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Collectif Company Spotlight

One of the things we love about marketing is the wide range of people we meet at work. We are always doing something fresh and new, working with everyone from rental companies to charities. However, sometimes working with corporations can get a bit tiring. That’s why we were over the moon when The Fitness Collectif approached us! After working with their team for a few months, we knew we had to write this blog. So, welcome to the Collectif company spotlight!

Just like our other company spotlights, we want you to walk away with a deeper understanding of our clients and the work we do. We will give you basic information about the company, how it started, and its mission. Then we will move on to an overview of some of the innovative marketing methods we are using to help boost their online presence. Finally, if you want the TLDR, we recap everything at the end. We will start with a bit of a description of the business!

The Fitness Collectif

This company, from its start, set out to break the mold. After decades of work in corporate America, the founder decided she had had enough of the monotony. She was determined to find a way to balance her work and life goals, and this drive resulted in The Fitness Collectif! This business oozes passion for fitness, vegetarian food, and healthy living. But what exactly does Collectif do?

Fitness photo

The team at The Fitness Collectif is striving to find a way to improve people’s lives. The company is also shifting away from the typical corporate structure and rules. For over seven years, it has used its brand to promote healthy lifestyle choices like regular exercise and mental health help. These days Collectif has been focusing on natural supplements to help people get the right balance of nutrients to sustain an active life.

Marketing for Lifestyle Brands

Marketing is all about understanding the niche you want to reach. Collectif’s centered in the fitness world; fitness is in their name! So we needed to work out a way to ensure their online presence reflected that. Lifestyle branding is an incredibly successful marketing strategy. Today, even massive brands can benefit from relating to customers through their daily routines and hobbies! But small businesses can do the same thing to great success.

Fitness and nutrition are popular online! And many influencers, fans, and even whole subcultures are dedicated to various wellness niches. In the fitness world, lifestyle marketing is all about meeting people where they are and engaging with the exercise community. But The Fitness Collectif has a broad scope! The brand balances mental and physical health; we wanted that to be apparent.

Collectifs Marketing Strategy

We started by working with the company to develop a social media strategy. That included collaborative meetings where we drafted posts to ensure they aligned with brand goals. Next, we found areas where we wanted Collectif to shine. These include exercise motivation, meditation, vegetarian diet tips, and more. Once we knew the brand, it was easy to start producing content and driving customer engagement.

beach yoga

We decided to go with an innovative take on lifestyle branding strategy. Because Collectif has always drifted away from the rigidity of an average company, this was an easy choice! Our main goal while working with Collectif was to stick to its original vibe and grow the brand organically. This relaxed branding also helped influence everything from their TikTok presence to their blogs.

Collectif Company Spotlight

The Fitness Collectif has focused on people’s health for almost a decade. The brand has grown into a successful business by staying on the cutting edge of the exercise and wellness field. As a digital marketing company, we were brought into the fold to ensure their online presence aligned with brand goals. Together we worked out a lifestyle marketing strategy to help grow the brand while remaining true to company values. We worked together for months and were happy to learn more about the exercise community!

Did you enjoy reading our Collectif company spotlight? We appreciate your time, and we hope you learned something about Collectif and digital marketing! Is your company interested in a customized marketing plan like the one we discussed today? If you need help promoting your brand and building an online presence, we can help. Check out our website to learn more about what Kallen Media can do to grow your business.

Mandala Arts Company Spotlight

Have you ever wondered how art and culture spread across the globe? From stage performances to dance classes, the display of culture helps spread awareness and visibility. With that in mind, we want to talk about Mandala Arts, a nonprofit sharing south Asian performing arts with the midwest! Kallen Media is passionate about music and our work with nonprofits, which made us delighted to be able to work with this company! So let’s start the Mandala Arts company spotlight by talking about the company bringing tradition and dance to Chicago’s youth!


Mandala Arts

Mandala Arts was founded in 2014 and immediately began teaching classes and hosting performers. As a MacArthur award-winning organization, This company provides audiences with a culturally significant dive into the history and arts of south-east Asia. The team doesn’t stop here! Mandala also teaches regular classes to ensure the next generation of dancers learns traditional forms. So what kind of dances can you expect to see at a performance?

Mandala arts dancers

Mandala specializes in blending classical and contemporary dances to display the experience of diaspora and historical awareness. The Ensemble is dedicated to bringing Bharatanatyam to the masses and regularly hosts performances and educates groups. Performers for Mandala have graced Chicago stages like the Chicago Symphony Center and the Studebaker Theater and have articles from press groups like the Chicago Tribune!


Marketing for The Arts

Marketing for nonprofits and artists is very complicated. But thankfully, there are a lot of resources that have unique options available for these more niche groups. Nonprofits specifically can benefit from thousands of dollars in ad grants. Setting up and maintaining these grants is a massive part of nonprofit marketing. A good agency will ensure you get the most out of every penny of your budget. As a group of artists, there are also bonuses from the algorithm!

In our content-driven world, marketing for artists is central to most social media platforms. People like seeing dances, paintings, meals, and various other artistic pursuits, so if you’re producing them, you have a leg up! Sharing your art on social media can be an easy way to get massive levels of exposure. But you can’t just rely on social media. You need to be working with search engines to show up everywhere!


