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Driving Traffic to Your Website

Many business owners are under the impression that all they need to run a successful e-commerce store is a website. Soon they realize that there is no web traffic and consequently no sales. They don’t get customers because merely having a website isn’t enough in today’s world. Brands need to fight a battle to outshine competitors while informing potential customers about your website so that more people can reach you and engage with the content. Welcome to the Kallen Media blog on driving traffic to your website

Let’s learn some tried and tested ways of boosting traffic for your blogs and web pages.

Content Marketing


Did you know that content marketing has been around since the mid-1890s, and one of the earliest documented instances of a brand using content marketing dates back to the 1900s when Michelin produced the first Micheline tire guide?

Content marketing

Michelin’s guide was a massive hit instantly because the content curated on the space was unique and exciting. It identified the potential target audience’s pain points and created content they found helpful without overselling their products. Here’s how you can make the most out of your content marketing.

  • Answer Questions That Are Niche-Specific – Use Google to find out what top questions people are asking. They typically appear in the ‘people also ask (PAA)‘ boxes. Use the information to formulate content based on Q&A orFAQs to stand apart from the competition.
  • Curate Content That Is Evergreen Unless your niche is a seasonal service, try to create evergreen content if you’re looking to boost traffic on your site round the year. When content is reliable and consistent in quality, there are fewer troughs and peaks.

Include product roundups and reviews, ultimate how-to and training guides, step-by-step tutorials, and similar content. But ensure to update them regularly so that consumers deem your brand relevant at all times.

Recycling successful content


Please make the most out of the content you’ve created by using it across different trending platforms. You can record a presentation to upload it as a podcast, to YouTube, as a blog, and more.

Brands have begun getting creative by cross-sharing blogs on social media, creating tweets and posts, and roundups. It’s simple; the more platforms your content is posted on, the more reach it gets, and the more traffic is driven back to your website as a result.

  • Social Media– While the goal is to get maximum ROI with organic social media advertising, most social media platforms have reduced organic visibility to make more money. However, paid social media advertising costs less than other methods and is better for outreach.

Social media marketing

Even if people aren’t ready to buy your products yet, you still benefit from interactions with your content. As you market to people or engage with them via these platforms, you’re networking with potential customers!

You can get in touch with Kallen Media if your business needs a comprehensive analysis of your social media platforms, competitors’ strategies, and more. Our social media marketing services can help you create premium content that is suitable for your target demographic.

Consultants at our digital marketing agency are well-versed with the best practices needed to provide top-notch yet affordable web designing services, Google ad grant management, content marketing services, social media marketing services, blog writing and posting services, and other comprehensive services in Phoenix, AZ.

Reach out to us at (773) 524-1483 to learn more about how we can make your business reach new heights.

Elements of Good SEO Copy

When content resonates with readers, it increases traffic, enhances visibility, and boosts conversion rates. Initially, SEO relied on getting Google’s attention through keyword stuffing and using phrases common to users’ online searches. Today, the focus has changed from engaging Google’s algorithms to curate engaging, valuable, and appealing content for people. This blog will address some key Elements of Good SEO Copy and how you can incorporate them.

The Perpetual Case Of SEO Evolution


Since the advent of the internet, people can access heaps of valuable information at their fingertips, which has changed the face of consumerism over time. Consumers are more educated and can make informed decisions by researching products and brands. Companies are reacting to this trend by adapting SEO strategies to make their products and services easier to engage.

While the fundamental principles of SEO remain relatively the same, the rules regarding effective SEO strategies are continuously evolving. On the one hand, the expectations and needs of the consumers are evolving; On the other hand, search engines strive to deliver a seamless experience for the users by upgrading to the latest standards set for optimal success.

Let’s learn the craft of putting together an SEO copy that helps rank high and provides high returns in no time!

Elements Of Steller SEO Copies

#1 Nailed Meta

Meta descriptions in SEO are like a teaser that provides a fun yet informative sneak peek about the content. Fresh and invigorating meta will help readers dive in and interact with content. Here are a few excellent tips for nailing your meta:

  • Maximized Use Of Characters: While an ideal meta should fall between 50-160 characters, the information posted should be short, sweet, and powerful enough to entice the reader.
  • Actionable: Use it as an opportunity for a call to action; this will motivate people to interact with your brand to see what it offers while driving users to act.
  • Incorporate Target Keywords: If you add search keywords to the meta descriptions, the search engines are more likely to feature the content in the search listings, making it more appealing for potential customers to click and visit your web page.

