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Top Three Challenges of SEO Link Building for Small Business

Backlinks are a crucial factor for organic ranking. Yet, building backlinks is a tedious and challenging task for many young marketers. Nowadays, Google still relies heavily on backlinks to calculate authorities and display websites with the most high-quality links on its first page of search results. Many marketers and webmasters fail in building links due to the wrong mindsets. As an SEO practitioner, it is vital to consider the challenges of SEO link building and reliable strategies to earn valuable backlinks.

Below are the top three challenges of outsourcing SEO backlinks for small business in 2020.

Building Visual Content

Earning valuable links means to create useful content so that people are interested in sharing it. And, of course, for marketers to get backlinks. Content must be outstanding and original for it to get noticed.

As more people are participating online, the internet becomes overwhelming with repeated ideas and niches. According to the 15 Seconds Rule, you only have less than 15 seconds to grab people’s attention. So, the challenge here is to create informative and visual content that can instantly catch visitors’ eyes when they browse your website. It requires marketers to invest a significant amount of time and effort to build content that convinces people to stay.

Most of us are visual learners. We learn faster through graphic presentation than reading some boring texts. While well-written content is essential, images are becoming increasingly high demand. A useful infographic that resonates with the audience is a pivotal component to build brand awareness. However, not all data or information is visual. You need the right kind of information and an understanding of graphic design to put together the infographic without information overload.

Complying with Google Guidelines

Google SEO has become far more complicated these days. The theory was that when someone links to your page, it signals Google’s algorithm that the page is trustworthy and has good content. The old measures are no longer applicable to Google SEO. In reality, many websites with thousand of inbound root domain links are chasing for more links with no particular reason. Pursuing links like these can potentially fall into part of link schemes and is considered a violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines. Google discovers websites that are manipulating the search result and rolls out the updates to filter pages that didn’t deserve the rank.

Google Magnifying Glass

So, Google is smart and rugged at understanding the webpages and keeping people within its framework. When one tactic becomes a trend, and people overuse it, Google will penalize the rankings without notifying the site owner. Regarding SEO link building, you must know the impacts of what you build and stay within Google’s guidelines to avoid such penalization.

Finding the Right Prospects

People drown with the number of emails requests to collaborate. As automation is getting more prominent in the online space, many people are abusing automated services to spam their ways through other’s inboxes. As a result, it is a lot harder these days to get people to respond.

In case you find someone interested in working with you, the site you choose must have a considerable authority of its own to benefit you.

A lot of big site finds no reason to link to small businesses that don’t have the kind of informational resources that are worth linking. No matter how great the posts are, these bloggers fail to get responses back. So, we make sure to do our research and pinpoint the right prospects who are interested in our offers.

Wrap up

The challenges of SEO link building is simply the commitment. If marketers understand what real links are and commit to the tactics that help other people, they will succeed.

A person with a small business often wears multiple hats, and it can be overwhelming to balance the tasks. Hiring an in-house marketer is quite expensive. In that case, getting a marketing expert for one fee is a better alternative to have the website optimized. At Kallen Media, you can get access to SEO link building and many other marketing services to help you generate leads for your business.

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