2019 was the very beginning of Kallen Media LLC.  With the new development of the company, came an explosion of content.  One of the main goals that I had when I founded Kallen Media, was providing a place for small business owners to learn about digital marketing.  Over the past year, we produced over 30 unique articles dedicated to helping business owners learn digital marketing. Here is a list of our articles broken down from the start of the year until today.  Be sure to check back here as we will be updating our blogs through the upcoming months.


How Do I Get My Business Noticed?


Those who are unfamiliar with digital marketing should begin with our first blog post “How Do I Get My Business Noticed”.  The blog goes over what tactics are effective in creating a digital marketing plan.  Similarly, the blog goes over how tactics have changed over the years.  If you are interested in a glance at core elements to digital marketing, this is a great start.  Finally, the article outlines what digital marketing services can be done through Kallen Media.


Don’t Just Get More Clients, WIN Them!


how to win customers


Winning new clients is core to any successful business.  Many businesses struggle with bringing in great potential prospects.  Within this article, I break down knowing your target market, utilizing collaboration, and getting in front of your target audience.  Additionally, you can find some great tips for standing out at trade shows and making an impact on clients.


The Value Of Regular Blog Posts


Blogging is a vital part of active websites.  It provides useful information to readers and tells search engines that there is new content.  I give you 5 timeless tips to creating blog posts that will entertain and influence your readers.


Different Management Styles


Each company has its own unique culture and styles.  At the core, there is a managerial style that influences how a company is run.  I break down the 3 core managerial styles: authoritarian, affiliative, and democratic.  There are strengths and weaknesses to each, so you should apply the concepts to your unique scenario.


Blogging and Your Niche


computer keyboard


No matter your industry, it is important to find your niche.  Your niche is the specific group of people that you are targeting your product or service.  The more specific the niche, the higher the chance of converting your leads to clients. It is important to centralize your blog around the interests of your target audience.  Oppositely, failing to do this will result in lower conversion rates and less traction on your articles.


Importance of Business Directories


Having your business found online is essential for success in the modern marketplace.  Business directories are one of the best ways to get your business discovered by potential clients.  These are high profile websites that have a lot of traction on search engines.  By including your business within them, this increases your chances of being found in searches.  Most of these directories are even free!


Utilizing Social Media Effectively


Social media is the cheapest and most effective way to engage your audience.  Before social media, companies had to pay to interact with their audiences. Whether this was through postcards or paper directories.  With social media, it allows businesses to directly interact with their clients without having to pay. Follow our guide to make sure your business is utilizing its social media accounts correctly.


Beginner’s Guide to Hootsuite


Social Media with hootsuite


Hootsuite is one of the premier social media management software.  The software has both paid and free versions.  This guide takes you through choosing a plan right for your company.  Once this is decided, the basic setup of social media accounts is walked through.  By the end of this article, you should have your Hootsuite account ready to post to your various social media accounts.


Path to Director of Sales and Marketing


I am proud to have written this article to take you through my path to creating Kallen Media.  The article starts with my passion for creating meaningful campaigns for small business owners.  This started at Yelp and then took me through a variety of different software development companies.  After this, it gave me the knowledge I needed to create Kallen Media and to start providing affordable digital solutions to small business owners.


The Hiring Process



Hiring for open positions can be both stressful and time-consuming.  You need to make sure you hire the right applicant, but you need to make a decision quickly.  Utilizing my tactics, you can rest assured knowing you are running your hiring process as effectively as possible.


6 Forms of Marketing


Digital marketing is comprised of several different elements.  This article looks at 6 of the most important forms of marketing you should be focusing on.  On the paid side, we encourage the use of mailers, social media advertising, and search advertisements.  This is where our data has shown us the highest conversion rate. On the organic side, you will want to make sure you keep up with search engine optimization and blogging.  Finally, it is essential to always be building your list through forms and newsletters.


Utilizing WordPress Plugins


Wordpress w logo


WordPress is the most commonly used platform to design websites.  It is both effective in terms of cost and speed. One of the most vital parts of a WordPress website is the plugins it utilizes.  Plugins are add-ons that augment your website allowing you to do additional design aspects you could not before.  Plugins could be anything from SEO related to integrating with your CRM. The range is endless, with so many possibilities you should check out some of my highest rated plugins.


Tips To Building A Sales Team


I have gone through multiple different companies, building their sales team from the ground up.  There are many different challenges and obstacles. By following this guide, you should alleviate some of the strain of building a cost-effective team.


What is Remarketing?


Remarketing is the latest trend that makes ads seem more individualized, while also following the user.  Major companies like Google partner with a variety of websites allowing for tracking of users. Through this data, it allows for companies to directly target people who have visited their website.  Did you never checkout at an online store?  Odds are the store will try and use that data to market and sell to you in the future!


Optimizing Websites in Phoenix, Arizona


Downtown Phoenix


I am proud to have established Kallen Media in Phoenix, Arizona.  I moved from Chicago to go to Arizona State University where I received my bachelor’s in Marketing.  After graduating, I decided to stay and start my career in digital marketing. All the companies I have worked for have been centralized within Arizona.


