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Company Spotlight #8: Bay Area Video Coalition

Video making is a storytelling medium that has a dramatic ability to connect artists and audiences. A well-made video can create almost supernatural levels of understanding and engagement. Kallen Media is proud to work with companies who see video as a powerful force for change; that’s why we work with the bay area video coalition. (BAVC) So today, we want to bring you our seventh company spotlight on the bay area video coalition.

The BAVC was founded in 1976 to create a social hub and resource network for media makers. The coalition has helped thousands of creators and archived incredible amounts of filmography. In this blog, we will break down some of the team’s work, how you can help, and a little bit about our work with the BAVC. After this blog, you will know all about the impressive work happening around media production in the bay area! So let’s get started by talking about what the BAVC does every day.

Who is The Bay Area Video Coalition

One of the organization’s main focuses is to empower people to tell their own unique stories through film. the BAVC uses art, education, and technology to tell truly diverse stories. This help can come in many forms; the BAVC offers classes to teach people about film and film production. But they don’t stop with education. The coalition also supports and funds filmmakers! By educating and producing videos, the bay area video coalition creates a safe environment where creativity and personal growth can thrive. And the BAVC also has programs for kids. the next generation of filmmakers are encouraged to grow their skills early with the coalitions youth classes. But the coalition isn’t just making new films; they are also preserving old ones.


Besides teaching, this group is preserving old films on outdated playback mediums. The BAVC is actively digitizing old movies and maintaining our historical records. To date, the organization has rescued over 7000 hours of footage from the sands of time. Even if we kept all our old videos in ideal storage facilities, the film naturally breaks down over time. Because of this decay, moving films into the digital medium now is more important than ever. Without programs like the BAVC and other preservation teams, we could lose an incredible amount of important historical footage. By preserving old films, training, and empowering new filmmakers, the BAVC ensures the rich history of videography lives on.

Kallen Media and The BAVC

From the day Kallen Media started, we’ve always had a soft spot for working with nonprofits. Also, we’ve always been fascinated with the power videos have. So when we got the opportunity to work with BAVC, we were very excited. After our initial meeting on the Catchafire platform, we got to continue our work together. Lately, we have even been lucky enough to create memorable google ads for the bay area video coalition. BAVC, like so many other nonprofits, are seeing real benefits from the Kallen Media services. So what is unique about Kallen Media’s plan for promoting nonprofits?

Our nonprofit strategies focus on fostering or strengthing community ties and connecting charities to potential supporters. Kallen Media has had the pleasure to work with hundreds of nonprofits, so we understand 501 c 3 advertising. We can even help you get access to special grant programs that provide registered nonprofits with free advertising! Kallen Media can help you get access to google ad grants and other nonprofit specific marketing tools. Now that you know what they are all about, are you asking how you can help the BAVC?

How You Can Help The Bay Area Video Coalition

The BAVC is a multifaceted organization that has multiple functioning teams with different goals. So if you’re interested in film in any capacity, the coalition has a place where you can help. One of the main ways to be a part of the coalition’s efforts is to become a member. Membership comes from several different packages that allow anyone to participate regardless of income. Similarly, the coalitions’ always looking for new instructors or hosts for events. But if these options are too involved, the BAVC also accepts donations. Whenever you donate to a registered nonprofit, the gift is tax-deductible; this means that you’re helping yourself when you enable the BAVC. Getting a campaign noticed can be tough, but with your help, the BAVC can’t fail!


Bay Area Video Coalition Company Spotlight 7

Video has the power to connect people like almost no other art form. And because of this, telling diverse stories through film is essential. The bay area video coalition has been supporting filmmakers and promoting diverse storytelling since the 1970s! We are proud to support the work the BAVC is doing. That’s why we wrote the Bay Area Video Coalition Company Spotlight. Kallen Media loves working with the BAVC because we have heard their members’ stories and see how critical their work is. If you want to get involved with the coalition, head over to their website and learn more about the different ways you can support them. And if you’re in our other work with nonprofits, check out our last spotlight.

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