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Kallen Media’s 2019 Digital Marketing Recap

As the year draws to a close, I wanted to reflect on the successes of the past year.  And this year has been full of excitement and lots of growth! In 2019, I launched Kallen Media LLC as a digital marketing agency focused on growing small businesses.  So looking back, I wanted to create a recap article to highlight some of our first year.


The Start of Kallen Media

Kallen Media Logo

At the start of 2019, I was in the position of director of marketing at a small web and app development company.  Here I was able to hone in on what I enjoyed about digital marketing. And this year started by teaching customers how to use and building out a variety of WordPress websites.  The possibilities were endless for what we could create. So once the sites were up and running, it was time to start the process of optimization.


Finally, it was at this point that I realized it was time for me to start creating my own company, Kallen Media LLC.  I incorporated the company in May of 2019. The company was going to build itself on providing meaningful digital marketing services to small businesses.  There were so many businesses that had great products and services. However, in most cases, these businesses’ online presence left much to be desired. This trend left me wondering what services would make the most significant differences to my potential clients.


Digital Marketing Services

Custom website design

Social media management was what I thought digital marketing was all about initially.  However, this is the classic content creation and reputation management, so many businesses lacked.  Creating custom plans to promote brand image while interacting with customers made sense. Utilizing programs like Hootsuite makes social media management more straightforward and more accessible for small businesses to manage.  Because Kallen Media is looking to provide value, we offer our social media marketing services, starting at $200 to make it affordable for companies of all sizes.

WordPress web design was the next service that I was very eager to incorporate with Kallen Media.  Websites are becoming the most crucial marketing tool for businesses in an ever-growing online world.  If a competitor has a better website, search engines are more likely to rank it higher, and more customers expected to go there.  Creating custom designed websites can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. Utilizing a CMS like WordPress lowers development costs without suffering on appearance.  WordPress websites can also more efficient. So these websites allow for quick and inexpensive changes.

Google ad grants

Finally, I decided that focusing on paid digital marketing campaigns would be most beneficial to small businesses.  After doing extensive research and working with a variety of companies, I have found that Google Ad management is the most effective online marketing resource.  Other channels like Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks have also been successful for niche businesses.  Many businesses were not utilizing their ads effectively or had poorly structured campaigns. This trend can lead to poorly qualified leads as opposed to highly targeted groups.  Once our services list looked great, it was time for us to start opening our doors to working with clients!


Companies We Have Worked With

Starting almost halfway through the year, I am proud of all the clients we were able to provide service to during our first year!  Here is a list of the work we have completed in our first-year for-profit companies:


WordPress Web Design


Web Design Agency Phoenix

  • Casual Crypto was one of our introductory clients!  I was able to teach the CEO, Roman Hughes, how to navigate the WordPress dashboard and create an interactive cryptocurrency blog.  This website is one of the first clients we have trained and build a website that is perfect for people interested in CryptoCurrency Blogs.



  • FarSuperior is a network of businesses designed to promote quality and expertise.  I had the pleasure of designing several of the base websites and creating content.  The content is ever-growing, and we are looking forward to Farsuperior’s official launch and growth in 2020.


Content Creation and Social Media Management


Spark Organics Logo

  • Spark Organics is the first national e-commerce website that we were able to work on as a health brand.  We were able to create a social media campaign for the summer season while publishing monthly blog posts.  Be sure to check out Spark Organics website for the best organic fruit chews on the market!



Aria technology solutions logo

  • Aria Technology Solutions is a client that we have been privileged to work with from the International Technology Rental Association.  Currently, we assist in social media management and content creation. Aria has recently expanded to has a Las Vegas office, allowing them to provide quality technology rentals across the United States.



Itra Logo

  • The International Technology Rental Association has been our largest project. Kallen Media manages ITRA’s content and run the social media accounts. So I have been involved with the association for years.  The association’s yearly meeting is in the next two months.  This event is an excellent opportunity for technology rental companies to network and grow business.



