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10th company spotlight for Kallen Media’s pro bono partners

Kallen Media often finds companies we want to support in any way we can. And as a marketing firm, this usually means we want to step in and help promote their work. Here at the Kallen media blog, we have talked a lot about some of our nonprofit partners. But today, we want to focus on some of the places we volunteer. Welcome to the 10th company spotlight for Kallen Media’s pro bono partners.

Today we’re going to talk about some of the companies where we’ve volunteered, and we will talk about how we establish self-sustaining marketing practices. We will also tell you about some of the services we use to connect to companies looking for pro bono partners. And, of course, you’ll learn more about what some of our partners do every day! Let’s start by explaining some of the work we’ve done free of charge.

Pro Bono Work


Nonprofit marketing is an integral component of Kallen Media’s business strategy. And we are forever grateful for our incredible paid partnerships with nonprofits. But we know firsthand how hard it can be for a newer nonprofit to help its clients. Kallen Media has worked with 100’s of nonprofits and watched many teams struggle to help their target audience. But it’s always inspiring to see a nonprofit learn about marketing. And it’s refreshing to help a nonprofit reach a broad audience of clientele and supporters alike. That personal fulfillment is why when we find a small Nonprofit whose mission we care about, we will often offer them free services!

kid and adult hand

kid and adult hand

We have talked about all of the excellent free resources available to nonprofits who need marketing help in the past. But connecting to these tools can be easier said than done. Plugging in like this could be impossible for an average person, but we connect people to this resource every day as a marketing firm. Because of those circumstances, when we work Pro Bono with a company, we like to ensure when we finish, they feel empowered, not abandoned. By linking companies to teams like Google Ad Grants, Catchafire, and more, we make a situation where ads are self-sustaining. By connecting these smaller companies to systems that give them ongoing support, Kallen Media fosters a culture of effective and affordable advertising.

Nonprofits We’ve Worked With


Over the last year, we’ve done more pro bono work than ever in response to the pandemic. Rather than tell you about every single company, we found two cases where our work shined. This year we helped tons of local Arizona charities get access to google ad grants. One group we were able to earn ad grant revenue for was the Arizona Youth Partnership. The AZYP is combating substance abuse, homelessness, access to education, and many more problems facing Arizona families. In 2006 the AZYP expanded to serve the greater Arizona area and, as a result, needed to expand its marketing efforts. Free advertising like we enabled for them is a massive benefit to the companies budget. In addition to helping local children, Kallen Media works with education-focused charities nationally.

Turning The Page was founded in the ’90s and has spent the last 20 years engaging families to create successful students. By working directly with families, lobbying for high-quality public education, and building long-term programs, the organization is changing lives with education, shifting to a from-home model over quarantine. Turning The Page adapted to new and complex problems. Kallen Media was so happy that we could step in and help spread their message for free. The work we did with Turning The Page was only the beginning. Because we gave them access to running grant programs, they can continue to benefit long after our partnership ends.

Medical Nonprofit partners

surgeons operating

surgeons operating

In addition to helping child-focused nonprofits, we also had a big focus on medical-centered organizations. One of these organizations was Cape Ivy. Cape Ivy tries to accommodate the chronically ill by offering them practical solutions. Programs from Cape Ivy include things like fleece poncho donations to patients who regularly need to have IV’s which prevents the wearing of sweaters. This nonprofit has helped thousands of people in critical condition find a moment of warmth and comfort during their care. And we hope our work helps them reach thousands more!

We also worked with Brigid’s Path to establish a nonprofit marketing strategy that works for them. Brigid’s Path primarily works with infants exposed to addictive substances, an incredibly challenging area to operate during the pandemic. For a newer charity forced to handle uncontrollable external factors, they are thriving! We were proud to step in and manage some Google Ad grants for a company that is fighting to protect vulnerable infants. 2020 was hard on everyone, but Kallen Media’s pro bono work helped us see the silver linings.