How To Blog In 5 Easy Steps


Keeping an active blog is a great way to keep users engaged in your website.  I provide 5 of the best tips for blogging in this article.  Start with something you are interested in, then get specific to that topic.  Once you have found your niche, look at some other blogs in that area. It is important to know what is popular in your industry.  After this is done, time to flesh out your article and post it to your website.


Client Spotlight #1: Aria Technology Rentals


This is the first client spotlight.  In this article, I feature Aria Technology Rentals.  Aria is a technology rental company that provides rentals for events around the US.  Be sure to read about them to find out how you can get in touch if you are interested in renting technology!


Get Your Campaign Noticed


Having a digital marketing campaign is great.  However, if you are not seeing any tangible results, what is the point?  This article highlights the 3 key elements of a successful campaign.  To begin, you must target a specific niche in your industry.  Once this is done, make sure to research competition so you can learn from their mistakes.  Finally, it is time to tie it all together by monitoring your campaigns to make sure they are destined for greatness.


Client Spotlight #2: GlassBiller


GlassBiller is the second company that we have spotlighted.  The premier name in auto glass point of sale software.  Regardless of the size of your shop, GlassBiller can handle your entire base of operations.  I was happy to be a part of the organization in building the marketing and sales side of the company.  If you are an auto glass shop, I would highly encourage you to check out this company!


Kallen Media’s Web Approach


Kallen Media LLC full logo


My goal is to be open and transparent with my clients.  I want small business owners to have websites that they are proud to display their products and services.  Within this article, I will break down some of the best practices, themes, and plugins I use for websites.  This is a great place to get started if you are interested in how I build websites for my clients and manage their accounts.


Importance of Backlinks


Backlinks are essential building blocks to websites with high domain authority.  Domain authority is how highly ranked your website is likely to be through search results.  It is determined through several ranking factors. One of the most essential is the backlinks your website has.  Backlinks are other websites linking to your website.  Having reliable backlinks can lead to higher traffic, while faulty links can result in penalties.


Recruitment Marketing


indeed certified partner badge


No matter the company, there is always a need for hiring.  Whether it is for senior-level positions or entry-level, you want to make sure you are hiring qualified individuals.  At Kallen Media, we offer recruitment marketing services through Indeed.com.  This allows us to offer discounted rates on one of the most premiere job-hunting websites.  Alleviate the stress, and let Kallen Media do your recruiting!


Speed Up Your WordPress Website


Speed is one of the main ranking factors for search engines.  People don’t want to visit slow websites. When people do visit slow websites, it often results in a poor experience making them less likely to convert into clients.  Follow our guide to making sure your WordPress website’s speed is optimized.  We include a 4 step guide with our recommendation for great plugins.


Digital Advertising and It’s Future


With the constant changes going on over the web, it’s hard to keep up with what’s relevant.  I break down the current digital advertising trends and what we should expect in the future.  This relates to social media, your website, and your overall business.  Lots of useful information to keep in mind when developing products and services for 2020.


Kallen Media Non-Profit Work


Nonprofit organizations are a central part of Kallen Media.  Through 2019 we were able to donate over $50,000 in services to organizations around the world.  The organizations varied from animal welfare to childhood poverty. I was able to donate digital marketing skills including social media management and Google Ad Grant setup and management.  We are so proud and excited to continue to grow the nonprofit sector of Kallen Media in 2020!


How To Setup Google Ad Grants In 7 Steps


Google Ad Grants logo


Google Ad Grants are a vital tool available for all 501(c)(3) nonprofits.  By following my 7 step guide, you can get your nonprofit both qualified for Google Nonprofits and Google Ad Grants.  I would highly encourage any nonprofit who is not currently registered to check out this guide.  The Google Ad Grant Program gives out up to $10,000 a month in free ad spend.


Importance of Social Media Management


Social media is what you portray your company as to the world.  This is the face of your company whether you like it or not. Because of this, it is important to take care of your image.  Fostering a positive digital footprint can help convert more clients with a higher success rate. By following our 5 steps to effectively managing your social media, your company is sure to excel.


Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website


WordPress is one of the most user-friendly CMS design platforms.  It allows for plugin integration and quick changes. Alternatively, using a fully custom website is much more expensive and much harder to make changes without a web developer.  Follow this guide to make your next website stand out using WordPress without spending a fortune.


What is Content Marketing Strategy?


Content marketing is giving your potential clients material to learn from.  This both cements your position as a professional and gives your audience a reason to come to your website.  The most effective way to utilize content marketing is to have an active blog.  However, providing quality material is just as, if not more, important than quality to both people and search engines.


Introduction To Structured Data


Structured data is now all around us online.  Many of us may be unfamiliar with this term. Structured data snippets are the additional information search engines display.  Instead of a regular link, there are richer content sources like star ranking, categories, and specialties.  All these can be customized and shown to search engines utilizing a specific format called JSON-LD.


Kallen Media’s 2019 Digital Marketing Recap


The final article of 2019 for Kallen Media is the digital marketing recap.  This highlights some of the largest achievements that I made with the company in our initial year.  I cover all the major aspects that we have worked on from web design to social media and overall marketing campaigns.


I am extremely excited about the content that I am going to be bringing to Kallen Media in 2020.  Be sure to check back on our blog every week for weekly content!