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Conversational Marketing: Developing Customer Outreach

Conversational marketing used to be a strictly one-on-one interaction between an agent and a customer. But technology is enabling conversations that people and businesses could never imagine. As our entertainment evolves, marketing is changing with it, and conversational marketing is having a rebirth. Now more than ever, companies are choosing to lower the curtain and engage with their clientele.

Today we will outline how to create real conversations with your clientele and outline why conversational marketing is rising. After that, we will touch on two growing mediums companies are using to generate customer input. Everyone knows understanding your customers is important, but most people don’t want to engage with faceless corporate entities. So how do you get people to interact with a company?

Creating Real Conversations


People like to feel heard and understood, and obviously, trying to understand everyone is a hard thing to do. But brands who are doing this well know it’s better to listen first and ask questions. A good marketing campaign that involves people provides an easy route for participation. Conversational marketing helps break down these barriers and really lets you collect input from real customers. And once your company is recognized as a trusted communicator, your reputation will proceed you.


Creating engagement is difficult, but it’s a necessary step to your brand’s success. Word of mouth endorsements is a time-honored way to drive sales and grow a business. A brand that is utilizing conversational marketing tactics can easily generate these valuable endorsements. Even the best ads are worth less than someone’s friend or family member personally referring them. And now more than ever, companies are trying to leverage this precious resource.

Trending Into 2021


During the lockdown, a lot of brands have lost valuable advertising spaces they formerly relied on. This insulation has deeply changed marketing, and personal outreach has become an essential part of branding marketing plans. With people stuck at home, brands are forced to come to the table and talk with their niche. Fortunately, conversational marketing has been thriving under these conditions. Brands that adopted social media strategy pre-pandemic have continued to thrive even though they lost their customers’ exposure.

Marketing plans that relied on people driving their own narrative have been successful in this unique landscape. And conversational marketing thrived under pandemic conditions. The unique fact that people could still reach out from inside their own homes online was a boon to this outreach style. One precious tool companies have been using to make real conversations with people is social media platforms.



Social media has its problems, but it has always dominated one area by connecting people with other people. Companies that understand how strong this tool has been able to grow entire business empires by leveraging followers and influencers. There are many different strategies for growing a brand on social media, but they all rely on connecting with real people.


Social media marketing was already on the rise before the pandemic for years, but it became many brands’ single point of contact during the last year. Diversity is important in any marketing plan, but social media marketing is currently the single best way companies can connect to their customers. A smart marketing strategy for 2020-2021 should be social media-heavy. Another strategy that companies have been using to connect to customers is podcasting.

Podcast Copy


Podcasting copy is a widely accepted way some modern brands are using to get affordable advertising spaces. Like radio was a boon to local small businesses, podcasting enables companies to grow and expand their markets. Podcasters spend a long time developing trust with their audience, so if you can make a connection and build a relationship with a podcaster, you can get access to that whole community.

Podcasting is on the rise as a lot of people’s daily entertainment. And marketing agencies are recognizing this trend, but small businesses can follow in suit. It’s easier than some people think to reach out to a podcast and sponsor them. Podcasting copy gives companies the chance to get a message out to a target market.

Conversational Marketing


Conversational marketing has seen a recent wave of modernization, and everyone is benefiting. Companies are using modern tools to create actual conversations with customers, and we see positive results. Customers are being heard, and products they like are being shared faster than ever.

In 2020 and 2021, the pandemic has stuck people at home. But isolation isn’t a problem for modern conversational marketing. Tools like social media and podcasting have enabled people to connect from the safety of their houses. Companies that have adapted to these formats have seen great successes. If you’re looking for help developing your marketing strategy and want to include real customer outreach, Kallen Media can help. Contact our social media marketing team to develop a customized approach to your customer outreach.

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