10th Company spotlight for Kallen Media’s Pro Bono Partners

Kallen Media was lucky to work with some fantastic people, so our 10th company spotlight for Kallen Media’s pro bono partners addressed some of them. We were able to help companies like the AZ youth partnership and Turning The Page help children in Arizona and many other states. We also worked with Brigid’s Path and Cape Ivy organizations who provide valuable support to patients who need assistance. Kallen Media is proud to do pro bono work that ensures that charities thrive. If you want to learn more about companies we’ve worked with, check out our last company spotlight!

3 Ways to Optimize Your Market Research

Millions of new businesses are created every year, but only a small percentage will achieve sustained success. While the internet has made it easier than ever to develop a new company, it has made the market significantly more competitive. You’re not alone if you’re struggling to determine exactly what your target audience wants in the modern era. If you need help perfecting your business model, market research is a must. Join Kallen Media and learn 3 ways to optimize your market research.


As an entrepreneur, market research is one of the most important skills you can develop. Understanding your target market will inform everything from product development and customer service to marketing and sales. As a digital strategy agency, our job is to help you learn more about your audience and leverage that information to maximize sales.


Consider Customer Needs


Consumer preferences change every year, and forward-thinking companies are always looking for ways to stay on top of the latest trends. Gathering customer information starts with fundamental data points like age, gender, location, and income.


Beyond those basic details, you should also target a deeper understanding of what your customers are looking for. Learning about your audience’s needs and desires will help you build promotional content that targets their unique preferences.


Focus on Data


Strong data analysis skills are critical for your marketing performance, and your data gathering practices will affect every other area of sales. Again, basic data points are no longer enough in a data-centric landscape.


Asking customers directly is the best way to learn about how your brand is perceived. Talking with customers will also help you see where you stand versus your competitors. Both qualitative and quantitative data have major roles to play, and you need to ask the right questions to get the answers you’re looking for. From there, the next step involves finding ways to synthesize your data and use it to generate actionable insights.


Never Make Assumptions


We all bring our own biases and tendencies into market research, but the best marketers understand how to account for those latent assumptions. In fact, market research centers around the process of replacing your internal biases with cold, hard data.


Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do when it comes to undoing your own assumptions. Involving other perspectives in the decision-making process is a fundamental aspect of accounting for your own limitations.


Market research is a constantly evolving field, and the best way to improve your skills is to continue using them in practice. Thank you for reading Kallen Media’s 3 Ways to Optimize Your Market Research. These tips will help you continually optimize your approach and gain a deeper understanding of your target market. But if you need more help, feel free to reach out to Kallen Media!

Company Spotlight #9 for New Destiny Housing

Running nonprofits is hard, and without the proper visibility, it can feel like an uphill battle. But the appropriate support and team can help anyone thrive in the nonprofit space. Kallen Media is proud to do work that supports a wide range of charitable organizations. Today’s blog is going to focus on a specific nonprofit and the work they do. Welcome to our 9th company spotlight for New Destiny Housing.

We like to use our company spotlights to tell you all about the clients Kallen Media is proud to call our partners. Today we want to talk about some of the fantastic work that New Destiny Housing does and why they do it. We will also break down some of the ways we are involved with helping and how you can get involved too! Lastly, we will talk about the simple ways any nonprofit can save a fortune on marketing costs. To start, we will tell you about what New Destiny does and how they formed initially!

New Destiny Housing

two houses on a block

two houses on a block

The primary objective of New Destiny Housing is to end domestic violence. New Destiny was founded in 1994 in New York and has worked ever since, providing housing and other services to vulnerable populations. Since its inception, New Destiny has set up over 16 residential projects providing nearly 400 year-round residences. New Destiny’s housing efforts and education programs impact well over 100,000 people every year. Victims of domestic violence account for 40 percent of homeless families in some areas. Without organizations like New Destiny, many people don’t have the resources to secure their safety. New Destiny Housing provides more than just affordable housing developments for people.

