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Kallen Media is a Phoenix based digital marketing agency that offers SMM services in Birmingham Alabama.

Here Is Why You Should Use Social Media Marketing to Give Your Business A Boost

When deciding if you should hire a social media marketing company, it’s vital that you understand how important it is to have a social presence for your business. It is a fact that you can save money by not outsourcing these services. But is cutting corners on your brand’s first impression the best option? If you look at the most successful companies around, you’ll see that they are so dominant are because they’ve spent the time and money on developing their social presence. This success is because they have already built a reputation as an expert in their field. Of course, there is more to getting a piece of the Internet pie than just developing your profile and making friends. There are plenty of other things that you need to focus on, such as how you advertise and network. The biggest mistake that people make when it comes to promoting their businesses is to go out and do it themselves without a marketing firm’s help.

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Putting Together a Strong Ad Campaign

Birmingham Social Media Marketing

Our Birmingham social media marketing firm understands the importance of putting together a strong ad campaign to promote your business while also providing you with ways to manage and track your Internet results. Our team of experts know what keywords are most effective for your business and will also be familiar with creating the best possible ad copy for your business. A quality firm will understand how you should use the search engines to get the best results for your efforts.


Helping You Build an Unbreakable Presence Online

When you look at all the benefits you can reap from hiring a firm specializing in social media; It just makes sense. At Kallen Media’s Birmingham social media marketing division, we understand the importance of building your business online. That’s why we help you maximize the use of social networking sites to get your business noticed and developed. When you are trying to find the perfect solutions to work with for your needs, you must take the time to consider the benefits of hiring a company that specializes in social media marketing. Without doing this, you miss out on a lot of potential growth and development for your business.

Our Process


First we sit down and brainstorm ideas for your campaign. We want to create the best campaigns and content, so we need input from our clients to determine the best strategy to implement.


Once we have information on the campaign, it is time for us to get to work. We will create social media posts for the contract period that we have in place. This is a set number of posts per week plus interactions.


Once our posts are setup for the month, it is time to schedule them out. Using Hootsuite, we are able to schedule out months in advance. This takes the worry and hassle out of having to create posts daily.


How that your system is setup with Hootsuite through Kallen Media LLC, you are all set! Sit back, relax, and watch as you post great contact and interact with your loyal clients, worry free.


Full integration with Hootsuite. We offer plans for as few to as many posts are you would like. Our experience with Facebook ads is vast, making us the perfect agency to help setup your Facebook Ad Campaigns with.


Video and images have never been stronger, and the hub for pictures is Instagram. We have experience creating brands and maintaining both style and content to create a solid image. Our plans include Instagram posting, and we can also strategize from statistics on how to grow your engagement and following the right way.


Grow your own and your businesses professional network on LinkedIn. This is a great website for business professionals to meet and expand their networks. We have seen particular success with B2B companies creating content and posts geared towards their specific industry.


Follow hashtags and engage with other creators in your niche. This is a smaller segment of people, but having active accounts that engage with your community is essential to growing your community. We focus specifically on your industry and those in your niche who could help grow your business.

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