#2 Powerfully Curated Headlines

Sometimes, even when the content receives good search engine rankings, viewership and click-through rates stay low. Your headlines may not be enticing enough to stand out from the crowd. Since headlines are the first impression readers will formulate about the content inside, if they aren’t compelling, chances are they will deem the content boring.

#3 Boosted Readability

Content creation should provide an immersive user experience as it plays a massive role in increasing engagement. No one prefers reading vast chunks of text that go on and on; chances are readers will bounce. Modern readers thrive on skimming through any content that they think doesn’t bring value to them. If you focus on writing more engaging content by following some simple guidelines, you can vastly increase your readability.

Break up long paragraphs, use bullets, headers, shorter sentences, and lots of attractive multimedia to enhance readability. Use infographics, videos, diagrams, and photos to capture the audience’s attention while delivering educational information in a distinctive yet memorable way.

Person devising an SEO strategy

Need help with spectacular SEO services, but you’re running tight on the budget? Professionals at Kallen Media can help you achieve boosted visibility and result-driven growth. Our consultants have honed their skills and keep up-to-date with the ever-evolving algorithms, ensuring your website constantly ranks high on search engines.

Kallen Media offers affordable web designing services, Google ad grant management, content marketing services, social media marketing services, blog writing, posting services, and other comprehensive services in Phoenix, AZ. This dedication to service is what makes us one of the leading SEO services providers.

Do you want more information on the elements of good SEO copy? Reach out to us at (773) 524-1483 to learn more about how we can make your business reach new heights.

Small Businesses Need Websites

Did you know: more than 4.6 billion people are among active internet users globally! In the smartphone era, more people are online and using search engines now than ever before. As a small business owner, you may have wondered whether a website will help promote your business and how it would help you reach your revenue goals. There has never been a better or more critical time than now to have a website created for your small business. This blog will discuss three reasons why small businesses need websites.

Your Business Will Look Professional


Today’s consumers will automatically associate a website with a legitimate and relatively more trustworthy business than a business that lacks a designated website.

You can use your website to display all the unique selling points your business offers compared to your competitors. Your website is also the ideal location for any distinguishing features, awards, or certificates your business has earned.

Search Engines Will Help You Obtain More Customers


To maintain your current success or scale your business to far greater heights, you will need more customers. You can obtain new customers regularly by ensuring they can view your business website and information on Google.

A website designer in Phoenix is working on a website with coffee

Showcase Your Top Reviews and Feedback


Customer reviews and feedback are social proof that will encourage new customers to come to your store. By actively posting your business’s reviews from satisfied customers on your website and Google, you will build trust with further potential customers in your niche.

Additionally, if articles or blogs already exist about your business, you can add those to your website. This exercise creates an archive your new website visitors can browse through.

Are You Looking for a Cost-effective Arizona Web Design Service?


Our website designers at Kallen Media can help you conveniently construct your website for your small business and ensure it provides a user-friendly experience. In addition to affordable website design services, we provide blog writing and posting services, Google Ad Grant Management, social media marketing services, and other SEO and Web Design Services in Phoenix, AZ.


To have your small business website constructed and obtain more customers in a short period, contact us here!

A Beginner’s Guide To Website Speed Optimization

One-quarter of users worldwide will abandon a web page if it takes longer than three measly seconds to load. As a business owner, you will naturally want to encourage your website visitors to stay on your web pages for longer, so they join your sales funnel and convert into customers. This blog will be a beginner’s guide to website speed optimization.

No prior knowledge is needed to understand this blog, and it will immediately provide you value for optimizing your website speed.

Let’s start with defining website speed.

What is Website Speed, or Page Speed?


Page speed calculates how quickly pages on your website load. This speed determines how much time it takes to ultimately show a specific page’s content to a website visitor.

Some also measure website speeds using a metric called “time to first byte,” which is the length of time before a browser obtains the first information byte from the server.

  1. Optimize and Compress Website Images

Images take up massive space on websites unnecessarily. Ensure you’re using suitable file sizes and types. For example, a JPEG file will be more appropriate for photographs than images with fewer than 16 colors.

  1. Use Browser Caching

A man is coding for his WordPress web design service in Phoenix

Allowing your visitors’ browsers to cache your website will reduce how long it takes to load your website. You must ensure your browser caching option is not yet expired. This way, they don’t have to load your website from scratch each time they visit it.