The facilities also have on-site services designed to help create and foster safety for domestic violence victims. There are additionally empowerment and information branches of New Destiny. Empowerment projects focus on maintaining someone’s control over their life with housing knowledge and subsidies. New Destiny’s information branch works both internally and externally. Internally information about fair and safe housing practices is disseminated to ensure residents know how to find appropriate housing. Similarly, people involved in New Destiny are always spreading awareness about their mission.

Kallen Media and Nonprofits


Kallen Media was happy to help spread information about safe housing for victims of domestic violence. And working with New Destiny Housing was a fantastic experience. New Destiny Housing is a recent client in a long string of charities that have worked with us. Nonprofit marketing is a large part of the work Kallen Media does. And services like Catchafire help connect us to nonprofits seeking campaign help, fundraising, and much more.

a house on a line

a house

We were able to help New Destiny with a wide range of marketing services, but none more impactful than Google ad grants. By connecting New Destiny Housing to the proper channels, we could save thousands of dollars by providing essentially free advertising services. Similarly, the right campaign can help generate fundraising and long-lasting engagement from your donors. With a quality campaign and the right message, a nonprofit can effectively accomplish anything. And Google ad grants are a tremendous service, but they can seem complicated if you don’t know about them.

Google Ad Grants


Google ad grants are an essential section of Kallen medias’ nonprofit marketing plan. These Grants offer the space charities need to increase their reach or visibility for free! By connecting registered nonprofits to the google ad grant system, Kallen media has helped hundreds of nonprofits save incredible amounts of money! Ad grants are a big part of the help we provided New Destiny housing and many other charities.

Google ad grants are official Google banner ads only available to registered 501(C)(3)s. If your charity qualifies, you could save upwards of ten thousand dollars on advertisements that utilize Google’s coveted algorithms. We have talked about how effective these grants can be for a business that needs exposure in the past. So if you want to learn more about google as grants, check out some of our other google ad grant blogs. New Destiny Housing uses these grants, and if you qualify, you should be too.

Company Spotlight for New Destiny Housing


You’ve made it to the end of Kallen medias 9th company spotlight for New Destiny Housing. This blog talked about how new destiny began, their original mission, and their current programs. We talked about the marketing services we offer nonprofits and our customized advertising approach. And Lastly, we spoke about Google ad grants and how they can help any registered nonprofit save money!

The nonprofit space is incredibly demanding, and marketing can be a huge time sink in this industry. If you’re working with a charity and struggling with advertising, Kallen Media is here to help. Our customized nonprofit marketing services are affordable and proven to be effective. Join the long list of companies who have saved time and money by joining the Kallen Media family and get a quote for our nonprofit marketing services today.

Can Mobile Optimization Increase Your Conversions?

When it comes to designing business and personal websites, responsive design has always been the key format. However, now with growing technology and the importance of smartphones in our lives, mobile optimization is a new and preferred strategy. Can Mobile Optimization Increase Your Conversions? Here’s everything you need to know about it:

What Is Mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

When designers design a website to fit perfectly on a mobile screen, it improves user experience and ensures greater reach. With responsive design, some web page elements would be hidden when viewed via a mobile phone. Users would have to access the complete website by using their desktops and laptops. Web designers don’t only compress and rearrange the content but redesign the entire page, keeping in mind the size of a mobile screen to ensure users can enjoy easy navigation.

What Are the Key Feature Of Mobile Optimization?

A mobile-optimized website typically includes the following

  1. Responsive Design
  2. No sidebar
  3. Bigger, bolder buttons
  4. Uncluttered design
  5. No popup ads or menus
  6. Images are compressed to ensure quick loading
  7. Text is scannable
  8. Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

What are the Benefits of Mobile SEO?

One of the main benefits of mobile SEO is the improved mobile user experience. A website that is easy to navigate and use helps boost conversions and brings a higher return on investment (ROI).

Next, you can expect increased website traffic. According to reports, Millennials and Gen Z spend the majority of their time on their phones. Online shoppers use their smartphones to purchase from different websites. With a user-friendly interface, more customers will open and check your website, in turn generating traffic.

