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Kallen Media is a professional web design service in Tempe, Arizona. We do much more than just creating impressive sites for our clients. We design an online momentum that makes you visible in the online clutter and generates leads that convert. As an expert website development company, we make sure that you stand out from the rest.

At Kallen Media, we design sites that communicate the best image of your business to help you make the leap right into the world of digital in the best possible manner. Our extensive experience in this industry has helped us understand the communication and marketing requirements of businesses working in numerous sectors. Our passionate experts will help you create innovative website designs that are practically impossible to ignore.

Integrated Platforms

Our extremely talented website developers have ample hands-on experience on numerous trending platforms, for instance, WordPress, PrestaShop, and Magento, to name a few.

Quality and Attractive Designs

Our sites are created to measure and stand-out from the crowd through their quality, functionality, attractiveness, and elegance.

Simple to Maintain

As we build your site by making use of simple yet effective CMS, making website changes becomes extremely easy for you.

You Invest, We Make It Profitable

The internet is one of the most profitable resources you can use to scale your business. At Kallen Media, it is our goal to help your business grow by leveraging the powers of the internet and make the most of your business’s investment. We design exceptional website design for businesses that drive today’s consumers.

So as to create a valuable user experience, our team of designers develops strong connections with our customers at every single touch point. Our passionate website designers work hard to improve user experience, generate quality leads, develop your online presence, and also resolve your business level challenges through state-of-the-art and creative website designs.

Providing Exceptional Website Design Solutions

At Kallen Media, we offer cost-effective web design services to make sure your business in Tempe, Arizona, is widely recognized and captures your target audience through a stellar website. We ensure that all our website designs are created exceptionally and that our services boast exclusive packages alongside fair pricing to offer solutions that excel.

What makes Our Company Different from Others?

1. Clean Design

Kallen Media boasts a team of professional website designers. We believe in going all out to ensure your website design is clean and aesthetically appealing.

2. Timely Services

We offer affordable website design services in a time-efficient manner. We deliver optimal results right on time.

3. Industry Knowledge

Every single website we design at Kallen Media is created using our knowledge and expertise gained over the years.


Simple and professional looking web designing!

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Within a matter of hours we are able to get you setup with hosting, a domain name, and a visible web page. Once we have done the back end work, it is time to start customizing your business website!

Cost Effective

We offer cost-effective solutions for your business!

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Instead of spending thousands on coding your own website, utilize Kallen Media LLC and our tools. We offer the use of the Divi builder, and a variety of plugins that will help elevate a professional website for your brand.



Customizable and easy to manage websites.

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With the help of thousands of plugins that can be added to your website to augment the user experience. We will take you step by step to make sure we have created a website that successfully displays your message.

The Kallen Media Difference

Web Hosting Consultation

Does your website run slow, or are you unsure where to start on the technicial and back end of your website?  No problem, that is what we are here to help with.  We offer services where we will analyze your website to see its current status, and possible changes we can make to increase speed and search engine optimization.

Similarly, we also offer options in helping decide what route of hosting your company should go.  In many cases businesses go with the cheapest option, without realizing all that goes into web hosting.  Choosing the wrong plan or a poor provider could hinder your website indefinitely!

Page Builder and Theme

Once of the most important parts of your WordPress website is going to be the theme and the page builder you use to design it.  One of the most useful benefits of building your website on the WordPress platform, is that there are plenty of themes and plugins to augment the experience.  At Kallen Media LLC, we use the Divi theme and Page builder.  Divi is created by the Elegant Themes team.

We choose to use Divi because of its ease of use, unlimited liscenses with purchase, and great support.  By creating your website with Kallen Media LLC you gain all the resources that come with the Divi membership onto your website.  That is at least a $199 value right there.  We offer both training courses for Divi as well as for how to use the backend on WordPress in general.  This means you can have use create your website, while learning the fundamentals along the way.

Don’t want to get involved with your website?  That is perfectly fine to.  We have programs that let us do all the backend work, while you relax and enjoy the results.  Our customized work can be made to your exact  specifications ranging from a portfolio website to an interactive e-commerce website.

Websites We Have Developed


We have created the front and backend of the website.  This includes the blog posts and complete WordPress website design.  There is the use of integrated videos, linked social media, and the use of backlinks within both blog posts and the web pages.

Casual Crypto

We assisted in the entire created from purchasing of domain name and hosting, to teaching and building an interactive WordPress website. We offered our client lessons in WordPress, while helping build an interactive Crypto Currency website.


Complete website redesign and helped with the switch to Divi.  The entire website was redesigned by Kallen Media LLC, with customizations done per client’s request. 

The Epicurean Club

We have created an interactive membership website for The Epicurean Club.  This website displays wine news, posts new blogs, and offers a membership login for content only members can access within WordPress.

FarSuperior Business

FarSuperior Business is a group made for qualified entrepreneurs in various industries.  This sleek website utilizes features and showcases member content, along with various backlinks to related websites.

Personal Formula

We have created an interactive wellness and fitness website Personal Formula.  This website displays health news, posts new blogs, and offers a plethora of homepathic options for fighting diseases.

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