Google Adwords

Adwords is vital for your SEO. Google is synonymous with online searching, so if you want people to find your site, you must be on the platform. As a PPC tool, Adwords will let you pay for traffic by placing your info on the top of relevant searches. But without clever management, this money can be wasted or, even worse, overspent. Fortunately, Adwords has built-in features that can help companies like Mandala save money.

Ad grants from google can give nonprofits up to 10,000 dollars. This free budget is an incredible boon, but it is up to your marketing team to spend it properly. First, we ensure you have full access to your grant. Now is when a professional SEO team gets to work! By highlighting tactical areas of your site and tracking PPC spending, we help secure top search results and higher passthrough rates. These SEO check-ins are only a tiny part of our daily work for charities.


Kallen Media and Nonprofits

Our team has a long history of working with 501(C)(3) companies, and we’re passionate about it! We have worked for free with services like Catchafire to provide hundreds of thousands in assets to new and growing charities. When we work with nonprofits, we bring specialized tactics that we learned on the job. From google grants to logo creation, we started working with nonprofits and never intend to stop.

As we grew our company, the nonprofits we worked with grew too. Since our founding, we have had the chance to work with nonprofits whose reach is global! Like any other business, our strategies have changed to meet the needs of our larger clients. Now Kallen Media is proud to provide an incredible suite of services to nonprofits. We have teams waiting to build new sites, comb through and inventory your current online presence, and spread the word to substantial new markets!


Mandala Arts Company Spotlight

Mandala dancers

Mandala Arts taught and performed Bharatanatyam for almost a decade in the midwest. The troop has steadily grown its nonprofit by sharing its culture through performances and classes. As a company passionate about the arts and charity, we leaped at the opportunity to work with this company! In the Mandala Arts company spotlight, we covered marketing for this company and how we boost nonprofits’ and artists’ work to the top. 

Still, looking for more info about Mandala Arts? If you want to see the team in action, catch their upcoming performance in mid-November! Kahani: Reimagining Stories, a retelling of the epic Ramayana. And if you’re looking for access to ad grants or help with your upcoming marketing projects, Kallen Media can help. Reach out and set up a call to learn more about our specialized nonprofit marketing strategies.

Aureus University Company Spotlight #12

Over the last year, we have had the pleasure of working with many more international companies. And while most of those companies have been in fields we are familiar with; others provided opportunities to learn about new businesses. One of these new skills we picked up was how to market for universities and med schools. And it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t talk about our first med school client! So welcome to Aureus University company spotlight #12!

The first thing we discuss in this blog is who Aureus is and how its mission impacts students worldwide. Like our last spotlight, we will break down everything we learned working in this new and exciting field. Finally, we will also give you a rundown of the services and how they help businesses as Aureus grow. So let’s get started!


Who is Aureus


Aureus University School of Medicine is a Med School in Aruba trying to redefine the MD experience. They offer luxury dorms and fully equipped lab facilities in Aruba! The school offers four and five-year programs and has had dozens of graduates who have gone on to get fulfilling jobs in the medical industry. As a growing med school, Aureus always looks for new ways to find potential students.

Aureus uses many marketing services, but we helped them grow and expand their online presence. As a school, they had two goals, to provide a place online for students to gather and connect potential students to their affordable programs. Kallen Media was able to help with both these goals by getting Aureus back on track with a social media presence and driving web traffic through Google.


Digital Marketing for Universities


Schools and med schools, in particular, are a fun and engaging challenge for a digital marketing firm. Most students are young, and education can be one of the single most expensive investments a person makes in their life. These factors create an environment where you must provide proof of utility quickly! Kallen Media was able to help Aureus by creating a social media presence where active students were encouraged to participate and learn about their school.

Our help creating a more cohesive social media presence meant students felt like they had a place that was truly theirs, and they could engage with their school officials easily. This transparent relationship also helped draw in new students who wanted their school experience to look like the one students at Aureus enjoy. This strategy works because the more prominent the school gets, the more content you have to draw in future graduates!


Google Adwords and Schools


As a search engine, Google has become the dominant force connecting people to companies. And this phenomenon holds in the academic world as well. Without proper integration with google, no university will be able to thrive. Similarly, a company or school needs to have a healthy website so search engines will promote it. These marketing strategies are where you need a combination of SEO maintenance and PPC advertising professionals to excel.

We were lucky to provide Aureus with both of these critical services. Our web development team was able to streamline their landing pages and fully optimize them to improve rankings on google. All this happened while our PPC ads team worked hard to increase the number of eyes the website got via new and improved google ads!


Company Spotlight #12: Aureus University


This spotlight tells you all about our work with Aureus. We discuss why the school sought to grow and how our company impacted that growth. We also covered what we learned from our work together. We also provided a general overview of how digital marketing can impact a college or med school.

Training doctors is essential, and we are proud of our work for the whole team at Aureus. As our first med school client, we learned much from working with them and enjoyed covering it in this blog. Aureus University Company spotlight # 12 also gives you a peek into our customizable plans for advertising for med schools. If you want to grow your school’s reach online, Kallen Media can help! Reach out for a quote for our services.

Company Spotlight #8: Bay Area Video Coalition

Video making is a storytelling medium that has a dramatic ability to connect artists and audiences. A well-made video can create almost supernatural levels of understanding and engagement. Kallen Media is proud to work with companies who see video as a powerful force for change; that’s why we work with the bay area video coalition. (BAVC) So today, we want to bring you our seventh company spotlight on the bay area video coalition.