Other benefits of mobile SEO include lower bounce rate, increase time spent on-site, and reduce page load speed, giving your business a competitive edge.

What’s the Link between Mobile SEO and Increased Conversions?

Once a customer has decided to purchase from you, it’s essential to remove any obstacles they might encounter during the process. The time between adding a product to the cart and reaching the checkout page is crucial.

This is where implementing mobile SEO comes to play. A one-step checkout with quick loading times will help make the transaction process faster. No popup ads or screen errors will distract your consumers from buying the product.

With more and more businesses going online, it’s important to ensure that your website is mobile SEO friendly to ensure the best return on investments and greater profits. Our professionals at Kallen Media offer affordable website design packages, blog writing and posting services, social media marketing services, and other SEO Services.

Mobile SEO helps makes it easy for visitors to sign up for a service, make a purchase, or take any other call-to-action (CTA) that’s on the site.

Give us a call today to learn more about our comprehensive services.

Google SEO Ranking: Tips for Your Website

In the world of online businesses, your position in search results directly impacts your business. For e-commerce, these rankings are like physical locations for brick and mortar stores. If you are the first result, you get traffic that your competitors will never see. But how does a company improve its position? Today we will talk about Google SEO ranking and the best practices for improving your Google rank.

This blog won’t cover every detail that will affect your SEO ranking because there are thousands! We will focus on some of the critical areas where we’ve seen clients struggle in the past. This blog covers areas like site security and mobile programming. We will also give tips about ways you can optimize the content of your website. Lastly, we talk about general ranking tips and how to target your niche. These topics are essential, but having a secure site is necessary to achieving a decent SEO ranking.

Secure Websites


For search engines like google to rank your site at all, they will need to analyze it. Areas with improper URLs or poorly designed web managers might not be secure or accessible enough to rank. Because of this, you should take care to make sure your companies site is easy to reach and safe. The first step here is using a well-designed web manager. Programs like WordPress will ensure that all of your URLs are proper with minimal hassle on your part. Security is equally easy to manage.


Nowadays, most people are familiar with HTTP and HTTPS sites, but they may have noticed a rise in the popularity of HTTPS. This uptick is due to the security features that encrypt content in HTTPS sites. These URLs link to sites that protect both users and hosts from malicious third parties. Enabling SSL security like this on your website will help your ranking because Google will identify your site as a safer landing page than sites without protection. Similarly, Google will also rank more inclusively designed sites higher.

Responsive Web Design


Responsive web design refers to websites that operate differently depending on the hardware you use to access them. For instance, a site with a mobile version of its landing pages has responsive features. These websites tend to rank higher because users will have an easy time navigating them in multiple ways. So what are some responsive features you should consider implementing?

The most common responsive design is mobile sites. These sites improve load times and help mobile users navigate your page. If you don’t have mobile landing pages, your site will naturally lose out on a large segment of web traffic. Another responsive feature is image scaling. Appropriate image and video formats will improve your website’s back end and make your content more appealing to Google SEO ranking. Responsive design takes some planning, but it is worth it in the long run; Just like optimizing your content.

Optimizing Content and Links

So far, many of our tips have been significant one-off events that will provide dramatic boosts to your rankings. But content optimization is an everyday process that will slowly improve your Google SEO ranking. Content optimization is the process of ensuring that everything you post is both on brand and formatted to appeal to search engines. Practices like backlinking and cornerstone content maintenance aren’t glamorous, but they’re still essential.


Optimizing your content and efficient backlinking will create a website that is fun to browse but also attractive to algorithms. This combination of features will mean that new people are pushed to your site, while your active users are more likely to stay. If your site is optimized correctly and contains well-placed links, you can be sure your rank will benefit. Another valuable way to encourage web traffic is targeting a niche.

SEO Ranking and Your Niche


While a lot of SEO management is analytical work, some of your care focuses on creative content. A healthy brand will do more for SEO than any algorithm; you can only build a brand if you know your audience. identifying your niche and studying its members is vital to creating a healthy website. And once you have a target audience, all of your content should be geared toward their wants and needs. If algorithms notice that you satisfy your active users, you’ll get promoted to similar users, which creates a domino effect. Understanding your niche is a crucial factor in determining where you’ll rank.