Complete Digital Marketing Campaign


GlassBiller logo

  • GlassBiller is an auto glass billing software.  I am in charge of the marketing efforts and create all digital campaigns for GlassBiller.  The growth that GlassBiller has seen since the start of our efforts is immense, making me very excited for their future.  For any auto glass shop, I would highly recommend checking out the VIN decoder and free trial.



Nonprofit Digital Marketing Work


Finally, it is time to showcase over $50,000 in donated services to nonprofits in 2019.  I have been privileged to be able to provide my services to a variety of different organizations around the globe:


Google Ad Grant Setup and Support


obol logo

  • Operation Blankets of Love is currently our longest-running nonprofit client.  I have had the pleasure of meeting with the team who provides support for homeless animals.  This organization was the first Google Ad Grant account that I had worked on throughout the year.  It taught me a lot about the rules and regulations and led me to take a deeper dive into how to help nonprofits benefit from the Google Ad Grant program.  Currently, we have supported OBOL to spend thousands more than before.




  • Therapeutic Ranch for Animals and Kids is a project that we were able to provide exceptional support.  I created Google Ad Grant campaigns to utilize a significantly higher percentage of the Ad Grants while increasing overall website traffic.  If you are interested in providing support for animals and kids, they are a fantastic organization to work with for your whole family.



Tucson Girls Chorus Logo

  • Tucson Girls Chorus is another local Arizona charity that provides girls chorus programs for all ages.  Initially, the focus for regional growth has been great through the introduction of new campaigns in their Google Ad Grant program.  Finally, the campaign was exposing women of all ages to choral programs is one of the many excellent services that the Tucson Girls Chorus provides.


  • REACH provides comprehensive, personalized support for people with disabilities.  I was able to walk them through the Google Ad Grant application process from start to finish.  We have just activated the grant and are eagerly looking forward to increased traffic in 2020.


Google Ad Grant Activation & Setup


Mystic river watershed association logo

  • Mystic River Watershed Association works with communities to make sure their ecosystem survives and thrives going forward.  Through excellent communication, I was able to setup Mystic’s Ad Grant account within a week!  This speed allowed us to create programs that would be active before and into the new year.

Gray Matter Logo

  • Gray Matter Experience provides inner-city teens with an opportunity to grow their entrepreneurial skills.  I guided their team to activate their Google Ad Grant account. Next, I worked on increasing traffic in time for the new year.  Focus on spring and summer programs will be the core focus going forward to seasonal campaigns.


Social Media Setup


Tuskegee airman logo

  • Tuskegee Airman Scholarship Foundation was the first nonprofit organization that I worked with, providing digital marketing services.  I set up their social media profiles.  Additionally, I provided insight on how to run successful campaigns. Find out about this year’s current scholars through their excellent website.


Exceeding Expectations In 2020

Kallen Media picture logo

I would highly encourage my readers to check out all of the fantastic companies we have had the pleasure of working with throughout the year. There are several more organizations that we have ongoing projects that we are eager to complete during 2020.


Looking forward to the new year, I am excited about the direction that Kallen Media is going!  My hopes are continued growth and the addition of clients who I can bring meaningful changes to, at an affordable price.  But going forward, we are hoping to expand our website, team, and client base. Be on the lookout for custom business plans.  You can see what all of our clients have said about us in our testimonials section, Facebook page, or Google My Business page!

Check out our feature as a top 50 Marketing Blog to watch in 2020!

Get in touch with [email protected] to get a custom quote on your digital marketing package for 2020.  We have a full list of digital marketing services we provide on our website.  Finally, take a look so you can decide what type of plan will help your business grow in 2020. 


Introduction To Structured Data

What Is Structured Data?

Today I am going to cover an introduction to structured data and why it is essential for your website. Most people are familiar with using search engines to find results based on their search. However, what people may not be as familiar with is why your search results look the way they do.  Before we dive in, I want to start with an introduction to structured data that may seem more familiar. Take a look at the image below. You may notice a variety of differences within each result that comes up for the “casserole recipe.”  This structure is because of structured data written on the backend of the website.