Use the Pagespeed Insights API


You can utilize Google’s Pagespeed Insights API to obtain suggestions for how you can further improve your website’s page speed and measure web pages’ performance.

Looking for an Affordable Arizona Web Design Service?

Our web design experts at Kallen Media can help you significantly enhance your website loading speeds to provide an incredibly user-friendly website experience.

We provide affordable website design packages, Google Ad Grant Management, social media marketing services, blog writing and posting services, and other SEO, Content Marketing, and Web Design Services in Phoenix, AZ.

We hope a beginner’s guide to website speed optimization was helpful. But to improve your website speeds and design immensely for significantly more sales and conversions, contact us here!

The Importance Of Web Design For Small Businesses

In today’s digital age, most people find businesses online, making websites the first impression they get. (more…)

how to do graphic design: 3 Easy Tips

Everyone knows how much good graphic design can improve the user experience. Well-made graphics will make your message clear, engage an audience, and can even convey a sense of universal branding. That value is why today we will give you some tips on how to do graphic design. If you follow some simple guidelines, making your companies graphics can be easy. But good graphic design requires consistent work. So, where do you start?

Today, we will focus on three areas of graphic design that Kallen Media uses to ensure our content is impactful. This blog covers design principles that companies use to create branded art and clever tips for consistent messaging. Finally, we will discuss research and the first steps designers take to make sure people appreciate their work. At its core, graphic design is all about making art to communicate or reinforce a message. But how exactly do graphic designers make branded art?

Branded Art


Art is appealing to a wide range of people because it offers unlimited expression. But your company has a brand and a message it wants to express, so the art you need has to be in line with that. one easy way you can make sure all of your designs blend cleanly into your content is by using your brands color scheme consistently. If your company has a logo, try and use that color or complementary colors consistently in your designs. Similar to paint, branded art has to keep the business at the center of the visual hierarchy.

colored pencils

colored pencils

A design’s visual hierarchy increases when a designer changes an element of the website to draw users’ attention. To promote a brand, you always want to make sure that content directly related to your business is easily noticeable and draws in the user. The easiest way to increase visual hierarchy is by adding a border or using bold texts. If you make sure that your logo and message are always the focus, people will walk away from your designs, remembering your brand. Now that you know how to create art for your brand let’s talk about consistency.

Consistent Messaging


You form a brand by deciding on your messaging and sticking to your plan. So for any brand, sticking to a consistent message is incredibly important. Creating beautiful and impactful graphics is essential, but it’s only effective if you can consistently replicate your work. Two easy ways to ensure consistent design are to have a set color scheme and to utilize repetition. A color scheme is helpful because, after some time, people will associate it with your brand. After that bond, you can use the colors to evoke your brand anywhere! Repetitive messaging is the easiest way to make sure your brand links with your graphics and content.

a spiral of windows

a spiral of windows

Consistency can come up in other areas too, and the easiest way to ensure your work is consistent is to set standards. If you utilize a font a lot, consider making that your standard typography. by setting up a code of rules and norms you design within, you can be sure your graphics are always on-brand. In a worst-case scenario where your content can’t follow any of these rules, make sure you use your logo to tie it back to your brand. So far, we have covered basic design principles and guidelines for consistent branding. But how do you know what kind of graphics your customers want to see?

Graphic Design for Your Niche


Just like all advertising and marketing efforts, identifying your niche is a critical first step. If you want to be successful in graphic design, you’ll need to know who your audience is. In graphic design for marketing, your niche is the group of people you want to find your designs appealing. Researching your niche is vital to understanding what makes a good design for a particular company. At Kallen Media, our niche is businesses, so our designs focus on establishing security and trust. If you can identify your niche and their desires, you can make more appealing designs faster.

You can learn more about researching and identifying your niche by checking out some of our other blogs. But when thinking about design elements, you also have to focus on more personal research—identifying what kind of colors or themes your niche associates with a successful company can save you time and money in the long term. If you follow all of these principles, you’re well on your way to designing branded content for a business!

How to do Graphic Design


Are you curious about how digital marketing agencies tackle graphic design? Then our how to do graphic design blog was the right article to read. Today we covered some of the essential design elements of creating branded art, like color schemes and visual hierarchies. But we also talked about strategies for consistency that can help your brand build trust. Finally, we addressed the importance of understanding your niche and how that relates to graphic design. If you combine all the tips in this blog, you could do your graphic design. But if you want to save time and money by hiring a professional firm, Kallen Media is always here to help.