The BAVC was founded in 1976 to create a social hub and resource network for media makers. The coalition has helped thousands of creators and archived incredible amounts of filmography. In this blog, we will break down some of the team’s work, how you can help, and a little bit about our work with the BAVC. After this blog, you will know all about the impressive work happening around media production in the bay area! So let’s get started by talking about what the BAVC does every day.

Who is The Bay Area Video Coalition

One of the organization’s main focuses is to empower people to tell their own unique stories through film. the BAVC uses art, education, and technology to tell truly diverse stories. This help can come in many forms; the BAVC offers classes to teach people about film and film production. But they don’t stop with education. The coalition also supports and funds filmmakers! By educating and producing videos, the bay area video coalition creates a safe environment where creativity and personal growth can thrive. And the BAVC also has programs for kids. the next generation of filmmakers are encouraged to grow their skills early with the coalitions youth classes. But the coalition isn’t just making new films; they are also preserving old ones.


Besides teaching, this group is preserving old films on outdated playback mediums. The BAVC is actively digitizing old movies and maintaining our historical records. To date, the organization has rescued over 7000 hours of footage from the sands of time. Even if we kept all our old videos in ideal storage facilities, the film naturally breaks down over time. Because of this decay, moving films into the digital medium now is more important than ever. Without programs like the BAVC and other preservation teams, we could lose an incredible amount of important historical footage. By preserving old films, training, and empowering new filmmakers, the BAVC ensures the rich history of videography lives on.

Kallen Media and The BAVC

From the day Kallen Media started, we’ve always had a soft spot for working with nonprofits. Also, we’ve always been fascinated with the power videos have. So when we got the opportunity to work with BAVC, we were very excited. After our initial meeting on the Catchafire platform, we got to continue our work together. Lately, we have even been lucky enough to create memorable google ads for the bay area video coalition. BAVC, like so many other nonprofits, are seeing real benefits from the Kallen Media services. So what is unique about Kallen Media’s plan for promoting nonprofits?

Our nonprofit strategies focus on fostering or strengthing community ties and connecting charities to potential supporters. Kallen Media has had the pleasure to work with hundreds of nonprofits, so we understand 501 c 3 advertising. We can even help you get access to special grant programs that provide registered nonprofits with free advertising! Kallen Media can help you get access to google ad grants and other nonprofit specific marketing tools. Now that you know what they are all about, are you asking how you can help the BAVC?

How You Can Help The Bay Area Video Coalition

The BAVC is a multifaceted organization that has multiple functioning teams with different goals. So if you’re interested in film in any capacity, the coalition has a place where you can help. One of the main ways to be a part of the coalition’s efforts is to become a member. Membership comes from several different packages that allow anyone to participate regardless of income. Similarly, the coalitions’ always looking for new instructors or hosts for events. But if these options are too involved, the BAVC also accepts donations. Whenever you donate to a registered nonprofit, the gift is tax-deductible; this means that you’re helping yourself when you enable the BAVC. Getting a campaign noticed can be tough, but with your help, the BAVC can’t fail!


Bay Area Video Coalition Company Spotlight 7

Video has the power to connect people like almost no other art form. And because of this, telling diverse stories through film is essential. The bay area video coalition has been supporting filmmakers and promoting diverse storytelling since the 1970s! We are proud to support the work the BAVC is doing. That’s why we wrote the Bay Area Video Coalition Company Spotlight. Kallen Media loves working with the BAVC because we have heard their members’ stories and see how critical their work is. If you want to get involved with the coalition, head over to their website and learn more about the different ways you can support them. And if you’re in our other work with nonprofits, check out our last spotlight.

Company Spotlight #7: Latham Centers

Raising a child and making sure they have everything they need can be an uphill battle for some people. But in situations where the parents need additional resources, an appropriate level of care a be hard to attain. We’re proud to work with nonprofits that work with children. So Kallen Media is proud to announce that we are working with Latham Centers. The Latham Center is a Cape-Cod based organization that has served the special needs community for more than 50 years. Our collaboration began in a pro bono advisory role; Kallen Media’s consultation with Latham then expanded to optimize their Google AdWords communications.

Google Ad Grants provide nonprofit organizations with free Google Ads monies. Kallen Media initially connected with Latham Centers’ administrative team members through Catchafire.org – a volunteer matching platform “on a mission to mobilize the world’s talent for good.”

Latham Centers is a leader in special education and residential programs for children and adults with disabilities. Latham is internationally renowned for its expertise and success in caring for people with Prader-Willi syndrome. But unfortunately, PWS is a life-threatening genetic disorder with no known cure.

Latham Center staff.

In early 2020, Latham Center Staff celebrated 50 Years of Service to individuals with Complex Special Needs.

Latham Centers: About

The Latham Centers’ mission is to provide opportunities for independence, self-worth, and happiness for complex special needs individuals.

Latham Centers: Programs

Latham’s innovative programs serve children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. So their residential therapeutic program (Latham School) provides treatment services to approximately 45 students, and their Adult Services Program serves more than 50 individuals throughout Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Children’s Services Program

The Children’s Program offers educational, vocational, residential, social, clinical, and therapeutic services for children ages 8-22. But the center also works with adults!

Adult Services Program

Latham Centers provides residential services for adults (over 22) with complex special needs, including Prader-Willi syndrome.

