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MCR Company Spotlight #11

Recently Kallen Media has been expanding! One of our new SEO clients is a Canadian company, which officially marks our expansion outside the US! We were elated to start this work, and we couldn’t wait to tell you about it. So today, we will teach you about MCR, our introduction, and our work together. Welcome to Kallen media’s MCR company spotlight!

This blog tells you everything you need to know about MCR and our work with them. We even cover the basics of short-term rentals and SEO. We will also talk about how we found a client out of the states. And then touch on the benefits of networking in your community. But let’s start by introducing you to our first Canadian client, MCR.

Who is MCR?


MCR got its start in the ’80s, and they have grown to provide all of North America with equipment rentals. With fast deadlines, growing demand, and site-specific requirements, equipment rentals are a notoriously tricky business. But MCR is successful because they provide above-and-beyond customer service and technical support. As a full service. MCR is proud to serve B2B and B2C clients in hosting events and tradeshows all over the continent!



We were lucky enough to meet MCR through our work with the ITRA. We have talked about them before, so don’t forget to check out that blog too. Membership in the ITRA provides a host of benefits, like access to other competitive businesses, networking opportunities, and the chance to build lasting relationships. The short-term rental industry can be tough to navigate, so it helps to have a strong support network. What does a company in the AV and IT rental space do every day with that in mind?

AV and Computer Rentals


Kallen Media has worked with AV and computer rental companies before. Our past work for Hartford taught us a lot, and MCR operates similarly. MCR primarily focuses on AV and computer rentals which is a tough market. Audiovisual equipment often requires precise technical knowledge and equipment, so renting it presents a unique challenge. Everything affects the sound, so the team needs to outline clients’ event space and needs. Ensuring clients’ needs are met is a big part of MCR’s day-to-day work.

Making sure people are happy in the rental industry often requires a lot of equipment. And that gear has to be maintained. For example, if a company needs to speak to a large crowd, they better have working mics and amps! Fortunately, companies like MCR shoulder that maintenance and storage cost to make gear more affordable for small businesses hosting events. In short, AV and computer rentals are where supply chain management and customer service meet.



SEO work is complicated back-end web work that will help ensure your site ranks on search engines. These rankings help determine who sees your website, so they matter a lot to businesses. Many different factors can affect SEO, but primarily they all focus on community engagement and your website. The work we did for MCR mainly consisted of the latter.



The SEO work we did for MCR primarily focused on website maintenance. Over time different parts of a website will grow at different speeds. And eventually, whole sections might be outdated. Ensuring proper images are being used and consistent presentation can go a long way in making a website feel complete rather than mashed together over time.

MCR Company Spotlight


MCR is one of Canada’s premier AV and computer rental services. They offer everything you could need to run a tradeshow, set up an office, and so much more. This post talked about who MCR is, how we met, and our work together. We have already talked about the Various benefits of ITRA membership, and our business with MCR is more proof of that. Our work with the ITRA has enabled Kallen Media to break into the Canadian market, and we couldn’t be any more grateful.

Our work with MCR was mostly SEO-based to help boost their online presence and we were proud to write this MCR Company Spotlight. But Kallen Media doesn’t only do SEO work. We are a one-stop digital marketing firm with SMM, google ads, and web development teams who are ready to help. If you’re interested in hiring a professional digital marketing service, Kallen Media is the team for you. Contact us today, and we can help develop the perfect plan to make sure your business is ready to engage with the digital world.

Digital Marketing for Nonprofits: The Basics

Nonprofit marketing is a complicated project that involves a lot of different tools. You need to maintain contact with people, develop new support, and generate branded content. Without qualified help, these tasks can feel impossible to complete. Kallen Media has years of experience running digital marketing campaigns for nonprofits. And today, we want to share some of what we learned with you! So that’s why today we’re going to give you a simple overview of digital marketing for nonprofits.