Google SEO Ranking


Today we covered tips in fields like content creation and web development to ensure your site is attractive to search engines. We are confident that if you follow all of this advice, you could make a site that has a stellar SEO rank. But web development and maintenance are hard. If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable SEO service, Kallen Media is here to help. Head over to our SEO landing page to learn more about how we can optimize your site.

Important Social Media Trends For 2021

55% of Americans get their daily news from social media. So join Kallen Media and learn important social media trends for 2021! Social media has given brands a chance to stay in touch with their customers and continue their marketing efforts. (more…)

Responsive Design: What is a Responsive Webpage

Have you ever wondered how your customers are accessing your website? And are you sure your site looks good no matter where it’s accessed? Ensuring your website looks good is a cornerstone in digital marketing. That’s why today, we’re going to talk more about responsive design.

In the past, we’ve touched on standard responsive web design practices. But today we are going to give you a complete guide. We are going to learn why businesses prefer responsive design. And precisely what changes web designers implement and the different templates for sites. In essence, responsive designs are websites that adapt to the different ways people are accessing the website. These responses can take the form of scaling photos, changing font size, and even wholly separate landing pages! But why would you want to take on all of this extra work?

Why Use Responsive Design


Odds are, if you’re reading about responsive web design, you’re already considering using it. And who doesn’t want access to the most modern digital marketing tools? Responsive design creates a website that is ready to handle a wider audience. in addition to the reach, responsive websites are also sleeker and tend to look better because they tailor to the size of your users’ viewports. These changes are all minor ways to create a tremendous amount of utility from your website.

responsive design

responsive design

This ease of use is one of the main advantages of a well-implemented responsive design. If your site is easy to access from multiple platforms and devices, you will likely see an increase in your performance metrics. Customers will actively notice responsive design features because they will feel natural and tailored to their setup. Your website is like your storefront, and you want it to be easy to access and inviting to everyone! This ease of use and quality all come from dynamic changes.

Dynamic Changes


Responsive design at the primary level is about implementing a website that changes with your users. But this process starts with allowing elements of your site to shift in response to your users’ ques. We’ve already talked about a few different kinds of dynamic changes; features like image scaling and viewport responses are all examples of a website responding dynamically to other users. These changes all require highly technical knowledge of back-end web programming. But they all work on fundamental principles of receiving inputs from users and reacting to data in pre-programmed ways.

Responsive programs are all about predicting the different ways users are going to interact with your site. Is a long block of texts too complex to read on some screens? You’ll need adaptive text features. Ensuring that you cover your customers’ most common use cases will guarantee high satisfaction. One of the most common types of predictive programming is creating mobile-specific landing pages.

Mobile Websites


Mobile websites are a common practice for businesses who want to reach a broad audience. Landing pages for specific mobile applications are a common first step in implementing a responsive website. Having dedicated landing pages for mobile versions of your site ensures your responsive web page will have fast load times. It’s most common to see these mobile pages exist for a lot of different hardware factors. Two of the most common considerations for a dedicated landing page are device size and OS.

Often, companies will design landing pages optimized for apple or android specific software. The best way to ensure this is to follow the developers’ most common practices for programming. By following android guidelines or apples, your website runs optimally on that platform, increasing your users’ engagement. Similarly, size-specific landing pages will ensure your text blocks and media are easy to process. Programming your responsive site can be intimidating, but using a predesigned responsive theme can be an excellent entry-level option.

Responsive Themes


In web design, professionals and hobbyists often turn to themes for their web designs. Themes and web designing software can take care of highly complex back-end work for you with ease. Modern web design applications like WordPress will have responsive features built right in! If everything we have talked about so far seems too complicated, a preset theme could be the option for you. in the past, we have talked about how easy WordPress is to use; And the responsive templates are no different.

responsive design

responsive design

Responsive design is incredibly complicated, but the basics of it are now simple to implement. Even small companies are now implementing basic features like mobile websites. People want to access their content in their way, and your company should be ready for that. Responsive design makes it easier for your customers to engage, so implementing at minimum a responsive theme is vital for your online health.

