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Technology Trends in 2022: how business is changing

The march of tech is always a changing business, and the technology trends to watch in 2020 are just one indicator of that. It wasn’t that long ago that we did most of our shopping in person. Now, smartphones have made it possible for a retail app developer to create shopping experiences that allow us to find everything we want without having to leave the home. Even Adobe held Summit 2020 online.

Shopping apps will continue to have a growing impact on retail businesses for many years. However, there are new technologies that are going to change the way business is done. To keep your business ahead of the competition, you will need to know what these technology trends in 2020 are and how to take advantage of them.

AI Products and Services are Emerging Among Major Technology Trends in 2020

An increasing number of products are offering some form of Artificial Intelligence. With advances to machine learning and processing power being more available and affordable than ever before, we can expect this 2020 technology trend to pick up steam in the coming decade. We are already seeing smart home products that use AI to make your life more convenient, but there are even more advanced applications like delivery services using AI-powered drones to deliver packages.

Distributed Cloud

Businesses across the world rely on cloud computing. As a result, we are seeing a technology trend in 2020 that is signified by a shift away from the centralized model. Under the distributed model, cloud services are facilitated by servers that are in different locations around the world. This allows the cloud service to provide resources reliably no matter where the user is.

Technology Trends in 2020 Include a Move Towards Automation

Automation can make our lives easier and it can make businesses more efficient. We are already starting to see more automation with developments to things like driverless cars and cashier-less stores. Automation technologies are only getting more advanced, and we can expect to see more autonomous things in our everyday lives.  Automation is even affecting digital marketing through automated sales processes and interactions.

Human Augmentation 

The idea behind human augmentation is to use technology to enhance the abilities of humans. Night vision goggles are one example of human augmentation. The night vision technology makes it so a human can see well at night. However, with technology trends in 2020 like AI and Augmented Reality, human augmentation is going to become a more common part of life. 

Momentary Markets

Using Big Data and advanced analytics, businesses are getting to a point that they can advertise and sell to individuals based on the moment. Complex systems will respond to needs in real-time or anticipate future needs to deliver products, services or offerings right at the time when they are most likely to sell.

Technology Enables Digital Healthcare as a Trend in 2020

Healthcare technology is one area that is going to see a lot of change. We are already seeing telemedicine services that help to diagnose and treat illness no matter where the patient is, but that is just the beginning. Researchers are developing bionic body parts to replace those that have been injured and we are starting to see doctors using robots to assist with surgery.

Data Privacy

Most of us are aware that companies collect at least some of our data when we go online. With that said, most of us would be surprised by how much. It goes beyond the search engines and social media sites. In fact, the devices we use every day collect our data. That not only includes our smartphones, but many of the smart home devices that you may own.

This data is valuable because companies can use it for customer analytics. This can help businesses to advertise more effectively or to develop products that we didn’t even know we wanted. On the other hand, you also have privacy concerns. In the coming years, we should expect some changes to the laws concerning the collection, storage, and use of consumer data in response to this 2020 technology trend.

If you are looking at understanding the future of technology trends in 2020 then please reach out to us at Kallen Media.  We offer free SEO audits, and advice tailored specifically towards small businesses.  Get in touch to learn more about which technology trend in 2020 we think will have the greatest impact.

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