So, where do you start when you want to understand the best digital marketing tools for the nonprofit sector? In the past, we have talked about nonprofit specifics like google ad grants and more. Our team thinks it’s best to break down some areas where nonprofits see the most significant ROI. We will give you a rundown on essential nonprofit marketing elements like email marketing and how to engage your regulars and generate new supporters! We will also talk about how these factors play off one another and which are best to focus on for specific campaigns. But let’s start by talking about email marketing and how it can help nonprofits.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent tool for nonprofits because it lets you engage with a broad audience. While a large number of recipients might never respond, you can spread awareness and potentially track down a smaller group of quality supporters. No matter what, an email marketing campaign will help educate some of your supporters. Simply by receiving the information relevant to your charity, you are helping spread the word! But what happens with the audience who wants to engage further? 



Well-designed email campaigns will have calls to action and click-through links that lead new supporters to relevant landing pages. If your copy is well-made, a certain percentage of people will be willing to become full-blown supporters! Because these campaigns rely on numbers, the wider you go with the project, the more successful your email advertisements will be. But the digital marketing sector of nonprofit marketing doesn’t stop there; We also have to find clever ways to grow these relationships. So how do you maintain this newfound audience interest?

Social Media

Having a good social media management plan can boost your exposure online. Everyone knows that you can build an audience with your social network, But nonprofits have a unique advantage; people care about you already! As a charity, the content you create will likely have a strong emotional impact on your audience. So what does a robust social media plan look like for the average nonprofit?

Nonprofit audiences and supporters engage heavily with posts where they can see the nonprofit team at work. Photos and videos of volunteers, testimonials, and relevant B-roll all get a boost in engagement. In our experience, these trends mean your video content is hugely successful. But at the end of the day, you’re still essentially running social media for a business. It would be best if you made sure that your social media presence is well-manicured and consistent.

Engaging Your Regular Supporters

Most of the methods above are focused on raising awareness and gaining support. But digital marketing tools can also help you strengthen your connections to active supporters. If you only want to reach your core network, an email campaign can target your dedicated base. And your social media is the best place for supporters to engage with your community. But modern digital marketing tools can make these groups easier to identify and improve communication! SEO tools show a measure of the successes and failures of a digital marketing push. But what exactly can SEO analytics do for a nonprofit?



Advertisers use SEO tools to identify trends in your users and give you data about actual customers. In the nonprofit sector, these tools can help you ensure you achieve goals efficiently. If your web designer implements some simple SEO monitoring tools, you can start learning more about where your strengths are. Tools like keyword wizards and cookie-enabled landing pages allow websites to collect data like a focus group. And once you have that information, you can plan future projects around what’s working for you. Similarly, this data can help you understand what content is more effective with your supporters. Understanding why someone became a supporter and what they are engaging with can help you create stronger connections. 

Digital Marketing for Nonprofits

Digital marketing tools are taking nonprofit marketing by storm. So today, we broke down some of the most effective tools we use to do digital marketing for nonprofits. We covered the advantages of email campaigns and how to best use your social media presence. We also gave you some tips on using your SEO tools to enforce your relationships with your base. But we understand that running all of these different projects can be too much for a nonprofit. If you’re looking to outsource any section of your nonprofit’s marketing plans, Kallen Media can help. Learn more on our website!

Marketing for A Good Cause: Nonprofit Marketing

Marketing teams play an imperative role in revenue generation in an organization, yet the budget for marketing departments is often inadequate. This factor is true even more prevalently for non-profit marketing. If this sounds familiar, this blog can help.

We will first discuss what marketing can do for a non-profit organization, and then we’ll go into some of the strategies you can follow while designing your marketing plan.

Non-profit service volunteers collecting food and clothes

What Can Marketing Do for Your Organization?

For starters, marketing of any form gives an organization exposure, which comprises the foundation for revenue generation. However, strategically designing a marketing plan can give an organization a range of other benefits. Here are some ways marketing can promote growth in a non-profit organization.

1- Raising Awareness

Like any brand, a non-profit organization needs more people to be aware of its existence to grow. However, non-profit marketing goes beyond this; it raises awareness about the mission of the organization. This way, the marketing department in a non-profit organization can positively impact the organization rather than justifying its existence via indirect subsequent revenue generation.

