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A Beginner’s Guide To Website Speed Optimization

One-quarter of users worldwide will abandon a web page if it takes longer than three measly seconds to load. As a business owner, you will naturally want to encourage your website visitors to stay on your web pages for longer, so they join your sales funnel and convert into customers. This blog will be a beginner’s guide to website speed optimization.

No prior knowledge is needed to understand this blog, and it will immediately provide you value for optimizing your website speed.

Let’s start with defining website speed.

What is Website Speed, or Page Speed?


Page speed calculates how quickly pages on your website load. This speed determines how much time it takes to ultimately show a specific page’s content to a website visitor.

Some also measure website speeds using a metric called “time to first byte,” which is the length of time before a browser obtains the first information byte from the server.

  1. Optimize and Compress Website Images

Images take up massive space on websites unnecessarily. Ensure you’re using suitable file sizes and types. For example, a JPEG file will be more appropriate for photographs than images with fewer than 16 colors.

  1. Use Browser Caching

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Allowing your visitors’ browsers to cache your website will reduce how long it takes to load your website. You must ensure your browser caching option is not yet expired. This way, they don’t have to load your website from scratch each time they visit it.

Use the Pagespeed Insights API


You can utilize Google’s Pagespeed Insights API to obtain suggestions for how you can further improve your website’s page speed and measure web pages’ performance.

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We hope a beginner’s guide to website speed optimization was helpful. But to improve your website speeds and design immensely for significantly more sales and conversions, contact us here!

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