Asinotherapy (Donkey Therapy) Program

Donkey Therapy is a unique program at Latham Centers, which has six beloved miniature donkeys on-site. This therapeutic model originates from Germany. The individual builds trust with the donkey – the participant focuses on caring for the animals, being gentle, reliable, and letting the donkeys know that they are there to help them. Not only are these important life skills for program participants, but the donkeys also bring so much joy to individuals who call Latham home.

Latham has grown this program with assistance from fundraising efforts, including the infamous 2019 “Donkey Wedding” on Cape Cod. Miniature donkeys Esther and Esau “got hitched” at Taylor-Bray Farm in Yarmouth Port.

Student photographed at with her Shared Living Provider family.

A student photographed with her Shared Living Provider family.

Latham Centers: Ways to Help

To continue their life-changing work, Latham Centers needs and greatly appreciates the community’s support, now more than ever. So if they can, we encourage people to help the center however possible. Additionally, the Center is a registered nonprofit, which means they accept a wide range of tax-deductible donations. Not only are you helping sustain a valuable service, but there’s also a benefit for you!

Images of PWS Education.

Images of PWS Education.

Latham Centers: Additional Information

Latham Centers is approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care (DEEC). Accreditation ensures the center provides an exceptional level of care. So you can be sure that Latham Center is doing the most for the people in their care. Latham’s website includes program brochures, admissions information, career opportunities, and a blog newsletter.  

Kallen Media Services

If you are a nonprofit and are interested in learning more about Google Ad Grants, we can help. We also created a seven-step guide on how to set up Google Ad Grants because we want to help. And we don’t stop with Google Ad Grants, and we offer other services for nonprofits. Including social media management, blog content, website design, and search engine optimization. Additionally, on our Nonprofit Services page, you can read reviews on what our nonprofits say about working with us.

We offer discounts on all of our services for nonprofit organizations. Contact us to set up a free consultation, and we will have a meeting to discuss your specific needs. We look forward to partnering with your nonprofit organization.

Company Spotlight #6: Amadio Ranch

This spotlight is on our newest client. We are excited about the opportunity to work with Amadio Ranch! Amadio Ranch is an organic farm. Located outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Owned and operated by Eric and Christina Amadio. They offer everything from fruits and vegetables. To homemade fudge, preserves, pies, and more. You can shop online or at their farm.

We are providing Amadio Ranch with a range of SEO services. Services include web design, Google and Facebook ad campaigns, social media management, and auditing.

Amadio Ranch: The Beginning

Amadio Ranch’s story begins when the farm is purchased by Eric and Christina in 2009. The farm started with only 3 trees. A pear, an apricot, and a plum tree. All rare types of trees to be growing in Arizona. 

Even though rare, the trees produced amazing fruit. With the fruit trees doing so well. Add in their knowledge of farming. This resulted in more planting. Then, in 2010 they had more than enough fruits and vegetables for their family. Because of this, they started to sell to the public. And Amadio Ranch was officially established.

Amadio Ranch: Today

The goal of Amadio Ranch is to eat only what you grow. Today Amadio Ranch provides 70-80% of their family’s needs. In addition, they are also supplying the community. Another important part of their business is sustainability and all-natural growing practices. In addition, the farm is 100% organic. 

The farm is not only home to delectable goodies. Amadio Ranch is also home to a few animals. Currently, three dogs, four cats, two cattle, one potbelly pig, two goats, and many chickens. All these animals calling the ranch home.

Amadio Ranch Pig Taking a Nap.

Resident pig taking a nap on the farm.

Amadio Ranch: Products & Produce

Based on seasonality. The fruit and vegetable offerings change. Below is an example of the season and what may be available:

Summer (May-July): Peaches, apricots, plums, pluots, grapes, apples, zucchini, okra, cucumbers, peas, potatoes, onions, garlic, tomatoes, eggplant, sweet corn, watermelon, and cantaloupe

Winter (Nov – March): Lettuces, broccoli, cauliflower, swiss chard, greens, radishes, carrots, beets, golden beets, spinach, romaine, and Maktoom dates

The Savory:

In addition to the seasonal produce. They also offer an array of homemade goods. Including a mix of homemade savory items.

Amadio Ranch is always cooking up new savory products. Such as an assortment of pickles. like their garlic dill pickles. Also pickled items like pickled red beets. Additionally, a variety of homemade salsas. Of course, all made with farm-fresh seasonal ingredients.

The Sweets:

If baked goods are more up your alley they got you covered. From an assortment of pies. Ranging from a traditional blueberry pie to a unique caramel apple pie. To other bake good options. Examples of what you may also find: sweetbreads, cinnamon rolls, hand pies, turnovers, caramel apples, and rum cakes.

Furthermore, for those that are vegan, gluten-free, or sugar-free. Options are available to accommodate your food preference. On almost all of their pies!

Still craving sweets? How about some freshly made fudge. They offer multiple flavors to choose from. Bound to find a flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth. Preserves made from fresh seasonal fruit. Then last but not least, honey is also available.

Amadio Ranch Products & Produce

A sampling of products and produce offered by Amadio Ranch.

Amadio Ranch: Where to Buy

The farm currently offers a self-serve farm stand. Conveniently open 7 days a week during daylight hours (roughly 7 am to 6 pm). Simply stop by and choose the items you like. Prices are marked. Then leave cash in the payment jar. Another option is to send payment by Zelle, Venmo, or CashApp.