2- Gaining Sympathizers

Most people who work for and contribute to non-profit organizations personally care about the cause. Raising awareness about the cause can help a non-profit organization to get more people to care about the cause. This will encourage growth for the organization in all aspects. More people will start contributing monetarily, more people will want to volunteer for projects and temporary positions, and more people will want to work permanently for the organization.

3- Helping the Cause

Non-profit organizations don’t invest in marketing aiming for world domination. A sincere non-profit organization dedicated all its resources to the cause. The primary aim is to serve the cause. Growth is just a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Marketing not only contributes to the growth of a non-profit organization but can also serve the cause directly. People might not contribute to your organization right away, but your marketing campaign will leave some impact on them, which will eventually benefit the cause one way or another.

Food and medical supplies in a non-profit service van

Designing a Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Marketing for a cause also makes people associate your brand with the cause. It acts as an anchor, especially for the people who got introduced to the cause through your marketing. These individuals will recall your organization every time they hear about the cause. The following steps discuss how you can construct an effective marketing plan for a non-profit organization.

1- Establish Clear Goals

Having a clear objective helps design every aspect of a marketing plan. A marketing plan can be focused on any of the goals mentioned in the previous section. Although a marketing plan focused on any of the goals mentioned above will positively impact the cause in all other aspects. Still, establishing a clear goal you can measure your performance against can help you further improve your plan.

You can, for example, aim for generating funds. The marketing plan, hence constructed, will surely raise awareness, but having the ability to measure the plan’s performance through the number of funds generated can allow you to improve the plan.

2- Mind your Target Audience

Different kinds of people are more likely to sympathize with different causes. For example, college students are less likely to sympathize with a cause for the benefit of war veterans and their families than members of a golf club. Marketing to the right audience is just as important a factor in determining the success of a campaign as its nature and design. In fact, the target audience must be considered while designing the plan itself.

3- Aim to Invoke Emotion

We help because we care. The will to help and contribute is not only triggered but also fueled by emotions. This makes evoking an emotional reaction a primary goal for a cause.

According to one study published in the Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, positive charity appeals (i.e., those that emphasize the positive impact of helping the cause) are more effective at inducing a positive image about the organization.

However, negative charity appeals (i.e., those that focus on the problems related to the cause) are more effective at eliciting donations and raising funds. Depending on your goal, carefully designing the plan to elicit positive or negative responses in the target audience can improve the plan’s effectiveness.

Designing a non-profit digital marketing plan

In the era of technology, even non-profit marketing is done through various digital marketing techniques. However, many digital marketing agencies cost a lot which is not the preferable option for charity organizations.

At Kallen Media, we provide non-profit digital marketing services for all kinds of non-profit organizations. Through our social media marketing services, WordPress website design services, and SEO services targeted at non-profit organizations, we allow non-profit organizations to market their cause at a discounted price.

Visit our website for more details, or reach out to us and see your charity collections raising!

Inbound Vs. Outbound Marketing

With the growing competition, it’s become challenging for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. Because of this, the feild of marketing is changing. Like everything else, marketing has gone digital, new methods such as digital marketing, content marketing are becoming popular. There are also two marketing terms that we often hearing more often – inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Although both these terms are quite different, they’re often confused by many people. Keep reading this blog to learn more about inbound Vs. outbound marketing.

What are Inbound and Outbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing helps users make a decision or solve an issue via helpful and relevant content. This type of marketing attracts potential customers through the use of keywords and converts them into permanent consumers by accompanying them throughout the buyer journey. However, outbound which is more fouced on quantity of advertisments.

Outbound marketing is a kind of intrusive marketing and involves all sorts of paid advertisements such as social ads, traditional advertisements, SEM, and other marketing methods. Unlike inbound marketing, outbound marketing aims to interact and engage with all sorts of potential clients whether or not they’re interested in the brand’s products and services.

What’s The Difference Between Inbound And Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing offers one-way communication

The biggest distinction is that outbound marketing is a one-way street. Whereas inbound marketing ensures two-way communication. This communication between the customers and the companies is crucial to assess if the marketing strategy is successful and allows the organization to see the customer’s response and reaction to the company’s marketing efforts.

a red neon sign spelling market

Inbound marketing makes the user come to the business

Because inbound marketing relies on interesting and appealing content that helps clients solve some common issues. The potential client looks for a solution to their problem and ends up on the business’s site through social media, referrals, search engines, and much more.

