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Google Ads Strategies for Real Estate: a Guide

It used to be that if someone wanted to gain more exposure through advertising, they would have to place an ad in a newspaper, magazine, or even purchase airtime on the radio. With technology improving over time, people have been looking to prepare for the future. That is where digital marketing comes in. Owners, managers, and investors are starting to focus more on social media, email marketing, content marketing, SEO optimization, and Google Ads. The real estate industry is no different than anyone else, you have to be marketing in the digital world. Here are some google ads strategies for real estate.

Real Estate Agents

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The preferred method for any Real Estate agent to make a sale is face to face. However, in current times during the pandemic, agents have to find other ways to draw more attention and sales to their business. They also have to spend time finding ways to draw more attention to potential buyers and sellers. Asides from agents having to create their landing page and setting up all the tools that they need for their business. Agents need to start advertising their inventory and have everything connected.

Once connected the process of connecting is where Google Ads comes into place. According to Jon Clark, the conservative estimate for an agent to set up google ads, generate keywords, and place bids can take 6 hours of work to put into their campaigns. That is not including the analytics either. According to the same article, the average cost per click is about $2.37.

Real Estate Agents use Google Ads to further target their audience by creating competitive ads for keywords. Similarly, by also generating keywords that would include property names, area names, types of real estate they provide service for, and other real estate keywords that would bring more attention to their business. Other words like buying, selling, and renting or commonly used keywords that agents place bids on to get ranked.

If Real Estate agents fail to optimize it correctly, then the time, money, and effort would be a waste, no question. So, if you are an agent and you are looking to create a campaign, we recommend that you make sure to approach it wisely by taking the time to go through how you want to draft your ads and what keywords.

Residential Real Estate

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Here is where it can get a bit more complicated. As tough as it is, advertising an apartment or home already has its challenges. This difficulty is because not everyone is renting an apartment or house, nor are they looking to rent either one. For a company to generate more visibility for apartments they own, it is crucial in their campaign that they target only the people who are planning on living in your city when they start their search. Even if there are well-known individual establishments in the area, keywords can be optimized around that place to create an apartment buzz for the company.

It is essential to bid on branded keywords. An example of branding can be the name of a community within a city where the prospective target lives. The idea is to create a campaign strategy that focuses more on qualified traffic by narrowing your focus and search. The broader the search, the more challenging your campaign becomes, and the business is not being utilized properly.

Commercial Real Estate

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According to an article on SharpLaunch, in 2019, Google accounted for more than 38% of the US digital ad market share and grew more than 80% of all search ad markets in 2020.

Google AdWords is very popular for virtually every business owner out there.

If you think residential is difficult, can you imagine what commercial real estate is like right now? Primarily due to the pandemic, most companies are not leasing offices. The majority of companies have their employees working for home.

But just in case, we will throw it in here.

Commercial real estate is expensive, but so are some keywords that go along with it.

According to the same article, the most expensive highest cost per click office-related keyword is “office space for rent NYC” with the cost of $74.49 per click. That’s about what it costs to pay for a nice meal and a high-end restaurant.

Companies are eager to rent out office space, and being able to advertise their available space is crucial to their success. When it comes to commercial real estate, it depends on the type of commercial real estate to invest in Google Ads. Whether it is office space or retail space, strategizing Google Ads has to be specific enough that companies can target the appropriate audience.

Our Conclusion

Creating a Google Ads campaign is challenging, and not everyone has the time. Especially if you have a specific budget, you would want to make sure that the money is.

It’s recommended to do an extensive search on keywords related to the area and type of real estate. Still, it would be beneficial to look up keywords that relate to a concept within real estate as well.

While Google Ads are a great way to market your properties and business, it is not an easy task. Have you struggled to develop the right google ads strategies for real estate? Don’t worry, Kallen media has the right tools for your success! If you need help with google ads strategies for real estate, please reach out. Kallen Media is here for you.

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