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Hot Arizona House DJs

House shows are a perfect storm of diverse crowds, long nights, and good vibes. At Kallen Media, our staff is passionate about music, whether it is about venues, songs, and performers. As a localized digital marketing agency, we aim to promote businesses and artists making an impact near us! We are excited to introduce Kallen Media’s list of hot Arizona house DJs!

Good music resonates, but what separates the good from the great when it comes to house music? How did we judge these artists? When looking for candidates for this list, we asked our staff to consider people by their talent as live performers, with extra points for producers. We talk about people who recently featured on local festivals, producers who grew up in the desert, and so much more! Need more bass in your life? This next section is for you.


Hot Arizona Bass House

DJ 2

PC: https://www.aboveaz.world/

Peachy Keen (2021 AZ Goldrush DJ Competition winner) has dominated the Phoenix scene. By combining pure mixing talent with a good ear for samples, Peachy Keen is always sure to throw down some fire bass house mixes! Her early work showed clear potential, but lately, Peachy has been creating at a level most local artists aspire to. Peachy also regularly books with other significant artists, including Dr. Fresch and Knock2, to name a few! We recommend checking out Peachy’s Biweekly House Salad Mixes to hear more of her sound and other local artists.

Next, we want to walk about Animate, a local house duo whose music makes it hard to ignore them! As a team, they stepped up their game in the studio, stayed on top of their live show schedule, and produced a fun series of performances. Seeing the duo live is iconic, but their music can speak for itself in any setting. If you want to hear more, check out their most recent release on SoundCloud Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At (Animate Rave Tool)! Next, we want to talk about artists the industry has accepted from the jump!

Cream of the Industry

Austin Feldman has spent the last few years in the studio honing his beats to a razor’s edge, and that work is paying off! The punchy music immediately draws you in, making Austin an incredible DJ for live shows. His pension for blasting the best music to packed-out crowds has gained Austin tremendous respect from his peers in the industry. This combination of stage presence and talent is a boon to bookers all over. Lately, you can find Austin all over Phoenix and Tempe but also touring in the southwest! 

DJ 3

PC: https://www.aboveaz.world/

Our staff likes house mixes with a unique feel, so we must put Residuo on this list! Residuo has been making a splash on the scene with an appearance at Goldrush 2022 and several other major shows. Their music has a relaxed feel and incorporates many unique samples, which they blend expertly. What separates Residuo is the duo’s consistent support of local events such as TreeHouse Sundays at Shady Park and BOOM Thursdays at Casa. This blend of major appearances and consistent local booking makes Resudio hard to miss if you go to house shows in Phoenix. For our last segment, we want to talk about a veteran producer.

Producer to Watch

We wanted to discuss a producer ready to blow to wrap up our list. This section is dedicated to artists who thrive in the lab, and we have to put Safe Word at the top of that list. She is making a splash on the Phoenix scene with catchy music and an exciting name. Our team has had so much fun attending shows she did that it wouldn’t feel right without mentioning her! For the last decade, Safe Word has performed all over the west coast. Safe Word has excellent music, and we couldn’t recommend her enough if you want to fill out a house playlist!


Hot Arizona House DJs

As fans, we are always attending local shows, so we see a lot of talent coming up in the house scene. On weekends we do club sets, our vacations are for festivals, and we even sometimes get to promote artists through our work! We were happy to talk over everyone on the local scene, from producers to mainstage regulars. Our list of hot Arizona house DJs covered everyone from local DJs to Arizona Bass house legends. And there’s so much more that we didn’t get to share!

We hope you enjoyed our opinions on the top local artists! This list doesn’t cover everyone we like from the valley; Special shout out to Seppi and Mont Blanc for their incredible work. Thank you for reading our list. We would love to hear more from you. Do you have an opinion on the top 5 Arizona house DJs? Leave a comment below! We also have thoughts on more than just DJs, so stay tuned for new and exciting blogs about the Arizona music scene.

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