Responsive Design


This blog did a deep dive into responsive marketing’s essentials and how you can make a responsive website. To start, we gave you good reasons to look into web designs that meet your customers halfway. And we covered topics like dynamic changes and mobile landing pages. We finished up by talking about some ways people can access responsive programming at the entry-level. Kallen Media can help if you’re looking for a web development company to help you through the transition. Reach out for a quote and make sure to mention our responsive design.

Effective Healthcare Marketing 7 Tips for 2021

We are currently seeing a digital transformation in the healthcare industry. Providers are investing in healthcare software development, and patients are starting to expect care backed by digital solutions. While this trend was already well underway at the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the process. With everything changing so fast, effective healthcare marketing is more important than ever. Today we’re going to bring you seven tips on how you can maximize your practices’ exposure. 

With the rise of online health platforms and telehealth tools, healthcare businesses need to adapt their marketing strategies. Check out the following tips to develop a successful healthcare marketing strategy in 2021.

Transparency and Communication 

effective healthcare marketing

Consumers have certain expectations when they interact with or buy from a business online. They want information about the product or service they are buying, easy communication, and resources to help with decision-making. When healthcare providers move online, they need to do their best to meet these expectations. Make it easy for customers to message you and try to respond in a timely way. Provide clear information about the services you provide and offer information about the different available options.

Telehealth is Growing


Telehealth options have been around for a while, but adoption rates grew considerably during the pandemic. Healthcare businesses should not expect this to change. People have seen how telehealth can meet some of their needs, and many will want to stick with it. As a result, healthcare businesses should look to integrate telehealth with their services. Whether it is developing your own app or using an existing platform, healthcare providers need to develop a strategy for offering telehealth services.

Offer a Consistent Experience


Patients now visit your website, they find you in an app, and they might interact with your social media accounts. With so many contact points, healthcare businesses need to aim for a consistent experience across all channels. Beyond developing branding and messaging that can be used across all channels to deliver a consistent experience no matter where your customers find you. Just like in the nonprofit sector, consistent experiences are key to building a long-term relationship. If you can guarantee the trust of your clientele, effective healthcare marketing is a free bonus. 

Focus on Search


The days of finding a healthcare service in the phonebook are long gone. Modern consumers find service providers by searching online. If patients can’t find your website in search, you will lose a lot of business. This means that healthcare businesses will need to invest a portion of the marketing budget in search engine optimization (SEO). With a good SEO strategy, you can increase visibility in search engines and make it easier for customers to find your website. 

Go Where the Patients Are


Beyond your website, you need to go to the platforms your patients use. This means building a presence on social media. Find the sites your patients use the most and open an account. Social media provides valuable marketing opportunities and can also offer a key communications channel for connecting with new customers.

effective healthcare marketing

Simple Messaging


Healthcare businesses now have more ways to reach patients than they ever did in the past. While this does offer more opportunities to communicate, you need to make sure the messaging lands. One key to being effective online is to keep the messaging simple. Your patients may not understand the jargon that is familiar to you and your colleagues. Try to communicate your messaging in plain English and connect with consumers in a friendly and personal way.

Be Aware of Reviews


With everything being online, you need to be aware of patient reviews posted on different platforms. Some patients are going to post reviews, and many will use this information when making a decision. Do your best to encourage patients to leave positive reviews and develop a strategy for effectively replying to negative reviews without being confrontational.

Digital Marketing Tools: Our Guide to Easier Advertising

In the world of online marketing, a marketing professional needs to be on top of a lot of moving parts to do their job. Consequently, digital marketing pros will find creative ways to manage their workload. This blog is all about how marketing agencies tackle problems like SEO, niche targeting, and even more. Welcome to the Kallen Media run down on digital marketing tools! 

