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How to Release Music: Albums and More

Are you a new musician or a veteran looking to get back? It can feel impossible to get in touch with potential fans while competing with corporate marketing goliaths. But releasing music to public platforms is an essential part of growing your fan base, and pretty soon, you’re going to need to drop a track! Kallen Media has been lucky to work intimately with musicians, labels, and producers to help promote people’s art. So today, we’re explaining how to release music.

When we’re working with an artist, we like to break the process down into manageable steps. For a music release, we’re going first to set goals, identify and build audiences, and finally release the music! This blog will break down that entire process and teach you from the ground up how you can promote your music. We cover the beginning stages of planning, Different marketing channels you can use, and much more. But let’s start with deciding what your targets are.

Set goals

Concrete objectives make marketing so much easier, and this is true with music promotion as well. When planning a release, you first need goals; do you want to release an E.P. or a whole album? Will there be concerts? After you know those goals, you must identify your release budget. At this stage, you will have a solid foundation and understand what you are promoting and how much you can spend on advertising. The last step to a finalized plan is knowing what channels you can use to advertise. This final step is the most diverse stage of planning because you have an incredible number of options. Everyone loves music, so musicians have access to more marketing channels than most.

know your audience

After planning, you should at least know a basic description of the people you want to reach! But now you need to know if the plan you made is going to work. The easiest way to make sure your project is solid is by collecting data from the beginning. Tracking data is a massive part of the music industry, and even if you’re an independent artist, you’ll still need to follow as much information as possible! Fortunately, in the modern era, even the most minor content creators can get incredible access to information about your product and its fans! Apps like Spotify and sound cloud will give you information that, in the past, you would have to hire entire marketing teams to get! But once you know your plan is solid and tracking is in place, how do you drum up interest amongst your fanbase?

Our answer to that question is dropping singles! A single release is a time-honored way to start letting people know that they should keep an eye out for the album. There are a lot of different opinions on which songs you should use in a single, though. Some people think you should hold back some of the best for the album, while others insist on coming out with a splash and using their most engaging song. No matter what you use when you release, a single tracking becomes essential. Single releases are your first opportunity to get a concrete idea of the reception of all your hard work! And after that, you’ll finally be ready to release the whole thing.

Release your music!

Now that it’s time to release, you need to return to your plans and identify your platforms. Specific streaming services bring different advantages; blowing up on Spotify can lead to radio play, while sound cloud might expose you to a smaller but more dedicated audience. There are also platforms like Bandcamp that encourage fans to support artists without a go-between! a good rule is to try and get on as many platforms as possible!

So at this stage in the game, we have a plan for release, data validating that plan, a home for your music, and fans waiting for the date! But what if you want to ensure that your most dedicated fans review it and listen to it the second the album drops? Lately, some artists have started hosting pre-save campaigns. At a base level, these are like preordering music. Before your official release, you give people the chance to save the album, so the second it goes public, they are notified and get to listen right away. This preparation can skyrocket your content because algorithms will see it growing incredibly fast.

how to release music

Dropping an album can be stressful, but once you know how it gets easier. All it takes is some planning and preparation, then the consistent effort of listening to your fans and what they want. We also covered helpful tips like pre-releasing and singles to help drive critical early listeners to your songs. Finally, we discussed the various platforms and why you should consider which ones you’ll be using. You know how to release music at this point in the blog, so what’s stopping you?

If you’re new in the music industry and are starting to lose a grip on marketing, you don’t need an expensive corporate team to help you. Contact Kallen Media and get a quote for our musician marketing services.

Aureus University Company Spotlight #12

Over the last year, we have had the pleasure of working with many more international companies. And while most of those companies have been in fields we are familiar with; others provided opportunities to learn about new businesses. One of these new skills we picked up was how to market for universities and med schools. And it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t talk about our first med school client! So welcome to Aureus University company spotlight #12!

The first thing we discuss in this blog is who Aureus is and how its mission impacts students worldwide. Like our last spotlight, we will break down everything we learned working in this new and exciting field. Finally, we will also give you a rundown of the services and how they help businesses as Aureus grow. So let’s get started!


Who is Aureus


Aureus University School of Medicine is a Med School in Aruba trying to redefine the MD experience. They offer luxury dorms and fully equipped lab facilities in Aruba! The school offers four and five-year programs and has had dozens of graduates who have gone on to get fulfilling jobs in the medical industry. As a growing med school, Aureus always looks for new ways to find potential students.

Aureus uses many marketing services, but we helped them grow and expand their online presence. As a school, they had two goals, to provide a place online for students to gather and connect potential students to their affordable programs. Kallen Media was able to help with both these goals by getting Aureus back on track with a social media presence and driving web traffic through Google.


Digital Marketing for Universities


Schools and med schools, in particular, are a fun and engaging challenge for a digital marketing firm. Most students are young, and education can be one of the single most expensive investments a person makes in their life. These factors create an environment where you must provide proof of utility quickly! Kallen Media was able to help Aureus by creating a social media presence where active students were encouraged to participate and learn about their school.

Our help creating a more cohesive social media presence meant students felt like they had a place that was truly theirs, and they could engage with their school officials easily. This transparent relationship also helped draw in new students who wanted their school experience to look like the one students at Aureus enjoy. This strategy works because the more prominent the school gets, the more content you have to draw in future graduates!


Google Adwords and Schools


As a search engine, Google has become the dominant force connecting people to companies. And this phenomenon holds in the academic world as well. Without proper integration with google, no university will be able to thrive. Similarly, a company or school needs to have a healthy website so search engines will promote it. These marketing strategies are where you need a combination of SEO maintenance and PPC advertising professionals to excel.

We were lucky to provide Aureus with both of these critical services. Our web development team was able to streamline their landing pages and fully optimize them to improve rankings on google. All this happened while our PPC ads team worked hard to increase the number of eyes the website got via new and improved google ads!


Company Spotlight #12: Aureus University


This spotlight tells you all about our work with Aureus. We discuss why the school sought to grow and how our company impacted that growth. We also covered what we learned from our work together. We also provided a general overview of how digital marketing can impact a college or med school.

Training doctors is essential, and we are proud of our work for the whole team at Aureus. As our first med school client, we learned much from working with them and enjoyed covering it in this blog. Aureus University Company spotlight # 12 also gives you a peek into our customizable plans for advertising for med schools. If you want to grow your school’s reach online, Kallen Media can help! Reach out for a quote for our services.

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