Google structured data in recipes

At the top of the search results are card-like structures.  Instead of a standard link, you get the recipe name, author, review ranking, and even some ingredients.  All of this is thanks to the structured data. Google uses data from a website’s “site map” to show more detailed results.  When you add a specific piece of code to your website that is structured data, it allows Google to augment your listing. When standing out from the competition is vital, this will give you an advantage. All of this together is why structured data is becoming such an essential holistic search engine optimization practice.

Where Does Structured Data Come From?

Structured data is what tells Google and other search engines what is important and what it should be displaying.  The project is primarily based on a web project called Schema.org. This website is a database for a markup language used to communicate with the search engines.  The communication happens by using a method of encoding data called JSON-LD. There are other ways available, but for this article, we will be focusing on Schema.org and JSON-LD.

Schema.org website information

Now you know that structured data is composed of JSON-LD markup.  The markup taken from Schema.org can now convert to structured data. Within the website, there are a variety of sections that highlights the type of data that can be composed.  Some great examples would be recipes, business hours, or author name. Not all posts or page types can break down into structured data for all search engines.  This is why it is essential to also take a look at the Google-approved markup. By doing this, you will ensure that the largest search engine can correctly index your website.  Indexing a website is when Google sends out their bots, which go from website to website capturing data. These bots are often called crawlers and are critical factors in how your website ranks in search results.

Website Integration


But now lies the question, what do we do, and how do we integrate it within our website?

Most people are not going to want to learn the code and backend of JSON-LD.  Luckily, there are a wide variety of other ways that you can implement your Schema markup.  The most common is going to be through utilizing a plugin. Currently, there are a wide variety of broad SEO plugins on the market.  These plugins are going to be the most comfortable option for most users. This will allow you to fill out data about your website and posts from a smooth user interface.  Some great examples of plugins to use would be the Moz or Yoast plugins. These companies offer both free and paid options that vary on the amount of support and opportunities given. This research is a significant first step in creating an optimized website while still being introduced to structured data.

A great alternative for people who may want to dive a bit deeper into their website would be to utilize Google Structured Data Testing Tool. Before we do that, I want to show you what the JSON-LD code for structured data will look like.  Don’t be overwhelmed by the code. If you focus on the few key points that I highlight, you will be able to use templates on most of your pages.  The first picture represents the JSON-LD code put in while the second represents that outcome.

JSON-LD Code from Kallen Media
JSON-LD information it tells to search engines

Google Tools

After looking at the picture you should be able to see that there is a connection between the left and right sides.  This means that you will check Schema.org for the parts of markup required. For the example above, I used an article from Kallen Media.  The “@context” and “@type” will always start on the JSON-LD code side.  Below that is where you begin to describe to search engines what your page is composed of.  The reason we do this is that it is harder for computers to understand the meaning and context compared to humans.  By assigning values to names and specific aspects, it tells the search engines what it should be showing searchers. These values can change based on what type of post or page you are making your structured data markup.

Using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool is one of my top recommendations when first getting acquainted with JSON-LD and Schema.org.  This is because it will tell you the errors that will occur for Google. This is important since Google is the top search engine and you want your website showing up!

Once you have created the markup that you want to add to your site, there are a few options for how to install it.  The easiest and most effective way is going to be using Google Tag Manager.  This interface allows you only to have to add a few pieces of Global site code to your website, instead of every bit of structured data you have done.  If you do not feel comfortable doing this, we offer search engine optimization services that include structure data creation for your website.

Google Tag Manager homepage

Finalize Your Data

Google Tag Manager will allow you to enter in the JSON-LD added to your database.  This then will allow all search engines to read the structured data snippets that you have.  However, you will need to slightly change your code for Google to accept it. The easiest way to do this is to paste the code into Yoast’s Script Helper.

Once you have done this, you can test your tags from within Google to make sure they are activated.  Once complete, your structured data should be ready to go for your website. This will mean that search engines will be able to read your content more accessible.  That means that your website should start standing out from competitors who invested in structured data. We are eager to see how structured data impacts businesses we work with.  If you have your website showing up using structured data snippets, let us know in the comments! Finally, if you need assistance setting-up SEO practices for your website, please reach out to [email protected]ia.com for more information on getting introduced to structured data.