However, in the case of outbound marketing, the company itself reaches out to the clients through TV ads, radio, cold calls, print media, and other channels.

Inbound marketing helps generate strong relationships between the business and its customers

Inbound marketing involves the use of technology which helps the business learn more about its clients’ preferences and tastes. This helps them create relevant and informative content useful for the customers and helps form a good relationship between the two parties.

When it comes to outbound marketing, it’s often known as interruption marketing. This is because outbound marketing involves cold calling, which often causes an unpleasant interruption for the clients and can also lead to the potential customer losing any interest because of the intrusive approach.

Inbound marketing educates and entertains the customers

Because inbound marketing relies on blogs, infographics, and interesting videos it educates and entertains the potential customers. However, you can also intrest returning customers to invest more. On the contrary, outbound marketing rarely aims to educate or entertain the clients. Because outbound only introduces the product and its main features.

a group of people discussing marketing strategy

Outbound marketing doesn’t involve market segmentation

Market segmentation is crucial to ensure that the company’s marketing efforts are working for you. Identifying the target audience will help your business create content that’s relevant and engaging. As far as outbound marketing is concerned, it doesn’t take into account any target audience. This method has a high risk of failure and relies on sheer numbers.

Get In Touch WithKallen Media and AvailBlog Writing and Posting Services In AZ

To get the most out of your marketing budget, it’s best to hire a digital marketing agency. Partner up with a digital marketing agency to ensure your online presence is an asset. However make sure its a team who understands the diffrences between inbound Vs. outbound marketing.

Hire Kallen Media to ensure just that. Along with digital marketing, we hold expertise in SEO, web designing, content marketing, social media marketing, blog writing, non-profit services, and much more. We provide affordable and premium-quality services to small businesses that have a limited marketing budget.

Reach out to us today to know more about our wide assortment of digital marketing services.

Advantages of Professional Web Design

Having a professional web design isn’t just aesthetically pleasing! It has many other amazing benefits, which can help a business grow. Many organizations prefer to use cheap drag-and-drop website designs, but those designs don’t offer the same advantages as building a professional web design.

Read how you can get some amazing advantages through a professional design for your website.

Person creating a website design

1- Better SEO Ranking

In the continuously evolving world, it’s almost impossible to rank your website or page on Google without following proper SEO strategies. One of the ways to ensure that your website can rank better is through a professionally designed website.

Google often bases SEO rankings on user experience, where artificial intelligence bots mimic human behavior. If more people leave your website after finding it hard to use, Google will detect that behavior and automatically lower your website’s ranking. Visitors are more likely to stay on your site and visit it more often if it has an interactive, professional design, boosting your SEO ranking.

2- Boosts Revenue

Another huge benefit of having a professional web design is a major increase in revenue. An engaging, creative, and user-friendly website will attract more visitors and compel them to go through your services or products. These visitors can turn into potential permanent customers.

Having more customers will generate more sales and increase the annual revenue of your business. If you want to see a noticeable increase in sales, you should immediately invest in a professional web design.

3- Gives You an Advantage Over Your Competitors

With technology being incorporated into the business sector, around seventy-one percent of small businesses have a website. This percentage is a major upgrade from the records of 2018, where only fifty percent of small businesses had a website. Having so many competitors in the web world means that your website should have to stand out! But how can you do that?

Having a professional, crisp, and engaging web design would draw in more visitors to your website and help your business outshine among all the competitors. A website with modern web design trends and techniques, alongside strong content, can turn those one-time visitors into regular or potential customers. Better marketing techniques will give you a direct advantage over your competitors.

Coding a website design

4- Creates a Brand Recognition

Have you noticed people recognizing brands from a simple logo or color scheme? This recognition happens due to clever web designs. Through a creative web design, you will portray your products most appealing features. To put it simply, you can tell the story of your brand through a professionally-designed website.

The logo you put on your website, the colors, and the images you use will create your brand recognition. If you design your website through drag-and-drop tools or hire an unprofessional web designer, your website might get an unattractive final look with clashing colors and logos. This will create a negative impression of your brand where customers will avoid visiting your website due to the horrible user experience.

