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Automated Blogging Topics: Work Smarter

Are you tired of writing endless blogs without being sure of how they will help your SEO goals? Choosing blogging topics can sometimes feel impossible. And the demand for blogs is higher than ever. This struggle can make SEO writer’s job daunting. But what if you could automate this process? Now more than ever, coming up with blogging topics can feel like a daunting task. But automated blogging topics the job easy.

Automated topics are a point of contention. And in the digital world, this topic is ever growing. We’re certainly not saying computer programs can write your whole blog. (at least not yet) But a little help from a computer can go a long way. Machines are famously good at scanning large amounts of data and drawing simple conclusions. And this can help your blog. But what exactly is a topic generator, and how do they work?

Automated Blogging Topics


In a world where companies want content, writers need ideas. And at the pace, some content production happens creativity can be a strain for some SEO blog writers. So some writers will turn to automated topics. These topics are generally pulled from a computer program that analyses SEO data.

For example, say you’re focused on sales, organic food, and local produce. If you needed blog ideas, you could turn to a topic generator. This program would then scan then the internet for related blogs and see what kind of blogs they post. It also might see what customers are interested in reading look through search data. After a scan, the program will recommend topics related to your field and likely to do well. But it doesn’t stop there.

Some automated services will take their recommendations a step forward. SEO targeted programs will tell you optimal focus phrases or keywords! Much like structured data, small things matter in SEO optimization. And a good plan will recommend minor changes that will help with your article’s traction.

Examples Of Automated Blogging


One of our recent articles is about building trust through content. If you can believe it, a lot of the structure of this blog came from automation services! Initially, our writers started by telling the program we are interested in WordPress topics. Then the generator recommended building trust through blogging! After that, our crucial phrase and image characteristics were all supported by programs!

It was incredible watching the writing staff use these tools. All of our professionals agreed with the program’s decisions, and we wrote a great blog post! Automation can help save time and make your writer’s jobs easier. Our team even looked into automated blog programs!

While we don’t think any robots will be putting our writers out of jobs, these programs were exciting. And one day, they could be the future of content creation for businesses like ours. They tend to produce dry content like you can use commas, quotes, apostrophes, hyphens/dashes, and other typical symbols in the post like “My Site – Here’s Lookin’ at You, Kid.” So, what services did we check out?

Automated blogging programs


Kallen media staff spend the week analyzing a few different types of topic generators. While several seemed good, only one was up to our company standards. Our team looked for generators that were easy to use but still effective marketing tools. SEMrush a free to use online tool was by far the best tool for this job. SEMrush set up only took a few minutes, and we got fast results.

Simple searches via SEMrush would tell us hundreds of potential topics with recommended focus phrases and more. And since signing up, multiple members of the SEMrush team have reached out to be of service. If you’re interested in blogging topic programs, check out their operation.

Automated blogging topics


For a long time, writers have struggled to keep up with businesses growing demand for content. Now a worried writer’s fears are overdue to automation. Free programs online offer blogging companies the tools they need for infinite relevant blogging subjects. If your companies blog is struggling, this tool might save your SEO efforts. 

While whole articles aren’t available yet topic generation works excellent. And many companies are offering this service. Kallen media looked into a few of these topic generation services. In our opinion, the easiest to use was SEMrush. SEMrush was free to use, intuitive, and they reached out to see if they could help. Some services were hard to use and confusing. But SEMrush made the process easy.

Kallen media has years of experience creating content for businesses across multiple fields. If your business is struggling to keep up with your need for content or other market services, reach out. Kallen media is here with a team of trained professionals to solve all of your needs. For help creating content for your blog or other marketing services, contact Kallen media today.

Responsive Web Design: Designing For Change

The days where your blackberry took fifteen minutes to load a website are gone. Today users expect their phones to connect to a polished, professional website. Statista reported around 50 percent of browsing is done on mobile devices. So how does a business make sure its content looks good no matter where customers find it. They turn to responsive web design.

Responsive web design creates websites that change based on the hardware they are running. Most people are familiar with this. Think deleting emails on your phone versus your computer. But how do you make sure your website is fluid like this? What are some standard practices of responsive web design?

Size Matters: Responsive Scaling


Most websites designed for computer screens plan for large monitors. And why wouldn’t they? If you have space, you should use it! But scrolling endlessly from side to side on the phone won’t do. Because of this, scaling is critical. So responsive web design focuses on identifying what’s essential to scale.

Menus are often oriented vertically for phones, and instead of complex series of popups, mobile designs often just load a new separate subpage. Similarly, it’s essential to put what’s important first. The limited space on mobile models shouldn’t sacrifice your message.

Scaling doesn’t mean a brand new website. The essential things are still just as important. So it is vital to prioritize what users will need the most. Because of this, it’s sometimes helpful to design your mobile website first. Once you have the critical information, it’s easy to expand. But developing your mobile site at a smaller scale can help companies solve design issues.

