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How To Get a Fundraising Campaign Noticed

Fundraising is very often the only source of revenue a nonprofit has to draw from. And without a good fundraising plan, most nonprofits wouldn’t be able to sustain themselves. Over the years working with charities, we’ve learned firsthand how fundraising can impact a nonprofit. That’s why Kallen Media has spent time outlining how to get a fundraising campaign noticed.

This blog will focus on fundraising at different business stages and how social media can help you connect with your base. Then we will tell you about some ways you can ensure your next fundraiser will be a huge success.

Fundraising at Multiple Scales

Every fundraising campaign should have a set goal, but at the same time, you should have sub-goals and a plan to keep supporters engaged throughout the entire process. That’s why multiple scales of plans can help keep your campaign on track. At the beginning of a campaign, this can often mean your fundraiser starts with a soft launch.

A soft launch is a process where you begin your fundraiser by reaching out to your known supporters or previous donors. Essentially this process helps kick start your main fundraiser with early donations! At the same time, this gives you the chance to fix any unforeseen problems with your event. A soft launch is a smart way to guarantee your main event is not only ready for public consumption but already has some inertia.


Before you’ve reached the minimum goal you set initially, it’s important to focus on increasing your campaign’s momentum. A lull and loss of interest can be the death of a fundraiser, so it’s important to have plans to keep people interested in your fundraiser until you’ve met your goals! But what if you’re more successful than planned and you exceed expectations?

If your donors really resonated with your fundraiser and meet your initial goals, you’ll need to be ready for surplus donations, and people will expect you to have a plan. Stretch goals will help make sure that any extra money from fundraisers will go to good use. By setting stretch goals, you can guarantee an initial project and then begin to dream about incredible extra ones too!

Social Media Marketing and Fundraising

From crowdfunding sites to Facebook birthday charity drives, social media changes the way people connect to causes. And Nonprofit marketing companies are well suited to this fundraising landscape. Making sure your next fundraiser is well advertised on social media could vastly improve your exposure. But how exactly does a nonprofit get a fundraising campaign noticed on social media?

One simple way to improve social media awareness is a fundraiser hashtag. Specific social media branding for your fundraiser can give people a place to come together and check in on goals or even promote to other friends they have on the platform who might not be involved yet. Creating a hashtag gives people a way to promote and engage with your fundraiser more easily.

Show People Impact

One easy way to keep people engaged with your efforts is to show people what their money is paying for. During a lull, people who could potentially be donors might have a hard time seeing why they should invest in a nonprofit. Charities with videos or other testimonial style evidence of their efforts are more likely to receive donations. When people see what charities they want to help, give your potential donors a chance to see what their money would do for the nonprofit. People will also be more likely to promote your material once one of your fundraising campaigns is noticed, so show them off.

Matching Donations

Matching programs are systems that let a nonprofit or another organization match donations for a select period of time. Because you have an extra draw, matching can help get your fundraising campaign noticed. A Matching program is a great way to incentivize people to donate. This promotion makes people feel like they make double the donation. These perceptions make people feel like they have a lot more influence and spending power.

Depending on your fundraiser’s length and goals, a matching partner could choose to back the whole campaign, double your earnings, or only a smaller percentage of donations. Either way, the matching donations system brings in a lump sum of money and additional incentives.


From 5k’s to pie-making contests, hosting an event is a time-honored way to gain financial support for a nonprofit. But a real big-ticket avenue not everyone thinks of is event sponsorships. Teaming up with a corporate or industry sponsor connects you to powerful financial resources that typically have established audiences through their customer base.


Similarly, if you’re already hosting an event, sponsorship can be a form of delegation. If you’re already worried about several things, sourcing sponsorship and the accompanied help could make your event easier to plan and operate.

How To Get a Fundraising Campaign Noticed.

Fundraising is a critical element of financing any nonprofit operation. And because it’s so important, it helps to have a comprehensive plan for every fundraising level. Your nonprofit must have an outreach plan from the soft open to theoretical stretch goals when looking for capital. Using crowdfunding tools and clever social media tactics, you can help boost a fundraising campaign to new heights. But you’ll need to think of ways to keep customers engaged.

The team at Kallen media has had the pleasure of helping many different nonprofits over the years. And every time we learn something new about how to get a fundraising campaign noticed. So if you’re a nonprofit who isn’t satisfied with the results of your fundraising efforts, Kallen Media can help you. Contact us online or via the phone today for a consultation and a custom marketing plan from a team specializing in nonprofit marketing.

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