5- Getting an Interactive User Experience

Visiting a website filled with too much information or images creates a negative user experience. On the other hand, creating a website with a simple layout and just the page title with some text would also bore the visitors.

By hiring a professional web designer or creating a professional web design yourself, you’ll get a website that is free from clutter. Professional web design would make your website fun and create customers.

6- Minimizes the Bounce Rate

In simple words, bounce rate is the term used to define the percentage of customers who leave your site and visit another instead of exploring your website in-depth. Therefore you always want a low bounce rate. According to a study, ninety-four percent of people decide not to explore a website further based on the design aspects.

The bounce rate on your website is inversely proportional to your website design. The more compelling and professional your web design is, the lower is your bounce rate. Having a professional web design makes a good impression on your visitors, and they will spend time exploring your site.

Creating a website design on two computers

Hire an Affordable Website Design Service

Without a proper website design, your business is likely to generate less revenue and attract fewer people. However, making a professional website design can be more complicated than you imagine. Therefore, hiring a professional web designer is the best option for your business!

At Kallen Media, our business website design services can help your business flourish. We can assist you in converting potential clients to long-term customers.

How To Make Your Website More Appealing

Your website design creates the first impression for your audience; you must ensure that it’s engaging enough to entice them to learn more about your business.


Increasing Brand Awareness with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is now an essential component of a successful marketing strategy. Because SMM can help you by increasing brand awareness.


4 Questions to Ask Your Digital Marketing Partner

Current marketing methods and technologies are changing, and new approaches are more than welcome! Because changes happen so quickly, you and your digital marketing partner need to be on the same page. If your partner is familiar with your data, understands your business plan, and isn’t glued to digital media, they should enjoy the opportunity to flex talents! But how do you figure out if you’re on the same page? Here’s four questions to ask your digital marketing partner.

How Will They Improve Your Current Digital Marketing Strategy?

The right digital marketing partner will be improving your existing technologies. For instance, a company’s website plays an key role in it’s marketing. Your digital marketing partner can give you that boost with well-thought marketing strategies. Remember, an efficient digital marketing agency will bring new strategies to the table and try to improve the existing ones. If that’s not the case for your digital marketing partner, then you need to hire a new one.

Are They Making Strategies More Competent?

Digital marketing

The key to digital marketings success is the feilds use of data. Because of this you need to make sure your marketing team aren’t in silos. If you’ve hired multiple digital marketing partners, there’s a chance your company’s marketing is ineffective and not thriving. Different partners bring inconsistency and a difference in tactics as well.

When multiple digital marketing agencies work for you, a change in expertise can cause problems. This can affect your company’s marketing. Try to partner up with one digital marketing agency at a time to evaluate their performance. The most crucial factor is to determine if your digital marketing partner is enhancing your efforts rather than deteriorating them.

Are These Strategies Effective at Boosting Your Business?

Think about how long has your digital marketing partner been on board. Has there been a change in your business sales? Did they help improve traffic to your website and therefor your business? Ponder over all these questions. Moreover, check your sales and the traffic on your social media platforms and other digital media platforms.

Be sure to communicate with them if the sales activity is decreasing. Revisit marketing strategies with your partner; layout your thoughts and questions. Effective communication is key to resolving these issues. Digital marketing partners should convey insights and data across marketing channels. An invested partner should offer recommendations and suggestions considering the latest and effective marketing trends for optimization.

What Is Their Most Innovative Strategy Or Tactic?

Digital platforms are continuously changing, and excellent digital marketing partners should provide you with the latest and innovative ways to capitalize on your marketing plans. furthermore if your digital marketing partner doesn’t give you innovative ideas, then you need to reconsider. The key to digital marketing is thinking outside the box. The audience and viewers are familiar with and fed up with traditional and boring marketing ideas.

To get their attention, your digital marketing partner will come up with something creative that catches eyes. Moreover, they’ll need a digital marketing strategy that’s engaging, because that makes loyal clients. With the right digital marketing strategy, you can effectively attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

Remember, the right digital marketing partner will start communication regarding your marketing plan. However, working with creatives means you need to explain your goals. Partner up with a digital marketing agency that nurtures your company’s marketing needs and is an asset to you. Hire Kallen Media to ensure just that.