Responsive Design Aesthetics


A big screen generally makes it easier to see fine details. And that if a particular look is central to your brand? Sometimes these details are vital to the user experience. And you shouldn’t lose that in the mobile design. So how do we preserve these aesthetic choices while scaling? Responsive web design solves this in a few smart ways.

The first is scalable vector graphics or SVGs. These files are designed not to lose resolution at any size. This is huge for responsive design because it allows for almost every dimension of the screen without compromise for others. SVGs also tend to be smaller files, which will help loading speeds! But other design decisions matter too. In the past, we’ve talked about speeding up websites, and reducing graphics size is an easy way to do this.

Some fonts rely on size heavily to be read. And certain color combinations blend together if designs get intricate. Almost every aspect of a website matters when its changing size. An example of this is the buttons. A computer mouse is a fine point, but the human finger is not. Mobile web design accounts for touch screen operation with bigger buttons and sometimes having separate designs for the mobile and desktop versions.

Benefits Of Mobile Websites


Responsive design isn’t all drawbacks. Phones have an incredible range of functions that web browsers can activate. Creating engagement can be hard. But phones make it so easy. You can use a button on your mobile website that connects users directly to you via phone! Using the tools on the phone can help create a fluid and comfortable user experience. This also makes it easier to let users take action right away.

Another benefit of mobile design is a clear call to action. Because you have limited space, often, your call to action becomes very apparent. This is a good thing when combined with other mobile tools. Users can figure out what they should do and get it done. No more endless sticky notes or yellow pads, mobile design solves these problems.

Responsive Web Design


If you’re ignoring mobile web users, its time to reconsider your web design, a significant portion of users are mobile users, and they deserve consideration. So a website that can run on any hardware is a must-have in today’s business world. That’s why companies turn to responsive web design. By focusing on the issues that hinder scaling a website, responsive design helps create a smooth user experience.

Responsive web design tackles these problems by providing tools to help websites scale up or down. This tactic requires some critical decisions before it can start. Preserving the look and feel of your website is essential. So scaling can’t come at the cost of your branding. Tools like scaling graphics, button design, and layout all help make the website versatile.

Responsive web design requires a thoughtful approach to a companies needs and content. Sometimes responsive design even requires an entirely new plan. But the professionals are here to help. Kallen media focuses on ensuring our client’s content is high quality no matter what people use to find it. If you need help going mobile with your website, contact Kallen media via our website.

Hartford Technology Company Spotlight: Events Done Right

The technology rental business is fast-paced and changes every day. Hartford Technologies is a qualified team of dedicated professionals. And they are here to help with your tech needs! Today we are going to talk about Hartford Technology rentals and how customer service is their secret weapon. Welcome to the Hartford technology company spotlight.

Your flagship conference is only happening once. The e-sports tournament isn’t every Friday, it’s this Sunday, and It won’t happen again for another year. When you have an event or conference, you only get one try. So who do you call when you need technology for an event? Kallen media believes the answer is Hartford technology rentals.

Technology Rentals

Technology for conferences and events is a huge business. Some people have never thought about it, but where do the 400 tablets at a trade show come from? The answer is companies like Hartford. Technology has become a key for putting on presentations and even in some essential event functions. One option is just to buy the technology you need. However, some tech can cost thousands of dollars, and tech gets better every year. But owning your products is too costly for some companies.

So, if you need a screen wall but don’t want to buy it, you have to rent one! Hartford is here to help with your companies technology needs. By offering products used in the event space, Hartford helps the show go on. But anyone can deliver some tech and walk away. Hartford prides itself on its values of integrity, teamwork, service excellence, innovation, and economic value. These principals ensure you get the best service for your investment. So what exactly does Hartford technology rentals do every day?

What Does Hartford Do?

From tablets to telehealth equipment, Hartford is a full-service technology rentals company. Hartford has warehouse locations in DC, New York, LA, and Chicago, making them perfect for any event nationwide. This distribution network means they can get what you need exactly where and when you want it. But Hartford’s work doesn’t stop at the delivery. So how does Hartford help you?

Some companies treat tech rentals like they are a post office. They just drop the product at your doorstep and leave you lost and confused. Hartford is a full-service company. If you need help with set-up or tear-down, you can call 24 hours a day. A dedicated Hartford professional get the job done. But Hartford doesn’t just rely on customer service. They also know how to keep up with new tech.

We mentioned in our ITRA 2020 conference write-up that technology rental is a growing and exciting industry. Hartford technology rentals have been in this industry since 1991, and they have always focused on keeping up with the times. Innovation is key to Hartford’s mission. Because of this, they pay attention to the latest trends in tech.

Hartford and Kallen Media

Kallen media has had the pleasure of working for Hartford Technology rentals personally. Currently, we are handling social media for Hartford. Now more than ever, good social media is essential for success. By promoting their business, Kallen media has learned a lot about Hartford technology.

