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August Company Update

Many digital marketing agencies use vague and complicated terms to describe daily activities. We prefer to remain transparent. Most months for us involve a lot of writing, creative design, and an incredible amount of back-end web work. But as a part of that, we get to work with many exciting people and businesses, too! This month, we wanted to dive into our most recent in an easy-to-digest format. Welcome to the Kallen Media August company update! 

At Kallen Media, we focus on music, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. We will discuss a new LA website we made for an up-and-coming house artist, our social media strategy for tech companies, and more! Are you ready to dive in? Let’s start on the music end.

Music Marketing

Music marketing is complicated. People have varying tastes; you need local contacts for shows, and then there’s press management. But we do all that and more for the artists we work with! We usually start with electronic press kits, then move on to web presence and booking for artists. And August was the perfect example! 

Music Marketing

Music Marketing

This month, we spent a long time designing a website for a local artist and friend of the company, Arabella. Aiii.world is an interactive page with everything you need about AI’s shows, merch, and more. We also had to do some promotion work for an in-house artist duo! Not Yurs.

Not Yurs just released a new mix at the end of the month! There was a lot of work to do to set up some shows before the release at C.A.S.A, Bar Smith, and a few other venues. Working with a digital marketing team makes some work much more manageable. EPKs and other helpful materials make it a breeze to ensure that proters have all the info they need. 

Nonprofit Marketing

Nonprofit marketing is a big part of what we do. We started by working with local charities to find donors and reach wider audiences. And we still work with charities all over the US! Through various grants, nonprofits can access free advertising money, and we help connect them to that valuable resource!

Mandala Arts is a nonprofit focusing on bringing South Asia’s culture to people all over the Midwest. The group performs in schools, festivals, and more as an ensemble. 

Technology Company Social Media Management

This month, we did a lot of work trying out some new strategies for SMM. We design content that reflects a brand’s core values, but we are constantly changing things to optimize our posts as the algorithm updates. Sometimes, this means minor adjustments to the regular posts!



One of our clients, the fitness collectif, recently had a video that did great in views! This jump in numbers happened because we spent August in meetings trying to develop new strategies for posts! Digital marketing is about responding to trends, but you must know how to position a company for success. A viral video is a huge asset, but only if you have a healthy account to back it up.

We also like to incorporate new mediums into our posts whenever possible. A long-time client, Hartford Rents, got a facelift on social media with some video posts! When developing a social media page, using a mix of different media is essential. By incorporating these fresh posts, you keep an audience engaged. We also did some specific product features for them; this month was amazing!

August Kallen Media Company Update

Digital marketing shouldn’t be confusing. At Kallen Media, we work daily to explain marketing concepts in an easy-to-digest format. In honor of that, we wanted to give you a short update on some of the work we did in August. We covered most of the fields of work we do, ranging from business strategy to design work for social media. We even gave concrete examples of our work by shouting out some of the closest clients. 

Thank you for reading the August company update. Are you working in one of these fields and struggling to promote your business? Kallen Media makes digital marketing easy. Check out the rest of our site to learn more about some of our services. And check back at the start of October for another company update!

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