Besides the farm stand. You can stop by one of the farmer’s markets they attend. Follow them on social media to stay in the know where they will be.

What if you do not live by the Ranch? No worries, they offer a convent online store. The online store offers a variety of products. All products will ship directly to your home. Check out their online site for a selection of homemade goodies.

Online Amadio Ranch Products.

Products that can be ordered on Amadio’s Ranch online site.

Amadio Ranch: Social Media

From the beginning, Amadio Ranch has used social media to grow its business. As previously mentioned, follow their social media to see current events. In addition, social media provides information on new products.

Follow Amadio Ranch on Facebook for great recipes straight from the farm! As well as new news.

Photo of Facebook Banner.

Amadio Ranch Facebook Banner.

Additional Information

In addition to social media. They also offer a monthly newsletter and text alerts. Numerous ways to keep people informed.

Amadio Ranch is currently working on a farm tour.  Tour will provide information on growing your own foods. As well as information on living self-sufficiently. Additional information to come. Be sure to follow them on social media or sign up to receive their monthly newsletter.

Interested in finding out how Kallen Media can support your SEO? Contact us and we will be glad to set-up a free consultation.

Company Spotlight #4: Operation Blankets of Love



Welcome to Kallen Media’s next company spotlight! Since 2008, Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL) has been working to better the health of homeless animals to give them a better chance of survival. OBOL’s ultimate goal is to eliminate animal homelessness and euthanasia.

Kallen Media is happy to do their part by helping OBOL set up their Google ad grants. We also managed their Google Ads account for over a year. The team at Kallen Media has taken OBOL from zero campaigns to over ten specific campaigns.

Nathan, Kallen Media’s founder, even has a dog named Willy, who is an animal ambassador on OBOL’s website. Willy is a 7-year-old Lhasa Apso rescue who loves morning walks and playing with his dinosaur and monkey toys. Nathan says that when Willy isn’t playing, he is the best work-from-home buddy. Nathan’s family is excited to give Willy an excellent rest of his life. And that is what OBOL and its mission are all about.


Willy the dog laying next to a toy

About Operation Blankets of Love


Operation Blankets of Love believes that no animal should ever be neglected, abused, or abandoned, spending its existence in fear, pain, and hunger, but instead have the right to live a life full of compassion and love.

OBOL does this charitable work by donating pet food, treats, blankets, towels, pet beds, leashes, collars, harnesses, toys, crates, medical and grooming supplies, and many other items to shelters, rescue groups, pets of the homeless, animal transporters, foster caretakers, and wildlife sanctuaries.

OBOL advocates for animal welfare through service-oriented humane education to 1,000s of children each year. They also donate pet food and supplies to homeless and low-income pet owners like veterans, the disabled, families, seniors, and people of all backgrounds.

Their Story


OBOL’s founder, Eileen Smulson, had never had a pet before her dog, Ginger. This little doggie became the inspiration for OBOL, which now offers hope to thousands of stray, sick, neglected, abused, and homeless animals.

Eileen was a school teacher and non-profit fundraiser for 20 years before OBOL. She raised millions of dollars for non-profits and won national awards. Eileen likes to help animals without a voice by thinking outside the box and using an entrepreneurial attitude.

In January 2008, Eileen saw puppies shivering on a cold cement floor at an animal shelter near her home. Eileen couldn’t bear to think of her rescue dog, Ginger, lying cold on the floor like this. She expressed her concern to the shelter manager, who explained that they didn’t have the budget for blankets and towels. Eileen offered to help, and in just a few weeks, she had collected over 800 blankets and towels.

When Eileen learned that a lot of other animal rescue groups needed blankets and other comfort items, she created 20 drop-off locations and collected over 3,000 more things in just a few months.  Excited by her success, Eileen dedicated herself full time to the cause, and OBOL was born in 2009.


Eileen sitting with her dog Ginger



Shelter and rescue group support


OBOL “rescues the rescuers” by donating crucial food and pet supplies to rescue groups and animal shelters across the United States. Shelters don’t always have the budget for comfort items, and rescue groups don’t have the resources needed to provide food, bedding, and comfort items for the animals they care for. OBOL bridges the gap by donating these much-needed supplies to rescuers.

Shelters are not required to provide comfort items despite research that shows shelter pets who appear in home-like settings have higher rates of adoption. The supplies and food OBOL donates to pets in rescue settings find more forever homes.


Pets of the Homeless


When pets can stay with their best friends – their human companions – they stay out of shelters with high euthanasia rates. To help pets stay with their people, OBOL donates food, blankets, pet beds, toys, and other crucial supplies to homeless pet owners, low-income seniors, and homebound people with pets.

OBOL believes that no person should ever have their pets taken away because they can’t afford the necessary supplies for their pets’ survival and health. No pet should have to be uncomfortable, go hungry, or suffer.


Helping Veterans with Pets


There are very few organizations that assist veterans with pets, and OBOL is one of them. They help homeless and low-income veterans keep their pets safe and healthy so they can stay with them. OBOL partners with the Veterans Administration every month to provide pet food and supplies to VA locations in California.



Animal Relocation Project

OBOL helps save animals from “death row” by supplying food, crates, and other critical pet supplies to rescue groups who place homeless pets in loving homes throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.

The comfort items such as blankets, treats, and carriers help put animals at ease on their long journeys to new homes by providing warmth and a sense of security. OBOL also partners with rescue groups that save dogs from slaughterhouses in China and South Korea.



