog started by covering the importance of content creation for digital marketing in the music world. We discussed old-school and new-school music marketing methods like radio campaigns vs. SoundCloud. We even covered examples of how different kinds of artists use these tools.

Are you worried that you won’t have the time or work effort to get your music out there? Kallen Media has years of experience promoting artists’ work, and we are always happy to help. Contact us today if you have any questions about music marketing!

How to Release Music: Albums and More

Are you a new musician or a veteran looking to get back? It can feel impossible to get in touch with potential fans while competing with corporate marketing goliaths. But releasing music to public platforms is an essential part of growing your fan base, and pretty soon, you’re going to need to drop a track! Kallen Media has been lucky to work intimately with musicians, labels, and producers to help promote people’s art. So today, we’re explaining how to release music.

When we’re working with an artist, we like to break the process down into manageable steps. For a music release, we’re going first to set goals, identify and build audiences, and finally release the music! This blog will break down that entire process and teach you from the ground up how you can promote your music. We cover the beginning stages of planning, Different marketing channels you can use, and much more. But let’s start with deciding what your targets are.

Set goals

Concrete objectives make marketing so much easier, and this is true with music promotion as well. When planning a release, you first need goals; do you want to release an E.P. or a whole album? Will there be concerts? After you know those goals, you must identify your release budget. At this stage, you will have a solid foundation and understand what you are promoting and how much you can spend on advertising. The last step to a finalized plan is knowing what channels you can use to advertise. This final step is the most diverse stage of planning because you have an incredible number of options. Everyone loves music, so musicians have access to more marketing channels than most.

know your audience

After planning, you should at least know a basic description of the people you want to reach! But now you need to know if the plan you made is going to work. The easiest way to make sure your project is solid is by collecting data from the beginning. Tracking data is a massive part of the music industry, and even if you’re an independent artist, you’ll still need to follow as much information as possible! Fortunately, in the modern era, even the most minor content creators can get incredible access to information about your product and its fans! Apps like Spotify and sound cloud will give you information that, in the past, you would have to hire entire marketing teams to get! But once you know your plan is solid and tracking is in place, how do you drum up interest amongst your fanbase?

Our answer to that question is dropping singles! A single release is a time-honored way to start letting people know that they should keep an eye out for the album. There are a lot of different opinions on which songs you should use in a single, though. Some people think you should hold back some of the best for the album, while others insist on coming out with a splash and using their most engaging song. No matter what you use when you release, a single tracking becomes essential. Single releases are your first opportunity to get a concrete idea of the reception of all your hard work! And after that, you’ll finally be ready to release the whole thing.

Release your music!

Now that it’s time to release, you need to return to your plans and identify your platforms. Specific streaming services bring different advantages; blowing up on Spotify can lead to radio play, while sound cloud might expose you to a smaller but more dedicated audience. There are also platforms like Bandcamp that encourage fans to support artists without a go-between! a good rule is to try and get on as many platforms as possible!

So at this stage in the game, we have a plan for release, data validating that plan, a home for your music, and fans waiting for the date! But what if you want to ensure that your most dedicated fans review it and listen to it the second the album drops? Lately, some artists have started hosting pre-save campaigns. At a base level, these are like preordering music. Before your official release, you give people the chance to save the album, so the second it goes public, they are notified and get to listen right away. This preparation can skyrocket your content because algorithms will see it growing incredibly fast.

how to release music

Dropping an album can be stressful, but once you know how it gets easier. All it takes is some planning and preparation, then the consistent effort of listening to your fans and what they want. We also covered helpful tips like pre-releasing and singles to help drive critical early listeners to your songs. Finally, we discussed the various platforms and why you should consider which ones you’ll be using. You know how to release music at this point in the blog, so what’s stopping you?

If you’re new in the music industry and are starting to lose a grip on marketing, you don’t need an expensive corporate team to help you. Contact Kallen Media and get a quote for our musician marketing services.

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