Google Ad Grant Management Service

If you are a registered non-profit organization, you would have probably already applied for a Google Ad Grant account. If you have no idea about what we are talking about, let us at Kallen Media help you out!


What is the Google Ad Grant?

The Google Ad Grant offers access to $10000 every single month of free Ad credit to non-profit organizations, which is a fantastic contribution towards its cause. At Kallen Media, we work alongside organizations as their Google Ad Grant Management partner in Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona, to help them maximize their returns through this Ad Grant.


What Can You Use This Ad Grant For?

At Kallen Media, we can help you utilize this Ad Grant in the following manners:

  1. Help your organization get discovered by people who are keenly searching regarding the issues in which your organization involved, for instance, “animal rights,” “endangered species,” and “human rights,” to name a few.
  2. Help generate leads for increased conversion as a part of your fundraising marketing program.
  3. Support actively you are running through other channels, for instance, DRTV (Direct Responsive TV advertising), print advertisements, and general PR.
  4. Aid in boosting your petition and lobbying campaigns effectively by reaching people who are enthusiastically looking for relevant information on the topic.
  5. We help shape discernments regarding your cause and the issues you are involved in. For instance, if you are a mental health charity, you can receive in front of individuals who may need help in dealing with anxiety and depression, or if you are there to support individuals with physical sickness you can offer them with information as well as support.


Is It Difficult To Manage?

Google Ad Grants, by default, are managed using Google’s regular Google Ads interface, formerly termed as Google AdWords. Google is consistently improving this platform, and it becomes easier to use with every single passing year. Kallen Media helps you stay on top of your game by keeping a close tab on the latest features and changes to ensure you are following the best strategy to drive quality traffic to increase your results.

At Kallen Media, we use some of the best analytics software to help you out. We help you set up your Google Analytics, which will assist you in measuring all the different aspects which matter most to your business. Whether it is a fundraising result, lead generation, or reach and engagement, we have a way to measure it!


How Can A Google Ad Grant Certified Company Like Kallen Media Help Me Out?


Kallen Media is a Google Ad Grant Certified company. As professionals, we have a constant feedback loop along with the opportunity to participate in experiments to enhance our services. We will help guide you step by step through the process of becoming a Google non-profit, to being eligible for $10,000 in free ad spend.  We have helped many non-profits reach their audiences and expand their reach.  Let us help your organization be next!

Grants are one of the essential parts of any successful non-profit organization.  Typically the process for applying can be a long and strenuous task that can be highly competitive.  This situation is where the Google Ad Grant program comes in like a knight in shining armor. Google’s Ad Grant program provides up to $10,000 in free search ad campaigns for qualifying non-profits.  Getting new donors and volunteers is at the front of most organizations’ minds, which is where this program provides the most assistance.  Through the paid search ad campaigns, website traffic will increase will traceable statistics that Google provides.


Kallen Media’s Mission

As your Google Ad Grant Management partner, our ultimate mission is to maximize your business’s online presence so that you only have to worry about focusing on changing the world, one day at a time. Hand over the reins of your Google Grant management to us and let us maximize your potential!


Attract More Donations

People out there must know about the cause you are working towards in order to donate to you. Through Google Ad Grants, we at Kallen Media can increase your online exposure and increase your website’s traffic.


Recruit More Volunteers

The Ads we will help you generate are going to spread awareness regarding your cause and can help link individuals directly to your organization’s volunteering opportunities.


Share Your Story

Every non-profit organization has an inspiring story behind how it came into being. Through Google Ad Grant Management, we at Kallen Media can easily share the story behind your creation. We will help people understand how your mission came to be in hopes of creating a long-lasting impression for the generations to come!

Contact us today, and let us help you out with your Google Ad Grant Management.

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