Humane Education Learning Program (HELP)


OBOL knows that educating children is one of the best ways to end animal abuse and to promote the well-being of pets in the future so that they don’t end up in a shelter later.

Eileen’s first occupation was an elementary school teacher, so it would make sense that someday her love of education and children would coincide with OBOL’s mission. Eileen designed OBOL’s education program, “HELP,” which teaches children to be kind and to respect all animals and people.

HELP lessons provide a sense of kindness, empathy, compassion, responsibility, community spirit, teamwork, self-respect, and respect for all living things. OBOL inspires others to answer the call to action by incorporating these critical values into their lessons.

Students of HELP can achieve a feeling of accomplishment when they participate in an OBOL drive by collecting gently-used and new pets items for homeless shelter animals. Children even make blankets and toys for stray dogs and cats. They can choose to deliver donated items to local shelters personally or to have OBOL take the things for them.

HELP teaches students why animals end up in shelters in the first place and how to take care of pets. The program has even inspired several of its students to grow up and become animal welfare advocates.

Just some of the HELP’s curriculum topics include Pet Care and Responsibility, and adoption is the Best option, Animal & Human Bonding, Puppy Mills, Compassion for All Living Creatures and Animals Have Feelings, Too!


Coloring book for kids to teach them how to be kind to pets

Anti Cruelty Campaign


OBOL works to raise public awareness about homeless animals. They have created their campaign titled “We Dream of Justice, Too.” OBOL has campaign flyers that educators, animal shelters, and humane organizations can use to emphasize the importance of reporting animal abuse and neglect.

The goal of their campaign is to raise awareness that animal abuse and neglect is a crime, to encourage people to report animal abuse and neglect, and to make people think twice before harming an animal.

OBOL raises awareness at adoption events and pet expos. They give presentations to schools, youth, and civic groups and organize a collection of pet comfort and care items for shelters.


Ways to Give


One Time and Monthly Donations


There are many ways to give to OBOL, and because they don’t receive any state or federal funding, that means your contribution and support is incredibly important.

You can donate just once or join their monthly giving club. Financial donations help OBOL to continue helping more than 12,000 homeless animals every year. Donations help OBOL give food and life-saving supplies to rescue groups, shelters, pets of the homeless, and struggling pet owners all across North America.


Pet Item Donations


OBOL urgently needs new and gently used pet supplies such as blankets, pet beds, towels, pet food, collars, leashes, bowls, crates, toys, and kitty litter. Shelters have zero budgets for comfort items for their homeless animals, so comfort item donations help tremendously.

Comfort items help shelter animals become more adoptable. Shelter animals tend to relax when resting on a bed, blanket, or towel. They appear more alert, and they become more affectionate towards other animals and people. A more home-like setting because of comfort items makes it easier for potential pet owners to imagine the animal in their home.

These much-needed comfort items also keep shelter pets off dirty and cold floors and cushion their joints. By donating just one blanket, you save two lives. One life you save is when a pet is adopted, and another when that vacancy becomes a temporary home for a new animal.


Donate while you shop


When you sign up for Amazon Smile, 0.5% of eligible purchases go to your favorite charity – and you can choose OBOL! There are no fees and no extra cost. Ralph’s Community Contribution Program also has a donations program. A lot of Kroger grocery chain stores will donate a portion of your purchases to OBOL at no additional cost.


How to get involved


There are a couple of ways to get involved in helping Operation Blankets of Love. They have been a recipient of proceeds from volunteer-hosted events. You can contact OBOL for more information, and they are more than happy to provide you with graphics, guidance, and more.

Volunteers are always at the heart of any charity or organization. As a non-profit, OBOL heavily relies on volunteers to help with many different activities, such as administrative tasks and fundraising.

One of the many ways to volunteer is by hosting a collection drive. Get your school, church, temple, workplace, civic, and community groups involved by collecting pet supplies. You can also volunteer at an OBOL fundraising event like their wine and paint nights, pet adoptions, animal expos, and bingo nights.

Kallen Media is proud to help Operation Blankets of Love with their mission to end animal abuse, homelessness, and euthanasia. If you’re looking for help with your Google Ad Grant or any of your digital marketing needs, please contact Kallen Media.

Hartford Technology Company Spotlight: Events Done Right

The technology rental business is fast-paced and changes every day. Hartford Technologies is a qualified team of dedicated professionals. And they are here to help with your tech needs! Today we are going to talk about Hartford Technology rentals and how customer service is their secret weapon. Welcome to the Hartford technology company spotlight.

Your flagship conference is only happening once. The e-sports tournament isn’t every Friday, it’s this Sunday, and It won’t happen again for another year. When you have an event or conference, you only get one try. So who do you call when you need technology for an event? Kallen media believes the answer is Hartford technology rentals.

Technology Rentals

Technology for conferences and events is a huge business. Some people have never thought about it, but where do the 400 tablets at a trade show come from? The answer is companies like Hartford. Technology has become a key for putting on presentations and even in some essential event functions. One option is just to buy the technology you need. However, some tech can cost thousands of dollars, and tech gets better every year. But owning your products is too costly for some companies.