10th company spotlight for Kallen Media’s pro bono partners

Kallen Media often finds companies we want to support in any way we can. And as a marketing firm, this usually means we want to step in and help promote their work. Here at the Kallen media blog, we have talked a lot about some of our nonprofit partners. But today, we want to focus on some of the places we volunteer. Welcome to the 10th company spotlight for Kallen Media’s pro bono partners.

Today we’re going to talk about some of the companies where we’ve volunteered, and we will talk about how we establish self-sustaining marketing practices. We will also tell you about some of the services we use to connect to companies looking for pro bono partners. And, of course, you’ll learn more about what some of our partners do every day! Let’s start by explaining some of the work we’ve done free of charge.

Pro Bono Work


Nonprofit marketing is an integral component of Kallen Media’s business strategy. And we are forever grateful for our incredible paid partnerships with nonprofits. But we know firsthand how hard it can be for a newer nonprofit to help its clients. Kallen Media has worked with 100’s of nonprofits and watched many teams struggle to help their target audience. But it’s always inspiring to see a nonprofit learn about marketing. And it’s refreshing to help a nonprofit reach a broad audience of clientele and supporters alike. That personal fulfillment is why when we find a small Nonprofit whose mission we care about, we will often offer them free services!

kid and adult hand

kid and adult hand

We have talked about all of the excellent free resources available to nonprofits who need marketing help in the past. But connecting to these tools can be easier said than done. Plugging in like this could be impossible for an average person, but we connect people to this resource every day as a marketing firm. Because of those circumstances, when we work Pro Bono with a company, we like to ensure when we finish, they feel empowered, not abandoned. By linking companies to teams like Google Ad Grants, Catchafire, and more, we make a situation where ads are self-sustaining. By connecting these smaller companies to systems that give them ongoing support, Kallen Media fosters a culture of effective and affordable advertising.

Nonprofits We’ve Worked With


Over the last year, we’ve done more pro bono work than ever in response to the pandemic. Rather than tell you about every single company, we found two cases where our work shined. This year we helped tons of local Arizona charities get access to google ad grants. One group we were able to earn ad grant revenue for was the Arizona Youth Partnership. The AZYP is combating substance abuse, homelessness, access to education, and many more problems facing Arizona families. In 2006 the AZYP expanded to serve the greater Arizona area and, as a result, needed to expand its marketing efforts. Free advertising like we enabled for them is a massive benefit to the companies budget. In addition to helping local children, Kallen Media works with education-focused charities nationally.

Turning The Page was founded in the ’90s and has spent the last 20 years engaging families to create successful students. By working directly with families, lobbying for high-quality public education, and building long-term programs, the organization is changing lives with education, shifting to a from-home model over quarantine. Turning The Page adapted to new and complex problems. Kallen Media was so happy that we could step in and help spread their message for free. The work we did with Turning The Page was only the beginning. Because we gave them access to running grant programs, they can continue to benefit long after our partnership ends.

Medical Nonprofit partners

surgeons operating

surgeons operating

In addition to helping child-focused nonprofits, we also had a big focus on medical-centered organizations. One of these organizations was Cape Ivy. Cape Ivy tries to accommodate the chronically ill by offering them practical solutions. Programs from Cape Ivy include things like fleece poncho donations to patients who regularly need to have IV’s which prevents the wearing of sweaters. This nonprofit has helped thousands of people in critical condition find a moment of warmth and comfort during their care. And we hope our work helps them reach thousands more!

We also worked with Brigid’s Path to establish a nonprofit marketing strategy that works for them. Brigid’s Path primarily works with infants exposed to addictive substances, an incredibly challenging area to operate during the pandemic. For a newer charity forced to handle uncontrollable external factors, they are thriving! We were proud to step in and manage some Google Ad grants for a company that is fighting to protect vulnerable infants. 2020 was hard on everyone, but Kallen Media’s pro bono work helped us see the silver linings.

10th Company spotlight for Kallen Media’s Pro Bono Partners

Kallen Media was lucky to work with some fantastic people, so our 10th company spotlight for Kallen Media’s pro bono partners addressed some of them. We were able to help companies like the AZ youth partnership and Turning The Page help children in Arizona and many other states. We also worked with Brigid’s Path and Cape Ivy organizations who provide valuable support to patients who need assistance. Kallen Media is proud to do pro bono work that ensures that charities thrive. If you want to learn more about companies we’ve worked with, check out our last company spotlight!

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