Digital Marketing for Businesses: Our Guide

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, several companies have jumped on the digital marketing bandwagon.  Companies have embraced digital marketing to be in a better position to network and engage with their customers. 59% of the organizations globally have accelerated their digital presence during the COVID-19 lockdown. Some are still struggling to make their mark, while others haven’t even stepped into the digital world. So heres our guide to digital marketing for businesses.

scrabble tiles on wooden table spelling out the term, ‘Digital Marketing’

So what is digital marketing? Why has it taken the world by storm? Is it essential for you as a business to partake in digital marketing to boost your business? This blog will answer all your questions about digital marketing. Continue reading to know what digital marketing is, how it works, and why is it so crucial for your business in today’s time?

What Is Digital Marketing?

In simple words, digital marketing is marketing your products and services on a digital platform. You advertise and sell your products by leveraging marketing tactics such as email marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing, etc.

What is marketing? It is making the right offer to the right person, at the right, in the right time. In today’s time, your target audience is online, surfing, browsing, and researching.  Digital marketing puts you in those channels so that you can effectively market your products to your prospects.

a laptop showing digital marketing campaign stats on screen

If you’re new to digital marketing, the idea of mastering it might be a bit overwhelming.

We get that. That’s normal.

You’ll be overwhelmed to see so many tactics and new practices to incorporate in your marketing campaigns. Yes, you’ll have to learn all those tactics as they lay the foundation for your business by attracting potential buyers, compelling them to take the desired action, and making offers to your audience that they will respond to.

Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Just like traditional marketing, digital marketing also aims to strengthen the bond between businesses and their customers, prospects and leads. But the fact that digital marketing reaches more potential consumers is why it has successfully replaced the traditional marketing methods that were much more costly and less effective than digital marketing.

Facebook likes and logo pins

Think about the last purchase you made. From purchasing a new property or hiring someone to fix your home drainage system, you always begin by searching the internet to find out how to deal with the problem or look for the best options available.

Your buying decision is always influenced by the reviews and testimonials you view online. Therefore, an online presence is a necessity for your business, regardless of what you sell.

An effective digital marketing campaign puts you on multiple platforms where people spend most of their screen time. You connect to them via various channels.

  • Generate unique and informative content to keep them updated with the latest news and provide possible solutions for the recent problems to keep your audience engaged.
  • Use multiple social media platforms to share your content that is much light-hearted and casual.
  • Optimize your content with search engine optimization to increase your rank on search engine result pages so that more people can view your website ad its content.
  • Make paid efforts like pay per click (PPC)to drive paid traffic to your sites.
  • Incorporate email marketing to follow up with your prospects and continue updating them with any new offer or announcement.

a person making a digital plan on a paper

When you merge all these tactics, you’ll end up with an easy-to-operate, efficient, and effective digital marketing campaign that’ll be able to meet its objectives.

It might look impossible to incorporate all these components together from scratch into your campaign, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you build an effective digital marketing plan.

How Will Digital Marketing Help Your Business?

A strong digital presence can be helpful in multiple ways:

  • Increase the brand’s awareness.
  • Retain potential customers while attracting new ones.
  • Increase customer loyalty with frequent communication and enhanced engagement.
  • Target the right audience. Thus, saving your finances and time which are both crucial in today’s world.
  • Most digital platforms have some level of reporting that can help refine your ad targeting and design
  • You can easily measure and monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  • Helps your brand gain credibility quickly and sustainably.

three men rejoicing seeing their digital marketing campaign running successfully

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency in Phoenix that’ll help increase your brand’s online presence and take care of all your digital marketing activities, Kallen Media is the right place for you.

From Google ad grant management, web designing, content marketing, SEO services, and social media marketing to blog writing and posting in Phoenix, AZ, we cover all aspects of digital marketing for you within your budget.

Contact us to get a complete range of digital marketing solutions at budget-friendly packages in Phoenix.