So, if you need a screen wall but don’t want to buy it, you have to rent one! Hartford is here to help with your companies technology needs. By offering products used in the event space, Hartford helps the show go on. But anyone can deliver some tech and walk away. Hartford prides itself on its values of integrity, teamwork, service excellence, innovation, and economic value. These principals ensure you get the best service for your investment. So what exactly does Hartford technology rentals do every day?

What Does Hartford Do?

From tablets to telehealth equipment, Hartford is a full-service technology rentals company. Hartford has warehouse locations in DC, New York, LA, and Chicago, making them perfect for any event nationwide. This distribution network means they can get what you need exactly where and when you want it. But Hartford’s work doesn’t stop at the delivery. So how does Hartford help you?

Some companies treat tech rentals like they are a post office. They just drop the product at your doorstep and leave you lost and confused. Hartford is a full-service company. If you need help with set-up or tear-down, you can call 24 hours a day. A dedicated Hartford professional get the job done. But Hartford doesn’t just rely on customer service. They also know how to keep up with new tech.

We mentioned in our ITRA 2020 conference write-up that technology rental is a growing and exciting industry. Hartford technology rentals have been in this industry since 1991, and they have always focused on keeping up with the times. Innovation is key to Hartford’s mission. Because of this, they pay attention to the latest trends in tech.

Hartford and Kallen Media

Kallen media has had the pleasure of working for Hartford Technology rentals personally. Currently, we are handling social media for Hartford. Now more than ever, good social media is essential for success. By promoting their business, Kallen media has learned a lot about Hartford technology.

One thing that’s clear to us about Hartford is their dedication to customers. A prospective client needs only to look at their website to see this team is professional and ready to help. Almost every person at Hartford comes from a customer service or technology background. They know what a successful operation looks like because they’ve been creating them for over twenty years!

Hartford Technology Company Spotlight


Hartford was founded in 1991, and ever since then, they have excelled in their field. They have warehouses in LA, DC, New York, and Chicago. These locations allow them to provide their services nationwide. Hartford’s company values are integrity, service excellence, teamwork, innovation, and economic value. They are professionals in these fields, and that’s why they are trusted by events and conferences nationwide.

The tech rental service is fast-paced and complicated. Events often need to be flawless, and that can include massive coordination efforts. Hartford helps make this easy by offering 24/7 customer service. They offer the latest technology and knowledgable professionals to help you succeed.

Hartford’s excellence has propelled them to success. But they are never done growing. If you require technology for your next event, consider Hartford. Because Hartford is prepared and ready, you don’t need to worry about your next event. To contact Hartford for technology for your next event, visit their website.

Kallen media is proud to help Hartford communicate with the community by managing their social media. We are happy to provide this service to Hartford and many others. If you’re looking for help with your social media or any of your digital marketing needs, contact Kallen media.

ITRA Company Spotlight: An A.V. and I.T. Community

The technology we need to do business is changing faster than ever. And having the wrong tech, or not enough of the right stuff can spell disaster. Because of the overhead of tech, investing yourself can be costly and hard to scale. Today we’re going to talk about a group that tackles your tech problems head-on. Welcome to the Kallen media ITRA company spotlight!

The ITRA or international technology rental association is a collective of AV and IT production and rental companies. There are over 100 members of the ITRA operating in 15 countries. When a company joins the ITRA, they get access to a network of industry professionals and knowledge.

ITRA Membership Benefits


One of the best benefits of ITRA is the members’ ability to ping other members for assistance. What do you do if you have an event that needs more computers than you have? You rely on your fellow ITRA members! This allows for the rapid expansion of your inventory of you need to scale for a project. Similarly, membership helps your companies reach.

Expanding your companies geographic presence can be difficult. Sometimes you have to refuse work because you don’t have inventory or employees where you need them. You don’t have to lose these clients or jobs. ITRA members work together to provide service wherever they required. You’ll also see more work at home. When fellow members need help in your city, you’ll see brand new revenue opportunities.

Who do you talk to when you hit a wall in your business? Often problems you are facing are common industry obstacles. With over one hundred members, one of the companies in ITRA has faced the same challenge. Communication is key to success, and the ITRA massively expands your connections to insider industry knowledge.

Do you have a product you’re having a hard time connecting to the niche target? The ITRA can expand your client base by helping other members with these product offerings. And this street goes both ways; if you need a product you don’t offer a fellow member can assist! So how do you join the ITRA?

Becoming an ITRA Member


Are you an AV or IT company and want to be an ITRA member? Joining the network is easy and fast. After applying on the website, applications are typically processed within 48 hours. A basic membership costs 595 dollars. A basic membership lasts for one year but is not automatically billed. Hundreds of companies such as Hartford Technology rentals and Aria Technology solutions are already using their memberships.

Once your application is processed, you’ll officially join the ranks of a worldwide network of AV and IT professionals. One of the key benefits is the ability to send out pings for support or information to the ITRA network. This allows you to access all of the benefits of working with other members. Tech trends are continually changing. But joining the ITRA can help you keep your business on top. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing the ITRA benefit its members first hand.

Kallen Media and the ITRA


So why are we writing an ITRA company spotlight? Kallen media has had the pleasure of helping the ITRA with its web presence for many years. Over the time we’ve worked together, we’ve gotten to watch the ITRA connect and benefit countless people. One area we think the ITRA is incredibly successful is scaling. Scaling a company with high product overhead is exceptionally costly. Working with the ITRA allows a company to scale at pace but with reduced cost. When a company teams with the ITRA, they climb and build a robust network of connections.