What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is quickly becoming one of the most common digital marketing practices.  Odds are you have probably heard of this term before. But what exactly makes up this “content”?  Most frequently, it is companies hiring marketing agencies or hiring in house for writers and bloggers.  These people then create content centered around the company’s products or services.

Now, this may seem pretty simple.  However, doing this without a clear plan or strategy could mean your company is wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars a month!  Some specific strategies and tactics used when creating pieces of written work to increase traffic to your website.  These strategies include developing focus keywords, examining text length, and utilizing a free SEO plugin like Yoast to assure top quality content. Here is the Kallen Media guide to getting started with content marketing.

Choose Your Niche

The first step in creating your content is determining your niche.  This step means getting specific about what you want to focus on. Choosing a broad topic is a perfect starting point, but you will want to build on it.  For example, if you are an artist, what type of art do you make? What is your medium, and what is your favorite style? All of these questions are questions that your potential clients might have when determining your niche.

Once you have answers to these questions and know where you want to place yourself, you will begin to start finding topics to write about.  Think about what you would be interested in reading. Find the hot topics and create your views and opinions to make your content uniquely your own.  A great place to start is searching for the topics you’re interested in and see what the top results are online.

Look At Competition

Next, you are going to want to take a look at your competition.  This insight means reading your competitors’ blogs and marketing content.  See what resonates with you, and see what you don’t like. By doing this, it will help you create the ideal campaign that you know has critical points of other successful campaigns.  We do not recommend stealing their campaigns or trying to copy what these companies do. All this will do is waste time and resources. This reasoning is because you would be vying for customers who already have what you are providing.

Responsive statistics for posts

There are some critical points that you will want to examine your competitors’ content.  One of the most significant aspects is going to be the keywords. Keywords are what search engines look at to determine what appears for various searches.  The goal is to have a campaign that targets keywords that your potential clients are interested in. Some websites provide research services like Moz and Ahrefs.  Here you can find information for sites from their backlinks to domain authority. I recommend looking at several successful websites that are in your niche.

Take their strengths and identifying their weaknesses is a great way to make yourself stand out.  Start with low ranking keywords. As you create more content, keywords will be more accessible for your website to start ranking for.  As you build credibility and traffic, you will be able to start going after more popular searches.

Create A Schedule

Time to create a schedule and stick with it.  Nobody reads content on a website that only has one post or article.  Constant content is essential to improve your website’s overall ranking continually.  My recommendation is to look at times when your possible consumers are most active. Odds are for most that will not be at 2:00 am.  Finding the perfect time to release and blast your content is essential for traction. You don’t want to spend hours on content that does not reach your desired audience because of timing.  One recommendation is to create weekly posts that people can rely on. This way, you will have a weekly announcement that your customer base will grow to enjoy.

Develop A Writing Style

Now it is time to create your style and add flair to your writing.  There are thousands of blogs on the internet. For your industry, there could be hundreds or more.  To stand out in the crowd, you need to have a unique style and voice. Voicing your passion and developing unique takes on popular topics is a great way to grow your audience.  Take a look at leaders in your niche and see what tactics they are using to succeed. By doing this, you will be able to take the best aspects of your favorite writers to create your unique pieces.  This discovery is where most content marketing will see the most traction.

Broadcast Your Message

Everything is complete on the content side.  Now it is time to make sure you are reaching your desired audience.  There are a variety of ways that you can do this. Broadcast new content onto all of your social media outlets. This new content will direct your followers back to your website, where you will convert them into paying clients. For smaller businesses, you may need to grow your primary audience.  Broadcast your new posts through paid advertising fronts. Examples would be using Google Ads or Facebook Ads to target your specific audience. Utilizing these Ad services also gives you the ability to use advanced tracking systems.  Through integrating these tactics, you will be sure that your content directed towards those most eager to buy your product or service.

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