One thing that’s clear to us about Hartford is their dedication to customers. A prospective client needs only to look at their website to see this team is professional and ready to help. Almost every person at Hartford comes from a customer service or technology background. They know what a successful operation looks like because they’ve been creating them for over twenty years!

Hartford Technology Company Spotlight


Hartford was founded in 1991, and ever since then, they have excelled in their field. They have warehouses in LA, DC, New York, and Chicago. These locations allow them to provide their services nationwide. Hartford’s company values are integrity, service excellence, teamwork, innovation, and economic value. They are professionals in these fields, and that’s why they are trusted by events and conferences nationwide.

The tech rental service is fast-paced and complicated. Events often need to be flawless, and that can include massive coordination efforts. Hartford helps make this easy by offering 24/7 customer service. They offer the latest technology and knowledgable professionals to help you succeed.

Hartford’s excellence has propelled them to success. But they are never done growing. If you require technology for your next event, consider Hartford. Because Hartford is prepared and ready, you don’t need to worry about your next event. To contact Hartford for technology for your next event, visit their website.

Kallen media is proud to help Hartford communicate with the community by managing their social media. We are happy to provide this service to Hartford and many others. If you’re looking for help with your social media or any of your digital marketing needs, contact Kallen media.

Google AdWords Activism: How We Can Help

For-profit activism in the private sector is rare and often more about optics than anything else. That’s one of the many reasons its important to support real heroes who do work to help our communities. One easy way marketing companies can show our support is by connecting these organizations to advertising grants.  Communication can be a costly challenge for these companies. But Google AdWords can help. Google AdWords activism is growing every day. But how does it work?

Google AdWords is a grant program for nonprofit companies. This program offers grants of up to 10,000 dollars to registered organizations to reach out to target markets. The vast majority of nonprofits operate with less than one million dollars in the budget. This budget means that in the best case, a communications budget would be around 150,000 dollars. A free google ad grant can increase this budget by 15 percent. Imagine what it could do for a smaller company.

How Marketers Can Help


Learn about nonprofits in your community. If you find a nonprofit who you think could use your help, reach out to them and explain what you’re offering. And if you can, offer your services for a reduced cost. Nonprofits can struggle to gain attention; this is where marketing excels. By directly connecting a nonprofit to an ad grant program, you can facilitate significant change.


Lots of nonprofits don’t know about the resources marketing firms are aware of. The advertising landscape changes fast, and the professionals in the field might have more accurate information. Marketing agencies need to work together with nonprofits. Because together they can get a message out there. So how does AdWords work? First, you have to register.

Qualifying for Google Ad Grants


So what are the requirements for a Google AdWords grant? First, you have to be a registered charitable nonprofit. The service is not available for government entities, health care institutions, or schools. However, Google does offer a similar program for schools called Google for education. In the United States, this means being an official 501(c)(3) organization. After this, you must register with Google, through Tech Soup.

Registering with google means creating a nonprofit account. After requesting a nonprofit account, Google will verify your nonprofit status. Google uses Techsoup to handle its verification process. Once Techsoup confirms a nonprofit, Google will notify the company, and they are eligible for their free grant! Once checked, these companies are also suitable for free access to G-suite products and a separate YouTube nonprofit program.

Google AdWords for Activism


Once processed and verified, you can begin accessing google ad grant finances. Google has placed a daily limit of 329 dollars. Google’s money is intended for use in key-word targeted campaigns that produce text ads. Unfortunately, Google will naturally place these ads below paid ads. This placement means that money needs to be spent wisely. Google AdWords activism’s purpose is to create highly targetted ad campaigns. So why are some areas where these ads excel?

Google text ads have an incredibly broad reach. So if you need to broadcast information, they are nearly perfect tools. Because of this, they are connecting people through text ads is a highly effective tactic. Connecting with people is vastly vital for grassroots activism, and Google AdWords can help similarly because targeted advertisements allow organizations to gather specific supporters or financial backing. These tools can be used for any targeted text-based ad. However, these particular uses are highly successful tactics.

Examples of AdWords at Work


Here at Kallen Media, we have seen the power an ad grant can have on a nonprofit. Connecting these organizations with free advertising capital has been a cornerstone of our operations from day one. From connecting students to after school activities, to fundraising Kallen Media is proud to stand with the community we’re growing in.

In the past, we’ve helped the Tucson girls chorus promote their valuable service. In the past, we have helped companies through every step of using google ad grants. To use Google ad words, activism is the perfect way to ensure a brighter future.

Activism in Marketing


As marketing agencies, we have a voice and a platform. One of the best things companies can do to help people is amplified their message. Advertising grants provide tools for nonprofits to reach out and connect with their communities. The change will not come overnight, and for lasting progress to be made, we must all commit substantial resources and time. One area where all of these goals intersect is google ad words.

Google AdWords can help establish nonprofit social service organizations, which in turn will aid everyone. If you want to learn more about google ad grants or need help developing service for your nonprofit, contact Kallen Media via our website. To learn more about how you can support the black lives matter movement, please visit their website.

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