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Advertising for Nonprofits: 3 Verified Marketing Plans

A good advertising plan can make or break a business. And these plans are even harder to make if you’re in a low margin industry. Nonprofits are one type of business where advertising is challenging but essential work. But nonprofits’ unique bearings provide them with some exceptional opportunities. So today, we are going to talk about advertising for nonprofits. If you’re reading this blog, you probably know what a nonprofit is, but how does one advertise effectively?

Any advertising strategy tailored to nonprofits will have specific plans to ensure success. Nonprofits are often emotionally compelling businesses with low operational capital. Because of this, we will talk about strategies that don’t break your bank. in this blog, we address concepts like free PPC ads for nonprofits, media-driven advertisements, and event marketing. We will also give tips about different cost-effective options so you can maximize your advertising budget. So let’s get started by talking about ways your nonprofit can access free ads!

Nonprofit PPC

Digital marketing in any sector often relies on paid print advertisements that encourage traffic to a site. Significant companies like Google and others offer these ads to anyone who needs to spread their message. But unfortunately, in the nonprofit world, these ads can be too expensive. The silver lining for nonprofits is that some advertising agencies will offer this advertisement to nonprofits free of charge. These companies are happy to help registered charities, and the services they provide are top-notch. So what are some examples of nonprofit click-based ads?


One shining example of these ads is the google ad grants program. If you’re operating a registered nonprofit in us, then odds are you could be getting thousands of dollars in marketing services completely free! In an industry where spending even a little money is carefully considered, free marketing is a huge boon. Another strategy to increase your click-through rate is social media advertisements. Similar to other PPC ads, a little bit goes a long way to improving your web traffic. Next, let’s talk about content-based ads and why media is suitable for nonprofits.

Advertising for Nonprofits With Media

Videos and pictures have a unique way of compelling people into action. Unlike text, media can quickly and easily create a personal investment from an audience. Media content’s power to inspire makes it an incredible component of nonprofit advertisement. Content-based advertising can grow your reach and strengthen existing supporters’ bonds. Supporting charities is a fulfilling activity for many folks, and many people will jump at the chance to help a nonprofit. But what kind of media should you be producing?

Videos are exceptional when advertising for nonprofits; many people still remember classic in the arms of the angels’ ads from decades ago. If you can find a way to represent how important your work is in visual form, the odds are that content will resonate with your audience. but you don’t solely have to rely on video. An evocative picture or series of photos can be a powerful educational tool. Lastly, media can bring exposure to lesser-known operations. By teaming up with production staff, your nonprofit gains access to multiple channels to entice new and old supporters. Another terrific way to gain support is by physically approaching clients and donors through event marketing. 

Nonprofit Events

From silent auctions to full-on parties, events are a time-honored fundraising method for nonprofits. But these events can be a marketing powerhouse as well. A flashy event or a good time is a chance to reward your loyal team and bring in brand new supporters. Event marketing is an expensive gamble, but potential rewards from it are high. If you pull off a quality event, you’ll have your donors thinking about you for years to come! But events aren’t purely about donations; you can use events for crowdsourcing as well.


A charity event like a barn raising or food drive can dramatically increase your hands on deck. group work makes specific impossible tasks into achievable goals. One classic example of this collaborative event work is holiday soup kitchens; every year, people come together across the world to feed people less fortunate. From crowdfunding to donor acquisition, there are lots of reasons a nonprofit should look into event marketing.

Advertising for Nonprofits

The right kind of advertising can be a tremendous asset to companies bottom line. But without a colossal budget, marketing can seem like a distant dream. Fortunately for charities, while it might be hard, advertising for nonprofits is an important task. Some methods are the same as regular ads but with unique benefits. Unlike a standard for-profit, some PPC like google ad grants are free for nonprofits. Nonprofits also have strong emotional undertones. If you create media content, you can capitalize on that emotion. And lastly, we talked about the different kinds of event marketing that are most useful for charitable businesses. Kallen Media has been working with nonprofits since day one. If you need a custom marketing strategy to help your nonprofit, check out our blog on work we’ve done with other nonprofits like Latham Centers.

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