Common Blogging Mistakes and Website Traffic

Blogging is a significant part of getting businesses off the ground and keeping them there. But it’s not as simple as it looks. Good blogging requires proper research, dedication, and skills to ensure your website can meet your requirements.

Even with all the skills and dedication, you often make grave mistakes that can be fatal for your business. After all, no one’s perfect!

a person writing a blog

In this detailed post, we’ll cover some common mistakes that you should avoid at all costs when building your website blog to get more organic traffic on your blog posts.

Not Resonating and Relating With Your Audience

If you want your content to perform well and your blog to attract maximum traffic and generate leads, the audience must relate to the content. It must compel them to take the desired action.

The biggest mistake that companies often make when blogging is expecting the content to perform well when they haven’t paid much heed to the audience’s demands.

To avoid this mistake, you need to understand your buyer’s persona and what they value. Creating content around those things will help bridge the gap and attract more potential buyers.

Your Tone and Style of Writing Is Too Stiff

a man working on laptop while woman is taking notes

A blog post is not like your thesis or term paper. It’s much more informal and conversational. Therefore, when bloggers first start, they face some difficulties with getting the hang of it.

Your content should be in a tone that engages the audience, and they enjoy reading it. It shouldn’t be monotonous and boring. Let’s be honest; most people don’t go through the whole piece. So if you want them to stay hooked, you have to make your writing effortless to read.

Be more conversational with your style and loosen up your writing.  Add more contractions, make a pun, and get rid of jargon. A more approachable way of writing will make consumers feel they’re dealing with people and not robots. That’s how people talk and also like to read.

Choosing Topics That Are Too Broad To Be Covered

When people start blogging, they opt for topics that are generally very broad. For example, ‘the best business practices’ or ‘how to make money online.’ These topics can’t be covered in a single piece, and you often end up doing a below-average job in answering them. This is what bounces visitors off the site when they don’t get answers to their questions appropriately.

A more specific title will help you be on point and answer what the visitor’s looking for. It will also be effective in targeting the audience that is most likely to be converted into leads.

a woman reading a blog on her laptop

Making Your Content a Brain Dump

It is very common among writers that when you get a brilliant idea, making you so excited and tempted that you start flowing it out in words. But the result is not what you had expected. It’s a sub-par blog post.

Like we said earlier, people will, most of the time, only scan through your pieces. Therefore, you have to organize it in a way that the crux is delivered via headers.

Structuring your blog with section headers and templates will make it easier and interesting for the reader and prevent them from bouncing off your site.

Not Using Enough Data as Evidence to Back up Your Claims in the Post

a person noting down statistical data on a notebook

Arguments and claims become much more compelling when they’re rooted in research. It shows you know what you’re talking about. As a marketer, you don’t want your reader to go through the blog and leave your site without taking the desired action.

Data-driven content will compel people to take that action as the stats enhance the reader’s trust in your business. A good blog post offers the main argument, establishes proof, and then ends with a takeaway for the audience.

Not Adding Enough Contexts to Back up Why and What You’re Saying 

Suppose you’re saying that companies should expand their social media presence with new tools and strategies. That is a virtuous suggestion but an incomplete one. Your writing will be worth it when you also mention how to use the marketing tools and which tools to use.

There’s a better way of saying the same thing. Companies should expand their social media presence with new tools and strategies. For example, running ads on different platforms like quora or running sponsored content on Instagram will help increase brand visibility.

Try illustrating your ideas with visual aids, examples, and additional content to make your blogs more worthwhile. Sometimes you might use a word or acronym that the reader isn’t familiar with.

Therefore, adding information that will further explain those terms or visually presenting your ideas will help the reader have a clear understanding of what you’re talking about. This will convince them that the company is transparent with their thoughts and isn’t foul playing, thus developing their trust in you.

If you want your blog posts to be free of the mistakes that can fend off your potential customers, reach out to Kallen Media. We provide plagiarism-free, unique and engaging content for your visitors.

Our content not only enhances your brand image but also paves your way for better client interaction. We also offer Google ad grant management, web designing, content marketing, SEO services, and social media marketing services in Phoenix, AZ.

Reach out to us to give your websites a boost with customized content.

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