First, we will give you a rundown on some of the popular web development tools we’re using to build brand image and develop e-commerce. But our work doesn’t end there; we will also tell you about some of the programs we use to drive traffic to websites. Lastly, we will let you in on how corporations make their social media headache-free. Because digital marketing is all online, the most accessible place to start is the tools we use to get businesses on the web.

Web Development Tools


Web development is a central focus for digital marketing. A company website isn’t just a storefront but also a living billboard for your brand. A well-made website with high-quality form and function can woo potential customers and instill confidence in your niche. The tools developers use to create sites are called APIs or content management programs. With a well-designed API, you can design a website that does anything you can imagine. Digital marketers use many different APIs, but here at Kallen Media, we trust WordPress the most.


WordPress is one of the easiest to use web development programs around. WordPress stands out for businesses on a budget with free use templates and features that reduce entry barriers like HTML knowledge. Because of all of this, WordPress is one of the most popular tools on the market! If you’re interested in WordPress, you can read our blogs that cover functions like this blog on a visual story plugin. Once you have a web presence, you will need other digital marketing tools to make sure it’s popular!

SEO and Content Creation


Everyone knows content creation and SEO management are vital to running a thriving website. But how exactly do people manage these tasks? The short answer is data analytics. If a company can collect and utilize their relevant web data, they can understand the patterns that bring people to their websites. Especially during the pandemic, data analytics is an important measure of how well you’re performing. Parsing through data and reacting to it is one of the best ways to improve your search engine rankings, making it easier to create content. At Kallen Media, we use an array of high-end big data resources, but one of the more accessible ones is SEMrush.

SEMrush is a data analytics tool designed specifically for digital marketing. The site can audit webpages to tell you where improvements can be made and give other tips for SEO tweaks to make your site’s rank soar. The website also has sections dedicated to content creation. SEMrush can inform you about relevant blog topics, a niche’s search patterns, and much more. With SEMrush, you can create content that will work directly toward your goals and monitor their progress. Data analytics is also valuable for social media, where planning and niche targeting are critical.

Social Media Management


Engaging with people on social media can be tricky. Additionally, the pressure of media engagement can make corporate SMM a daunting task. But with a plan and the right toolset, running a social media brand only requires time and dedication. A goal is critical because it will keep you on track to establishing a trusted brand. One essential tool for social media management is a content scheduler. 


Tools like Hootsuite and others allow you to collect all of your profiles and manage them from one place. They will also let you create better plans by scheduling content instead of randomly posting. Being able to see the entirety of your social media presence in one place will save you time and impact your decisions. Hootsuite also offers premium options to provide you with even more data analytics!

Digital Marketing Tools


Digital marketing is an ever-growing field where people have to keep up with fast-moving tech trends. And these marketing professionals need to maintain their effectiveness to compete. That’s why people use tools like data analytics and SEO to ensure their marketing plan stands out. Today we taught you about digital marketing tools that we use every day. Programs like SEMrush and WordPress directly affect our web content and quality of life tools like Hootsuite. 

But even if you have access to the best tools, you’ll need to practice and use them to become comfortable working with them. And not everyone has time to learn all of the things you need to for effective marketing. This learning curve is why Digital marketing agencies collect these tools and retain them for you. If you’re struggling with marketing online and want help, contact Kallen media today to quote our digital marketing services.

5 Tips for Developing a Brand: personal branding

These days, everything is about branding. Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, your brand is how you interact with your audience. In the business world, your branding’s effectiveness determines how your perception and your success. That’s why today we are going to bring you 5 Tips for Developing a Personal Brand!

Typically personal branding is optional when advertising. A great focus is put on branding corporations or businesses. But many consumers don’t focus on the overall effect of a brand; instead, they’re more concerned with the individuals, such as the employees they interact with.

For instance, a company’s employees are likely to get as much as 561% more reach with their posts than the identical messages when posted on a company account!

Of course, most of us interested in building a personal brand are less concerned about our employees and more concerned with constructing a following around us, personally. If that’s your goal, these five tips will help you create an effective and well-designed personal brand.