Another area Kallen Media worked closely with the international technology rental association is blogging. In 2015 we started writing industry-related blogs and were still working closely with them today! Kallen media tailors blogs for ITRA’s niche.  Kallen media is happy to work with the ITRA because we believe in the service they provide.

ITRA Community Spotlight


The ITRA is a collective of IT and AV industry professionals. Basic membership to the ITRA lasts one year. Once you are a member of the ITRA, you can access your full AV and IT community. ITRA members can both provide and seek support from this network of companies.

The ITRA can help you expand your business network, create new clients, and scale existing projects. By teaming up its members, the ITRA helps satisfy inventory needs, offerings, and knowledge! When you join this association, you can link up with over 100 companies in fifteen countries.

The Kallen media has been working with the ITRA to develop their web presence for a long time. We are happy to do an ITRA company spotlight because of the work they do to connect AV and IT providers. If you are interested in joining the ITRA, you can apply via their website. Are you interested in learning about other businesses we work with? Check out our last company spotlight!

Are you looking to expand your web presence? If you want help with blogging, webpage development, or any digital marketing projects, contact Kallen media.

Company Spotlight #3: Tucson Girls Chorus and TRAK

Kallen Media has always had aspirations to give back to the community we do business within. Early on, Kallen Media focused on finding nonprofit organizations with roots in the Tempe community. Nonprofit marketing is one of Kallen Media’s specialties. In 2020 we’ve grown and help nonprofits all over Arizona. I visited two such businesses for a company spotlight.

On a business trip to Tucson, I was able to visit some nonprofits based in the area. Two that stood out were the Tucson Girls Chorus and TRAK. Both companies focus on providing educational services to the Tucson community. I was excited to finally meet with two organizations that we have done pro bono work for several months.

The companies faculties were terrific, offering multiple activities, and bustling with people excited to learn and help. TRAK is a large facility with an actual ranch on site where kids can interact with all kinds of animals, including cows, sheep, and pigs. Similarly, the choir has a faculty equipped with spaces for groups to gather. The choir is also adjacent to a park with walking paths and ample parking. With expansive facilities, these are the perfect community gathering places. So let’s talk more about what these organizations provide to Tucson.

Today lets showcase two of Tucson’s nonprofits that Kallen Media is proud to support: the Tucson Girls Chorus and TRAK, a ranch that provides therapeutic animal interaction. These spotlights will tell you a little bit about these fantastic nonprofits and what we do to assists them.


Nonprofit Marketing


A widely known challenge facing nonprofit marketing is budgeting. But every dollar saved goes to a good cause in the nonprofit industry, so every penny matters. That’s why Kallen Media connects these nonprofits to Google Ad Grants. Google can provide nonprofits thousands of dollars in grants. Grant money can free them to pursue other projects because of maximized capital.



Beyond this, these companies also need standard content production and online marketing services that everyone needs. Kallen Media can provide all of these services if required. To learn more about how we can help your nonprofit, feel free to contact Kallen Media! Now learn some more about the nonprofits Kallen Media works with.


Tucson Spotlight: Tucson Ranch for Animals and Kids (TRAK)


TRAK stands for the Therapeutic Ranch for Animals and Kids. This ranch is a nonprofit program centered in Tucson with a focus on providing valuable life skills through animal interaction. At the ranch, programs offer a wealth of activities for community involvement. Including college internships, field trips, a summer camp, and even furry tales, an event where children read to animals! TRAK prides its self on having activities for all people!

One of the main focuses of TRAK is its animal-assisted life skills and therapeutics program or AALST. AALST helps teach life skills and mental health practices to all individuals. The AALST program is tailored to fit goals laid out with the TRAK team beforehand to provide the best results. These goals can include coping skills, active listening, social skills, and much more. If you want to learn more, check out the AALST page on the TRAK website.


Tucson spotlight: the Tucson Girls Chorus


The Tucson Girls Chorus is committed to helping young women become the confident leaders of tomorrow through their educational programs. TGC offers a range of applications from casual group singing sessions to live performances at chorus festivals! The chorus is also heavily focused on community outreach, so TGC goes where needed.

The Tucson Girls Chorus has programs to build choral singing groups by helping both teachers and students. The choruses engagement program focuses on working with schools to provide choral singing where otherwise it might not exist. By working with schools and teachers, TGC provides a fun service in a safe environment. But how does TGC make this happen?

TGC supports children by also supporting teachers of the arts. TGC delivers a chance for art education to continue to thrive in the Tucson community By offering free resources to teachers. The TGC also offers internships to local college students ensuring valuable educators from the community get a chance to give back while learning. For more information on the TGC, check out their website to get involved with Tucson Girls Chorus. So how does Kallen Media help?


Kallen Media and Tucson nonprofit marketing


Kallen media is proud to do company spotlights on TRAK and the Tucson Girls Chorus because they provide helpful and educational services to Tucson. Because we support their mission, Kallen media was happy to help both these nonprofits get access to google ad grants. Beyond this, we have been pleased to continue our work with both TRAK and the Tucson Girls Chorus by managing their google ad presence and continual support with campaign creation.



Kallen media loves Arizona and want to support the community. So Kallen Media helps the people who are trying to do good things! If you need help with nonprofit business marketing, Kallen Media would be happy to assist! Contact information can be found on our website for nonprofit digital marketing.

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