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Making Videos for Content: Where and When to Post

Mixed media can draw in users more than any individual medium can. And it’s easier to produce video content now more than ever; most computers even come with built-in editing software! Video content is engaging and often underutilized. Whether you hire a production team or make them in house, a video is a good tool to have. That’s why this blog will spotlight some of the areas that you could be making videos for content.

Videos are great for making important information digestible and fun. If you are struggling to keep a customer’s attention or want more interaction, a video can do some of the heavy liftings for you. Today we will tell you about how you can incorporate videos into every aspect of your web presence. We will talk about videos in blogging, social media, and even some stand-alone uses for video content. So let’s get started.



We have talked a lot in the past about how important blogging is for your SEO rankings. But if you’re already blogging and not making waves, a video blog might be a better format for you. Some topics are naturally less engaging, so consider providing it if your niche craves a more fulfilling experience. This change could be a simple video incorporated into a written blog or an entirely separate vlog! A video presence could help strengthen your relationship with your bloggers.


Similarly, a video where real company members appear can make a user feel like they know you. A meet the staff video gives potential customers or clients the option to meet your team in the best possible setting. Developing a personal relationship with your customers is an excellent business practice, And videos can help foster this relationship with your base. The way a video pulls people in and helps them feel involved also makes them a great SMM tool.

Social Media Marketing


When people say content, they are almost always referring to something they posted or saw on a social media platform. So when we’re talking about video content, we have to mention social media. Engaging with users via videos is significant because people can efficiently understand a branded message. If you’re following the rules for good engagement, your video content should add another layer of connection to your target market. And sometimes, viewers will even make content for you!

It’s no secret that companies value word of mouth advertising, and social media has made it easier than ever to get these precious vouches. One particularly coveted form of word of mouth is user-generated content (UGC) when your customers are essentially creating ads for you! This virtually free resource is insanely useful at converting and drawing in new customers. Now let’s talk about how videos can stand on their own.

Video Content


Stand-alone videos are valuable tools a company can use whenever they want to interact and inform their customers. Often this means a product description video, but that is only the beginning! Videos make an excellent resource for FAQs and testimonials too. A video is one of the most impactful ways you can deliver information, but sometimes they are unnecessary.


It is important not to overdo it with video content. One video might feel like a fun change of pace, but a site full of movies can be overwhelming to a user. As we mentioned earlier, videos make information fun and connecting to viewers, but they are less good at quick jabs of info. If you need something fast and easy to digest for customers, consider using an image instead.

Making Videos for Content


Using multiple forms of media for content can make your web presence shine. And in the business world, videos are underused by content creators and web developers. If you’re looking for a form of engaging and easy-to-understand content for users, then making videos for content is a smart business move. Videos are an excellent resource to diversify your blogging content. If you’re already following the best SEO practice but want an extra leg up, adding video content can make your ranking soar.

Similarly, video is useful for marketing on social media. Because it is engaging, video content helps build your social networks, and eventually, your customers might make videos for you! Lastly, video content is strong enough to stand on its own. If you are updating your website, consider adding videos to condense bulky content or spice up a dry page.

Videos are an excellent marketing resource, but you have to be careful not to overuse them. If you have a quick blurb or need a message understood immediately, a video might not be the medium for you. If you’re struggling with incorporating video content into your web design, Kallen Media can help. Contact us today to talk about your needs, and we will help make your marketing plan a reality.

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