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Social Media Marketing for Finance | Smart Insights

Financial services and their yield are always under a grey area – since they require the audience to consider investing a considerable chunk of their monetary possessions. Most of the time, we, as the audience, witness these financial firms advertising for services where they want us to inject for their company some money. And, also if you have a careful eye for detail, you may notice that their social media marketing strategies for finance fail.

Even when these banks, brokerage houses, and even independent wealth consultants post their other-than-business-stuff, they get criticized publicly for their services. The precise cause behind such a failure is the inefficient way of engaging with their target customers. So, here is this holistic guideline, based on our top 4 tips to market your financial services – the right way.


Tip 1 – Choose the right platform


While your business may teach you how to manage your funds effectively while playing under the budget, it may not prepare you to face this full social media world. There are hundreds of social media marketing strategies, but it’s not ‘one size fits all’ anymore. In this era, you need to select a platform based on your general niche and your service more precisely. Also, you need to see the channels and media you would want. For example, on a Facebook page with no sponsored posts – you’ll badly fail if you offer a coupon worth $100. For financial services mainly, the best media is LinkedIn.

Remember that social media marketing isn’t only about posting a few updates, or maybe share an infographic or a video on how you can yield a profit of 5500% on an initial investment of $1. It should be a story of how your services can solve your audience’s massive problems. Offer them free financial consultancy – and for that, LinkedIn and Instagram can generate the best leads! Once you know your desired platform, it becomes way more comfortable to start producing content that people would love.


Tip 2 – Seek professional help


Let’s admit – we are great businessmen. We know how to generate substantial cash flow from a small investment. We know how to solve short-term and long-term liquidity issues faced by commoners or celebrities. But, we are all not what we call as ‘all-rounders. And because of that, our businesses shouldn’t suffer. You know your business; you have spent years studying your products and services, and you have played well with conventional marketing. But because the world is changing, we need to change too. And that’s what these social media marketing agents are working.

The best way towards your significant online media presence is to select a social media marketing agency, after thorough research. These organizations have subject matter experts, teams of SEO bloggers, and social media experts who can skyrocket your financial business on an online platform on a Launchpad. They can provide expert advice on whether you need to go ahead with one platform or two or even a multiple of these platforms.


Tip 3 – Engage with people and live your brand


If your business is alive, let it live amongst your audience. Your website, your Facebook page cover, your Pinterest, your LinkedIn, and anything else that you use should follow the same colors, styles, and themes as are supported by your brand. There are hundreds of customizable themes available in WordPress, which can transform the complete outlook of your brand’s online presence and would give your business a superior look than its competitors.


Tip 4 – Be picky about your content  


Don’t just share anything. And don’t share everything. Share stories about your brand – that aren’t directly about your brand. Share behind the scenes, stories of your business dinners, snapshots of a typical day at work, virtual tours of your offices, success stories, philanthropic work, and your work towards corporate social responsibility. Do it in the form of short interviews, memes, jokes from one of the employees, customer of the month, an infographic, a public holiday greeting, or a video. Popular social media marketing companies in Arizona, Tempe suggest to offer a downloadable freebie on your website. It could be a checklist, savings template, a short business plan, or whatsoever. It is a first step towards collecting email ids as well. This way, you are not only telling people how far you go to help them, but it imprints the pictures of your office in the minds of people.


connected network of people digitally


Remember, your social media marketing platforms for finance and your marketing channels are no less than your business premises or a branch of it. When they look at your website, they should get a feel of standing in your office. Don’t just do business, socialize it!

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