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How to Market for Nonprofits: Kallen Media’s Tips

The nonprofit industry is rife with people and companies who want to make the world a better place. And the industry is snowballing; there are already over 1.5 million registered nonprofits in the US alone. These factors combine to create a lot of pressure for a nonprofit to get its message to stand out. That’s why today we’re talking about how to market for nonprofits!

Today we are going to talk all about how classic digital marketing principles apply to the nonprofit industry. Our blog covers topics like web design, copywriting, and much more. Finally, we will also tell you about Kallen Media’s tried and true methods for boosting a nonprofits’ connections. But let’s start by talking about some free ads that any nonprofit can utilize!

Google Ad Grants


Kallen Media has talked so much about how excellent google ad grants are. But in case you forgot, we’re going to tell you all about them. Google offers an ad grant program to let any registered charity can use to get utterly free google ads! This program can give nonprofits thousands of dollars in advertising at the cost of a simple verification process. one of our first steps when working with any charity is to make sure they have full access to this program.

people puzzle pieces

people puzzle pieces

In an industry where a business’s budget is under scrutiny, making room for advertising is hard. And this is especially true in the nonprofit sector, where people tend to think fundraising will handle everything. These free ads can create extra room so people can spend their budget creating a compelling copy or improving their web presence. Free advertisements can be an integral part of how to market for nonprofits if you can finish the certification process. Once you have outreach handled, you need to make sure your nonprofit’s website is ready for new users.

Nonprofit SEO and SMM


Maintaining your website long term health is also crucial to running a successful nonprofit. If you can produce a user-friendly site that’s also well advertised, donors will flock to you! Fortunately, people like charities and most people will be looking for ways to help, so nonprofits start with a leg up. This advantage will shine when your managing social media presences. Because nonprofit content is naturally compelling, if you also bring quality, social media will love you. Similarly, your followers will feel like they are making a difference when they connect to a nonprofit, so you also gain the advantage of a self-satisfying audience.

On the other hand, nonprofits will still face the same SEO struggles as any other company. Nonprofit websites at a superficial level will follow the same rules as any other. So you need to make sure your SEO is optimized to rank all of your landing pages. But nonprofits do hold some SEO advantages. Most businesses have a hard time getting people to spend a long time on a page or video. But a nonprofit will find that its content is more compelling and, on average, will grab attention better.

Writing Copy for Nonprofits


We mentioned earlier that nonprofits would naturally have more compelling subjects for content creators. But that advantage can make a social media team or copywriter lazy. When you’re designing nonprofit content, you can never let your quality slip. Ensuring that your images and videos are well-edited and proofreading all content will help portray your nonprofit as easy to trust. And after you have trust with your audience, people will be more likely to engage with your campaigns and projects. When creating a nonprofit copy, you need to ensure you have a simple message portrayed in a clean and presentable format. But how do you know if your advertisements are well received?

Measuring Campaign Success


Anytime you run any marketing campaign, you need to make sure you measure your progress toward goals. In the nonprofit sector, this means understanding where the current focus of your nonprofits projects is. Some advertising efforts will be focusing on awareness, while others will be targeting established donors. If you’re going to utilize digital marketing to grow your nonprofit, you need to understand how a marketing campaign can affect your projects.



If your nonprofit currently focuses on educating consumers, your marketing team needs to double down on outreach. Focusing on social media and other platforms to quickly make new connections might bring you better conversion rates. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to be reaching out to brand new people when you want trusted returning donors. If you’re trying to connect to established target markets, more traditional google ads could be a better project.

How to Market for Nonprofits


Are you wondering how to market for nonprofits? Kallen Media has some tips on where you can focus your advertising efforts if you’re involved with the charity industry. We covered marketing strategies specifically designed for nonprofit web presence and community interaction. Additionally, we gave you some methods for tracking campaign success. Assuming you follow those simple steps, your nonprofit with blossom. If you need more help creating your nonprofit’s next advertising campaign, Kallen Media is here to help. Reach out online to talk to one of our representatives about our custom nonprofit marketing plans today!

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