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Google AdWords Activism: How We Can Help

For-profit activism in the private sector is rare and often more about optics than anything else. That’s one of the many reasons its important to support real heroes who do work to help our communities. One easy way marketing companies can show our support is by connecting these organizations to advertising grants.  Communication can be a costly challenge for these companies. But Google AdWords can help. Google AdWords activism is growing every day. But how does it work?

Google AdWords is a grant program for nonprofit companies. This program offers grants of up to 10,000 dollars to registered organizations to reach out to target markets. The vast majority of nonprofits operate with less than one million dollars in the budget. This budget means that in the best case, a communications budget would be around 150,000 dollars. A free google ad grant can increase this budget by 15 percent. Imagine what it could do for a smaller company.

How Marketers Can Help


Learn about nonprofits in your community. If you find a nonprofit who you think could use your help, reach out to them and explain what you’re offering. And if you can, offer your services for a reduced cost. Nonprofits can struggle to gain attention; this is where marketing excels. By directly connecting a nonprofit to an ad grant program, you can facilitate significant change.


Lots of nonprofits don’t know about the resources marketing firms are aware of. The advertising landscape changes fast, and the professionals in the field might have more accurate information. Marketing agencies need to work together with nonprofits. Because together they can get a message out there. So how does AdWords work? First, you have to register.

Qualifying for Google Ad Grants


So what are the requirements for a Google AdWords grant? First, you have to be a registered charitable nonprofit. The service is not available for government entities, health care institutions, or schools. However, Google does offer a similar program for schools called Google for education. In the United States, this means being an official 501(c)(3) organization. After this, you must register with Google, through Tech Soup.

Registering with google means creating a nonprofit account. After requesting a nonprofit account, Google will verify your nonprofit status. Google uses Techsoup to handle its verification process. Once Techsoup confirms a nonprofit, Google will notify the company, and they are eligible for their free grant! Once checked, these companies are also suitable for free access to G-suite products and a separate YouTube nonprofit program.

Google AdWords for Activism


Once processed and verified, you can begin accessing google ad grant finances. Google has placed a daily limit of 329 dollars. Google’s money is intended for use in key-word targeted campaigns that produce text ads. Unfortunately, Google will naturally place these ads below paid ads. This placement means that money needs to be spent wisely. Google AdWords activism’s purpose is to create highly targetted ad campaigns. So why are some areas where these ads excel?

Google text ads have an incredibly broad reach. So if you need to broadcast information, they are nearly perfect tools. Because of this, they are connecting people through text ads is a highly effective tactic. Connecting with people is vastly vital for grassroots activism, and Google AdWords can help similarly because targeted advertisements allow organizations to gather specific supporters or financial backing. These tools can be used for any targeted text-based ad. However, these particular uses are highly successful tactics.

Examples of AdWords at Work


Here at Kallen Media, we have seen the power an ad grant can have on a nonprofit. Connecting these organizations with free advertising capital has been a cornerstone of our operations from day one. From connecting students to after school activities, to fundraising Kallen Media is proud to stand with the community we’re growing in.

In the past, we’ve helped the Tucson girls chorus promote their valuable service. In the past, we have helped companies through every step of using google ad grants. To use Google ad words, activism is the perfect way to ensure a brighter future.

Activism in Marketing


As marketing agencies, we have a voice and a platform. One of the best things companies can do to help people is amplified their message. Advertising grants provide tools for nonprofits to reach out and connect with their communities. The change will not come overnight, and for lasting progress to be made, we must all commit substantial resources and time. One area where all of these goals intersect is google ad words.

Google AdWords can help establish nonprofit social service organizations, which in turn will aid everyone. If you want to learn more about google ad grants or need help developing service for your nonprofit, contact Kallen Media via our website. To learn more about how you can support the black lives matter movement, please visit their website.

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