Know Yourself


Knowing yourself is where it all begins. No vagueness is allowed here! You can’t expect anyone else to know you if you don’t know exactly what you’re presenting, who you are, and the value of what you have to offer.

know yourself

Branding is about far more than just the visuals you create. While working with a graphic designer or using design tools such as a personal logo creator are important keys, it’s equally important to have a solid understanding of the personality you want to visually present to your public.

Take the time to fully explore your own personality, your public persona, and how you can combine the two. Be firm on what you can bring to others and be convinced of your own value. Personal branding is about confidence, but the ability to project confidence requires that you first build it within yourself. Only then can you pass it on to others.

Be Authentic


We mentioned having a good grasp of your personality, your public persona, and where the two meet. In creating a personal brand, it’s important to remember that, while you may not reveal every last detail about yourself to everyone, authenticity is highly sought after. Many consumers point to authenticity as deciding factors when choosing to pursue a business relationship with a particular brand.

And consumers are very good at picking up on brands that are not authentic. If you post content that is off-brand for you or not with the values you have previously presented, your audience will see and judge it. one company we’ve worked with that does incredibly well promoting themselves honestly is the BAVC. You can read more about their work in our company spotlight.

This is why it’s important to find the correspondence between who you are in private and who you present to the public. You don’t have to reveal every little thing — in fact, and it isn’t smart, or even safe, to do so. Draw a line between what you will reveal and what you prefer to keep private.

But make sure that your public persona is built on the foundation of who you really are and what you really believe in. Not only will that authenticity be appealing to your audience and draw them in, but it will also make your personal branding efforts easier, more natural, and much more simple to maintain consistently. But you have to be authentic on a schedule when you’re responsible for a brand.

Be Consistent


Speaking of being consistent, this is another aspect that is vital for a great personal brand. It goes hand in hand with authenticity. The more “real” you are, the more likely you are to act, speak, and post content in line with the brand you’ve already established.

Apply the consistency principle in your visuals — stick with a color palette, tone, font choices, and overall style. But make sure also to be consistent in your messaging and values.

If you’re concerned about being “boring,” remember that consistency isn’t the same as “always doing the same thing with no variation.” Rather, consistency is a positive element to personal branding that builds trust in your audience because they know they can rely on you to provide great content and added value.

Look To The Experts


All successful branding requires a certain amount of networking, regardless of the arena in which you operate. It’s not only smart to create your brand based on those who have gone before you. It also adds recognition — your audience is likely already familiar with the experts in your niche. Aligning yourself with well-respected names and brands is a great way to build trust in what you have to offer from the very beginning.


Yes, you may have competition, but that doesn’t mean you have to set out to knock them down right out of the gate. Instead, remember to network, not attack. The competition has valuable insight and experience to offer you as a newcomer in your arena, and they can guide you as you create a respected personal brand.

Focus On Positivity


These days it’s easy to focus on drama and negativity. But in creating your personal brand, you have an opportunity to be a force for change — and positivity.

As you work within your chosen area, especially with the afore-mentioned experts who pose some competition, you have a choice in how you will act. Will you create your brand around knocking down any who stand in your way? Or will you craft a healthy, forward-thinking community around your brand by setting the example in treating others kindly?

The saying goes that “nice guys finish last.” But in building a personal brand that is appealing to others, that certainly isn’t the case. Remember that your brand is about communicating effectively with your audience — and that includes every single interaction, whether in person, through your website, or via social media.

When in doubt, always err on the side of kindness. You never know what kind of positive impact kindness will have — but you can be certain that it will add to developing an effective, successful, and appealing personal brand.

Betty Wills And 5 Tips for Developing a Brand

I am a student working as a freelance blogger. I love to explore ideas related to marketing concepts, brands, and psychology. When not on campus, I am on my laptop punching keys to get my writing gigs going. Thank you for reading our 5 Tips for Developing a Brand. If you’re looking for help developing your personal brand, contact Kallen Media today.

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