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2022 Recruitment Marketing: a Brief Overview

Filling a job position is one of the most exciting changes a business can make. A new hire can bring ideas and life to your company! But between H.R, managers, and everyone else on the hiring team, it can feel like a time-consuming process. Over the years, recruitment marketers have tried to make this field more efficient. And in 2020, recruitment marketing has advanced so far that this process can be fast and painless.

Today we will explain a little bit about the basics of recruitment marketing. In the blog, we will tell you about some current tools and methods of these businesses. And finally, we will also answer an important question; In a time where there are more candidates than ever, how is recruitment marketing responding? So let’s get started with a quick rundown of what recruitment marketing is!

Modern Recruitment Marketing


Recruitment marketing is the process of finding and nurturing talent to work for your business. This process pairs the right employees with the jobs best suited for them. Recruitment marketers partner with job searching platforms, utilize specialized software, and even comb social media. Essentially these people will work with your company to find candidates who exceed your expirations. But how does it all work?

Recruitment marketers do the hard work. Whether by using software of personally reviewing candidates, the recruitment team determines what strengths someone should have to succeed. After outlining ideal candidates, the recruitment team identifies quality candidates and connects them to the relevant parties. This process is complicated, but the potential hires you find are top contenders in a massive talent pool. So how do these companies find candidates?

Recruitment Marketing Tools


One of the best tools in the recruitment marketing arsenal is partnerships with job searching tools. Companies like Indeed and others often team up with companies to get more access to people looking for jobs. By being involved on the ground level with these systems, recruitment teams can comb through massive pools of data. In fields where end-users communication is low, this data can make sure your coworkers will be a good fit. Job searching tools also let these professionals connect to people actively looking for work.


Another valuable tool for connection is social media. Social media has two crucial roles in relation and vetting. Social media is a perfect tool for reaching people and spreading a branded message. Recruitment marketers understand this and will use social media accounts to promote companies branded content toward potential hires. Social media also can help you research a candidate. It is no secret that your job might see your social media presence, but your future jobs are all watching too!

Recruitment During the Pandemic


From both sides of the table, recruitment during the COVID-19 pandemic can feel impossible. Candidates are stuck at home while jobs flood with applicants. Now more than ever, it has become hard to figure out who is the best bet for a job. But fortunately, these strategies only work better with more choices! These services can also benefit people searching for work. Recruitment services can put you into a position which is a good fit for you, and often faster than other resources.

Although the pandemic has caused a massive increase in job searches, recruitment marketing is ready. Most of the job of recruitment marketers is to identify the best person for a job. And even though there might be more candidates, the jobs are pretty much the same. So lots of applicants mean more choices and more kinds of people. On the flip side, recruitment is more efficient than cold applications. When a person has a relationship with a company, they become trusted. Being presented by a recruitment team as a candidate, you’re already vetted by people the company trusts. By having an in from a recruitment marketer, a candidate can shine even brighter!


2020 Recruitment Marketing


Are you having trouble finding the best hire you can get? Recruitment marketing helps fill positions with qualified professionals. And in 2020, recruitment marketing is becoming more useful than ever. In the modern age, recruitment marketing exists to make hiring easy and painless. The most effective tools for recruitment marketing are partnerships and connections. Companies like indeed help marketers find people, and social media helps them connect easily! But does this all work during the pandemic? Short answer, yes. This health crisis has created an influx of candidates, but recruitment marketers are here to help!

For a business taking the time to search through candidates can feel like a costly chore. But recruitment marketing services are here to save you time and money. If you’ve been struggling to fill a job position, or you have too many candidates to decide, Kallen media can make your decision easy. Reach out to us today and get in touch for help with recruitment marketing.

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